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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 113)

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Hey navina was curious wen u gonna update? Update soon :)

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by andy.a

navina take ur time
hope that ur feeling better
am still eagerly waiting for the update
atleast looking forward for 20% akash free update
hope u punisg him well
Thank you Andy for those very kind words,
 ...  U are already making me feel betterWink.
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by thejazzgal

Awesoem Update Navina

Sorry for commenting late..
aweee Romantic Update 
Hayyee!! wat a Driving class ... super hot n Romantic <3

i hate tht AKASH fellow a*s.. ye Hamesha wrong timing par hi kyun spy karta hai ???Stalker kameena

soo should i connect this Driving class for the Coming updates ?
Over superb Update Navina.. cute romantic Scnes matched perfectly with the Dialogues.. big fat ago haha :P.. loved her Description for Uday

but Navina i hav a soft corner for J..
ek req karron ? J ko le aao.. i miss her.. but make her Grey not black..
i knw acanak nahi sudhregi woh dheere dheere thik hojayegi..

I Love J .. ;;) 

ahan next update is a night to remember :P *naught naught?*

Oye saturday bhi chala gaya..

wen r u updating the Next Update ??
maien late cmnt kiya it dsnt mean u should delay ur Update :P (ahha kidding)

do cont soon

Thank u Dear   Hug  .
Actually I am late in updating the next part Ouch ...  SO YOUR COMMENT IS NOT LATE (IT IS RIGHT ON TIMEBig smile).  Manyata is very fortunate to get a driving instructor like UdayEmbarrassed ...  IT WAS BOUND TO BECOME ROMANTIC!!!!  The driving lesson is very important especially for the next part!!!
We all HATE AkashAngry  ...   but he's a very important character in my story.  BUT - don't worry ...  he only has 3 more chapters leftEvil Smile.
Big , fat EmbarrassedWink   (cough, cough, coughLOL).
I only have 6 more chapters left for this story  ...   so there's not enough time for Jai to return (GOOD OR BAD) .  SORRY TO DISSAPPOINT UUnhappy.
Next update was SUPPOSED to be : A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!!Blushing.  BUT - I just remembered that something more important has to be shown firstShocked.  I know that Saturday has passed & I haven't updatedConfused   ...  THAT'S BECAUSE I WAS VERY ILL DURING THE WEEKEND.  I will post the next chapter on Tuesday @ mid-nightApprove.
  Hug   Hug  .

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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Originally posted by ...navina...

Originally posted by andy.a

Navina when r u going to update
pls pls pls say it is today pls eagerly waiting for the update pls
Actually Andy - I was supposed to update yesterday (SATURDAY) , but I got very ill and even now I am still suffering with a migraine and fever.  I PROMISE  to update as soon as I feel better.
I wonder Ermm if u will still say:
eagerly waiting   
  ...  when I tell u that the chapter has 80% of Akash in itEvil Smile!!!

Navi baby..Take rest and update when u feel better. I was wonderingErmm as in why ur not updating.u generally do on weekends.

Even if Akash is there in 80% of it, chalegaLOL..atleast after that m sure in the next updtae he will be thrown out to 90%!!ROFL
Thanx  for the well-wishes Gargi.  I felt terrible about not updating on Saturday especially after promising to do soOuch
Even if Akash is there in 80% of it, chalegaLOL...   So glad u feel that wayEmbarrassed  & let's not forget that 20% will be MANVEER Wink!!!
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khawaunju

Hey navina was curious wen u gonna update? Update soon :)
Hey AnushkaSmile.   I will post the next part on Tuesday ( mid-night ) , SO LET'S JUST SAY :    when u wake up on Wednesday morning ...  the update will be in  Approve !!!

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:32am | IP Logged
love ur clourful writing style

ur ff makes me feel as though  DEK is still going on continue soon

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shana0127

love ur clourful writing style

ur ff makes me feel as though  DEK is still going on continue soon

 LOLLOLLOL  ...    It was a habit from school days.  Story in black , male speech in blue , female speech in red    ...   and recenly I added ;   HOTTT SCENES IN PURPLE !!!Embarrassed
Thank you for the comment Shana  Hug   .

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Hi everyoneSmile . Hope u still remember meConfused.  I had promised to update a chapter : "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER"  on Saturday.  Unfortunately  I got very ill on Saturday morning  & had to break my promiseOuch.  REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!  
 I have made a change in the chapter. I know u all will be dissappointed BUT I realised that another very important part had to come before THE MUCH AWAITED CHAPTEREmbarrassed.
Okay ...  enough chatter for now ...  HERE IS THE UPDATE!!!!
Manyata's cell was ringing.  She felt too sleepy to answer.  In a very drowsy tone ,she mumbled : Ud-a-y  - answer.  There was no response from him.  She opened 1 eye & looked to his side of the bed.  It was empty.  She could hear the shower running.  The phone continued to  "cry".  Angrily, she got out of bed; pulled the sheet to cover her naked body & went to answer the call. Just as she took the cell into her hand - it stopped ringing.  She looked at the caller id.  It stated "PRIVATE NUMBER".  Patha nai kaun mar raha tha itne subah-subah! , she grumbled.  She felt Uday wrap his arms aroud her waist.  Good-morning ,Princess.  He kissed her on her neck.  Good-morning.  He noticed the phone in her hand.  Tum kisko call kar rahi thi?  I wasn't calling anyone, someone was phoning me.  Kaun tha?  Patha nahi.  They disconnected before I could answer.  Aur caller id mein "PRIVATE NUMBER" tha.  Uday got tensed.  Manyata - in future, if u get calls from unknown or private numbers  ...  DON'T ANSWER!  Theek hain?  Hmmm , she nodded. 
Uday - why are u up so early?  Actually Princess - there is a meeting, I have to attend.  He saw Manyata's face drop.  Look Princess; u asked me stay home all this time ...  & I DID!!!  This meeting was scheduled about 3 months ago.  Mr Chu-Li Wong of Hong-Kong is coming to India , especially to meet me as he wants to invest in an education-project that I'm heading.  Kaunsa project?  It's a school we're building in Jaigarh.  Not just any school, this 1 is for adults who are illiterate.  They will be taught the basics of how to read & write.  It's my dream project!  And it will be a huge success!  U really think so?  It's such a noble cause ...  HOW CAN IT NOT SUCCEED?   
Manyata helped Uday pick out something to wear.  She chose a black, 3-piece suit.  He wasn't too happy with her choice.  Uday - it's a bussiness meeting , U CAN'T GO DRESSED LIKE A PLAYBOY!!!  He smirked.  Anyway ...  once the meeting is over, u can toss out the tie and coat.  Good idea Princess!  Waise ...  I love what you're wearing.  It looks DAMN SEXY.  Manyata realised that she was still wrapped in the bed-sheet.  O teri , she tried to run to the bathroom.  Uday grabbed her hand.  Not so fast ,Princess!  I am going away from u after 6 weeks.  Don't I deserve a good-bye kiss.  Baad mein Uday, pehle shower kar lene do.  Uh-huh , time nahi hain.  I'm already late.  I'm going now.  Aur breakfast?  I'll grab something at the hotel.  She nodded & kissed him on the cheek.  Ye kya tha?  Good-bye kiss , she replied proudly.  He shook his head, then pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.  Bye Princess.   
Immediately after he left, she went to shower.  She blushed profusely as she noticed Uday's  "decorations" on her body.  He left love-bites on her breasts, on her waist & on her inner thigh.  She stood in front of the mirror, trying to unknot her hair with her fingers.  Then she saw 2 more on her neck.  She couldn't help but smile.  Her cell rang.  The caller id was: PATHI DEV JI.  Hello Pathi Dev Ji.  BTW - when did u change it from "HALKAT VEDA" ?  Uday laughed on the other end.  I did it a few weeks ago, but since I never called u  ...  U DIDN'T KNOW!!!   Phone kyun kiya?  To tell u ; ab bas bhi karo.  Kya?  Thinking about me.  I wasn't thinking about u.  Really?  But my ears were burning.  It must have been some other HOT BABE!!!  Halkat , Vede , Yede , Khasmanu khana , Tharak ka peepa.  Uday began chuckling.  U know , I never met anyone as conceited as u.  And u never will!  What's happening with your meeting?  Mr Wong is running a bit late, so; I thought ...  why not chat with my FAVOURITE WIFE.   "Favourite"   ...  matlab, koi doosra hain kya?  Haan , bohot hain!  Ja  ...  main tumse baath nahi karna chahti.  She disconnected the call.    
He phoned again.  She answered : Hmmm.  Sorry Princess.  Maaf karo na.  Theek hain.  Maaf kiya.  I love you.  I love u too.  Bye.  Call ended.  
For the 3rd time , he called :  Ab kya hai?  Ek kissy do na.  Her eyes & mouth opened wide. Princess - close your eyes & mouth.  She did so , then replied : Hawww , kissy kyun?  Good-luck ke liye.  Savere nai diya tha na ...  ab do!  Kaise doon?  Muaah!  He made a loud "KISS" sound.  She repeated it : MUAAH!!!  Ab BYE!  Bye Princess.  
Her cell rang again.  She answered:  Ab kya chahte ho Uday?  Hello.  It was an unknown voice.  She looked at the caller id.  It was "PRIVATE NUMBER" .  Remembering what Uday told her about not  taking those calls, she quickly tried to disconnect.  But , she heard the person say:  Don't disconnect .  I have some information for you.  What information?  Meet me  ...  then I'll tell u.  Kaun ho tum?  Miloge , tab patha chal jayega.  I'm not interested in whatever u have to say.  It's about who's trying to kill UdayVeer Singh.  Manyata froze with shock.  W - W - Who - Who's trying to kill him?  Meet me first.  Fine!  When & where?  2 clock , at the place where your husband killed your boyfriend.  He disconnected before she could say anything else.  
She immediately tried to phone Uday, but it was switched off.  She phoned his office.  His secretary, Mrs Ali answered.  She told Manyata that the meeting just started.  Manyata was starting to panic.  She didn't know what to do.  Just then, she got a text message.  It stated : COME ALONE!   SHIT!!!   Samajh mein nahi aa raha he ke main kya karo!  Dammit!!!  
She phoned Rajjat.  He told her that he was still unable to find Aryan.  She told him about the call she received this morning.  He offered to accompany her.  She said that she was told to come alone.  Yuvraanisa' - what can I do to help u?  Put a tracking device on my phone & the car ; JUST IN CASE HE ...   Already done Yuvraanisa'.  After the 1st attack on Uday Banna's life, he asked me to do that.  Okay, good!  She was relieved, but still very tense at the same time.  Yuvraanisa' - let me follow u there in a seperate car.  I'll make sure he doesn't see me.   After a lot of thought , Manyata agreed.    
Thank God , Uday taught me to drive the other night , she thought to herself. 
Manyata asked Rajjat to stop his car a few yards away from the meeting place.  She drove in further.  Another car was already present there.  Manyata got out from her car.  A man exited from the other.  She was stunned when she saw who it was.  Akash , she whispered.  He held out his arms to her & yelled : Moniya!   Manyata could not move. He came nearer to her & was about to hug her.  She quickly took a step back & held up her hand to him.  He was shocked by her behaviour.  
Akash :  Kya hua Moniya ?  It's me , Akash   ...  YOUR AKASH!   
M :  no reply  
Akash:  Dekho Moniya , main zinda hoon.  
M :  no reply  
Akash :  I dreamt of this day for so long Moniya.  I missed u so much Moniya.  Oh Moniya - u look so pretty.  I can't believe you're in front of me  ...  kehedo Moniya , kehedo ke tum kitne khush ho mujhe dekh ke.  I love u so much , Moniya!  
M :  Manyata   
Akash :  Huh!  
M :  My name is Manyata!  Mrs Manyata UdayVeer Singh!!!  
Akash was shocked.  He looked around the area.  He spotted another car , parked some distance away.  He suspected that Uday sent people to follow Manyata ; wherever she went.  
Akash :  Don't worry Moniya.  I've seen the car.  UdayVeer is having u followed.  Ab main samjha - why u are being so cold towards me.  Okay Moniya - I understand;  U DON'T SAY ANYTHING - JUST LISTEN TO ME . I'm a very rich man now, Moniya .  A man , a very rich man saved me when I fell into the ravine.  Co-incidently, I was a duplicate of his dead son.  He told me that his wife is very ill.  He will pay me a lot of money if I came to stay with him and helped his wife recover.  The lady recovered ; I got paid & I came back here  ...  FOR YOU!!!   Now - u don't have to stay marriedto UdayVeer.  We will be together again.  
M :  Akash - meri baath dhyan se suno , main Uday ki biwi hoon.  Marte dam tak  ...  main sirf  USKI  biwi rahoongi!!!  
Akash :  Moniya - I know why u are saying all that.  U are afraid.  U are scared of him.  U don't have to be!   Main hoon naa!!!  
M :  Scared of him  ...   FOR WHAT???  
Akash :  That he may do something to me again.  
M :  Uday didn't do anything to u ...  You falling off the cliff - WAS AN ACCIDENT!   
Akash :  Is that what he told u & U BELIEVED HIM!!!  
Manyata flashed back to when she overheard Uday telling DS all that happened on the cliff that day.  Akash wanted to marry her because of her new found wealth.  Jai had recorded the fight.  Uday lost control of his temper when Akash said that he will film his suhaag-raat with her & give to Uday to watch.   
M :  Uday never said a word to me.  Jai had made a recording of what happened that day ...   I WATCHED THAT!!! , she lied.  
Akash began sweating.  He started thinking of what LIE to tell next. 
Akash :  Moniya  ...  I wanted your money & I used  you.  But somewhere along the line  ...  I STARTED TO REALLY LOVE U.  It wasn't a pretence any more.  To this day , I'm still in love with u.  U know from the time I came back here  ...   I'VE BEEN WATCHING U.  You still love me - I can tell.  You kept Karva-Chauth vrat for me   ...  Hai na moniya?   
M :  Wo vrat Uday ke liye tha.  Mere PATHI ke liye tha!!!
Akash :  Kaisa pathi , Moniya ?  How can u give him that respect?  I see him, I see what he does to u   ...   how he FORCES himself on u.  Chee - it's so disgusting!  What kind of a man RAPES his own wife? 
M :  Bas Akash!  Bohot bol diya.  Uday doesn't have to force himself on me.  He has all the right.  I HAVE GIVEN HIM ALL THE RIGHTS!!! 
Akash :  U don't have to lie to me.  I told u , I saw EVERYTHING.  I saw with my own 2 eyes.  The other night u were crying & Uday was on top of u  ...   FORCING HIMSELF INTO U.  
Manyata remembered that night, she was upset about the will.  She was crying , Uday was consoling her  ...   then both ended up in bed together. 
M :  What kind of a sick pervert are u , Akash?  How dare u look in on us?  , she yelled angrily. 
Akash :  No Moniya - u misunderstood . I was watching you. I love looking at my sweet Moniya.  It was just by chance, that I saw what I saw.  
M :  Listen to me carefully Akash, UDAY IS NOT  "RAPING" ME ; as u think.  Whatever  he was doing   ...  Well , that's a PRIVATE MATTER between HIM & ME!!! 
Akash :  Moniya   ...  if u know what happened with me  ...   U WILL STOP TAKING HIS SIDE SO MUCH.   He ...   he  ..  (he held his groin tightly & pulled at it) , did this to me.  It doesn't work any more Moniya.  I'M IMPOTENT!!!   This happened after my fall. 
Manyata bit hard on her lip to suppress her laughter.  She wanted to change the topic as fast as posssible.   
M :  Akash , u called me here to tell me  who is trying to kill Uday. 
Akash :  Oh yeah, that.  I LIED.  I don't know who it is.  But I hope he succeeds soon  & KILLS THAT bas***d UDAYVEER.  
BAM  - Manyata slapped Akash.  Not another word Akash.  I will not stand here & listen to u BADMOUTHING  MY HUSBAND.  I am happy that u are alive Akash ... mainly because Uday doesn't have to feelguilty of causing your death anymore.  Other than that  ...  we have nothing to discuss further.  GOOD-BYE!   She got into the car & left.  She stopped by Rajjat's car.  Rajjat - did u see; Akash Verma is alive.  Find out where he's been the last few months.  From the way he spoke  ...  I think he might know Aryan.  Please check that out.  He nodded. 
Manyata was lost in her thoughts about Akash.  She was dissappointed about the fact that she was so wrong in judging him.  He wasn't that sweet, loving , hard-working guy ; she once knew.  The man she just spoke to , was an ignorant fool with perverted tendencies   ...  in short , HE WAS A PSYCHOPATH IN THE MAKING.  
Manyata realised that whatever she told Akash today about her relationship with Uday  ...  must have fallen on deaf ears.  Akash would believe  only what HE WANTED TO BELIEVE.  And right now - he believed the worst of Uday.  She knew that Akash had fallen into a pattern of watching them  ...  she decided that the only way , she could set  Akash straight ; was to "SHOW"  him that he was wrong.  
She walked into her home, which was filled with flower arrangements.  Every corner of the lounge had a floral bouquet.  Seemaji - ye sare phool  ...  kine bheja?  Seema answered : Ji , Jamaisa'.   Manyata gave a broad smile.  She went into their room.  There were bouquets of roses , of all colours; kept all around the room.  On the bed lay a card :
                 For the most beautiful woman in the world'
                     who happens to be the love of my life ...
                            Happy Anniversary , Manyata;
                           I love u, My Princess ... My Wife!!!    
Manyata immediatelytook her cell to phone Uday.  She gave a huge smile when the phone rang  ...  IT WAS HIM.  Hi Jaan , she answered.  Jaan & all , huh Princess.  Kya baath hain?  Humpe itna pyar kyun aa raha hain?  Mujhe laga ke tum bhool gaye, ke aaj kya he.  Princess - I'll never forget this date.  Morning u didn't say anything about it.  If I did - WOULD U HAVE LET ME GO?  Very smart!   Acha sun,  Princess;  Mr Wong tumse baath karna chahti.  Before manyata could say anything, Mr Wong came on the line.  Mrs Singh, I just wanted to tell u that u have a very kind-hearted husband.  This project he's working on - will give him  NO PROFIT  ...  but still , he's so eager for it.  You are a very lucky woman.  She heard Uday in the back-ground, No Mr Wong   ...  If u ever meet  Manyata  -  U  WILL REALISE THAT  I AM THE LUCKY ONEThank u Mr Wong, I know !!!   I am truly lucky that Uday is my husband.  I'm extremely proud to be HIS WIFE.  He handed Uday the phone.  Uday - ghar kab aarahe ho.  4 Baje ho gaye.  We were working on the deal Princess - we even worked through lunch.  That's why I brought Mr Wong & his wife for an early supper to the restaurant.  I'll be home soon.  Uday , dinner Mr aur Mrs Wong ke saath karna, lekin desert   ...  SIRF MERE SAATH KARNA!!!  He gave his signature smirk as he understood the hidden meaning.
Hope u all enjoyed it .  I know that there was an over-dose of Akash thereAngry.  I promise that the next part will be 98%  Manveer Embarrassed.  I will update  "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER"Blushing  on Sunday.  Thanks to all for reading.  Please LIKE before u leaveBig smile.  COMMENT  if u want to Wink. CRITICISE if u have to Dead.

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