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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 129)

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Originally posted by ...navina...

Originally posted by -Zina-

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Thanx Dear  Hug  .
Originally posted by -Zina-


it was out of the world uff uff navina  i cannot tell u how my condition was my vision got blur eyes got watered smoke coming out of my ears and much much more and honestly speaking it was tooo much for me i didn't understand several things and i had to google it as manyata didLOL this was the hottest love-making i have ever read it was the best chapter of this ss honestly speaking i have no words to describe how  much i loved it totally amazing at a moment i felt like i am viewing their private scenesLOL it seemed to be a total reality i loved eav=ch and every line of it wow manyata nay kia khub izat ki pakash ki  A PIECE OF GARBAGE awesome manyata u proved to be the best wife ever!ClapClapClap

after what manyata was doing my expressions were like thisLOL

the chocolate part was hooii dropping chocolate and licking it my my it was beyond hotCensored what did uday said lat me make love to my wife before we were doing sex well said boy that was actually sex!LOL

u r the best writer navina

did i tell u something navina? i guess no then listen I LOVE THIS SS THE MOST!  its my favurite ss in the forum! the best ss ever~ClapClap

waiting to read the next chapter eagerly waiting! u have really made a mark this was actually the night to remember not even for Manveer despite all the forum members i just cannot stop telling that how much i am in love with it! TOTALLY AMAZING!ClapStar
update soon!
love u a lot
thanks for pm!Smile
Thank you Zainab   Hug  .
Oh dearShocked  ...  I did say the chapter was for 18+ Blushing.  U shouldn't have been reading that Zina Disapprove.  Anyway  ...   now that u googled itGeek , I'm sure ; U GOT AN EYE-FULL Wacko!!!  Hottest love-making ...   I'm not so sureConfused  -  I've read hotter stuff on this forum!!!  I'm really glad that u loved it so muchBig smile.  U also felt like a spectator ...  JUST LIKE AKASHLOL!!!   I made Manyata strong in my SS , so that she can take on people like Akash Angry.  She thrashed him well with her witty remarks Approve.
Not only u  ...   everybody's expressions were like thatWink!!!
I'm sure u wouldn't look at CHOCOLATE the same way again.  It will always remind u of Manveer Embarrassed.  Oh yeah  ...  Uday knows everythingDay Dreaming!!!  He can SHOW U the difference between s** and making love Heart.
Thanx for the compliment   ...  but I believe there are many other's (YOURSELF INCLUDED)  who write better than me.
Awww - u are so sweet to call my SS, your favourite Cool.  Don't tell the othersOuch ...  I DON'T  WANT THEM TO FEEL BAD WinkLOL!!!
There will be another massive bomb ( OF A DIFFERENT KIND) in the next chapterStern Smile.  Be prepared!!!
Love you Zainab ,
Welcome for the PM Smile.
I simply love your commentsEmbarrassed  with all the pretty graphics !!!
U really know how to make a girl feel appreciated!!!
Very sorry for replying to your comment so late ...
I was searching for the perfect graphic that would tell you how grateful I am,
 & I think I found the best one:  
i still not got AN EYE-FULL !
lol LOL i will for sure  feel weird while eating chocolateOuch
(YOURSELF INCLUDED)  who write better than me. no no i write all crap i can never write the way u doClap i wont tell anyone TOP SECRETWink
what bomb are u gonna throughShocked i hope its not that atomic bomb thrown on japan by americaLOL i simply feel good to give such comments on my favourite  SS u DESERVE more than thatClap i just love the way u write manyata's dialogues in red and uday's in blue! unique writing Clap this is the best graphic for me thank u so much!Smile

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Awesome Clap
Update Soon & Plzz PM Me Smile

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Originally posted by ArShiFever.

Awesome Clap
Update Soon & Plzz PM Me Smile
Thank you  Hug .
I shall add u to the listWink.
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Originally posted by puggyy


Awww  ... so SweetEmbarrassed ,
Thanks Anisha  Hug  .
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Stop it Uday!  Stop what?  U know what!  Fine!  Princess - you're no fun.  I'm no fun ,she punched on his chest.  Are u forgetting what happened last night?  He gave a broad smile, remembering the events from the night before.  She clicked her fingers in front of his face, breaking him out of his thoughts.  Here's your towel.  He took it from her.  Princess - join me.  No Uday - I've already taken a shower.  He pulled her into the shower cubicle.  Princess ...  I WAS NOT ASKING!!!  Within seconds, he undressed her & started making love to her.    
Manyata dressed in a simple Anarkali, while Uday still searched for something to wear. She sat in front of the mirror & dried her hair with a hair-dryer.  She was deep in thought, she knew that it was time to tell Uday about her meeting with Akash.  She was just about to start her conversation, when Uday presented her with a little box.  Princess - I had forgotten about this.  I just found it in the closet.  Will u accept it now?  What is it?  He opened the box & showed it to her.  Her eyes filled with tears.  It was the charm bracelet, he had gifted her on their 3 month wedding anniversary  ...  the 1 which she so heartlessly declined to accept.  She only nodded as words failed her.  She held out her wrist to him & he slipped the bracelet on for her.  He kissed the back of her hand & said: I knew it'll look MORE BEAUTIFUL when it's on your wrist.  She smiled & hugged him.   
Akash had fallen asleep  on the couch.  He was awoken when he heard someone laughing.  He woke up to see a vision of himself - pointing to him & laughing loudly.  Wh - Who - Who are u? ,he stammered.  Idiot - if you're asking me that  ...  U ARE MORE STUPID THAN I THOUGHT!  It's me!  I am you , you are me  ...  we are the same person.  I'm your conscience, Dummy.  Akash held his head tightly as he battled a heavy hangover.  You can stop with the name calling ,he mumbled.  No Dumbo - I am not stopping with the name-calling.  I'm here to say my piece & u just listen to what I have to say.  All these months u lived as Aryan Choudary.  Rich, sophisticated businessman with a sharp wit.  Every deal  "he" signed off on, was a success.  Every plan "he" made  ...  was executed perfectly.  As soon as u decided to become Akash again - u became the same old, bumbling fool.  Which other STUPID  ...  would go & tell their old flame : "Leave your husband & marry me , Oh and BTW  ...  MY THING DOESN'T WORK!" .  That was the drink ,said Akash softly; trying to defend himself.  Exactly!  As soon as u reverted back to being Akash - u started taking alcohol.  And u made a mess of everything.  You know what - I'm surprised u didn't tell her : "I'm Aryan - I'm the 1 trying to kill Uday!" .  Pull up your socks, boy.  If u want revenge on UdayVeer  ...   u need to become Aryan again!  THAT'S THE ONLY WAY!   
The vision of Akash disappeared.  Akash slumped on the couch, thinking very carefully about every word he was just told.  No more AKASH VERMA  ...  from now on ; I am ARYAN CHOUDARY.  And today; UdayVeer Singh, IS YOUR LAST DAY!!!   Haan nai toh ,he completed with a smirk.        
Uday - can we talk?  While buttoning his shirt, he answers : Later Princess - I have to go to the office right now.  Ajit Khurana (lawyer) has made up the documents for Mr Wong & I to sign.  It shouldn't take long.  Probably an hour.  We need to sign the papers & Mr Wong will hand me the cheque.  When I get back home - we can talk all u want.  Uday - it's urgent!  Seeing how serious Manyata was, Uday sat on the bed.  He made Manyata sit on his lap.  What is it ,Princess?  Uday - kal maine Ak.. but she couln't complete as Uday's cell started ringing.  Ek minute Princess.  Uday answered & after a short pause, he spoke : Theek hain.  Hum abhi aa rahe hain!  He looked apologetically at Manyata : Sorry Princess.  Ajit & Mr Wong are already at the office.  I HAVE TO GO NOW!  I promise when I get back home - u can tell me whatever u want.  she nodded unconvincingly.  He kissed her on her fore-head & left.       
Manyata moved back to her place in front of the mirror & combed her hair.  She took a pinch of sindoor & was about to put it in her maang, when the door flung open.  Uday took giant strides towards her, & pulled her in for a passionate kiss.  There was something different about this lip-lock  ...  it was as if it will be THEIR LAST KISS, EVER!!!  Uday eventually let go of her; he smiled at her : I realised I forgot to say ; I LOVE YOU PRINCESS.  I love u too - Uday ,replied a breathless Manyata.  He grabbed a pinch of sindoor & filled it into her hair's parting.  He clutched his jacket & walked out of the bedroom.  
After approximately an hour, Manyata got a call.  She smiled when "PATHI DEV JI" flashed on the screen.  Haan Uday ,she answered.  Princess - guess what?  Hearing the happiness in his tone, she replied : The papers have been signed, the deal is concluded & you are on your way home!  Arre wah Princess - right on the first guess.  Akhir biwi kiski hain.  Haan nai toh!  Both laughed, but their joy was short-lived.  Shit!  ab ye brakes ko kya hogaya?  Oh God , No ...   NOOO  the line went dead.  Uday  ... ,  Uday ...  ,   UDAYYY ,she yelled before collapsing.    
The screams alerted all the servants & all raced to Manyata.  Some quickly attended to her while others started phoning for Unnati , Rajmata , Dr Uncle & even Uday.  As soon as she regained consciousness - she tried to phone Uday.  She made several calls  ...   but could not get through.  Within an hour, all family members were at her home.  She filled them in on what happened.  Their attempts at consoling her were futile as Manyata already sensed that something terrible had happened to Uday.   
Giriraj summoned the commisioner of police & asked them to personally handle this case.  Manyata was questioned as part of the investigation.  She told them that Uday mentioned something about the brakes.  They asked which route Uday took, to & from; his office & home.  Giriraj explained those details.  Bhabhisa' don't worry.  Dada will be fine ,Unnati tried to comfort Manyata, who cried uncontrollably.  Komal hugged her daughter : Beta - ro mat.  Just now, Uday will walk through those doors ...   YOU'LL SEE.  Just then, a lady doctor entered.   
Beta - Doctor Saheb is in London with Jai ; so I called Dr Priya Sharma to check on you ,DS explained.  There's nothing wrong with me , spoke Manyata in an irritated tone.  Her protests were ignored as all agreed that the doctor should examine her and find out the reason of her collapsing ealier.  Dr Priya said : Yuvraanisa' just fainted out of shock.  It's nothing serious, after Manyata's examination.     
Manyata found the crowd annoying and chose to lock herself in her room, until they got news of Uday.  After a few hours; the C.O.P  & many other inspectors came to the house.  Maharaj Giriraj, the road u told us that your son uses  ...  well, we've been there; & we found brake-fluid on the road , as well as skid marks.  We can't say for sure, that it is linked to Yuvraajsa's   ...  but we will continue to investigate.  Manyata rushed into the lounge : Have you'll found Uday?  No Yuvraanisa' ...  it seems like a car went down the hill  ...   whether it was Yuvraajsa's or not - we cannot say.  All our men are on this case.  I'm sure we'll have more answers for u soon.  The squad then left.   
Manyata walked towards the study.  Vijay & Unnati followed her.  I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! ,she announced ; before shutting the door on their faces.  She sat on Uday's chair and within seconds , burst out crying.  Where are u ,Uday?  She picked up a small photo-frame of Uday's & admired it, running her index finger down his face in the picture.  I know you're not dead  ...  I CAN FEEL IT!  She hugged the frame.  Come back to me Uday, COME BACK SOON!  A disc lying on his table, caught her eye.  On the cover, it had : FOR UDAYVEER SINGH'S EYES ONLY.     
She played the disc in the computer.  A white, elderly man came onto the screen.  He adressed Uday : Mr Singh - u asked me to make a profile of the person that's trying to kill you.  Here it is; Aryan is not his real name - it is an alias.  His name also starts with an "A"  & is also 5 letters long.  It is a pattern with all psychopaths  ...   it helps them keep their 2 identities seperate, at the same time keeping it simple - so they don't get confused.  He is someone from your past.  I'm guessing that he has some sort of disability that is fuelling his hatred towards u.  The disc ends.      
Manyata immediately thought of Akash.  The profile matched perfectly.  But, she wondered if Akash was clever enough to create an alter-ego for himself.  That night passed very slowly.  It was now 20 hours that Uday was missing.  Everybody was still there - all very worried.  Unnati refused to believe that something could've happened to Uday.  Giriraj paced back & forth like a mad-man.  Manyata had spent the night in the study.  Many thoughts swarmed her head.  She was disturbed by a knock on the door.  Seema entered : Gustaki maaf Yuvraanisa' ...  Rajjatji aye hein.  She nodded & Rajjat entered.   Rajjat have u heard about Uday?  I have Yuvraanisa'  - I'm sorry.  Don't be  ...  HE WILL BE BACK HERE WITH ME VERY SHORTLY!  Anyway - tell me ; what do u have for me?  Akash Verma has been staying in Pune for the last few months.  He has been pretending to be the son of Mr+Mrs Choudary.    Yuvraanisa' - AKASH VERMA HAS BEEN LIVING AS ARYAN RAI CHOUDARY!          
All the pieces of the puzzle just fell into place.  Manyata was consumed with rage.  Bring Akash Verma to me  ...   RIGHT NOW Rajjat!
SUB - CHAPTER : 3.7 :
In 2 hours time , Manyata got a text message : WE HAVE HIM , and we brought him to the same place. She grabbed her keys & headed out.  Beta - where are u going? , Giriraj questioned.  To get some answers ,she replied back & left.    
She drove to the same cliff, where she met Akash the other day ; the same cliff where Akash & uday had fought.  2 Jeeps were already present there.  Rajjat & his men stood in a circle around a very beaten up Akash.  Manyata walked up to him : Where's Uday?  No idea ,came a swift reply.  Rajjat kicked him in the chest.  Aryan Choudary - where is my husband?  He smirked before replying : DEAD!  BAM ...  Manyata slapped him.   
I tampered with the brakes of his car.  While he was driving, his brakes failed.  The car picked up speed when it went down that slopy road.  He lost control of it & it went down the hill into the river.  So - to answer your question again  ...  your husband is dead.  SHUT UP!  A piece of scum like u; went down a cliff & survived  ...  why wouldn't Uday survive?  Oh yeah, that!  ...   he wouldn't have survived because I rewired the central-locking in his car.  Once the doors got locked  ...   IT GOT LOCKED FOREVER!  Rajjat's men started beating him up again, but he started laughing like a crazy person.  Manyata signalled for Rajjat to send his men away.  He did & they left.      
Rajjat took out a packet of something & dropped the contents into Akash's shirt.  His hands were bound by rope, so other than squirm in pain - there was not much else, he could do; as the scorpions stung him all over his back and chest.  I'm asking u 1 last time Akash; WHERE IS UDAY?  All what I told u - is the truth.  It's your problem if u don't believe me.  As the car rolled down the hill - it exploded ...  before falling into the river.  Manyata closed her eyes & hot tears flowed down her face.  Looks like I won Princess!  Manyata glared at him angrily.  Oops  ...   sorry; only UdayVeer can call u Princess   ...   RIGHT???  She held out her hand to Rajjat & he placed a pistol in her palm.   
Uday left the job INCOMPLETE,  last time he was here with u , Akash.  Looks like I'll be completing it!  ANY LAST WORDS AKASH VERMA?  After what u & UdayVeer did the other night - I can tell you 1 thing : HE DIED A VERY HAPPY MAN.  As for me  ...   I will also DIE A HAPPY MAN ; knowing that I died after killing him.   
Manyata pointed the gun to him.  She closed her eyes & remembered the time when Uday taught her how to shoot.  Uday had said : Hold your weapon steady, concentrate, close your 1 eye and focus on the target  ...   FIRE THE SHOT!  She took in a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes.     
Ha - Ha - Ha  ...  I knew it Moniya, you can't shoot me  ...   YOU STILL LOVE  BANG - she pulled the trigger & Akash slumped to the ground.  For you Uday ,she whispered.  Rajjat took the gun out of her hands & wiped out her finger-prints.  Is he dead? ,she asked.  Rajjat nodded.  Yuvraanisa' - u got him in the chest.  Yuvraanisa' - the body???  Burn it Rajjat - and stay until he turns to ash.  I can't risk him coming back to life again.  Rajjat carried out her orders diligently & Manyata left.      
She just walked into the house, when the C.O.P arrived.  He came to inform the family of their latest discovery.  We have found the debris of Yuvraajsa's car.  It had sunk to the bottom of the river.  We pulled it out a few moments ago and sent it for forensic analysis.  But it's clearly evident that the car exploded before going into the water.  I'm sorry to inform you'll ; Yuvraajsa' couldn't have survived that blast.  Did u find a body? ,barked Manyata.  No Yuvraanisa' , but ...  But NOTHING.  Till u don't find a body - DON'T SAY THAT HE COULDN'T HAVE SURVIVED.  My daughter-in-law is right!  You keep searching for my son  ...  EVEN IF U HAVE TO BRING ME BACK HIS DEAD BODY!   The servants showed the policemen out.     
2 Weeks passed  ...  & the seach bore no fruit.  Manyata's condition was that of a living corpse.  She still had faith that Uday was alive, but her hopes of him returning to her - were weakening.      
Giriraj called off the search.  Uncleji - u can't do that.  Uday is still out there ,sobbed Manyata.  Beta - we need to be realistic.  IF HE WERE OUT THERE  ...   WE WOULD'VE FOUND HIM BY NOW.  But Uncleji, it's only 2 weeks since he dissappeared; how can u give up so soon.  Uncleji - 1 more week please, let the search continue for a week more.  Par Beta ...  Please Baba.  Beta , pehli baar aapne humme Baba kaha  ...  hum aapko niraash nahi karenge.  Ek hafte aur ...  Thank you Baba , she hugged him.    
Unfortunately, that week also passed without any luck.  Manyata & Giriraj were witness to the signing of the death certificate by the coroner.  Despite there being no body  ...   YUVRAAJ UDAYVEER SINGH - was declared DEAD!
Sheesh ...   I'm so tired nowOuch.  I wonder who's BRIGHT IDEA it was to give a DOUBLE UPDATEErmm???  Okay now ...   leave a nice commentBig smile  ...   & I MIGHT  bring Uday back to life againWink!!!    Or better yet :  IF I GET 35 "LIKES"   or moreLOL   ...   I WILL BRING OUR PRINCE BACKApprove!!!    ( WHO SAID   "BLACKMAIL" DOESN'T PAYROFL?)

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First to comment 
fantastic double updates
loved them 
it wasnt less than the climaxes of movies 
bas***d Akash/Aryan 
i hate the stupid blundering fool 
I HOPE Uday is alive 
he Should be alive 
Please let him be alive ...

Loved the justice 
Thankgoodness Manyata completed UV's 
incomplete job 
that son of a bitch Akash deserves a more painful death 
do cont soon 

How did u create the pumpkin text ??
i liked it very much 

I am sure You will get more than 35 likes 
and Please bring our prince back alive 
If UV isnt alive then your inbox will be floodedWink
who said " blackmail" doesnt pay ? LOLLOLLOL

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hawww...navi blackmailing start kardi...
BTW awsomeee..update...
that halkat veda yeda kutaa kamina majnu ko mnayata ne shoot kar diya good...but
i want uday back...uday ko wapas lao warna tum to bhi dhamki de rahi hu i m counting likes...plzzz...bring back uday...update soon...

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