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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 44)

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plz updt soon dear...
eagerly w8ing 4 ur next updt...

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Originally posted by maasoom2

plz updt soon dear...
eagerly w8ing 4 ur next updt...
Hey Dear,
nice to hear from you.  I have had a bit of writers-block...luckily that has passed. Now I'm very busy with prayer preparations.  Once the prayer is done and I have a 2 day rest...I will post the next 2 updates.
...Really SORRY to keep u and all my other readers waiting!
The update will be on Saturday / Sunday...

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Hey everyone...hope u still remember me!!!   After a 2 week break, I'm back make up for that extremely long delay...I've decided to give you'll a double update...HOPE U ENJOY IT!!!
The servants smiled secretly as they watched their Yuvraajsa' andYuvraanisa'  walk into their home as a happily married couple.  Manyata giggled as Uday whispered sweet-nothings in her ear.  It was the sweetest and most picture-perfect scene they had ever come across.  Though they did not wish to interrupt the couple. they had to.
Sumeet (the servant ) walked up to Uday and informed him of a visitor:  Yuvraajsa' ,Rajjatji aye he.  Wo aapke study mein , aapka intezar kar rahe hain.  Uday nodded and left for his study.  Manyata remembered that DS had given her a file to look over the other day.  She paged through it.   It was a proposal for a mining project to be built in Devgarh.       
The project was to be headed by Brijraj and Stanley Phillips.  Manyata recalled meeting Mr. Phillips in Devgarh after her coronation.  DS didn't have anything nice to say about him, so she was skeptical about giving her approval for this project.  However - Brijraj was also a part of this venture so: It can't be such a bad idea, she thought.  She closed the file without reading further.  She was more interested with what was going on in the study between Uday and Rajjat.     
In the study:
Uday :  Haan Rajjat, bolo; kya khabar milli?   Give me some good news.
Rajjat:  Uday Banna, that black SUV which tried to run u off the road, belongs to Anand Sharma
Uday :  I don't think I know any Anand Sharma.
Rajjat:  ...and neither does he know u.  He says that the time of your accident, he was out of town; his nephew was using the vehicle in his absense.  Nephew is Aarav Sharma.
Uday  :  And?
Rajjat:   Aarav Sharma has a 2 crore gambling debt.  My guys brought him in, at first he wasn't talking- we roughed him up...Said someone approached him - offered to pay off his debt if he "derailed"  you.
Uday  :  Find him Rajjat - I want to know who wants me dead.
Rajjat:   It'll take time Uday banna...Aarav says he spoke to the guy on the phone, so we don't have a description.
Uday  :  And a name?
Rajjat:   The name is Aryan!
Who's Aryan? asked Manyata; interrupting their conversation.  Nobody for u to worry about ,Princess  Uday answered.  Princess - u know Rajjat? She nodded and greeted Rajjat, who greeted her back.  Princess - Rajjat, hamare khaas admi he.  I trust him with my life- he is the most loyal person I know.  If ever u need anything done, and if I'm not around...Rajjat is the guy u go to. Okay? Hmmm.
Uday  :   Rajjat ,u can go now!
Rajjat :   Uday Banna, Ek aur khabar.
Uday  :   Princess, can u excuse us?
Manyata : Sure.
Rajjat :   Uday Banna, u remember Bharat?
Uday  :   Yeah, he used to work with u.
Rajjat :    Haan wohi...he went missing just after Akash Verma fell to his death.  We all thought that he went back to his village to get his sister married.  Truth is...somebody paid him off to vanish.
Uday  :    What!!!   Who???
Rajjat :     Rajkumari Jai Nandini.  She was paying him to give her all the details of your where-abouts.  When we were meeting with Akash Verma - he informed her...that's how she knew where we were.
Uday was boiling with anger :  How did u come to know?
Rajjat :    I was visiting my grand-father in hospital, I met Bharat's parents there.  They told me that he had met with an accident.  I visited him and he confessed everything.  Uday Banna - Bharat is dead.  He breathed his last this morning.
Rajjat left and Uday dialled Jai's cell-number.  He was fuming with rage and was ready to give Jai a piece of his mind.  Manyata pulled the phone from him and disconnected before anyone could answer.  Seeing Manyata's face, Uday immediately calmed down.  Manyata made herself comfortable on Udays lap: Uday - I'm bored!   Entertain me!!!  Princess, do I look like a clown from the circus; who will do tricks to make u laugh?  She pouted her bottom lip and nodded.  Uday pulled her closer and whispered in her ear :  Waise...I do know a couple of tricks that will make u VERY HAPPY.  Manyata knew exactly what he meant and got off his lap.  Shaitaan ka bacha, 24/7 only 1 thing on your mind.  Acha!  Main Shaitaan ka bacha, toh tum; Shaitaan ki bahu...Both burst into laughter but stopped when they heard someone clear their throat behind them.  Both swallowed hard when they saw who it was.
Uday        :  Dad !
Manyata :  Uncleji !
Giriraj      :  Nahi, nahi...Shaitaan kaho!!!...and all 3 laughed.
Manyata for the first time since her marriage, bowed down to Giriraj, seeking his blessing.  Khush raho Beta...aur hamare Bete ko bhi khush rakhna.  Giriraj had never seen Uday this happy before and he knew that the reason was Manyata.  This was the first time Giriraj was genuinely grateful for having Manyata as his daughter-in-law.  Seeing Uday's smile of contentment ,  all his hatred towards Manyata dissappeared.
Dad, aap yahan- is everything all right? Uday asked.  Haan Beta, everything is fine...actually Unnati ko aane do, phir hum batayenge.  Manyata and a servant brought tea and snacks for Giriraj to partake in.  While having tea ,he noticed Manyata's file on the table.  Thinking that it was something dealing with Uday's hotel bussiness, he looked through it.  Dad- that's Manyata's and moved to take the file away, but was stopped by Manyata.  No Uday - it's fine.  In fact, I would like Uncleji's input on that.  Giriraj was thrilled about the idea of mining in Devgarh:  It's a great idea...I wouldn't mind adding my name to this venture!
Dad, Please stay out of it...IT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA!  Manyata was shocked that Uday disagreed with his father.  He turned to Manyata:  Princess, mining in Devgarh will be the worst thing for the people of Devgarh.  No Uday - this project will be creating jobs for so many unemployed people.  I know that it'll be creating jobs - but what about the health risks.  People will get ill- working for long hours in harsh conditions under-ground.  A man like Stanley Phillips is only concerned with filling his own pocket - he will not care for the miners and their health issues.  He'll pay  them minimum wage and work them like animals.  Is that what u want for your people? he asked angrily.  Manyata got scared;  Uday calmed down and held both her hands in his:  Princess...1 day this mining project WILL back-fire...and everyone is gonna point a finger at you.  I don't want that to happen, so ; it's best if we stop this now - while it is still in the planning process.  Manyata agreed.
Hey everyone, chirped Unnati and hugged the 3 members of her family lovingly.  So, tell me; why the sudden family meeting? ,she asked curiously.  I have good news for u, her father said excitedly, I have found the perfect boy for u to marry!
   ************            ******************        **************         ***************
WHAT!  No way Dad...I'm not ready to get married...Dada, Say something.Uday was still in shock with the announcement his father just made, Manyata had to nudge him to respond.  Ya Dad...Chotti sahi kehe rahi hein...u just can't tell her that u found a partner for her and she must get married now.  And I'm still studying - there's no way I'm giving that up ...just to become somebody's wife.
If u 2 are done, can I talk?  He didn't get a response from either of his children , so he continued: I didn't say Unnati will get married this very minute.  Of-course, she can continue AND FINISH HER STUDIES  before becoming the next queen of Jaipur. 
No Dad - don't tell me, Chotti is going to marry Yudaveer.  Giriraj smiled in affirmation.  NO WAY! Unnati yelled.  Lower your voice Unnati, don't forget that u are talking to your father.  Sorry Dad, she apologised.  But I don't want to marry Yudaveer.          
Why not Unnati?  Yuvraaj Yudaveer is a very nice guy.  I met him in Devgarh...he seems so nice and polite.  A REAL GENTLEM...Uday frowned at Manyata and she stopped talking.  Thank you Beta for trying to make your nanad understand.  Manyata was delighted about getting Giriraj's approval but the siblings weren't too pleased with her siding with their father.
Uday   :   Dad - why are u really doing this?
Giriraj :   Hum kuch samjhe nahi, Beta.
Uday   :   Oh come on Dad.  Just a few weeks back, we both went to Jaipur and we finalised a deal with Maharaj Vivek-Anand Singh.
Giriraj :   Haan toh?
Uday   :   He was gonna give us the most sought after pieces of land in Jaipur for us to build our new hotel.  So...let me guess, in exchange for that land...u are giving Chotti.
Giriraj :   Is that what u think I did?
Yes Dad, that's exactly what I think u did, Uday confirmed.  Is Dada right?  Tell me Dad,  Unnati asked angrily.
You 2 have already made up your mind on that...well, don't forget...I AM STILL THE FATHER OF YOU 2.  I have given my word to Maharaj Vivek-Anand and the 2 of u are gonna damn-well fulfil that promise,  he announced, and then continued:  Yudaveer and Unnati's Roka will be in 2 months time when Yudaveer returns from Canada...he then walked out.         
Unnati cried uncontrollably as she took comfort in her brother's embrace.  Don't worry Chotti...As long as I'm around, U DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING U DON'T WANT TO DO!  You promise Dada.  Uday nodded and Unnati stopped crying.  She had belief and trusted in his word.  Unnati too, left shortly thereafter.   
Manyata  was in her room ,busy packing when Uday entered.  Going somewhere Princess?  Yep...I'm moving in with my husband, she replied casually.  Oh !  well in that case, u don't need that (pointing to the clothes), U only need this. (he held up her lip-stick) .  ...Come to think of it; u don't even need this lip-stick...Manyata threw a pillow at him, he caught it just in time.  Princess, leave all this; we have servants to carry out these chores;  but he knewthat Manyata would want to do her own work. 
Princess- u want to tell me why u were so PRO-YUDAVEER downstairs.  I like him.  He's nice.  Yeah...I KNOW u think he's nice.  I remember when we were in Devgarh, how u were cosying up to him...trying to make me jealous.  She crossed her arms in front of her chest and frowned at him.  I was not TRYING to make u jealous!   Awww Princess - you're SO cute when u lie, and he pinched  her nose.  She slapped his hand away.   YOU WERE JEALOUS!!!  she announced.  Of Yudaveer...NO CHANCE!   
YUDAVEER...his name even, sounds so regal and if he's some kind of valiant warrior.  Princess, Yudaveer is actually my name.  Manyata looked confused so Uday explained:  Yudaveer  took out the "y"  from  my name and moved it to the front...and that's how he got his name.   
Uday ke bache, everything in this world...U MAKE IT ABOUT YOU!  Uday's eyes lit up.  Uday ke BACHE  he repeated in MORE THAN 1.   He rubbed his hands together.  GREAT!!!  When do we get started?   Another pillow came flying in his direction.             
Manyata held his arm and pushed him out of her room and slammed the door.   Princess, this is just like the good, old days, came his reply from the other side of the door.         
Manyata continued with her "packing" . She noticed a shadow and turned around to see someone jump from her balcony.  She screamed:  UDAY!!!   He entered her room and she hugged him.  She told him what she saw and he ordered the guards to check the premises.   
Don't worry Princess - whoever he was...the guards will find him; he consoled, as she battled to get over the shock.  After a while, a guard told Uday:  Yuvrajsa'  we checked the whole area...we couldn't find anyone.   Uday asked Manyata if she could identify that person and she shook her head, but in her mind she knew who it was:  AKASH!!!
 ************       **************          ***************             *******************
...coming in 2 weeks!!!
That's  it for now...
Thanx 4 Reading,
thanx for your patience...
...and Thanx for your co-operation!
...otherwise I'm not gonna update the next partLOL

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Originally posted by mrs_kapoor

LOL i m new muje rules nai pataTongue ROFLDancing
Hi RiaSmile
Firstly...WELCOME!!! Hug rule nahi hain,Confused
                         ...request hain!!!LOL

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res res resWink

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hahahaa...navi dear hum toh rules follow hi nahi karte hum aaj hi comment karenge

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