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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 97)

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SUB- CHAPTER : 3.2 : PLAYING NURSEBlushingDay Dreaming
Uday hated being in bed & wasting his time idley.  The shows on the TV were starting to annoy him.  He looked at the clock.  From the time he returned home; it was 3 hours, which meant over 2 hours - he spent just lying there.  He figured that he could probably get some work done through his laptop.  Uday just got a foot on the floor, when the door flung open with an irate Manyata standing there.  It seemed as though she was monitoring his every move & as soon as he got out of bed - she came to know. 
Princess is there a hidden camera here? , he asked whilst looking around the room.  No!  Why? Because u knew the instant I got up!  Well Yuvraaj UdayVeer Singh  ...   I AM YOUR WIFE & I know u BETTER THAN U KNOW YOURSELF.  He raised his eye-brows at her & she gestured for him to get back in bed.   Seemaji came to Manyata and gave her a little bell.   Manyata in turn passed it to Uday.   If you need anything , ring the bell.  
Seema & Manyata walked out the door when Uday rang the bell.  Both turned to go back into the room.  Manyata entered first.  Uday smiled at her:  Can I have a kiss?   On hearing the request from Uday, Seema suppressed a smile and quickly ran away.  What!!!  NO! ,Manyata refused.  She turned to walk away when he rang the bell once more.  Hmmm.  Princess - can I PLEASE have a kiss?  No Uday.  But I said "please" .  ... and I said NO.  Yet again she turned to leave & once more he rang the bell.  Manyata's face was already turning red due to her blushing.  She waited for Uday to make his request but was left dissappointed when he said :  Can u please pass me my laptop?  Rather than waste my time - I should probably get some work done.  She gave him the laptop & tried to leave before he noticed her  reddened cheeks.  Unfortunately for her - he already saw it & smirked broadly.  Oo - this is gonna be so much FUN , he whispered to himself as she shut the door on her way out.  
A few hours later; Manyata came to Uday with a bowl of something in her hand.  Enough work now Uday - put that away & have this.  What is that? ,he asked while trying to peep into the bowl.  It's creme of spinach , she announced proudly.  He gave a "disgusted"  expression.  I don't eat that.  Well - u have to , it's good for u.  She put the bowl in front of him and gestured for him to start eating.  He took 1 look at the thickened, green liquid and shook his head.  NO WAY AM I EATING THAT!  The name of it sounds awful.  It looks disgusting and it smells terrible.  Uday - stop acting like a baby.  Spinach is high in iron & u need iron in your body after loosing so much of blood.  Well, in that case Princess - U need it more than I do.  U donated blood to me ...  U HAVE IT! 
Manyata took in a deep breath and looked at her stubborn husband.  What will it take for u to eat this?   Actually Princess - nothing in this world can make me eat it!  How about a kiss?  Uday raised an eye-brow at her.  He moved the laptop to the other side of the bed & made Manyata sit in front of him.  Go on Princess - I'm listening.  Nothing to go on about!  I WILL KISS U - IF YOU EAT IT!  Uday thought about it for a moment.  Then he shook his head.  Nope!!! - not worth it!  Manyata was shocked that Uday refused a kiss.  She put her hands on her hips & gave in : Fine!  U TELL ME WHAT U WANT!!!   Uday gave a naughty grin.  1 kiss per bite!  Manyata was quiet & in deep thought.  Uday snapped her out of it.  Princess - this offer expires in 3 seconds.     1 - 2 - Okay - U WIN - it's a deal!  He gave her a victorious smile and opened his mouth.  She put in a spoonful & as per the deal  ...   she gave him a peck on the lips thereafter. 
After another bit  ...  another kiss.  After the 3rd bite, Uday pulled Manyata for a passionate kiss.  She , however; backed out fast : Uday  - that spinach tastes YUCKY!  Uday was pleased with the result as Manyata didn't allow him to eat further , although he was a bit dissappointed that the kissing session ended.    
She came back after a while & Uday , again; was on the laptop.  What is so important Uday, that u are ignoring having a rest.  He turned the laptop towards her and she was amazed with what she saw.  Uday was designing a nursery for their baby.  There was a cot & a pram , a rocking-horse in the corner, a little ward-robe for the babies clothes and the room would have teddy-bear wall-paper.  Manyata's eyes filled with tears of happiness. Uday - it's beautiful.  So, u approve?  Of-course I do!  I love it.  But ...   BUT WHAT?  Why is it in pink?  Manyata - don't u know pink is for girls.  I know that - but , we are having a baby boy.  NO - we are having a baby girl ...  a little princess.  Manyata blushed hearing that.  What if -  we have a baby boy  ...   THEN WHAT?  Then we are returning it.  Arre, aise kaise?  ...  because I already thought of a name for our daughter.  He whispered the name he chose, to Manyata.  She smiled.  The name was perfect.  
The night went by slowly.  Manyata lay in bed ,next to Uday and watched him toss & turn the entire night.  He even groaned in his sleep due to the pain on his left side.  Manyata was angry that the pain-killers weren't effective enough to give him relief.  
After a difficult night, Uday was awoken with the soft touch of his wife's lips on his fore-head.  Hey Princess.  Good-morning Uday. How are u feeling?  I've been better ,he joked.  Uday - u need to have your breakfast & take your medication.  Yeah - let me brush my teeth first & have a shave.  Manyata nodded in agreement & Uday proceeded to the bathroom. 
He returned moments later - unshaven.  Even my right arm aches - probably strained it yesterday.  Shaving will have to wait.  Uday just finished breakfast, when Manyata returned with a bowl of warm water.  She went into their bathroom & brought shaving-gel & Uday's shaving-handle.  Princess - I hope you are not gonna do what I think you're gonna do!   I'm gonna do EXACTLY what u think I'm gonna do!!! , she replied sternly.  She took the gel & started to rub it onto his face until it lathered.  Uday's eyes grew wider as she brought the shaving-blade to his face.  Princess - be careful with that - DON'T WANT U SPOILING MY HANDSOME FACE.  Then it's best, U BE QUIET  ...  if u don't want any accidents.  Uday remained silent as Manyata carefully glided the blade from his neck to half of his cheek.  Each stroke was done with immense precision , leaving Uday amazed with his wife's new talent.  She had completed most of his face.  There was only a small patch left when Uday flinched.  Manyata had nicked him with the blade.  On reflex , she wrapped her mouth around the cut & wiped off the droplets of blood with her tongue.  Princess - I don't mind getting cut by u everyday - especially if u are gonna treat it like this.  Manyata moved away from him, quickly completed the shaving task & left the room.  
She returned a few minutes later with his tablets.  I forgot to give u your medication , she said as she fumbled with the tiny container containing it.  Manyata was still embarrassed by what happened earlier  ...  her hands shook nervously as Uday continued to smirk at her.  Eventually, she dropped the container on the floor.  She bent down to get it when she heard Uday exclaim : DAMN!  She turned to face him & waited for him to explain.  Princess - I always had this fantasy :  where I'm the patient, you're my nurse; you're wearing 1 of those nurses outfits - you know those SHORT, TIGHT uniforms  ...   my tablets fall on the floor - you bend over to pick it up  and in turn I get a VERY NICE VIEW  OF YOUR ASS.  She narrowed her eyes at him.  You ARE a patient - I AM your nurse.  Forget about the SHORT, TIGHT uniform; & that view you're talking about  ...   WELL - YOU"VE SEEN IT PLENTY OF TIMES!!!  Yeah  ...   BUT I NEVER GET TIRED OF IT!, he said with a naughty smile.  Manyata just shook her head & passed him the tablet.  Take it & have a small nap.  Uday took it but didn't agree about the nap.  No time for napping Princess - what I need is A LONG, HOT SHOWER.    
Hell no - Uday!  No way are u gonna get water on that wound of yours.  Relax Princess.  These bandages are water-proof , so it's safe to have a bath.  Manyata was not convinced.  Please Uday - DON'T!   I will give u a nice bed-bath.  Manyata - aren't u taking this "nurse - act"  a bit too seriously.  She crossed her arms angrily.  Tell u what Princess - u phone doctor Uncle , & ask him if it's alright for me to take a shower.  As soon as manyata left to make the call - Uday got into the bathroom.  Doctor Uncle said that it was fine as long as the water wasn't too hot as the steam may open the bandage & water will get into the wound.  
Manyata was angry when she heard the shower running.  Uday was prepared for her & even left the door unlocked.  She opened the door and walked into a steam-filled bathroom.  Uday looked at her.  From her expression - he knew she was about to explode.  Of-course - he had his own way of handling the situation.  OUCH!  Oh God - MY ARM! , he called out in pain.  Manyata's anger evaporated as she ran to his aid.   
He grabbed her arm and pulled her.  Within seconds , she was pinned to the wall of the shower.  Uday - ye tum kya ... Ssshh Princess.  Uday had stopped holding on to her but his gaze kept her rooted to the spot.  He pulled her dupatta from her neck & threw it onto the floor.  Kya kar rahe ho , Uday?  Actually Princess - you're a bit over-dressed for the shower  ...  SO, I'M RECTIFYING THINGS.  Uday was naked & very shortly - SO WAS MANYATA.  She wrapped her arms around his neck & both shared a long , passionate kiss.  He proceeded to give her love-bites on her neck & shoulder , while her moans of pleasure increased.  He squeezed her breast & she responded with a deep bite on his shoulder.  Uday wrapped his lips around her nipple and began suckling on it.  After finishing with 1 - he went to the other.  Manyata could feel his erection and parted her legs.  He slid into her welcoming body.  He started thrusting into her and she wrapped her leg around his waist, allowing him to go deeper into her.  Their heavy breathing & loud moans made the already steamy bathroom  ...  STEAMIER!  Both hugged each other tightly as they climaxed simultaneously.    
Uday threw Manyata a towel before wrapping 1 around his waist.  She wrapped it over her body.  He back-hugged her.  I love you , Princess.  She turned around and hugged him.  I love you too , Uday.  I would die if u ever left me.  He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  Then, it's a good thing - I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  Promise me.  I PROMISE!!!  
Manyata slept with her head on Uday's shoulder , & his arm was wrapped around her.  She was awoken when he groaned with pain.  She , then, felt his bandages to be wet & loose.  It also had a "bloody patch" on it.  She woke him up then phoned Doctor Uncle, who came within minutes.  He examined Uday & told them that 2 stitches split & blood oozed out.  Uday Beta - didn't I tell u not to exert yourself.  Waise ...  what were u doing that could've caused this to happen?  Uday looked at Manyata, she looked at the floor   ...   & Doctor Uncle understood.  He injected Uday with a local anaesthetic, restitched the wound and was about to leave whenManyata asked him to give something for Uday's pain.  Doctor Uncle, then gave him a morphine injection.  Uday fell asleep immediately.  The doctor informed Manyata that the Devgarh Family was in London, visiting Jai  ; but he remained back to watch over Uday & to make regular house-calls for him.  She thanked him & he left. 
The morphine injection coupled with the anaesthetic , knocked out Uday for more than 11 hours.  When he awoke, the sight before him made him think  - he was dead & meeting a deity.  Manyata was dressed in a red sari, she had a red dot between her brows, there was a thick line of sindoor in her hair's parting & she had a bit of jewellery on.  Princess - U look like a Goddess.  Any reason why you are dressed like that?  Hmmm - it's Karva Chauth , she answered softly.  Uday was stunned.   
What can I get u to eat, Uday ?  For almost 12 hours - u slept, u must be hungry.  Nothing for me ,Manyata.  You're fasting for me  ...   can't I do the same for you.  It doesn't work like that , Uday.  Look Princess - for most of today , I've been sleeping.  So , U can say that indirectly - I'VE FASTED TOO!   He looked at the clock.  Let me complete the next 2 hours with u.  She eventually agreed. 
Manyata & Uday waited anxiously for the moon to make an appearance.  As soon as it did, Manyata began all the rituals & prayers.  She looked at the moon through the collander & then turned to look at Uday through it.  She did the aarthi, then tossed the diya over her head.  She bowed down to take his blessing , but he stopped her.  Princess - your place is not at my feet.  It's here (he indicated his heart).  Your place is CLOSE TO MY HEART.  Both hugged.  Uday fed her water & after drinking, she made him drink.  Kyun Princess?  Tum ne bhi mere liye vrat rakha.  Both, then, fed each other supper.   
The next few weeks passed swiftly.  Manyata remained strict with Uday.  She kept him on a strict diet , gave him medication timeously and kept her distance from him  ... to avoid any more "accidents"  .  Unnati & Giriraj visited Uday regularly and were happy with his recovery.  They accredited his improved health to Manyata.    
Uday's wounds were healed.  Bandages were removed.  There was no scar on his left arm, but ; there was 1 on his side.  It would remain forever as a reminder of that unfaithful day in Jaigarh.
Wow   ...   I can't believe I kept my promise of updating on Saturday.  Thanx to all of u for being patient  .   Hope this chapter met your expectations.   I assume all would've liked this part as I LEFT THE VILLAIN OUT OF THIS CHAPTER.   Please hit the LIKE button and leave a comment before you go.

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wow loved the whole update navi
 the bath scene was aesome
continue soon

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me first
lets party
it was really wonderfull update loved it and
manyata and uday were red hot in bathroom
update soon and thanx for pm

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loved the update to the core!

kia jhakas update tha! i loved it so so much navina u rockClap 
uday apni hi biwi k sath flirt krne ka koi moka hi nai chorta LOL seriously i really enjoy this flirtious uday and his smirks i enjoy it when his smirking face comes in front of me! LOL

the love making was... O MY GOD! WOOF uday zakhmi halat ma was so damn hot yar!

i thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this update...thank God u kept the evil out!

a full maveerilious update...i was totally lost in the manveer land! too good! 

hahaha! poor girl uday ki wja say dr. uncle k samne sharminda ho

this was one of the best updates!! all fun and love types!Wink just perfect! Big smileBig smile

update soon! 
waiting for ur next update eagerly!
love ya sweety! Smile

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Sorry can't like using my phone
U did an awesome job navi * claps*
The whole chapter was so super duper awesome
The update was fantastic
Out of the world
In the end it was a full power pack update
Thanks for keeping your promise ( I know how hard it is lol)
I loved uday and his flirting
Uday designing the baby room was so awww
The hot steamy shower was fab as usual and my favorite part * embarrassed*
Manveer keeping karva chauth for each other was so beautiful
Thanks god the villian was out
Doctor uncle asking what happened and manyata manveer embarrassed was so nice and funny
Manyata shaving uday was so nicely written
The update rocked
U rock
Your knowledge on medicines rock
Loved this part
Please update super soon
Thanks for such a wonderful update
I am your fan
Can I your autograph
Keep it up
Great job navi     

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   Fabulous update Clap Clap Clap

Loved it to da core dear 

Manveer was so cute 

Baby planning is so cuteWink

Uday tho too much ,even in that condition he did itWink
U showed each and every scene very nicelyThumbs Up


It's really a worth waiting  for this update ...navi u rock dear

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waooo diis chap is ur best work navina...

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i loved it it is beautiffuly written i dont hav words to say ..  lovd it thnxx fr the pm ...

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