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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 35)

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

awww...last part was really sweet yar...
The  party was ruined. Unnati took leave of the couple.  Manyata cried and Uday consoled her.  I'm sorry Uday.  The party was a disaster... No Princess- don't apologise!   It was MOST ENTERTAINING.   I enjoyed it:   2 gorgeous girls fighting over me!   WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR? ,he joked playfully.  Manyata laughed through her tears.   You gonna pay for saying that Mr Singh!   Just tell me when and where,  he winked.
very very well written yar...

Thanx Mahima...That was my favourite as well!!!
Originally posted by mahi0809

Fabulous update!! and OMG Jai is such a despo!
Fighting with the wife on why she slept with her husband while she wanted to get him drugged and in bed with her... DESPERATE!!

A very nice update... and yup Uday had a great b'day... 2 gals fighting over him... what more can a guy want?LOL
Thank you, Mahi.
Jai is an understatement...we need a new word 4 her.

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Loved the update Navina. And yaayy I was right about the promo being misleading. Lol. Jay has clearly lost her marbles. Wonder if she's ever going to redeem. Uday and Manyata are just too cute. Loved the way Manyata's eyes searched only for Uday when she was coming downstairs after giving her exam and hugged him infront of everybody. I was literally aww-ing while reading it.
Update the next part soon please!

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Originally posted by Hawa.Hawai

Waiting...waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting phewww now i cant wait:p
So sorry 4 for taking so long, Swini...Maaf karna!
Originally posted by sweetshab

awesome update navina!!

Manyata shared her happiness with UV :D
Aww UV is so cute and respects elders

Party was entertaining *winkkii*

Cont soon
Thanx Dear.
Manyata is in love...Uday is the only thing she can see! Embarrassed
Uday is a very respectable guy.
Seems like u agree with Uday about the partyWink
Originally posted by puggyy

outstanding update ...till niw... firstly uday was so cute ...he always takes care of manyatha...he reminder her da coutesy to take blessings from ds ...secondly uday knocking da door was too good... awsome ...he is such a dumb to tell it loudly that he has seen bolke...all da working staff will b around... omg...manyatha ka reply bhi kuch kam nahi... witty n cute act was simply superb... waiting for more cute scenes
Thanx Anisha...
Yeah...Uday is our PERFECT GUY!!!
Uday never talks in front of the too; let's assume , he made sure they were alone before making a comment like that!  Manyata knows exactly how to handle him with a befitting reply WinkWink...DON'T WORRY DEAR...In my ss, you'll get a lot of cute scenes!!!
Originally posted by fia21

Loved the update Navina. And yaayy I was right about the promo being misleading. Lol. Jay has clearly lost her marbles. Wonder if she's ever going to redeem. Uday and Manyata are just too cute. Loved the way Manyata's eyes searched only for Uday when she was coming downstairs after giving her exam and hugged him infront of everybody. I was literally aww-ing while reading it.
Update the next part soon please!
Thank u Fia.
Ya...u were right about the promo (and here I thought I could fool you'll - STUPID ME). Jai has gone off the deep end...NO REDEMPTION IN SIGHT!
I gave u an AWW-moment...U just made my day!!!
Will update on Sunday/Monday...we'll see.

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Hi everyone...This chapter was a very difficult 1 for me, but I managed and I'm quite happy with it ...HOPE YOU ALSO FEEL THE SAME AFTER READING IT!!!
Also...I would like to dedicate it to ...Vampire12345678...Happy birthday SAIRA.  hope you have wonderful and joyous day...and , HOPE U LIKE MY GIFT TO YOU!!! 
Manyata stretched her arms upwards and opened her mouth wide in a yawn.  Uday just smiled at her antics.  Uday- I think it's time to go to bed, she said sleepily.  Superb idea!  Chale!  Oh Hero, main sone ki baat kar rahi ho!  Uday pulled Manyata towards him, wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered : I don't know what you were thinking but I was also talking about sleeping ...(after a long pause)...TOGETHER!  Manyata playfully punched his chest.   
At the Devgarh palace, the mood was rather tense.  Dadisa'  and Komal were with Jai in her room.  Doctor Uncle was giving an injection to Jai.  I'm injecting Jai with a mild sedative - it'll help her sleep.  Jai continued to mumble in her slumber.  It's not over...Manyata will pay...It's not over...Manyata will pay...It's not over... Komal sat beside Jai and carressed her face and hair affectionately.  But what exactly is wrong with Jai? asked a worried DS.  Rajmata, people react differently to shock.  Tonight Jai got a very big shock...therefore the tantrums and outbursts.  Look...I'm just speculating here...the injection will knock her out for a few hours, when she wakes up; I'll reexamine her, maybe do some tests- then we'll know for sure what's wrong.  DS nodded.  I'll stay here with Jai, suggested Komal.  DS refused: Komal, let Jai sleep and you too; go get some rest.  Jai will be fine, she looked at Doctor Uncle for reassurance and he nodded with a smile. 
Manyata and Uday were standing just outside of the hotel waiting for the valet to bring their car.  Waise Princess- you didn't say how I'll have to pay?  Manyata thought about it for a moment, pulled Uday closer to her and whispered a single word in his ear.  His eyes opened wide in shock.  He was stunned that his wife even knew that word.  Suddenly Manyata burst out laughing.  Uday- I was just joking.  God!  You should have seen your face...she said in between laughing.  You know what Princess?  I don't mind doing THAT punishment...Manyata stopped laughing.  In fact- it'll be my pleasure, he replied huskily.  Seeing the naughtiness in Uday's eyes, Manyata got serious: No Uday- IT WAS JUST A JOKE!     
The valet handed the car-keys to Uday.  Manyata was about to sit inside when: O teri!  Kya hua?  Nahi- kuch nahi...ab bohot der ho gaya hain.  Manyata...bol to sahi.  Uday, main tumhare pent-house suite dekhna chahte te.  Acha! Toh chalo.....Uday held Manyata's hand and led her back into the hotel.  So, Princess; why the sudden interest in my pent-house suite?  I heard a lot about it.  I wanted to see this infamous place where UdayVeer Singh used to take all his girlfriends.  Uday's heart sank as he was reminded of his past.  He tried to apologise: I'm sorry...but couldn't complete as Manyata put her hand over his mouth.  Uday- What happened in the past- let us leave it there...We must focus on the present and our future together, she replied intelligently.  Is that my Princess talking or is it Yuvraani Manyata?  Actually... it's your wife talking, she laughed as she pulled him into the elevator.
Well aren't you gonna ask me to stay the night with you?  ,she asked flirtily as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  Before Uday could say anything ,another couple joined them in the lift.  Manyata quickly removed her hands and stood in front of Uday.  The other couple were facing forward while Uday & Manyata stood behind them.  Uday took advantage of the situation...with his index and middle fingers- he began making walking movements on Manyata's exposed midriff.  She slapped his hand away, but he persisted.
On reaching the 12th floor- the couple exited leaving a very relieved Manyata & Uday behind.  Uday back-hugged his wife tightly and began nibbling on her ear-lobe and neck.  A bit of Manyata's scar was exposed.  Uday pulled her blouse down more to reveal the entire scar.  He ran his tongue down the length of the scar, giving Manyata goose-bumps.  
The elevator doors opened on the 30th floor where the pent-house suite was situated.  Manyata walked 1st but ended up twirling out of the lift. It seems that Uday held onto the end of her sari, so when Manyata took a step- she spun out.  Manyata stood there in her under-skirt and blouse...her sari was in the hand of a grinning Uday. 
Uday, tum itna bhi intezar nahi kar sakte te , indicating with a small space between her index-finger and thumb.  Uday shook his head in a no. Manyata felt over her shoulder.  I'm sure I pinned my sari here...and then looked at Uday who removed the pin from his mouth.  Oh- you mean this, he asked cheekily.
Halkat, vede ,yede, khasmanukhana. Uday smiled it was after  a long time that he was hearing those words.  Manyata continued: Thara ka peepa, saand, paagal, suvar, bhoot.  Haai...after such a long time, you are calling me these special names...LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE REALLY FEELING SOMETHING FOR ME TONIGHT!  ,he said as he neared her.  She attempted to run away from him but her high-heels slowed her down.  Stupid shoes, she muttered as she removed them.
Before Manyata knew it , she was being carried in Uday's arms.  Princess- now that you love me and all- How about calling me some new names.  Like what?  Mmm (thinking)...ya...Darling, sweet-heart, jaan, shona or maybe even Lover!  Manyata mouthed "LOVER"  but no sound was attached.  Uday was very amused- Manyata was not.  I know what to call you  and gestured for him to lean in.  When he did, she bit him on his ear-lobe.  Ouch!  Manyata giggled.  Princess, looks like your mood has changed from sleepy to naughty.  Manyata didn't answer as she was too busy unbuttoning his shirt.
Kya  Rajkumariyan aisi bhi hoti hain? ,he asked as he looked down at his now opened shirt.  Rajkumariyan ka toh pattha nahi, lekin biwiyan aisi hoti hain ,Haan nahi Toh!  Ye  "Haan nahi toh" tumhare maayke se waapis kab aye?  Kya matlab?  Arre Princess- jab se hamari shaadi hui thi...Ye "HAAN NAHI TOH"  gumshuda hogayi thi.  Haan...chutti pe gayi thi; ab waapis aa gaye.  Acha?  Hmmm.        
Uday placed Manyata on the bed and before long, all their clothes were piled in a heap on the floor.  Manyata moaned in pleasure as her husband made love to her.  The night passed as each satiated the others hunger for love.        
At the  Devgarh palace, every family member was awoken by a loud,  shrill scream.  It was Jai- she was screaming at the top of her lungs.   Stop laughing at me ,Manyata  ,she howled repeatedly.  As the family entered the room, they saw a crazed Jai talking to herself in the mirror.  However, for Jai; it was not her own reflection that she was was Manyata!          
You b****- stop laughing, she cried as she pointed to the mirror.   You think u won- you got Uday- I'm gonna...I'm gonna...and she began looking around the room.  She picked up a bottle of hair-removing lotion and came back in front of the mirror.  I'm gonna destroy your looks- then Uday wouldn't want you.  She took a bit of the lotion and put it on her own eye-brows.          
Everybody was in shock with the sight before them.  They tried to enter her room, but Jai yelled:  STAY WHERE YOU'LL ARE...I'm not gonna let you'll save Manyata.  She picked up a knife which was kept in the fruit basket in her room.  She pointed it to the spectators, I'll kill her...DON'T COME NEAR US!  Everyone was terrified, they did as they were told.  Jai moved in front of the mirror once more;  she wiped her face with a towel and began laughing hysterically.  Ha- ha- ha- ha--------------look at you Manyata- u have no eye-brows. You look so stupid.  You know what Manyata- Uday once told me thathe hates it when girls put lip-stick and it gets on their teeth.  He said it's a real turn-off.  I bet if he sees lip-stick on your teeth- he'll never come near you again.  With that, Jai began smearing lip-stick all over her own teeth.  From the reflection that Jai saw in the mirror- it looked like Manyata's mouth was messed.  Yuck Manyata - u look disgusting!
MaaSaheb - hamari bachi ko kya hua? ,asked a sobbing Komal.  DS could not reply.  Even Brijraj began tearing as he realised that his daughter's mental health was declining. 
Vijay and Doctor Saheb moved away from the others.  Doctor Uncle- aap kuch kijiye, pleaded Vijay.  Beta -it's not so simple.  You saw for yourself...Jai is thinking that she's harming Manyata...but, the fact is ;she's doing it all to herself.  As long as Jai got that knife in her hands- we need to be very careful.  I just hope...STOP IT JAI, scolded Dadisa' , put down that knife ,Beta. 
Vijay and Doctor Uncle again made their way to Jai's room and were horrified with what they saw.  Jai was making cuts on her face and hands and even cutting her hair with the knife.  Brijraj could take it no more- he stormed into the room, grabbed the knife from her hand and held her as she kicked and screamed.  Blood was oozing from the many cuts she made but she could feel nothing.  As  Brijraj and Vijay held her still, Doctor Uncle injected her with a tranquiliser.  She passed out immediately.  Dadisa' and Doctor Uncle took the decision of having Jai institutionalised.  Everyone else agreed.           
Uday woke up 1st.  He smiled when he saw his wife's head resting on his chest.  She was still fast asleep.  He kissed her on her head.  He attempted to get up- but ,couldn't as Manyata refused to budge.  He tried again but Manyata groaned in annoyance.  Okay Princess- you asked for it...he thought.  He slipped his hand beneath the comforter and pinched her bottom.          
She ( still sleepily ) winced in pain and moved her hand to soothe her behind.  As her hand moved away, Uday took that opportunity to get out of bed.   
After showering and changing into a bath -robe, Uday walked into a very comical sight.  Manyata was trying to wrap herself in the bed-sheet and was doing a very poor job of it.  Hey Princess - Good Morning, he announced trying to get her attention.  Uday -can u get me something to wear? This sheet is not co-operating with me.  Sure Princess, he left the room and arrived a few seconds later with her shoes in his hand.  There! Wear this, he said as he handed her the pair.  She squinted her eyes at him: Very funny!  
She picked up Uday's shirt which was lying on the floor from last- night and wore it.  Princess- from now on, you can use that shirt- it looks sexier on you, he smirked.  She stuck out her tongue at him before entering the bathroom.        
Uday just wore his pants when Manyata screamed for him: Uday!  He entered the bathroom, Manyata was standing in a corner in the shower, holding a towel in front of her.  What's wrong Manyata? asked Uday worriedly.  Where's the tap to open for the shower?  Uday burst out laughing while Manyata looked at him confused.  Princess- it's a sensor shower.  You just stand under it and the water will start flowing.  Manyata was amazed.  She held her hand under the shower-head, and the water poured out.  Uday- how come we don't have this at home?  Actually; we do Princess.  The shower in MY BATHROOM is just like this.  Uday- I'm moving into your room - aaj hi!  Princess- I'm hurt...I thought u will move in with me for ME and not for this sensor-shower, he faked a sad face.  Manyata kissed him on the cheek to appease him.  She placed her hand on his chest and began pushing Uday out of the shower cubicle.  You can go now Uday.     
Princess - You asked me for something last night ...REMEMBER?  He began advancing towards her and she continued backing up until she hit the wall behind her.  Uday- I told u, I was joking.  But ,I'm not  and he began kissing her on her fore-head, her left cheek, right cheek and then settling for a while on her lips.  He pulled the towel from her hand and dropped it on the floor- which activated the shower. The water pounded on them.  Uday ,then moved downwards.     
No Uday, Manyata pleaded softly but was ignored.  Uday kissed her chin, then her neck, the valley between her breasts, her stomach and finally...Please Uday, DON'T, she begged as Uday lifted her 1 leg and placed it over his shoulder as he knelt in front of her.  He kissed her on her feminine area as she took in a deep breath and held onto it.  
Manyata found herself going weak and unable to stand on her 1 leg as Uday's face, or more importantly; buried in the mound between her legs.  Manyata clutched onto Uday's hair for support as his tongue entered and exited her the most pleasurable of sensations.           
She felt as if she was going to explode and with whatever energy she had left- pushed Uday away from her.  Manyata climaxed- she experienced her 1st say it was MIND-BLOWING; would be an under-statement. Uday noticed that Manyata was about to fall------he hugged her tightly and she just rested on him.     
After many minutes, when she regained her composure- Uday let go.  Complete your shower Princess- I'll order breakfast in the mean while.  She nodded whilst looking down at the floor.  She just couldn't face Uday.  He grabbed a towel and left the bathroom.  Fortunately for Uday, he had clothes in the ward-robe at the pent-house. So he changed into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.   
Manyata eventually made her way out of the bathroom.  Dressed in a bath-robe, she walked  slowly to the dining table and had breakfast, trying desperately not to look in Uday's direction.  Uday understood and smirked.  Princess- you know, sooner or later; u have to look at me or talk to me.  Manyata remained quiet for a while, then very meekly said: I don't have anything to change into.  Uff Princess- itni si baat.  He held up something and said: Wear this!  Manyata looked at him then at what he was holding in his hand.  She couldn't see anything.  She rubbed her eyes- still, she saw nothing.  She went close to him, she was now convinced that he had nothing in his hand; but she asked anyway: Ye kya he?  Invisible dress he! he answered proudly.  Khutte kaminey...and Uday laughed uncontrollably: Thank God-  I GOT MY JUNGLI-BILLI PRINCESS BACK!  Manyata too, began laughing and they hugged until someone knocked on the door.   
Uday answered it and took a package from them; then handed it to Manyata.  She opened it to find clothes for her to wear.  Everything from underwear, to a beautiful blue salwar-suit.  She hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek.  
DS, Komal, Brijraj and Vijay stood with tear-filled eyes as Doctor Uncle wheeled Jai out in a wheel-chair.  She was in a catatonic state.  Her head drooped to 1 side, cuts still fresh on her face and hair unevenly cut.  Her hands were bound in a straight-jacket.  Doctor Uncle accompanied her in the ambulance to the mental- asylum.
Uday and Manyata walked out of the hotel, hand-in-hand.  Manyata looked lovingly at him.  She felt like the happiest woman in the world.  She was most grateful for getting such an incredible partner in this life-time.
Thanx to every1 that already hit LIKE (YESTERDAY)
and if u haven't then please do so now!
Please leave your comments,
I really want to know how it was...HONESTLY!
Also...Thank u 4 being patient.

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ahhh visitors i hate them...Angry
finally finally finally navi thanks thanks thank for such a gr8 cute update...
love uHug
feeling bad for J poor lost her mental balance bt what to do jaisi karni waisi barni...
hey waiting for the next part...the more u write the more we demandLOL

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abhi tak visitors gaye nahi kya?

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Woaahhh Navi dear...It was super electrifying and sparky...ahem ahemBlushingBlushingBlushing

I don't more words to say...Blushing BlushingLOL

and what happened to she gone madLOL

Thanx for the pm dear and update soonHug

whats next nowDay Dreaming


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whom u r talking abt guys?

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