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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 86)

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Originally posted by coolsaloni.nira

updated my comment on page 79///     plz do check it    -thankyou
Thanx 4 informing me Big smile.
Originally posted by coolsaloni.nira

hey navina...Embarrassed
omg omg omg...this update was amazing yaar...truly rocking,,,,u did an awesum jobThumbs Up

it was very unpredictable update...u know why
the first half of the update wasy  very  hot, sweet nd cute updateEmbarrassed
the other half was really scary nd shocking Embarrassed

i mean..the update begins  with manveer hot make out session...i mean i reallu loved how manyta was so eager to make a baby with udayLOL Wink
thn how sweetly manyta made her understand tht she is serious about having a baby nd atlast uday follows his princess command...tht was really very sweey

thn the " naamkaran" of tht baby horse was so hilarious...LOL
manyta suggesting names like" CHAMIYA,,,CHAMAKCHALLO... ROFLROFLROFL
nd uday vampire...LOL
tht was awesum dudeThumbs Up

thn came the most scariest part... 

who was tht  bas**** who was eyeing on manveers private moment,,, i m sure tht must be akash only...Dead
nd thn the gun battle...uday gt shot with two bullets,, now tht was really scary manShocked
but i know  u wont let happen anything to him...i trust you...Embarrassed

so all nd all...once again u did a tremendous job...really loved the updateClap

now eagerly waiting fr ur next part...yaar
plz update soon...Embarrassed
Hi Nira Star .
Thank u 4 the compliments ( all of them )  -  so glad that u enjoyed my masale-daar update.
It didn't take a lot of effort from Manyata to convince Uday about the baby   ...   SHE KNOWS HOW EASILY HE GIVES IN TO ALL HER WISHESWinkLOL.
The naam-karan was cute   ...  hope it's CUTER when they are naming their childEmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
Yep ... absolutely right!!!   The "peeping-tom" / attacker is --  U KNOW WHO  Angry!!!    I know every1 is quite upset that Uday got shot twice Unhappy ... BUT I HAD TO DO IT    -   THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY I COULD GET MANYATA TO PLAY  NURSE !!!  BlushingBlushingBlushing

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Update pls dear
cant wait to know the rest
u said u would update today
pls update

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 October 2012 at 6:22am | IP Logged
I know I'm late    ...AGAIN .    SORRY!!!   We've had rain for the past 3 days non-stop.   That affected my net , and I was unable to post this chapter yesterday.  But here it is now ...   HOPE U ENJOY IT!!!
The elevator doors opened & the joint, Royal family exited.  Manyata sat crouched with her knees to her chest & head resting on those knees.  She was silent but tears flowed continuously as she recalled the events of the last few hours.  Unnati & Komal sat on either side of her but she was lost in her own world to notice.  Komal called out to her & even placed her hand on Manyata's shoulder - but she didn't respond  ...   until she heard a sniffle coming from beside her.  She looked up finally to see Unnati sobbing.  The 2 most important woman in Uday's life embraced each other and cried their hearts out.        
DS & Giriraj tried to console them by telling them to stay strong.   The floor of the hospital , on which Uday was being treated was cordoned off by the police & the private security of the Royals.  Everyone was desperate to know  what exactly happened in Jaigarh, but Manyata was not in a position to answer.  The media too; got wind of the story & were swarming outside the hospital like bees.     
Uday was in the operating theatre for over 2 hours.  Dr Uncle eventually came out with another surgeon.   Doctor Saheb - how's my son?  ,a worried Giriraj asked.   We've removed both bullets, BUT ...   BUT WHAT? , screamed Manyata.  The bullet in his side, had hit an artery - so , he's lost a lot of blood  ...  HE'LL NEED A TRANSFUSION!!!   Unfortunately ; we have no supply of that blood-type in our blood-bank!    
No problem Doctor ...  Uday has the same blood type as me.  Take all my blood, BUT SAVE MY CHILD! ,Giriraj finally broke down.  He slumped onto a chair & held his head in both his hands.  Save my son ...   PLEASE SAVE MY SON.  Unnati put her arms around her father : Don't worry Dad - NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO DADA!   She said it to comfort him but, she wasn't convinced herself.  Dr Gujral, a senior heart-surgeon; who was operating on Uday, came forward to address the family members.   Yuvraaj is critical   ...  he needs at least 8-9 pints of blood.  Maharaj Giriraj, u can go with the nurse - she'll prep u for transfusion.  But - we can only take 3 pints from u.  Giriraj looked confused.  No doctor , u can take as much as Uday needs!  Sorry Maharaj ,the doctor refused.     
As a doctor , I can't allow u  to endanger your life.   3 Pints is all we'll take from u.  He looked to the rest of the family.  Can anyone else donate blood ?   Yuvraaj's blood-type is O negative.  Unnati came forward, & she was also taken away.  Doctor - I would also like to donate ...   but, I don't know my blood-type ,said Manyata.  DS ,who was attending a call; came forward & announced : Beta - you have the same blood-type as Brijraj, O negative!  Manyata smiled in relief & the doctor took her to join the rest.     
After a few hours, the doctor informed all that Uday's condition has stabilised & he will be just fine.  Can we see him? ,asked Unnati.  Dr Gujral agreed & each person visited Uday , 1 by 1. He was still under anaesthetic & was fast asleep.  Everyone was satisfied with his improved health & eventually left.    
Doctor Gujral - I will be staying the night with my husband , Manyata told the doctor.  Sorry Yuvraanisa' - I cannot allow that.  No doctor - U DON'T UNDERSTAND - I'm not asking for your permission; I'M TELLING YOU!   Her voice was stern & the doctor relented.  Would u like me to arrange another bed for u?  NO - THAT WON'T BE NECESSARY!     
She sat on a chair next to Uday's bed.  She watched as the drip was being fed into his vein.  Fresh tears began to fall as she realised that she almost lost him.  Manyata caressed  his cheek with her fingers.  She , then held his hand in hers & kissed it,  moving closer to his ear; she whispered : Don't even think about leaving me Uday ...   I'LL NEVER SURVIVE WITHOUT U!!!   . She kissed him on the fore-head & walked away.   
She stopped at the window & looked below.  The reporters were still there.  Manyata was beyond angry - she stormed out of the ward & went downstairs to confront them.  
REPORTER 1 :  Yuvraani Manyata - can u tell us what happened in Jaigarh?   
REPORTER 2 :  Yuvraanisa' - how did Yuvraaj UdayVeer get shot?    
REPORTER 3 :  Can u tell us who shot him?     
REPORTER 4 :  Will u be handling his bussinesses & affairs of state in future?     
ENOUGH!!! ,Manyata yelled in frustration.  Everyone went quiet.  You'll have asked me so many questions  ...  but the most important ones , you'll haven't asked .   HOW IS YUVRAAJ UDAYVEER?   ,  HOW IS HE FEELING NOW?    , IS HE OUT OF DANGER?   -   those are the questions u all should've asked me.      
The reporters were embarassed by their behavior & refused to ask another question; so Manyata continued:  Yuvraaj UdayVeer's health has improved & before long - he'll be his normal  self again.  All his family members are overjoyed with this news & we are all extremely grateful to the Doctors who saved his life.   To all his well-wishers; thank u for your love & support.  To the people of Jaigarh, who are holding a night-vigil  for him  ...   I THANK U FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART -  your prayers have already been answered & your beloved Yuvraaj is going to be just fine.   To the person behind this attack - U HAVE FAILED YET AGAIN!  This incident will be investigated & I have full faith that u will be caught & duelly punished.  And finally, but most importantly - to the loyal servants & bodyguards, who lost their lives trying to protect us  ...   I SALUTE U - we'll never ever forget what u did for us   ...    YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN TRUE HEROES IN OUR EYES!!!  
She turned around and walked back into the hospital & the media,too, dispersed after recording her statement.  WOW Manyata Bhai, that was BRILLIANT.  Loved how u shut those leeches.  Ya Vijay Bhai - they are parasites , waiting to draw out the last drop of blood ...  Khair - tum yahan abhi bhi ho?  Haan DS ne kaha; ke main tumhare saath rahon.  Unnati wanted to stay with u, but since she gave blood - she was feeling a bit weak, so DS took her home.  Tonight Unnati will stay at our mahel because Uncle Giriraj had to go to Jaigarh.  Kyun?  Something about offering compensation to the families of the people that lost their lives whilst protecting Uday & you.  Oh.     
Excuse me Yuvraanisa'  - can u answer some questions for us?  ,an inspector asked.  Manyata nodded & began relating the events that occurred in Jaigarh.  So, that means - u didn't see the shooter?  No - I didn't .  Okay Yuvraanisa' - we'll investigate further.  Thank u for your time.    
After speaking to the cops - Manyata sat down with Vijay.  He put an arm around her & she rested her head on his shoulder.  Manyata Bhai - why don't u go home, get some rest.  I'll stay here - make sure that Uday doesn't need anything.  And of-course , DS has left 8 Devgarh bodyguards here to ensure Uday's safety.  No Vijay Bhai - I'm staying here. My place is at Uday's side & that's where I'm gonna be.  BUT NOW - I want u to go .  Thanx for being here but there's no need for u to stay.  Lekin Manyata Bhai...  lekin,wekin  kuch nahin - please go ; WE'LL BE FINE!!!  Vijay kissed her on her fore-head before leaving.   
She pulled out her cell & dialled a number.  To the person that answered, she said:  This is Yuvraani Manyata - Come to the hospital - NOW!!!    Within the next 20 minutes, the person arrived & Manyata began questioning him.  Rajjat - I need to know,  who's trying to kill Uday?   Who wants him dead?  He stayed quiet .  Please Rajjat - tell me!  This is their 2nd attempt and they almost succeeded.  Yuvraanisa' - after the 1st attempt on Uday banna's life - we've been investigating.  So far , we only know his name : ARYAN!  And when are u gonna find him, Hmmm?     When Uday is 6 feet under?  Manyata was fuming with anger.  Rajjat stared at the floor nervously.  Go find him  ...   & DON'T RETURN TILL U DO !  He left immediately.   
Manyata went back into Uday's ward.  She, very cautiously ,got into bed with him.  Both his wounds were on the left ; so she carefully snuggled into him from the right.  She continued watching the drip, feeding into him - drop by drop ; also at the same time, observing his chest - rise and fall as he breathed.   
There was a disturbance just outside the door.  A bodyguard was not allowing a doctor to enter.  I have to go in to check the patient , the doctor insisted.  To which the bodyguard answered:  Doctor , it's a question of Yuvraajsa's safety - if u want to go in  ...  U WILL HAVE TO REMOVE THAT SURGICAL MASK COVERING YOUR FACE.  The "doctor"  made an excuse of coming later & left.  Manyata was too tired to realise that Uday's attacker had come to finish off the job, & she fell asleep lying beside Uday.  
The next morning  ,Manyata awoke when a hand lovingly touched her face.  Hi Beautiful.  Seeing that she fell asleep with her head on his chest - she quickly began to apologise.  Sorry Uday - did I hurt u?  No Princess - u didn't.  But why did u stay here, u could've gone home, u know.  How can I leave u?   ...  Anyway - how are u feeling?  Does it hurt a lot?  Yes, good question ,the doctor asked; interrupting their conversation.  Well Doctor - I feel fine except for the killing ache on the left side of my upper body.  Manyata moved away from them as Dr Gujral began checking on Uday's vitals.  She looked at the sun which seemed as if it were right in front of her - she joined her hands & prayed : Thank You Surya Bhagwan  for giving Uday a chance to see another day.     
The doctor finished examining Uday: Yuvraajsa'  - everything looks good.  We'll discharge u in 3, maybe 4 days time.  Manyata was relieved hearing that, but Uday wasn't.  No way Doctor - I'm leaving today; in fact  ...   RIGHT NOW!!!   Dr Gujral was about to protest - but Uday held up his hand, silencing the man.  I have made my decision & that's final.   But Uday - u aren't well enough to ...   but she couldn't complete as Uday glared at her.  Yuvraani Manyata - I am still alive & able to take decisions for myself.  Manyata gave a nervous smile & nodded.    
Uday's left arm was secured in a brace.  He was told to come every 5 days for the next 6 weeks, so that the doctor could clean & redress the wound.  Once the couple were alone : Princess - are u angry with me?  For what Uday ?  For what happened just now.  No Uday - I was wrong, I shouldn't have back-answered u ; that too , in front of the doctor.  He smiled.  I think my Princess is finally growing up.  Manyata put her hands on her waist & frowned at him .    ... but I am angry with u for keeping secrets.  Uday looked confused.  Why didn't u tell me about the 2nd shot?    ...and why didn't u tell me about this Aryan person?    
Before Uday could answer;  DS, Komal, Unnati & Vijay cameto see him.  Unnati hugged her brother & held onto him for a long time.  O Dada - I'm so happy to see u ...   we thought we lost u yesterday.  She started to cry again.  Uday wiped her tears.  Chotti , the person that will kill Yuvraaj UdayVeer Singh  ...  HASN'T BEEN BORN YET!   And whoever he is  ...   HIS DEATH IS WRITTEN IN MY HANDS ,Manyata completed.   
All stared at Manyata & for the first time; Uday realised the depth of Manyata's love for him.  Unnati quickly broke the silence.  Bhabhisa' - how are u feeling  ...  I mean after giving blood.  Uday looked at Manyata & then noticed the cotton-swab that was still stuck on her inner-elbow.  Oh no - don't tell me  ...  WHY PRINCESS?   Vijay jumped in : Uday Banna - u are a very lucky guy.  You now have 3 very strong people's blood running in your veins:  Manyata Bhai , Unnati & Uncle Giriraj.    
I don't know how to thank  ...  but Uday couldn't finish as Manyata put her finger on his lips.  She hugged him & only broke it when Vijay , Unnati & Komal (collectively ) : AWWWed.  Both blushed, Unnati quickly changed the topic.  Dada - u remember u said u were gonna get me out of marrying Yudaveer.  Hmmm.  Well , I've changed my mind & decided to marry him.  Why ?  Actually Dada, yesterday; I made a deal with God.  If he made u better  ...   I'LL MARRY YUDAVEER WITHOUT ANY OBJECTION.   WHAT!!!  Chotti - don't be silly!  No Dada - I'm serious   ...  and u can't change my mind.  Uday shook his head but didn't say anything further.      
He looked at everyone, then finally asked : Komal aunty - where's Jai?  I'm shocked that SHE hasn't come to see me.  Manyata frowned at him.  Komal's eyes filled with tears & was unable to answer.  DS filled them in : Beta - Jai suffered a nervous-breakdown a few weeks ago.  She is in Maudsley Hospital.  What!  Princess - did u know about this?  Manyata shook her head.  DS continued : No Uday Beta , Manyata doesn't know. We didn't tell you'll because we knew that u both were only now; getting your lives back on track.  We didn't want to disturb you'll with this news.   The doctors have assured us that Jai will make a full recovery - WE MUST JUST BE PATIENT.  Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital is the best medical facility in London.  Brijraj is in Devgarh right now - busy with Mr Phillips.   When he returns   ... we all will go to Southwark, London ; to visit Jai.  In the mean time , I don't want either of u to worry about this!    DS - about Mr Phillips; there was something we wanted to tell u .  Haan, bolo na Beta.  DS - Manyata & I aren't in favour of his mining project.  It's a very bad idea.  I know that & I agree with u, but Brijraj has already given him the green light.  All we can do now, is - hope for the best!      
Their conversation had to end when the nurse came to inform Uday that the doctor has signed his discharge papers .  She also gave him his medication & told Manyata of which tablet to give when.   Everyone left through the back door of the hospital as the media once again blockaded the front entrance.  DS & Komal blessed Manveer before everybody  went to their respective homes.    
On reaching home, Manyata began helping Uday out of the car.  Uday just smiled at her.  What?!  You know Princess - I can walk; my legs are in working order    ...    OR  : ARE U TRYING TO LOOK FOR A REASON TO HOLD ME?  , he asked naughtily.  She quickly let go of him & allowed him to walk on his own.     
Manyata told Uday that since he took force-discharge   ...  the only way she would allow him to stay home, was if he remained in bed for the next 6 weeks.  All his protests went through deaf ears & Manyata remained adamant.  The only thing he was permitted to do, was ; watch TV.    
In another destination, in a dark room; a man watched the statement given by Manyata on his TV.  He repeatedly watched 1 line : To the person behind this attack - U HAVE FAILED YET AGAIN!   After viewing it several times - he toppled the TV.  3rd Time will be the charmer , and he laughed evilly.    
Uday, too; watched his wife's statement.  He looked proudly at her : Princess - the way u handled the press  ...  U REMIND ME OF A TIGRESS.   Tiger ki biwi   ...  toh,  TIGRESS HI HOTI HE  - hai na?   HAAN NAHI TOH!!!
     ********************        *************************       *********************        *********************
Pheww ...   finally finished!!!
Now please LIKE & Comment,
  ...   as I did what you'll asked ;
Love ya,   Hug
PS  - SAIRA   ...  the part we discussed is in the next chapter EmbarrassedWink

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anushruthi Goldie

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mind blowing part 
thankgod UV bach gaya 
it was beautifully written and Manyata handling the press was 
very good 
i loved the ending 
Tiger ki biwi toh Tigress hi hogi na 

Very Well written 

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Posted: 29 October 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
sorry sorry navi for the late comment
i forgot the page in reserved in 
k now coming back to the update it was wonderful
i loved the fact that u did not show alot of hospital scene 
i loved uday as usual and his flirtings even though he is sick
i loved JHANSI KI RANI OUR DEAREST MANYATA i always wanted to see her strong like this
i loved manyata and her dailogues 
please please update soon
thanks so much for the pm
and when will manyata give uday sponge bathWink
please please update soon

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That was aawwwsssoomeee ... Haye Allah Meri chamak Chalo manyath Dabbang bangayi ... Uday got strong blood flowing in his body now... Wife hoto manyath jase ...great update... ;)

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Supaerb and awesome update navi deary...out standingClapClapClap

I just loved the way tigress got awakened...Star

and the speech Manyata gave to the press...mind blowing navi yaar...perfectThumbs Up

this update was all about the wounded tigress from her warning to the assistant to her firm attitude towards of staying near to her love...Embarrassed

and then our strong prince too brave and strong to take any help...Wink

well I know who that man is...but what is worth watching is Manyata's actions and reactions knowing who is that Arayan...Cool

update soon deary...waiting and waitingDay Dreaming

and thanx for the yaHugHug

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