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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 21)

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Originally posted by LoveCupid

Hey please tell when are you planning to update its almost a week now pls update soon...
Hi Andrea...I had no idea u were following my ss...
I mean ...You never commented before.
I know that it's almost a week now...
Hey...I should be asking: WHEN ARE U UPDATING????
HOW I MET YOUR Incomplete &
now u started MY HUSBAND HAS A BABY...
Anyway; my next update is on Saturday!

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Hi all...I know everybody was waiting for this chapter quite patiently (SAIRA EXCLUDED). But be4 that...I would like to wish Mahi...A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   It is only because of your encouragement & your  comments that I am continuing this ss; Otherwise my laziness would've won & I would be gone back to being a silent member in the forum. I wanted to dedicate this chapter to u...but I'm not too happy with it we'll just skip that.
Uday- I want to sleep with you!
Uday was in a very sleepy mood. It took him some seconds to process what Manyata just said. When he finally figured it out -his eyes opened wide. WHAT!  He  needed her to repeat herself- just to make sure.
When he looked again at the doorway- there was nobody there. I knew it- it was just a dream! he thought to himself.  He turned to go back to bed, but froze on the spot as he saw Manyata remove her slippers and get comfortable on his bed  still keeping her gown over her.
Well;  Manyata being Manyata wasn't going to wait for Uday to give her permission to share his bed; so she just pushed past him and got under the warm comforter - leaving poor Uday shocked and dazed.
He eventually made his way to the bed. Uday, very carefully balanced himself on the edge of the right side while Manyata slept on the left. Uday faced Manyata  and she faced the window. Uday's sleep had vanished and there was no use trying for it  when Manyata was so close. He watched her tremble each time  the thunder sounded. He slowly moved closer to her and put a comforting hand on her upper-arm.
With her free hand - she clutched his and pulled it more over her. He smiled at her action- but didn't want to read too much into it . It was clear to him that she was afraid of the storm and was only looking to him as protection.
Uday wanted to know the time- unfortunately; the alarm-clock as well as the head-board's night-lamp was on Manyata's side. Luckily , the brightness of the street-light was illuminating his room and with a slight lift of his head- he saw that it was 10:30.  He  sighed to himself: This is going to be a long night.  Manyata had soon fallen off to sleep, but even in her slumber - she shook each time it thundered and ended up holding ontoUday's hand even tighter. He wasn't allowed to move away from her.  However; he was quite enjoying  having Manyata in his arms.  She felt so warm and soft.  She smelled like honey and almond.  Honey & almond??? - must be her shampoo, he thought.
Uday knew that soon it would be 12 'o clock and his darling sister would phone to wish him. She always did so , at this time; every year without fail.
He knew that the ringing of his cell will definately wake up Manyata and on seeing their very cosy position- all hell will break loose.  She'll probably accuse him of trying to get physical with her while she was sleeping. He shuddered at the thought.
He realised that Manyata wouldn't even know about his birthday- so; he shouldn't expect a wish from her...not even a sarcastic one...
The storm had subsided.  It  still drizzled but nothing serious. Uday tried to remove his arm and distance himself from Manyata - but she  held on tight.  He forcefully pulled it - risking waking her.
The jerking action did break Manyata's sleep. She murmured :Uday -Mujhe sone do. Uday very sternly replied: Manyata, the storm is over- I think you should go to your room now!  Manyata didn't take too kindly to Uday's tone  and was about to say something ; when she noticed the time .  It was exactly 12 'o clock.
She turned to Uday's side- he had his eyes closed.  She moved closer and closer to him.  Her breath was falling onto his face- he opened his eyes and saw Manyata's face, a mere inch above his.   Then...Manyata took his lips into hers.  Uday was taken aback by Manyata's  sudden display of love.  She gently sucked on his lips while her 1 hand was lovingly carressing his face.
Uday had just started to get into rhythm with the kiss.  He put his hands on her waist and was slowly moving it to her back; when ,she suddenly broke the kiss.
Uday just looked at her in confusion whilst she stared at him in anger.  ...But THIS wasn't the reason you woke me up !   RIGHT? ,she grunted.  You woke me up to kick me out of your room!   Fine- I'm going!!!
She angrily kicked off the blanket- got out of bed- held on to her pillow- stuffed her feet into her slippers and marched to the door.  She had just turned the knob of the door ,opening it slightly when Uday pounced on it - shutting it once more; trapping Manyata between himself and the door.   You want to tell me ; what happened back there? ,he whispered in her ear.  She turned around slowly and found herself sandwiched;  Uday in front- his hands on either side of the door on which her back rested.
Uday towered over Manyata. She found that she was unable to look anywhere other than the floor and continued staring at it till Uday's voice snapped her back to reality.  I want an answer , Manyata!
I'm sorry for everything Uday.  Like what? ,Uday asked confused.  When he got no response- he moved his hand to her face and with his finger under her chin- he raised her head to be face-to-face with his.
I'm waiting ,Manyata!  Uday, I was wrong about you- You're no murderer- And I'm glad that instead of Akash; you're in my life.   Man...Manyata cut Uday off: Please let me finish Uday.  He nodded.  She continued: I don't blame you for what happened with Akash.  Infact, I believe  now;  that it was the best thing that could've happened to us.
Somebody is trying to kill you.  I don't know who it is - but, I'm happy that he didn't succeed. I'm terrified of anything happenning to you, Uday.   A small smile appeared on Uday's face.
I know that you think ; you forced this marriage on me because of the contract; but I think it was destiny - we were just meant to be together.  Uday raised his eyebrows in disbelief.  I realise that  from the time we got married - I've been a horrible person and I've been so nasty to you. You know everytime I said to you: "Udayveer- main tumse nafrat karti hoon"  , I was just trying to convince myself...  It's not true- I DON'T HATE YOU. I want to give our marriage another chance- I want us to start afresh.  So - NO DIVORCE, she smiled.
Uday pulled away from the door.  He crossed his arms in front of his chest.  With a broad smile he asked: If you're done...CAN I TALK?
No- I'm not done! she exclaimed but went silent thereafter. Uday noticed her fidgeting nervously with the corners of the pillow she was holding.  He pulled it from her and flung it onto the bed. She watched as his hand moved towards her- then dissappear behind her head.  She felt him open her hair (which was tied in her Moniya style) and neaten it with his fingers.  He tucked his both hands in his pockets and looked at her with admiration: Tum khulle baalon mein bohot acche lagte ho.  She blushed at his compliment.  Oh sorry- you said you were not done.   DO CONTINUE!
Uday...Hmmm...SSSHHH!  She placed her index finger over his lips. Let me finish.  He nodded and she removed her finger.  She took in a deep breath, then blurted out:  Uday- I LOVE YOU!
I love you too, Manyata.  Uday, Princess nahi kahoge?  Uday's smile widened.  I love you too  Princess , he corrected ; as he pulled her into an embrace.  They held onto each other for the longest time, until Manyata broke away.
With Uday's hand still on her waist and Manyata's hands still on his shoulders- she leaned in and gave a small kiss on his left cheek.  Happy Anniversary, Uday-  CONGRATS... you survived 4 months with me...then she kissed him on his right cheek.   Aur ye kiss kis liye?  Happy Birthday , Uday.
You knew? Hmmm.  Agar tumhe patha tha; toh...hamara gift?  She moved her hands from his shoulders- down his arms and held onto his hands, removing them from her waist.  She then, directed his hands to her stomach area; where the cloth-belt of her gown was tied.
Khul ke toh dekho...shayad accha lage.  He pulled on the bow and Manyata's gown opened. She removed it and it fell to the floor.  Manyata stood before him in a really short, lilac-coloured, transparent, strappy nightie.  Uday couldn't help but stare at her beauty.   He remained speechless- so Manyata asked: Don't you like it?   I do - I love it;  but are you ready for this step?   Yep- I am!  I love you and I think we've already wasted too much time.
Uday moved towards her neck and began leaving a trail of wet kisses. Manyata held onto him tightly.  She felt him sink his teeth into the side of her neck- leaving a love-bite.   He suddenly lifted her in his arms  and carried her to the bed.  She kicked off her slippers just before he laid  her down gently on the bed.  She watched as he removed his T-shirt revealing his perfectly sculpted torso. He really was an ADONIS  in the truest sense of the word.  He laid on top of Manyata and placed his lips over her rosy ones and kissed her passionately.   Manyata allowed him entry into her mouth and he did the same.  Their tongue-tango had to stop as both were running out of breath.  Uday's hands had already made their way under her nightie and was slowly moving it upward. Manyata raised herself a bit and Uday pulled it over her head and then onto the floor.  Uday began moving downwards- kissing, biting and sucking on her neck and shoulders- before making himself comfortable on her chest; suckling on her bosom.  His hand moved down to her underwear.  Manyata put her hand over his.
It's my 1st time ,Uday;  she reminded.
I know Princess- I'll be gentle,  he reassured.
She allowed him to remove her underwear.   He also removed his remaining clothes.  He got on top of her- pulling the comforter over them.  The exploring of each others bodies continued.  His groin rubbed against hers, making Manyata brace herself for the moment they'll become 1.  Then, it happened...he entered her...his organ tore into her inner lining...a lone tear of satisfaction escaped from her eye.
She gifted him her virginity.  She gave herself to him : heart ,mind ,soul and now body.  She had taken the next step from being a WOMAN - to being Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh's WIFE.
Manyata, are you okay?    I'm perfect!     Yeah...THAT you are!!!  Both laughed and soon fell off  to sleep in each other's arms.
I've done my it's your turn...
Hit LIKE before u go...
& don't forget to comment.

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oye mere har khwaab ko pure karne ke liye thanx...Smile

Tumne bahuth saari dhamkiyaan dekar daraya par last mein wahi kiya jo mein chahthi thi

Thanq u n luv u for this part dearHugHugHug

Superb tha hot n sweet my favourite combination for a perfect romance...WinkWinkWink

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Res hehe just kidding buddy.awesome n a lil bit cute.Cont soon Navi.

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wow...the confession awesum...

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that was an absolutely fabulous n superb chapter Navina! loved it..:)pls update soon:)

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Originally posted by Swini01

Res hehe just kidding buddy.awesome n a lil bit cute.Cont soon Navi.
SwiniJi...aap hi ka intezaar tha...
I know that it wasn't as HOT as u write it..
but I tried...
Anyway... I'm glad u approve!
Thanx 4 commenting.
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by afreshbegin

oye mere har khwaab ko pure karne ke liye thanx...Smile

Tumne bahuth saari dhamkiyaan dekar daraya par last mein wahi kiya jo mein chahthi thi

Thanq u n luv u for this part dearHugHugHug

Superb tha hot n sweet my favourite combination for a perfect romance...WinkWinkWink
Main bohot kush hoon ke aapke khwab poore ho gaye.
Haan maine bohot dhamkiyaan di thi...
Baad mein, Saira ne mujhe dhamkaya.
You are most welcome...'n ...Luv u 2.
Thank u Dear.

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