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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 26)

maasoom2 Newbie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
i read d chap... it was totally mindblowing and i loved it 2 d core... the confession ws so cute nd thanx 4 d pm... nd sry 4 late rply...
nd pls cont soon...

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 3:51am | IP Logged
got the chance to read ur work 2day was awesome..Clap..if possible pls pm me whn u update next

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aliya666

it was fabulose and so ramantic 

this is really a very good part of ff

and i loved it 

plzz update soon

Thanx 4 such kind words.
Really glad u loved it
Will update as soon as I can!
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by maasoom2

i read d chap... it was totally mindblowing and i loved it 2 d core... the confession ws so cute nd thanx 4 d pm... nd sry 4 late rply...
nd pls cont soon...
Thank u Dear.
Don't apologise...U aren't THAT late.
Will definately do!
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snowdream

got the chance to read ur work 2day was awesome..Clap..if possible pls pm me whn u update next
OMG...I think I'm gonna faint!
1 of the finest writers on this forum is praising me...
I will PM problem!!!
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 9:58am | IP Logged

Hi all...Firstly, I just want to thank everyone that commented on my last update...I really do appreciate itSmile... ..I had a problem with my service-provider for the last few daysAngry, and I wasn't able to reply to everybody's comment...I DO APOLOGISE FOR THAT...PLEASE DON'T THINK THAT I WAS IGNORING YOU!!!

I normally don't update on a week day...BUT, since Uday's birthday is gonna be a very eventful day...I thought that I'd rather start earlyLOL...or we could be stuck in that day for a long time!
SmileSmileCHAPTER 2:  MANYATA - THE WIFE SmileSmile
There was a loud knock on the door. Uday sleepily moved his hand to the other side of the bed where Manyata was sleeping.  He felt nothing.  The knock sounded again.  Normally, Uday would open the door himself...but, realising his unclothed position beneath the blanket; he just answered, Come in.  The door opened and in walked servant ;Sumeet, with Uday's bed-tea and news-paper...Good-morning Yuvraajsa'  . Uday greeted him back and immediately asked: Yuvraani Manyata kaha hain?  With his head bowed, the servant replied: Yuvraanisa'  kamre mein hain- wo padahi kar rahe hain.  Teek hain, tum jao.  Sumeet left, and Uday wondered: Padahi???
After a quick shower and change, Uday headed of to look for his wife.  After failing to find her in her room - he popped his head into each spare room in search.  Good- morning Uday, came the greeting as he looked in the guest room.  Good-morning Princess.  He moved slowly up to her and back-hugged her as she was busy setting the many books that were scattered all around.  He held her tightly and rested his chin on her shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief.  Manyata moved her hand into his hair and ruffled it with her fingers.  Kya hua Uday?  Humme laga ke tum... and stayed quiet.  Manyata immediately understood; turned around and hugged him as tight as she could....You thought that I regretted what happened last night and.. I left you.  Without breaking the hug - the conversation continued.  You know me so well Princess!  Uday - I'm not going anywhere...NEVER EVER!!!  When I woke up - you were not there, Manyata broke the hug, Bhool gayi Uday...aaj meri exam hain.  Remember;  my English paper.
Oh Shit...I completely forgot.  He pulled out his cell and began dialling a number.  Who are you calling?  Princess- I didn't realise what today was and I scheduled a meeting. I'm just calling to cancel it.  Why?   You planning to write my exam for me.  Nahi Princess - but ,I want to be there with you.  No Uday- it's a meeting- it's important!  You can go - I don't mind.  Are you sure?   Hmmm, she nodded and smiled, he put away his cell and they hugged once more.
Uday pulled out of the hug when he saw Seemaji standing at the door. Manyata asked: Seemaji- is it ready?  She nodded: Ji yuvraanisa'   and left.  What's ready?  Breakfast!   As both walked to the breakfast table: Princess - I want to ask you something.  Hmmm.  Why did you bring Seemaji with you when we got married?  Well- I didn't know how your servants were, so ; I brought my own.  And do you know what all my servants called her?  What?  Yuvraanisa's  DOWRY!  Sach mein?  Hmmm.  Both shared a laugh.
After breakfast, Manyata gathered some books and was about to leave ,when she suddenly remembered something and hurried to her room.  Uday followed to see what the panic was about.  She came out of her room with a small dosh in her hand and held it out to Uday, who looked at it confused.  Yeh kya hain?  Sindoor hain - laga lo... Huh!  Uff Uday- today is the 1st day of our new life...Yeh sindoor meri maang mein bhar lo!  He did as he was told and began admiring his wife all over again- he snapped out when Manyata spoke: Can you drop me at Dadisa's?  Why?  I thought you had an exam to write.  Yeah- I'm writing it at the mahel...Dadisa' arranged it.  If you take me; then I don't  have to take those stupid bodyguards.  SO- WILL YOU? Of - course Princess.
The drive to the mahel was quiet as Manyata did some last minute revision in the car.  Uday's cell beeped and he hurriedly took it to answer; but it was a text message- a reminder of the meeting.  SHIT! he exclaimed.  Expecting a call Uday?  Hmmm- Chotti...You know Manyata- this is the 1st year in a long time that Chotti hasn't wished me at 12. I'm very worried!  Relax Uday- I'm sure she's fine and I bet that she just forgot.  Manyata knew very well why Unnati hadn't called - as she didn't want to ruin the surprise.  Manyata just played along and hoped that everyone at the Rajmahel  would stick to the plan and pretend to have forgotten Uday's birthday.
The car came to a halt and Manyata alighted in a hurry.  Uday also got off and caught her just before entering the palace.  He held her firmly at her waist whilst she protested and tried to move his hands off.  Uday- choro naa- koi dekh lega.  Toh dekhnedo.  Uday - PLEASE!  Teek hain, chorenge...ek KISS ke baad.   HAWW!  (with her hand covering her mouth)...KISS  kis liye?  Pehle kiss - baad mein batayenge.   She turned her face and offered him her cheek.  Aise nahi- Princess! and he cupped her face and kissed her gently on her lips.  As he broke from her, Manyata looked at him dissapointed; that it ended so fast.   Uday was amused.  Good-luck Princess.  He got a very weak  Thank- you, in response as Manyata's blush overtook her, and finding her voice became difficult.  As Uday drove off, he yelled to her: I'll be back before you finish.  PROMISE!  She smiled and rushed into the mahel.
She bumped into Vijay on the way.  WHOA Manyata Bhai...dheerese...Olympics khatam ho gaya - STOP RUNNING!   Sorry Vijay Bhai- I'm already late- I can't talk now.  Just then Dadisa' replied: Nahi Beta- abhi bhi waqt hain.  She held out her hands towards Manyata and nodded her head slightly; calling her beloved granddaughter for a hug.  Khama ghani Dadisa' , Manyata greeted and bowed at the old lady's feet.  Dadisa'  blessed her and hugged her warmly.  All the best, my child!
All the best, echoed 3 more voices. It was Brijraj , Komal and Vijay.  Manyata thanked them and took blessings from her parents. Manyata was under the impression that  the exam will be written in Dadisa's office and headed that way.  Vijay,  then informed her that she will be writing in 1 of the rooms in the east-wing of the palace.
Manyata attempted to run up the stairs but an ache between her legs was slowing her down.  Remembering the reason for the pain- brought a smile to her face and she whispered to herself: Uday!     All of a sudden, Jai appeared before her.  Shall I help you up the stairs Jiji? she asked sarcastically.   No Jai- I can manage- it's just a cramp, she lied and left.
Vijay confronted Jai:  Why do you have to start with her?   What did I say?  I was just offerring my help.   Yeah- and if she took it,  you would have pushed her down the stairs- RIGHT?  Jai smirked evilly; knowing very well that Vijay was right.   Vijay grabbed Jai's arm and shook her vigourously; trying to knock some sense into her: You know Jai Bhai- even if something happens to Manyata...Uday will never be yours!  Vijay left but Jai remained unfazed.
Jai looked at her hand which was curled into a fist.  She opened it slowly to reveal a blue and yellow capsule.   No Vijay Bhai- you are wrong.  Uday will be mine!  This time, I won't do anything to Manyata- I'm gonna do it to Uday.  Tonight at the party- I'll slip this little darling (the capsule) in his drink and then...HA HA HA HA   (she  laughed wickedly)...AND THEN - HE'LL BE MINE!!!
Yeah ...I know:  U ALL WANT TO KILL ME!
But, be4 u do that...
LIKE and COMMENT (please)
Jai checked to see if  anyone was watching.
She emptied the contents of the capsule into a glass of Whiskey.
She smiled as Uday took the glass to his mouth.
You B****, u slept with him!
U are a SL**...
How could both of you do that to me?

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fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged
I am so sorry for being SO late.
So here's my comment now for both the chapters.


Just LOVED this part to bits. Manyata's bold advances towards Uday, and Uday's surprised reactions were perfectly blended together. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment in it. The consummation part was impeccable. Really beautiful and romantic. All in all, a wonderful chapter dedicated to Uday and Manyata's reconciliation!


Finally Uday and Manyata start their lives as a proper married couple. It was so cute how Uday feared that Manyata might have regretted what happened between them and so she wasn't in the room in the morning, and how Manyata explained to him that she didn't regret it even one bit. And then her asking Uday to fill her maang with sindoor. Loved it. Hahah Seema ji and the dowry reference was hilarious LOL . This Jay is the Queen of desperation. I hope her plan majorly backfires. Hmm Manyata has planned a surprise party for her Hubby. That ought to be interesting,

Really curious to read the next part. Even more because of the promo which I feel is misleading so that you could keep us on the edge or our seats biting our nails and thinking of possible scenarios and then give out the ACTUAL scene Wink
Once again, fantastic updates Navina. Continue soon Smile

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diorslik IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Wow navina bravo update loved it
Loved the manyata's dowry joke lol
Plus manveer was so cute
It was beautifully written
And my my the precap
Sounds so fun manyata
Abusing jay tht too english galiyaan
lol now that was something dek should have
Showed anyways love you navina
For this beautiful update muahh <3

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