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da.Cr Gall#2 || YJHD.JW.SiddPari.JV pg.143

madhoshiyaan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged

. . .   w e l c o m e   t o   . . .  

banner made by meEmbarrassed


EmbarrassedSooo here we are in my 2nd shop Dancingwow, never thought I would ever make it LOL
But that happened because of you guys Hug
nd ofcourse HOW MANY TIMES I have updated! Ermm errrmmm yep! ROFL
So... A BIG WALA jhappies & pappies to EVERYONE who regularly commented in my shop...
it means ALOT to mee!

 Intro about myself: well as many know.. I am Avni :P  some friends do call me Avuu or Durga..
but feel free to call me anything :P
I am making creations for like 2years now.. and I think I have improved a little bit,
but am trying to improve as much as I can.. Wink
Mostly I make stuff on my favs, my 2favo shows Im following now are IPK & EHM.. 
beside this I do watch / and you'll see stuff on QuboolHai/ Madhubala/Mahadev too ;)
Some of the guys are still wondering who my TellyFavourites are..Stern Smile 
okayyy I can understand that.. because I have not 1 or 2 but like an overdose favos! ROFL :|
I will name some of them who are my TOP favos:

J o d i ' s :
BarunSanaya/ArHi ' KrystleKaran/JeeVi ' HarshadAdditi/PremEer ' KinshukParul/RagVir ' RatiArjun/MayUr
KaranKritika/ArjuHi ' GauravYami/AbHer ' SushantAnkita/ArMan ' AbhayPiya(PKYEK) - NiveditaSiddharth (CCBM)

A c t o r / A c t r e s s :
BarunSobti, ArjunBijlani, KinshukMahajan  - - -  KrystleDsouza, SukirtiKhandpal, ParulChauhan
As for inspirations.. honestly, i am quite inspirited by all the amazing creators on IF..
But ofcourse I do have mine own style! right..?
But if you ever feel that i am coping you, which is defintely not my intention, Do let me know via a PM ;)
What can I make
 * Icons
* signatures
* avis
 Rules for requesting:
Request only when the shop is OPEN .. !!!
You can request a signature or an Iconset
One request per person
Provide GOOD quality pictures
Use your request atleast for 2days!
NO PM requests.. unless it's a birthday req./ or suggestions!
and please be sure you request TELLYWOOD or BOLLYWOOD stuff ;)) for Hollywood ONLY off-screen stuff!!!!

my Copyrights

 Comments & Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!Embarrassed

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madhoshiyaan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged



page1 - telly/bolly icons - kryan - sarun - cocktail
page 14 - arhi/JV/madhuRK/SiddM/Race2
page 19 - JV engagement anni
page 28 - madhuRK - kryan
page 33 - sarun - yamiG - VarunSana
page 41 - IPK
page 52 - ReqBatch1
page 57 - ReqBatch2
page ... - ...
page 66 - kryan - drashtivivian - race2 - diyamirza
page 71 - kryan/jv - arhi/si - zoyasad - raya
page 79 - zoyasad - dabangg2 - kryanJV - barunsobti
page 83 - ZeeCineAwards2013 - RandomStuff
page 97 - Mytho.PV.KaSh.SI.AP.Bollywood
page 104 - SRKAJOL
page 118. - jv/asadzoya/saraswatichandra
page 123 - Requests
page 127 - Bollywood - SanayaIrani
page 143 - JV - Sidd/Pari - JW - YJHD

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madhoshiyaan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
Posts: 16523

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged


if you wanna receive UpdatePM's :D
. . . .   . . . .   . . . .

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madhoshiyaan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
Posts: 16523

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged

...::: update :::...


well well.. my first updateee herOoo :D

Nothing new actually,,, I mean just made some stuff on old pics..
Hope you all will likee them..
do leave your commentEmbarrassed
t e l l y w o o d
b o l l y w o o d
tumbir style (old one)
that's all for now :$

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Barishkiduaa IF-Rockerz

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Hello jiii Hug
Mujhe miss kiya? Tongue

okaay first of all i am DAMN so so so sooo sorrry for not un-reserve my spot was kinda busy with school stuff and all :| you know how it goes...Angry
urghh i am really like REALLY SORRY!
t has been like 3 months D'oh:$ and i couldnt edit.. damnnn kya acchi dost hoon mein CryOuch anywas... you know the saying better now then never right?!Wink

Wow so here i am on the 2nd shop of my kameeni!!!!
and i am SUPER happy for you!
may you have many many many many many many more, but which means you need to update more often ! Embarrassed sooo your better doo before i kill youu, i know where i can find you Evil Smile muahahaha anyway



like i said may you have many more :D
okaay sooo waaah waaah first your shop then right away your first update you made my dill khush :D

as you know i love love love love your creations you have such amazing and diffnt coloring that is just made by only avnii, and thats what i love from you, your creations are really OUTSTANDING AND FABULOUS! everyone love it :P

No but jokes apart. i really love your stuff soo much i mean look at them
your icons are FLAWLESS and your blending is amazing if i try tooo copy youu hehe it would NEVER be such amazing as your make! By this i hope you understand too make lots of stuff cuz your kadkasd okaay?Embarrassed


coming to your update

ufff i love the coloring sooo soo much ! and this is also freaking beautyfull pic :D
i have saved it btw :D this is why i just love love it!

Long once are PREFECT!

alkjdalkjs Day Dreaming

ljkdaslkjdlsa Blushing

This onee is litterlyy cute thinggg omggg Tongue

sakldlasd SEEE LOOK AT THE DAMN COLORING sighhh Day DreamingBlushing

alsjkdlkasjdlas omggg CHOOTA haaai leekingg PYAARA haii


i so sooo love your stufff :D and i am also happy that you made a tumblr
i hope to see more of your stuff on tumblr :D

Anywas i am just so sos os os os so happy that you have now a new gallery and I am super happy so i can SPAM your shop again like i did the last time muahahaha Evil Smile
and yes i will do it again  Hug

Soo in the order of your new opening of your shopp i tried first something to suprise you
but you know my realtionship with PS, PIcs, and coloring sooo it was just lksajdlksd OuchAngry
yesss *hopeless*

Koi Naa Jaane Kittho Aaye Hai Tu
Sab De Dilon Vich Ho Gayi Kukiduku

Inna Sona, Inna Cool
Munna Inna Wonderful
Ennu Vekhe Je Kudiya Toh Kehndi
"Oh My God! Oh My God!..."

sooo yeah where was i? cuz i am again just startin too singg'... sorrryy
i had  tooo

Focus ladki FOCUS.

Okaay soo where o haan.

So i tried this time to make something diffrent for the belly firsht
time and i hope you like :D

Here you go my Smiley, AvniiChavnii ILY Embarrassed Hug

Thats the reasonn why it was so delayed cuz i couldnt find good coloring and i tried to blend.. but it was like akjsdk
so i just stopped and was waiting to make special :P
heheh ilyy  Forgive me now? *puppyeyes*

keep updating your shop so you can have more of this :p * just giving you tips lalalaa Tongue

No but seriously i hope you liked it :p
cuz i made it like shit :|


I just wanted to say babyy! keep updating, keep making stuff, keep making me happy

ILY and your just amazing <3

Love youuu.

Lots of Love
Ashii <3

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

Joined: 20 August 2008
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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

Wow, congratulations for opening your second shop, Durga, I'm SO happy for you!Party Seriously yaar, I hope you finish this one quicker, which mean's you'll have to update more frequently.Wink

I really love the Sarun icons and sigs a lot, but this one is my favorite from the whole update. It's SO beautiful! Could you give me this pic please?Big smile

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madhoshiyaan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
Posts: 16523

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

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MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 November 2008
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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Bada wala RESERVED ;)



Massive badhaais on completing your first shop and starting your second. I remember, the first time you PM'd me some of your creations before you decided to finally open a shop, I was so pleasantly surprised that one of my sweetest friends from the avi-sig forum who has been showering me with words of encouragment on each and every update without fail is an even more expert siggie artist herself Shocked I was SOOO excited DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing And with each update, you've gotten even better. LOVE your soft colorings and clean blending/cropping; it always looks like the pics started out that way because you do it so smoothly and prefectly. Everything has a gentle, angelic look to it so that ek hi nazar mein pata chalta hai, yeh Avni ne banaaya Cool And it helps that our taste in Bollywood stuff is so alike that all your updates have something or the other that grabs my interest LOL

The latest update blew me away as usual. Again your soft, dreamlike coloring makes everything so girly and pretty... this icon of Sanaya is especially lovely Heart

And among the Bollywood stuff, LOVE the Wake Up Sid one (one of my FAV movies, more stuff on it please!), Teri Meri Kahaani, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, and especially HSSH icons. This one takes the cake - I have no idea how you did it, but you managed to make Lolo even more ethereal than she already is Day Dreaming

The style of the Cocktail graphic is phenomenal, and that reminds me - we have yet to find each other on Tumblr, dearie Tongue Waiting for our chats to start there and looking forward to your PM - both the reply one and an invite to your next update. Rock on, love Hug

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