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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 74)

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Originally posted by ashukapoor007

Navi! Weekend???? Ab Toh Update Kardoo Yaar!!
Forgive me Zainab  ...  But I will do so soon!!!
Originally posted by vampire12345678

where is the update ?????????????
u said u will update today 
actually weekend 
navi u have to keep your promise 
please please please update 
Saira I didn't PROMISE , I only said it'll be weekend.
But, as u know - it's PRAYER SEASON at the moment,
 ...   so I was busy with that &
eventually got too tired to updateSleepy.

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Hi all.   Firstly:  SORRY 4 BEING A DAY LATE.   I was busy with prayers, then got too tired to post the update.  I hope you all would forgive me.

Uday's eyes opened wide & a naughty glint was evident.  Say again, Princess.  I don't think I heard u the 1st time.   After locking the stable-doors, Manyata came close to Uday - she wrapped her hands around his neck:  I said,  UDAY  ...  LET'S  ...  MAKE  ...  A  ...  BABY!  She said it  slowly, 1 word @ a time; deliberately stressing on each word.  Uday grinned.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.  Yep  ...  that's exactly what I thought u sa..    He couldn't complete as Manyata took his lips into her own & began kissing him passionately.  Uday began to slowly pull up the shirt that was tucked into her pants ; & she began unbuttoning his shirt.  The process was taking too long, Manyata ripped the last 2 buttons off - breaking it.  U know Princess - that WAS my favourite shirt, he mocked naughtily.  I'll get u another 1 ,she said in an irritated tone ; angry that Uday was not in as much hurry as she was.    
Uday smirked as Manyata took charge.  She pushed him onto the straw-laden floor, and lay over him.  She kissed on his cheeks, his lips & then his chest.  Her hands were travelling down his torso & then stopped @ its destination.  She unbuckled his belt.  She bit him hard on his neck & sucked on it.  Uday was now trying to get her shirt off her body - & soon succeeded.  Manyata's hand was already on the zip of Uday's pants, when; he put his hand on hers ,stopping her from going further.       
What's wrong Uday? ,she asked breathlessly.  Princess - I thought u were joking, but it seems; u are serious.  I'm damn serious - I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY!  Manyata - we never spoke about this before   ...   & I don't think we are ready for it.  I mean, are we mature enough to become parents?  I know - I'M NOT!!!   Uday - I know we never discussed it before, but isn't becoming parents; the next step of our lives?  It is ,Princess - I don't deny that , BUT - THIS SOON?  I don't think it's too early, in fact; I THINK THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME!!!   And anyway - we have been intimate before - WHAT IF I'M ALREADY PREGNANT?   ...will u still say: u are not ready .   Uday thought for a moment - she was right!  I can't wait to become a mother  ...  have a little U J running around.   U J????  Hmmm, Uday Junior.  Uday smirked and wrapped his arms around her.  Why Princess? , Uday Senior is not ENOUGH for u!  Nope.  Senior doesn't listen to me, maybe junior will!!! 
Fine Princess - U WIN!  Let's make a baby.  She hugged him.  Uday - you've made me so happy!  Now, we'll only leave here; once I get pregnant.  Uday's eyes widened.  Really Princess - NOW YOU'VE MADE ME VERY HAPPY.  Realising what she just said; she tried to pull away, but Uday wasn't letting go.    
He laid her down on the heaps of straw and got over her.  He moved his hand to her back & unhooked her bra, and  finally pulled it off her body.  Uday made a trail of love-bites between her neck and shoulder & eventually bit deep into the area above her areolas.  She moaned in pleasure as Uday's every touch, caused her body to tingle.  Soon, their remaining clothes were off & Uday was inside her.  Manyata dug her finger-nails into his back as her thrusted into her, going deeper each time.   
Unbeknownst to the couple, their VERY PRIVATE MOMENT was being witnessed through the window.  The mystery man wore an over-sized cloak, a large hat & a scarf which was half covering his face.  He wasn't too pleased with what he saw & in that anger, he curled his hand into a fist & punched it into the wall.    
The next morning was welcomed with the neighing of the horses.  Uday teased Manyata : Princess - you're glowing.   Looks like WE DID IT , he said as he touched her stomach.  Ssshhh Uday - don't jinx it.  Okay fine!  So Princess - what are your plans for today?  I don't know - U tell me!  First of all - we need to take SULTAAN to meet the new foal.  Wo kyun?  Because ,he is the father & it is necessary for them to bond as soon as possible.   Oh, okay then.  The couple left to carry out the 1st task of the day.  After watching the inter-action of the parent-horses with their foal for many hours, and after Sultaan was taken back to his stable ,Uday gave Manyata the opportunity to name the foal.    
Really - u want me to do it?    ,she asked excitedly.  Yes Princess, but just remember - this is a horse you're naming; so choose something apt.  She thought for a minute & finally said: How about Dream-Girl?  Uday didn't look too enthusiastic, so she tried again : What about Fantasy-Girl?  Uday shook his head in dissapproval.  Manyata took another couple minutes to decide.  I know, I know ,she jumped up excitedly; Chammiya.  No way Princess.  Okay fine!  Chamakchallo?  Chamakchallo? , for a horse; HELL NO!!!   Uday - u have shut down all the names I chose, Maybe - U SHOULD NAME HER.  Uday studied the horses features carefully & then stated : Look Princess, she has a crooked tooth; 1 which juts out even when she closes her mouth.  Hmmm,  SO?  I think we'll call her Vampire.  Manyata frowned at him.  I think I'll call u Vampire because u bite me all the time without any reason.  Uday smirked.  Princess - I wasn't serious about that name.  In fact, I have thought of the perfect name for her.  What is it?  Look at her eyes, do they remind u of anything?  Mmm - it sort of twinkles.  Exactly!  So, let's name her STARLIGHT.  Wow Uday - that's perfect!  The couple left  thereafter.      
Princess - we are leaving tomorrow, but before we go - I want to teach u how to ride a horse.  NO UDAY ,she screamed , I'm scared.  I don't want to.  Relax Princess - it'll be fine, main hoon naa.  Uday asked 1 of the horse-handlers to bring a mare for Manyata.  He brought a beautiful, light-brown horse.  Princess - this is SUNSHINE.  Manyata smiled nervously.  She watched as Uday saddled the horse.  Eventually, he asked her to get on.  Manyata tried to do so several times but it was as if Sunshine didn't want her to.  The horse was perturbed about something.  She neighed loudly & shook her head vigourously.  Uday too; was starting to get worried.  Everytime Uday or Manyata went near her, she'd move away in a side-ward trot.     What's wrong with her,  Uday?  Uday didn't respond, he was looking  around the ranch;  searching for something.  Manyata shook him & repeated the question.  Princess - horses are very sensitive creatures.  Looks like Sunshine has sensed "danger"  , that's why - she is so agitated.  The horse was taken back to her stable.  Uday clutched onto Manyata's hand.  Princess - stay close to me.  Something doesn't feel right.  She nodded.      
A bodyguard came to Uday : Yuvraajsa' ; we noticed a red-beam flashing across the ranch.  It's not in a specific place - so, we can't tell from where it's coming.  Maybe u & Yuvraanisa' should leave immediately.  Uday agreed.  He & Manyata just moved a step away when:  BANG , a shot was fired & it hit the bodyguard; who fell to the ground  - DEAD!   Manyata  screamed with fright & buried her face into Uday's chest.  He pulled her to safety - which was behind the servant's-quarters.  Uday knew that HE IS THE INTENDED TARGET.  
All the bodyguards came forward & began shooting in the direction of the first shot.  Gun-shots from the opponent was coming from ALL DIRECTIONS now.  It was as though the ranch was surrounded & there were more HITMEN than BODYGUARDS.  Manyata saw a red-lazer-dot  on Uday's chest & immediately pulled him down.  BANG - the shot missed.  
Uday was loosing all his men.  The loyal Jaigarh bodyguards and even some trusty servants from the ranch were loosing their lives, protecting their Yuvraaj & Yuvraani.  BANG -there was a shot from the left.  BANG - now it was from the right.  
BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG    - the shots were getting louder, & Uday knew; the hit-men were coming closer.   
Uday pointed out a "hangar-like" structure to Manyata.  He cupped her face in his hands:  Princess - I need u to run with me.  She nodded.  That place was at least 80 yards away, but both were determined.  They held onto each other's hands tightly & began the long distance sprint.   
The shooters saw the couple running & began firing at them.   BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG  .  Uday's arm flinched - Manyata knew that he got shot, but they continued to run.  Their destination was close.   BANG - BANG - BANG - BANG -more shots were fired.  Manyata & Uday finally entered the "hangar" .    
It was an empty building, except for 1 thing; which stood at the center.  Manyata was relieved but worried at the same time:  Uday - can u fly it?  Uday smiled at her : Yeah - I can pilot it.  He signalled her to  press a large-red-button on the wall,  she did & the roof of the building opened.  He gestured for her to sit inside.  Before she did - she took out a handkerchief from Uday's pocket and tied it on his upper-arm ; where he got shot.   
Both sat in the helicopter & Uday started it.  He pressed a number of switches, put his foot on the anti-torque pedal & held onto the cyclic-stick with both hands.  The rotor-blades began to spin & the helicopter moved upwards.  They were out of that building & now flying over the ranch.  Manyata looked down at the ranch which was strewn with dead bodies.  
The ride was a quiet 1.  Manyata was still coming to terms with what just happened & Uday was trying to put on a brave front while desperately trying to hide something.  
Manyata noticed Uday's tensed face - it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain.  She quickly pulled out her cell - & phoned  Doctor Uncle.  The signal was very weak - the call broke off many times.  Fortunately - her message went through about Uday being shot in Jaigarh.  Uday pulled hard on the manual-throttle to speed up the flight.  
After 90 minutes , their home could be seen.  Uday landed the helicopter on the helipad, which was specially made on top of their palace - for emergencies like this.  Manyata was beyond worried, she held Uday's hand for reassurance.  All their servants, Devgarh bodyguards & Dr Uncle were waiting on the roof-top for them.  There was also an ambulance on the premises.   
Manyata got out, but Uday didn't.  Eventually the door squeaked open. Uday's weary leg came out first, then his whole body fell out  ...   UNCONSCIOUS.   UDAY!!! ,screamed Manyata & ran to him.  Tears rolled down her pale face.  She lifted his head & placed it on her lap.  Dr Uncle began checking him.  Uday had worn a black shirt; as it soaked with blood - nobody could notice.  Dr Uncle spotted a wet patch & lifted Uday's shirt.   
UDAY WAS SHOT!!!    The 2nd shot was in his side - inches away from his heart.  Dr Uncle quickly got him into the ambulance & took him to the nearest hospital.  Manyata cried inconsolably.  Dr Uncle - tell me, Uday is gonna be fine.  He remained quiet.  Please Dr Uncle - I WANT THE TRUTH.  He held her both hands in his & said :  Pray for him Beta  ...  it doesn't look good.
Thanx for reading.
 ...  while I go & hide; in case any1 wants to kill meROFL

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So here I come...lollzzTongue

Terrific and fantastic updateClapClap

full on romantic and action packed with a touching end scene...mind blowind naviStar

hmmm so start was very romantic and too cute..WinkBlushing

Manyata's antics I found very funny yaar...donno why...lolzzzWinkLOLLOL

and the action wrote it beautifully...I mean the bang thing...I literally like visualize the scene with that sound...Thumbs Up

but UV is indeed a brave and strong man...can bear any pain when it comes to save his lady loveEmbarrassed

Navi you ended on such a scene that I literally can't stop thinking about whats gonna happen now...Ouch

Whats gonna happen now????Ermm ...lolzzz

gotta have update soon...I am waiting impatientlyDay Dreaming

and thanx for the pm yaHugHug

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Will u b posting ur update today did u reserve 4 that

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 7:30am | IP Logged
super duper 
loved it
the vampire joke for whom?Wink
ha ah it was good
loved how u described the shot out
the flying
and uday is serious
please update soon navi
i cant wait
thanks for the pm 
and nothing should happen to out udayveer 
i loved the purple writingsEmbarrassed 

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Originally posted by andy.a

Will u b posting ur update today did u reserve 4 that
Yes Dear, that's why I reserved itWink.
But, it won't be todayConfused,
  ...   it'll be tonight  @ midnightShocked.
And by mid-night , I mean SOUTH-AFRICAN time.OuchLOL
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beatuful i mean the first part ov it ... uday shot im damn sure its no one else than that stupid majnu (akash) ,, :):)

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nice update. uday got shot hope nothing happens to him.
continue soon. thnks for the pm..

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