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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 121)

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Navi, pls do update soon
if possible today itself pls pls pls

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Originally posted by Futbol_queen


Favirote Part:

Akash :  I dreamt of this day for so long Moniya.  I missed u so much Moniya.  Oh Moniya - u look so pretty.  I can't believe you're in front of me  ...  kehedo Moniya , kehedo ke tum kitne khush ho mujhe dekh ke.  I love u so much , Moniya!  
M :  Manyata   
Akash :  Huh!  
M :  My name is Manyata!  Mrs Manyata UdayVeer Singh!!! 

And don't worry I forgive you for the akash overdose LOLTongue

Awww ...  thanx Gurr  Hug  .
Your favourite part was mine as well Wink!!!
ROFL  ...   it feels nice being forgiven!!!!

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Originally posted by andy.a

Navi, pls do update soon
if possible today itself pls pls pls
Andy ...  NOT TODAY!!!
I just got home half an hour ago & I'm extremely tired.  I will post the update tomorrow Big smile !!!

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Hi All.  Me againLOL.  Here's the update everyone has been waiting for Embarrassed.  Hope it lives up to your expectations!!!  
WARNING :  The following update contains scenes NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE READERS!!!  This chapter has been written for readers 18 years of age & above!!!   Reader descretion is advised!!!!
SUB - CHAPTER : 3.5 :                                                          
Within half an hour , Uday was home.  He walked into a very quiet house.  He met Manyata in the passage outside their room.  Errr  Princess - where are all the servants?  I gave them the evening & night off.  Really?  He wrapped his arms around her waist & pulled her close.  And why did u do that?  She got on her toes, then wrapped her hands around his neck.  Because there will be a lot of noise coming from our room tonight.  I didn't want them to get scared.  Why will there be noise coming from our room  ...   are u planning to kill me tonight?  Hmmm.  I'm gonna kill u with my love.  Both locked lips & enjoyed a kiss.    
Manyata was dressed in a royal-blue nightie.  It was strappy, short & slightly transparent.  Over it , she wore a matching gown.  Uday's hands were already on the ribbon of the gown, trying to undo it.  She put her hand over his - stopping him.  She lead him into their bedroom.  It was dimly lit with candles.  There was pot-pourri (perfumed dry flower petals)  in little jars kept on the bed's pedestal which lightly fragranced the room.  Music played in the back-ground.  It was very soft , almost inaudible.  The glass-sliding-balcony doors were open.  The lace curtains flew as the wind from outside blew in.  The bed-sheets were of satin material.  The setting was utterly romantic.  After taking in the ambience of the room, Uday finally asked : Iraada kya hain , Princess?  To rewrite the KAMA-SUTRA , she replied boldly.     
She leant over & started kissing him on his neck.  He ran his hands up & down her back.  He suddenly felt something on his face.  Manyata smeared melted chocolate on his cheek with a brush.  Ye kya hain?  Chocolate body paint! ,she said ; as she licked it from his face.  She started to undo the buttons on his shirt , when she felt something hard in his pocket.  He removed the plastic box & gave it to her.  For u , Princess.  Happy 6 month anniversary.  She opened the box to find a simple , yet very elegant neck chain with a diamond-encrusted-heart-shaped pendant.  It's beautiful Uday.  Thank u so much.  She hugged him.  Lekin ...  Lekin kya?  I didn't get u anything.  He smiled at her.  He tucked an annoying lock of hair behind her ear.  Well Princess - U did say something about "desert tumhare saath" .  I think that will MORE than make up for the lack of gift u have for me , he said whilst seductively running his hand down her arm.  She blushed profusely. 
His hand made it's way to the end of her clothing.  Manyata was completing the unbuttoning of his shirt.  She pulled it off his body.  His fingers slipped beneath the hem of her dress.  He paused for a moment when he felt her bare bottom.  Manyata started to kiss him all over his chest.  He pushed his fingers a little more between her legs; & stopped when he felt her bald pussy.  Princess - I think u forgot to wear your underwear , he whispered.  She looked him straight in the eyes and replied : I figured why bother with something ...  THAT'S GONNA COME OFF ANYWAY!!!  Uday's eyes widened in shock.  
She turned to walk away from him, he held her from behind.  He untied the ribbon of her gown & removed it from her body.  He dipped his fingers into the body paint & began smearing it on her neck.  Slowly , he sucked on her neck.  Manyata dropped her head to 1 side, allowing Uday better access.  He continued kissing on her neck & lightly biting on her ear-lobe.  Manyata placed her hand over his pants on his groin area.  She could feel a slight bulge.   
She turned around suddenly & knelt down on the floor in front of Uday.  She unbuckled his belt , unbuttoned the single button on his pants, then unzipped his zip.  Before Uday could say anything , Manyata pulled down his pants & underwear.  Uday was dumb-struck when he saw his wife take his semi-hard manhood into her hand & then place a soft kiss on the purplish tip.  The sensation of the kiss sent an electric current through his system.  She then opened her mouth & took in a part of his cock.  He could feel her tongue rolling over it.  She continued taking more of his extra-long manhood in her mouth.  Uday was enjoying the pleasurable feeling he was getting.  He was getting harder with each passing second and his balance was starting to falter.  With 1 hand , he held onto the bed-post ; with the other - he gripped tightly onto Manyata's shoulder.  Manyata was still sucking his cock with no sign of giving up.  Uday panicked when he felt him bang into the end of her throat.  He tried to remove himself from her mouth; but a single , slow blink of her eyes - reassured him.  She very cleverly poked her thumb into his skin right above the start of his penis  ...  disallowing him to ejaculate into her mouth.  He moaned in pleasure as Manyata continued fellating him.  After moments of sheer bliss , Manyata let go.  
Uday helped her stand back up.  He cupped her face in his hands.  Princess - U didn't have to do that.  Don't u get it Uday , I love You ...  EVERY INCH OF YOU!  She said it loud enough for the 3rd person she suspected to be around , to hear.  He heard it alright; VERY , VERY  CLEARLY.  He was not happy at all.  It was worse than the slap he got on his face earlier.    
Manyata pushed Uday onto the bed & was about to get on top of him, when he spoke : Umm  ... Princess ; don't u think we should close the balcony doors.  Don't worry ; I switched on the laser-beams.  Nobody will dare to enter our room ...  if they do - THEY'LL BE INCINERATED.  I know that Manyata , but I don't want anyone looking in on us.  Let them look  ...   MAYBE THEY'LL LEARN HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!!!   Uday couldn't believe the way Manyata was speaking.  And what exactly do u mean by "IT'S" ?  She got over Uday.  This!  She started to kiss him all over his face , neck & chest. 
Uday started to pull up her nightie.  She slapped his hand.  Not so fast , Mr Singh.  Poori raath abhi baakhi he.  He raised his eye-brows at her.  She continued planting wet kisses on his chest.  She moved her hand downwards and took his manhood into her hand.  She stroked it until she felt it hardening.   
Manyata sat over his groin area.  She slid his cock into her moist pussy.  She arched her back and leant backwards.  Uday closed his eyes in enjoyment.  Manya gripped onto his knees (behind her) with her hands & started to thrust her body forward, then backward, forward,  then backward.  Initially she did it slowly, then she picked up pace as both were close to climaxing.  Uday leaned forward a bit and lifted her dress slightly.  He marvelled at the scene in front of him.  He penis was tightly enclosed by her vaginal lips.  It was a sight to behold.  He was suddenly pushed back as Manyata scolded:  Don't be so naughty Yuvraajji!  She soon pulled out from him, minutes after he blasted into her. 
Both lay beside each other,  panting heavily.  So , how was it? ,she asked as she noticed the smile on his face.  FANTASTIC!!!  She smiled with pride.  What's next? , he asked excitedly.  69!  Uday stared at her in shock.  Princess - have u been on google the entire day ...   learning about all this?  She gave a fake smile as she remembered what she really did for the day.     
Uday remained in the sleeping position.  Manyata crawled on top of him.  She balanced her body perfectly on top of his , her stomach directly over his stomach.  Her face was over his crotch & his face was under hers.  She started to suck on his cock as if it were a lollipop.  He stretched her legs outwards, giving him a free passage to her pussy.  He parted her vaginal lips & started to run his tongue up and down her c***.  She let out a pleasurable moan as he lightly bit her c**t.  Uday couldn't hold himself any longer & felt the explosion coming.  Princess - I don't think I can hold off much more.  Manyata immediately got off him.    
She got down on all 4 limbs.  She faced her bum to him.  Fill me up , she ordered.  Uday kneeled behind Manyata & mounted her (doggy style).  Manyata raised her lower back a bit so that Uday could go deeper into her.  He squeezed her waist as he thrusted faster and faster into her wet mound.  He collapsed over Manyata after spraying hot semen into her womb.  She lay beneath his entire body weight.  Both breathed heavily in exhaustion.   
Once regaining his breath , Uday rolled onto the bed.  Manyata cuddled close to him.  With her index finger she began to outline his abs on his torso.  He pulled her in for a kiss.  As he gently sucked on her lips , he moved himself over her.  He placed his hand over her bosom and squeezed her breast.  Mmm , she moaned softly.  Princess - this is my FAVOURITE POSITION.  I love having u under me.  & I JUST LOVE HAVING U INSIDE ME!!!  
Manyata's statement enraged Akash.  He kicked the wall angrily.  That sound disturbed the couple from their tryst.  Uday was about to get out of bed to check , when Manyata stopped him.  Uday - you're naked.  Let me check.  Before Uday could protest, Manyata got up & walked towards the balcony.  She saw Akash standing there.  She replied back to Uday : It's nothing Uday.  Just a piece of garbage , the wind blew onto the balcony.  She shut the sliding doors; just after seeing Akash jump to the bottom. She drew the curtains to ensure their privacy.  A victorious smile played on her lips.     
Manyata had pulled the sheet to cover Uday's lower body when she went to see who was on the balcony.  Now that she neared the bed, she noticed a mini tent pitched as his erection poked the sheet up a bit.  Awww ,she said cutely.  Uday looked at her confused.  She pointed to the tent he created.  He smirked.  Are u just gonna stand there OR are u gonna do something about it?  She sat over his groin again.  This time with her back facing Uday.  She slipped his penis into her & pushed her body back & front continuously.  She peeked over her shoulder in search of a place to hold onto.  At the same time Uday leaned forward & wrapped his arms around her waist & pulled her down onto him.  It was as if he was back-hugging her in a sleeping position, while his manhood was firmly housed inside her.  With her feet on either side of his body on the bed, she moved her body up & down.  Uday's right hand was on her hip & his left was kneading her breast.  Ud-a-y , she moaned as he pinched her nipple.  She sped up her thrusts & Uday filled into her once more.   
He moved his hand down in order to remove himself from her.  He did.  Both were extremely wet.  His fingers ligered there for a while.  Manyata tilted her head sidewards & moved closer to Uday's face.  Both engaged in a kiss.  Uday persisted in squeezing her breast.  Manyata encouraged him by keeping her hand over his.  With the other hand , he rubbed against her pussy.  Slowly he pushed his index finger into her.  She yelped in surprise.  Uday kept her busy in the kiss.  Along with that finger  ...  he inserted another in her pussy.  He started to finger f**k her by pushing his fingers as high as they could go & then bringing them out again.  Aah! , she breathed out finally as she leaked all over his hand. 
She rolled  onto the bed from over Uday.  He watched her chest rise & fall as she battled to catch her breath.  Princess - are u okay?  I'm fine Uday.  You can't hurt me even if u tried.  Is that a challenge?  It can be ...  if u want it to be!  Uday wasn't gonna back down now.  He grabbed her 2 feet & pulled her down from her pillow.  Her nightie moved up.  He pushed it further up & removed it from her body.  Manyata lay naked in front of him.  He flipped her onto her right side & pulled her left leg back.  He sat right in front of her vagina.  His right out-stretched leg lay behind her & left out-stretched leg lay over her right leg.  He folded her left leg and held it to his chest with his left hand,  With a jerk, he pushed his very hard cock into her mound.  AAAHHH! , she screamed.  She immediately covered her face with her hands while he just smiled at her.  She made a window between her middle & index fingers to peep at him.  Her whole body shook as he pumped into her.  She was unable to move as he firmly held her 1 leg beneath his muscular thigh.  The bed started to shake under them, when Uday sped up his merciless thrusts.  Manyata felt self-conscious when she felt her breasts bouncing in front of Uday.  She wanted to cover it with her hand  ...  but that would mean removing it from her face.  She was stunned when she felt him take 1 into his hand & squeeze it hard.  After 1 long , last thrust  ...  Uday lay down beside her.  And? ,he asked curiously.  It was a NICE PAIN ,she answered ; shocking him. 
Manyata pulled the comforter to cover their naked bodies.  She closed her eyes for a moment.  Uday ran a finger down her cheek.  She smiled at him.  Are u tired?  No!  Why?  Because  NOW ...  I want to make love to my wife!!!   She frowned at him.  What did we just do?  That was  "garden position" .  No , I mean ; what were we doing for the last 2 hours?  Oh that!  THAT WAS SEX!!!  And there's a difference?  Hmmm.  She was still confused.  
Akash just got to his home.  He was fuming with anger.  He sat on the couch with a glass & a bottle of whiskey.  Glass after glass - he drank.  The hatred was clearly evident in his blood-shot eyes.  I hate u UdayVeer , I hate u UdayVeer , I hate u UdayVeer , he said repeatedly.  I HATE YOU MONIYA , he shouted as he shattered the glass with his hand.  He watched as the blood dripped from his hand.    
Uday & Manyata were kneeled, facing each other.  His arms were wrapped around her waist & hers were around his neck.  Both were kissing each other with immense love.  They were already conjoined at the bottom.  Air was desperately needed, so they broke from the kiss.  They smiled at each other.  Manyata tightened her grip around him.  He started giving her wet kisses on her neck.  She dug her nails into him, when he bit into her shoulder.  He wanted to lock-lips with her again.  He moved closer to her mouth - she moved back.  Again he moved forward & she went back  ...  TEASING HIM.  To make his point , he pushed her onto the bed.  He then gave her a deep love-bite on her breast.  He lay over her & she nibbled on his neck.  He moaned in pleasure.  Both got engrossed in another lip-lock.  He bit on her lip & she opened her mouth slightly - allowing him to enter.  His tongue explored her mouth , & she gripped onto his nape ; deepening the kiss.  She wrapped her leg around his waist.  With his hand , he kneaded her thigh.  Her moans were getting louder, turning him on even more.  They rolled over , such that now she was on top.  Their kissing session continued.  Uday ran his hands down her back.  He squeezed her ass-cheek.  She let out a groan of annoyance, while he just smiled in return.  She sat up up on his thighs & pulled him up also.  She made her hand into a fist & planted it into the bed.  With the aid of that, she pushed her body up & down on Uday ... aiding his thrusts.  Both climaxed simultaneously.     
Manveer slept beside each other, trying to relax their over-worked bodies.  Uday was not ready to sleep just yet; & neither was he gonna let Manyata do so either.  All of a sudden, Manyata felt something wet on her chest.  She looked up, to see Uday pouring the chocolate body paint on her.  Uday!  ,she scolded.  Sshhh!!!   She narrowed her eyes at him.  He began to lick the chocolate from her , paying very special attention to her chest area.  He sucked he breast & bit on her nipple.  She turned her head to the side, closed her eyes & took a deep breath ...  savouring the feeling Uday was invoking in her.  Manyata was broken out of her trance when Uday said: YUMMY!  What?  Chocolate a'la Manyata.  She pulled him down on her, smearing the chocolate on her - onto him.  He scrunched up his nose.  Well - that's gonna be STICKY!  Shall I "clean" u?  After I do you.  Again he licked her body, while at the same time ; leaving love-bites wherever he could.  He plunged his tongue into her navel.  Manyata moaned in ecstacy.  She rolled over him & began her "cleaning" process.  She sucked the chocolate off his chest and stomach & kissed him all over his torso.  Chocolate a'la UdayVeer is delicious!  He smiled.  They made love once more, before falling asleep in each other's arms.   
Manyata realised that night,  that she  learned about LOVE from Uday.   Whether it was the meaning or the feeling or even how to express it   ...   IT WAS ALL TAUGHT BY UDAY!!!  She knows now ...   THAT SHE NEVER  LOVED  AKASH, BECAUSE SHE HAD ALWAYS LOVED UDAY!!!!
WOW ...  u made it to the end Clap.  Now please leave a coment before u go , and don't forget to hit the LIKE button. 
I will die if I'm thrown out of the forumCryCryCry!!!
Thank u for reading,

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yipppeee am the firstWink


omgBlushingBlushing am in manveer dreamlandDay DreamingDay Dreaming
beautifully written navina.. such a hot chapterBlushingBlushing
i mean one whole chapter about d nightBlushingBlushing
hmmm a slap for akash... oops no several slapsLOL

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Holy f*ck that was so h0t !!!! I don't know u guys can manage to write so gud writing Is really a gods gift

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navi...what was it...Blushing...i think this is one among the hottest stuff i ever read on the forumBlushing...u just beated up all other dearDay Dreaming
Res for rest of the commentWink

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Holy virginwhat the f**k was that
I left it in the middle lol amazed right
But that was too much for me
I skipped alot here as it was motherf**king HOT

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