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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 7)

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Originally posted by mahi0809

Lovely update!!... Write more soon!

...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by AKlover101

Superb update!! Plzzz do.continue soon:D
Thanx update is on Saturday. (IS THAT SOON ENOUGH )

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Originally posted by navinahun

Originally posted by vampire12345678

awesome loved it please update soonBig smile

oh i will be waiting for the ''hot'' scenes and your FF is even better than ,mineBig smile

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After supper, Vijay went to check up on Jai. Although he already knew the answer; he asked anyway: Jai Bhai, tell me table ke neeche kya hua...
Shut up Vijay Bhai- just stay out of it, was her prompt response.
No, Jai Bhai- U stay out of it. Stay out of their lives! Manyata aur Uday ki shaadi ho chuki hain...Tum kabab mein haddi kyun ban rahi ho...
Vijay Bhai- wo shaadi sirf naam ka hi hain! Jiji will never love Uday! Wo to Akash se pyar karta hain. As long as Jiji hates Uday- I STILL HAVE A CHANCE. Uday needs a real woman- AND THAT'S ME!!! , she said whilst smirking at Vijay. He could only shake his head and hope that Jai was not plotting something new.
Manyata and Komal were having a nice bonding session in the sitting room. But it was getting late, she decided that she'd have to swallow her pride this once and go and find Uday and tell him to take them home. Obviously, he was in the study with DS... so, she headed that way.
In the study, the atmosphere was extremely intense. DS was very worried about Uday & Manyata's relationship. Uday Beta, she finally said; I think it's time Manyata is told the truth.
Dadisa' , don't u think I haven't thought of that. Everyday- I  just want to sit her down and tell her everything.
Then, what's stopping you beta.
Dadisa' -aap jaante he na ,ke Manyata kitni ziddi hain...wo hamari baat kabhi believe hi nay karenge. It's my word against a dead guys word and  Manyata will take the dead guys word ANYTIME over mine. I just wish I had some sort of proof of my innocence then; maybe, Manyata & I can move on in our lives... HAPPILY!!!
DS opened her drawer and took out Jai's sim card and handed it over to Uday. Show the clip Jai recorded to Manyata- she will see for herself that u didn't intentionally push Akash off the cliff, what happened was just an unfortunate accident.
No Dadisa' - Jai had recorded it from a distance, therefore ; the audio on it is inaudible. To Manyata- it will look like: I tried to offer money to Akash- and when he didn't take it; THEN BIG, BAD UDAYVEER BEAT UP POOR,  INNOCENT AKASH !!!  Lekin baat kuch aur hi thi...Hmmm...
Uday, then began narrating the actual story:
Akash is standing on top of a hill- checking his watch every now and again...anxiously waiting for someone. A car arrives and then 2 jeeps. Uday gets off the car- he has a bag in his hand. 8 men get off from the jeeps and stand behind Uday.
Akash: Udayveer...right on time - I see u brought it, gesturing towards the bag.
Uday: Yep, 1crore- as you asked and threw the bag to Akash. Akash looks inside it. He smiles when he sees the money.
Akash: You know, Udayveer - I asked for this money just half an hour ago- & in that short time, u arranged for it. That means (he throws the bag back  to Uday), that when I marry Moniya- I'll have access to much,much more than that at any time of the day.
 His eyes were now shining with greed & Uday was now boiling with anger. He grabbed onto Akash's collar and through gritted teeth he spoke: U said that if I give u the money- you'll get out of Manyata's life.
Akash: (removing Uday's hands from his collar)-Well, LOOKS LIKE I CHANGED MY MIND. You see Udayveer- MONIYA IS MY TICKET TO THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW!!!
Uday: YOU FILTHY, SLIMY, GOLD-DIGGING PIECE OF SHIT, (moving forward towards Akash, taking a swing at him). You stay away from her -You Hear Me! - STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!
Akash: Hai!  Kya Pyar Hain!!! (he says mockingly, whilst wiping the blood from his lip). Tum Moniya UFF, SORRY; Manyata se pyar karte ho...wo mujhse pyar karte hain aur main...uske daulat se pyar karte ho.
Akash was smiling evilly & he sees that Uday is now trembling with anger. He also looks at Uday's hands which were curled into fists. To further aggravate Uday's fury, he starts again:
Akash: Udayveer (stressing on the Veer part of Uday's name) itna gussa kyun ho rahi ho!      OKAY- I'LL MAKE A PLAN WHERE WE ALL CAN WIN.            Moniya will marry the man she loves (pointing to himself) - SO SHE'LL WIN!  I'll get married into the filthy rich Devgarh Royal Family- THEN I'LL WIN!   And for you, Udayveer...hmmm (thinking)...aah ya; I'll record my suhaag-raat with Moniya...I'm sure you always wondered how she looks naked- I'll fulfil that wish of yours-SO, YOU ALSO WIN!
Uday: SHUT UP U B******(he punches Akash), JUST SHUT UP (he punches him again), STAY AWAY FROM MANYATA-STAY AWAY FROM HER GODDAMMIT!!! (he kicks Akash in the stomach).
Now the fight officially begins...finally it culminates in Akash's fall.
The conversation between Uday and DS was not over, but Manyata had heard enough ; in fact, more than enough. Although DS wanted Manyata to know the truth, she wouldn't want her granddaughter to find out in this manner. Manyata was in a state of shock- still trying to process what she just heard. She walked almost like a zombie to the room that was once hers. She sat on the bed -LIFELESS.  She had no clue what to do. Should she confront DS & Uday; should she run away from here; should she cry; should she forgive, forget and move on; or should she be  quiet and let this matter remain unbeknownst for now.
Still in the study- the talks continued as DS & Uday remained unaware that a 3rd person had overheard their conversation.
DS noticed the look of guilt on Uday's face- she got up from her chair and walked over to him. She put a comforting hand on his and began: Beta,  I know a life was lost & u feel responsible; but u needn't feel guilty. THINK OF IT AS GOD'S WILL!!!  Please Beta, many months have passed- u need to forgive yourself now. Hmmm... Ek din zaroor karenge.
He got up to go -the sim card was still in his hand-he wanted to give it back to DS.
Nahi Beta- aap hi rakh lijiye- Hum isse kya karenge, she smiled. Waise Beta- did u ever find out how Jai came to know where you & Akash were...
Haan ,poocha tha ek baar Jai se;    she said that an anonymous caller tipped her off. Uday Beta; you know that's a lie! ...RIGHT! Haan , hum jaante hain. He took Dadisa's blessing and left.
Uday, eventually; came looking for his wife. Once he found her -he knew something was wrong. She was lost in thought and had a blank expression on her face. Uday had to shake her after getting no response when he called out to her. After she was snapped back to reality, she said in a very low voice: Uday, take me home- I have a headache. He nodded and the both left.
The next few days went by quickly. Manyata was still trying to come to terms with the latest revelation. She couldn't believe how wrong she was about Akash. She constantly recalled all the times she spent with him- Was it all a lie...She knew that she had to move on, but she couldn't figure out her next step.
Uday was very worried about Manyata. She had become really quiet in the last few days. Her taunting of him had come to a full stop; NOT THAT HE WAS COMPLAINING. She had even lost her appetite. He wondered if she was falling into some kind of depression. Whenever he tried to talk to her- she would just stare at him and not say a word. Whenever he suggested she see a doctor or maybe a psychiatrist, she'd say in a whisper: Uday- I'm not ill.
After a lot of pondering, Manyata eventually came to a decision: SHE'S GOING TO LET GO OF THE PAST. She had only ever trusted 2 men in her life & both deceived her. Murari had lied to her about her identity and Akash lied to her about loving her. She just wanted to erase her past; the only way to do that was to :FOCUS ON HER PRESENT. She had to accept that her present AND FUTURE involved the man she had once vowed to hate forever; UDAY.
No more, she decided, Things are going to change for the better. I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT !!!   Uday is sweet and kind and loving. He was once my best friend & confidante.
UDAY IS MY HUSBAND!!!  she announced as her hand travelled up to her bare neck. Manyata had never accepted her marriage- so there was no point in putting sindoor in her maang or wearing her mangalsutra. But now- she wanted to make a fresh start- she removed the mangalsutra from her drawer (where it stayed for more than 3 months) and put it where it ought to be: AROUND HER NECK.  Then she took out the little dosh of sindoor and was about to put a bit in her hairs parting when she suddenly said to herself: NO! main Uday se hi karvaongi...HAAN NAI TOH!!!, and giggled.
The Manyata that was lost for so many months was beginning to resurface and she was genuinely happy about it.
That day Manyata couldn't wait for Uday to come home. 1st Of all, she needed to apologise to him.  Then she'd tell him that she knows the truth. Finally- she'd tell him that she has accepted him as her husband and henceforth, she'll give him the respect a husband deserves. However; even now  it seems,  that Manyata was trying to suppress the feelings she had developed for him a long time ago.
Manyata was getting anxious as the time for Uday's arrival neared. But suddenly, something went wrong. Manyata found herself battling to breathe. Her body temperature was rising and her chest was tightening. She was convinced that she was having a heart-attack. She began taking quick, short breaths in the hope that it will help - it did, as she felt better.
Luckily the panic-attack didn't last long and Manyata was soon back to normal...but, what triggered the attack was still a mystery.
Although Manyata was now physically fine- she could not shake off the restless feeling she was having. She felt as if something was wrong - somewhere. What Manyata didn't know was that HER SOUL WAS REACTING TO HER SOULMATE BEING IN TROUBLE -but she was soon going to find out...
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gr8 update Thumbs Up
it was simply awesome 
cont soon :)

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Originally posted by rocker12

gr8 update Thumbs Up
it was simply awesome 
cont soon :)
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the update is awesome Navina...waiting to read d next chapter:)

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Originally posted by Chamakchallo30

the update is awesome Navina...waiting to read d next chapter:)
THANX  VIBHA...I'm glad u found it worth your while.

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