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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 105)

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Originally posted by fia21

Wow I am extremely late and can't even think of a proper apology for that Confused
Reserved for Chapters 2.3 - 2.7!
No apology necessary!!!!   Approve


Chapter 2.3

My oh my, so Jaynandini is full on psycho now Wacko . I am confused whether I should sympathize with her or just not care, because she pretty much deserved it. That whole scene with her kinda creeped me out, but it was beautifully penned. I could actually feel her pain too. Loved the usual bickering between Uday and Manyata, now added with a touch of flirting, more from Manyata's side. I am liking the Manyata in your SS. She is so confident and mature. The bathroom scene was too much for me too handle LOL . But good job.
Jai always needed  "medical"  help   ...   SO I ARRANGED THAT FOR HERWink.  I made Manyata a bit "bold"  because it was necessary for her to show Uday,  her love for him!!!

Chapter 2.4

Looks like Aryan/Akash is about to make his unwanted entry in the story soon. But every good love story needs an annoying villain, and who could be better for it than our very own Jerkash Verma aka Aryan. So I'm up for it. Hope Rajjat finds him before it's too late. That shaitaan part with Giriraj was really funny LOL
Don't worry Fia ...  I will delay his entry for as long as I can.  Rajjat is looking for  "Aryan"  - that's why the search is fruitless Angry. The day Manyata links the 2 men (Aryan + Akash)  , THAT WILL BE HIS LAST DAY!!! Evil Smile  (haan nai toh).   So - U ALSO LIKED MY  'SHAITAAN '  jokeLOL???

Chapter 2.5

Unnati's swayamvar LOL . It was so cute the way Uday stood up for his little sister. The part with Uday and Manyata where he teases her on saying Uday kay bachay cracked me up ROFL . You write some really amazing dialogues. And Jerkash shows his face Dead
Uday is a very protective brother   ...  he's not going to let his father make a "trade" with herAngry.  Thanx for the compliment  ...   their dialogues always stray to the  "naughty"  side  -   I WONDER WHYConfusedLOL???     Mmm   ...  JERKASH  - NICE NAME Thumbs Up.

Chapter 2.6

You dedicated this chapter to Equina giving birth, and hats off to you Navina for such a detailed description of the process which was beautifully penned down Clap . Made me wonder, you seem to know a lot about horses. Really I must say, it was amazingly done. And Manyata thought Equine was some girl, little did she know it was a horse LOL
Thank U Fia  Hug  .  U know ; in school , the teachers always say : READ ANYTHING U CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON  ...   EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE !!!!!     SO , that's what I did  &  now - I know everything there is to know about  HORSESWinkLOL  ...   amongst other thingsConfused!!!

Chapter 2.7

This chapter literally had me at the edge of my seat till the very end. I'm guessing the mystery man who was eyeing their private moment was Akash. Freaking jerk. Now the entire shoot out scene was mind boggling and utterly amazing. I can't even highlight a favorite part from it as the whole this was so damn intriguing and I was hooked to it. The way the loyal guards jumped in to save their Yuvraaj and lost their lives during it really touched my heart. I could actually visualize that scene. Amazing job Clap
U are absolutely right about the "mystery - man" .   I'm so happy that u felt the way u did about that chapter ...   I HAD PUT  A LOT OF EFFORT INTO IT!!!
ThanX for those wonderful wordsStar.
I appreciate (firstly)  that you edited your comment ...   & (secondly)  for the lovely  "chapter-by-chapter"  analysis.

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Originally posted by fia21

Edited my previous comment on Page 85. Extremely sorry for the huge delay!  

Chapter 3.1

Just as your title says, Manyata indeed was a warrior in this chapter. The way she dealt with the media and shit their abnormally large mouths was highly impressive. Doctor in disguise. Wonder who that could be. Somehow my conclusion is always Akash/Aryan LOL . Really liked this chapter and the way Manyata emerged as a strong and powerful Yuvraani. Pheww Uday is conscious and alright.

Chapter 3.2

Manyata - the authoritative wife LOL . I loved her playing nurse in this chapter. Especially how Uday was at a whole other level of mischief enjoying every bot of it. Lol. The way she made him eat the spinach was quite unique. Haha. But Uday sure knows how to turn a situation in his favor, he got his lucky kiss afterall. And I was "aww-ing" at Uday's cuteness and eagerness to design his baby's nursery. Both Uday and Manyata fasting for each other on Karva Chauth, how adorable Embarrassed

Amazing updates Navina. And I am once again extremely sorry for the delay. Continue soon Smile

3.1  :  I am strengthening Manyata's character   for something that's going to come laterWink.   Your conclusions are always right Clap!!!   Fia ...   DID U HONESTLY THINK THAT I WOULD LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO UDAY???
3.2 : I had a lot of  "serious" chapters before this 1 ...   so I decidedto keep this 1 "light-hearted"  .   Uday's flirting did reach new heights!!!  ( I GOT A BIT CARRIED AWAY WHILST WRITING THAT CHAPTEREmbarrassedLOL.  I'm so pleased that u had an "AWW"  moment.  I thought that the KARVA- CHAUTH fasting was a good idea   ...  since Uday's life is STILL in dangerOuch  from u know who Angry!
THANK U SO , SO MUCH FIA  ...   for taking time out to read!!!    And - please stop apologising !!!    Hug     Hug   .

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Manyata nervously touched Uday's scar.  Does it hurt?  Slightly.  But it's been 5 weeks already.  I'm sure that in a couple days time - the little pain that's there; will fade away.  I hope so.  Princess - don't look so worried.  At  least  the scar is not on my cute face, he said with a wink.  Hmmm - otherwise ; we'd be getting divorced right now , she replied sarcastically.       
You mean to tell me - u married me for my good looks?  Of-course!  Who could refuse that gorgeous face, dreamy eyes, perfect nose, high cheek bones and kissable lips?  Oh do go on , Princess , he smirked.  That perfectly sculpted body, sexy wash-board abs, bulging biceps , not to mention  that big , fat ...   ,she stopped abruptly.  Uday's eyes widened in shock.  There was a moment of silence.  Manyata quickly turned to leave the room.  Uday's voice stopped her.  Big , fat  ...  WHAT?   Big, fat  ego of yours, she stuck out her tongue to him & ran off, giggling.     
Uday wasn't allowed to go to work just yet.  He was under strict orders from his dear wife.  Princess - U know how much I love you bossing me around, but seriously; I'm starting to feel like a hen-pecked husband now.  Manyata didn't respond.  I'm just going to the hotel - to check how things are.  U have a phone - USE IT!  ,she answered in a stern tone.  Manyata - I have to know if the hotel business is making a profit or running at a loss.  I need to oversee the building of our new hotel, also I have to arrange a meeting with Maharaj Vivek Anand Singh to discuss our project in Jaipur.  Not to mention all the stuff that's going on in Jaigarh - which needs my attention.  
The word "Jaigarh"  sent a chill down Manyata's spine.  Uday - you're not going to Jaigarh  ...   NOT WHILE HE"S STILL OUT THERE.  Uday understood her fear.  He cupped her face & started to console her.  Princess - nothing can happen to me.  If I survived such a major ordeal - I CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING!     
Uday - u remember when u first brought me from th chawl to the mahel.  Hmmm.  Every minute of the day - u used to be behind me.  Uday smiled remembering those days.  I used to think that u had no work to do.  I thought u were a rich, spoilt brat; who was living off his father's wealth.  Really Princess - u thought, I was a good-for-nothing Prince, he asked with dissappointment.  Uday - u were more at the Devgarh mahel than at your own home.  What else was I supposed to think?  And then?  Then, I found out about all your businesses & how u managed everything without having to go to the office.     
Your point is?  My point is - u don't have to go anywhere.  U can control all your businesses from home just as u used to do then.  Your manager, Mr Jain; can handle everything at the hotel.  Everything else can wait and if it can't  ...   then Uncleji can manage that.     
Princess - I feel like 1 of those husbands in the soaps on TV.  U know , the one's that just stand there while the wives do all the talking.  Manyata giggled.  Uday - i'm not telling u what to do.  Exactly!  YOU'RE TELLING ME WHAT NOT TO DO!!!  ...  & that is just as bad.   He made a pitiful face & left the room.  Awww   ...   poor baby! , she teased.     
Of-course Manyata knew  exactly how to pacify Uday.  She knocked on the door of the study.  He didn't answer.  She opened the door & entered.  He looked at her for a split second - then opened a book & buried his head inside that.  Manyata smiled at his antics.  She locked the door.  When he heard the key turn, Uday looked at manyata, then; yet again, he lowered his head into the book.  Uday!  There was no response.  Uday!  Again - no response.  She came close to him.  Pulled the book from his hand & sat on his lap.  She put her hands around his neck.  Uday - naraaz ho?  He tried to remove her hands but she held on firmly.  Yuvraajji, U know U can't stay angry with me forever.  If you don't mind Manyata - I was busy reading when u interrupted.  The book was very interesting - I'M SURE.  Hmmm.  Really?  ... but it was upside down , & she started laughing.  Uday was not amused.  Manyata tried to touch his face - but he backed away.  
She pretended to get angry & got off his lap.  She straightened her dress.  Fine!  U carry on with whatever.  I'm going.  I thought I'll spend some time with my husband   ...    fulfil his fantasy - wear that short, tight nurses uniform & do a nice strip-tease for him.  But since he's not interested   ...    Just then, she felt her husband's arms curl around her waist.  U know Princess - I WASN'T REALLY MAD WITH U.  She smirked.  
They shared a romantic kiss.  Now - about that STRIP-TEASE?  She playfull punched his chest.  Maybe 1 day.  Then ,in the mean time?  In the mean time , we can ...   ,she started unbuttoning his shirt, & removed it from his body.  She began to kiss him seductively on his neck and chest, but stopped when she noticed his scar.   
Princess - u are gonna have to start getting used to seeing that.  Yeah - but it's gonna take a while.  Their romantic mood was ruined.  Both sat on the 3 seater couch in the study.  She pushed Uday into a "lieing" position & slept over him with her head on his bare chest.  She lightly rubbed her fingers  over the scar.  Princess.  Hmmm.  Having this scar is not such a bad thing.  Manyata raised her head and gave him a confused look.  He continued : 1 day when I'm lost somewhere - I have no idea of who I am ...  then u can identify me with this mark.  Uday - don't be stupid.  Arre - stupid kyun?  U  know that scar on your back  ...   well, that's how I knew who u were.  
Manyata raised her hand and touched her own scar.  Are u talking about this?  Yeah. I had given u that scar when I hit u with my toy-sword when we were kids.  UdayVeer Singh - u mean to tell me; that right from our childhood - U MARKED ME AS YOURS!!!  It was an accident & we both cried a lot  ...   but it became a blessing when it helped me recognise u at the club.  How did u see it at the club?  Ummm   ...   remember when I was  ...      ( a long pause )    ...  when u were "man-handling" me ,  ...   when I was "misbehaving" with u, he corrected.     
What I don't understand is : Why were u interfering with me when u were out on a date with Jai?  First of all Princess - I wasn't out on a date with Jai.  Secondly - u intrigued me when we met at the beach, that's why when I saw u at the club - I just had to get to know u better.  U didn't want to know me better  ...  u only wanted to get ME TO BED WITH U!  Uday smirked.  You're right Princess, & guess what :   I EVENTUALLY DID!!! 
She  frowned at him and shook her head.  Uday - that day we met at the beach; why were u so angry?  He wrapped his arms even more tighter around her.  That day Uncle Brij asked me to marry Jai.  Thank God we found u when we did!  Manyata became sad suddenly.  Uday - if I didn't come back, then u would've married Jai & then she would've been here in my place & then she wouldn't have had a nervous breakdown & she wouldn't have been in the asylum.    
Princess - enough with this "would've" &  "wouldn't have"  game.  If Jai & i got married  ...   she might have been happy, but I  ...  I WOULD BE  EITHER HAVING AN AFFAIR OR  I WOULD BE  IN THE ASYLUMManyata gave a tiny smile.  Uday - I'm glad WE  got married.  So am I , Princess.  He kissed the top of her head.   
Uday - do u think I'm selfish?  Now where is THAT COMING FROM?  Jai is in the institute ; not once have I phoned to enquire about her health, about whether her treatmennt is working or not.  I feel sorry for her ...   but that's it!  That's the only thing I feel towards her.  Princess - Jai has always been a bi*** to u ; from the time u entered our lives - she's been nothing but nasty to u.  You'll never developed any kind of sisterly-bond, that's why u feel the way u do   ...   IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE SELFISH! 
Upon Manyata's insistence  ... the next few days ; uday spent "teaching"  his wife.  He filled her in on how to handle the hotel business, how to conduct meetings, how to pitch an idea, how to master the fine-print in paperwork & finally how to manage a riyasat.  Princess - 1 day DS will officially hand over responsibility of Devgarh to u, & then Dad will hand down Jaigarh to us.  There will be times when u will have to take care of things ON YOUR OWN   - U need to know exactly what to do.  She nodded & listened carefully to every word he said.   
Satisfied with her  new found knowledge   ...   Manyata asked for 1 more thing. Uday - please teach me how to drive.  He stared at her for a moment, then burst out laughing.  Princess - why do you want to learn that?  If u need to go anywhere   ...  I WILL TAKE U , or if I'm not available - the driver will take u.  That's what he's employed for.  Manyata continued pleading until Uday finally agreed.   
It was the early hours of the morning.  Uday was fast asleep.  Manyata wasn't.  She nudged him:  Uday - are u sleeping?  I was  - BUT IF YOU'RE IN THE MOOD  ...  I WILL HAPPILY WAKE UP FOR U! , he said with his eyes still closed.  Halkat! , she mumbled.  He smiled.  She  shook him until he got into a sitting position on the bed.  What's the matter Princess?  He glanced at the clock.  Why did u wake me up at 3 in the morning? 
Take me driving! , she blurted excitedly.  U want to learn driving?  Hmmm.  NOW???  Yes Uday!  It's the best time.  Nobody will see us & there'll be very less cars on the road right now.  Fine - get ready.  Manyata kept her nightie on and just added a long skirt to cover her legs & a jacket for the top.  Uday was sleeping in track-pants & a Tee-shirt.  He didn't bother changing.  He grabbed his cell , the car-keys & a revolver ; which he tucked at the back of his pants.  He saw manyata looking at him.  It's for our protection, Princess  ... since we won't be taking the bodyguards along , he explained.  Manyata smiled : I know  Uday, anyway; if there were to be a shootout tonight - I'd rather have  YOU  HOLDING THE GUN.   
Princess - driving is simple.  You just have to know your A-B-C.  Matlab?  "A"  is accelerator ,  "B"  is brake  &  "C"  is clutch.  First u sit in the driver's seat, adjust it to your height then adjust the mirrors - they will help u view all sides of the road.  Since it's night & dark - switch on your lights.  Use your left foot for the clutch.  Your right foot alternates between the brakes & accelerator.  With your left hand ; u change gears on the gear-lever.  Each time u change gears - u have to press the clutch.  Everytime u brake  ...   u press the clutch.  GOT IT?  YEP! Clutch is most important.    
Uday shook his head.  He knew that this was gonna be a long "night".  Manyata sat in the driver's seat, turned the key, put the lever into 1st gear & "drove".   Unfortunately, she kept looking down for the pedals & when she had to change gears.  She completely ignored  "looking at the road".  Uday was soon losing patience & started yelling at her to "watch the road".  It was as though there were too many things to do and Manyata found herself concentrating more on what to do below, than what to look out for - above!  It was only a matter of time before Manyata was gonna knock something - & then she did.  She hit a light-pole with the corner of the car.  The accident would've been much worse - it was Uday that turned the steering-wheel in time  and both got saved ; SO DID THE CAR.   
What the hell  is wrong with u ,Manyata?  ,screamed Uday.  After me telling u a hundred times to concentrate on the road   ...   you're more interested in what's happening at the bottom.  Manyata began tearing.  Halkat , veda - stop yelling at me.  Uday soon calmed down after seeing Manyata sobbing.  I'm sorry Princess - I shouldn't have shouted at u.  Come!  Let's try again.  No Uday - I don't think I'll ever be able to do it.  Princess - after just 1 try  ...   YOU'RE GIVING UP!  She nodded pathetically.  Manyata - Rajwada's don't quit so easily.   After some thought : Ummm ...   yaeh - I think I have an idea.   
Both got off their seats.  Uday got into the driver's seat.  He gestured for her to get on his lap.  That's your idea?  Yep!  And u think this will work?  Yep!  How in the world am I gonna learn like that?  Princess - just sit on my lap  ...  then , you'll see.  She got on his lap but continued protesting.  Nobody teaches driving like this!  Yeah well Princess - YOUR HUSBAND IS GIVING U SPECIAL TUITIONShe was still not convinced.  
Okay Princess - remove your shoes and put your feet over mine.  Turn the key.  She did as she was told.  He held her left hand in his left, & did the same with the right.  Princess - the only thing u do now is  ...  keep your eyes on the road.  The tactic seemed to work.  Uday's feet controlled the pedals & since Manyata's feet were over his, she became used to the positions of the pedals.  He guided her left hand in changing gears & everything was finally falling into place.  Manyata soon began driving on her own.  Uday had removed his hands & legs from Manyata & she didn't even realise that the car was now  COMPLETELY IN HER  CONTROL.  
With his limbs now free - it was only a matter of time, before uday got up to some mischief.  He encircled his arms around her waist and squeezed her.   Uday - what are u doing?  Nothing Princess - u had slipped off my lap a bit ; I was just pulling u back into position.  He started nibbling on her ear-lobe & biting on her neck.  She shrugged her shoulders to move him off.  It didn't work.  He moved his hands inside her jacket & steadily moved up to her breasts & began to knead them.  Uday - stop it!  Do u want me to meet another accident?  Of-course not Princess - that's why  ...  U JUST FOCUS ON DRIVING.  Manyata could now feel something hard agaist her bottom.  Uday - that better be your gun I feel against my behind.  He leaned in towards her ear & whispered :  So,   IS  THAT WHAT YOU'RE CALLING  IT  NOW?  Manyata pulled off, on the side of a desserted  road.  I think I can manage on my own now.  Thank U for the lesson.  Now - if you don't mind; can we get off  "THIS POSITION".  Uday pulled at a lever at the side of the seat.  The back of the seat fell backwards & both of them ended up in a "lieing" position.  Uday immediately started removing Manyata's clothes.  Uday - kya kar rahe ho ?   Koi dekhlega!  Princess didn't u notice ; I picked the car with  the dark, tinted windows.  Nobody from outside can see us.  Manveer soon got busy. 
A few days later , a lawyer; Mr Khurana, came to see Uday.  He brought some papers for Uday.  Yuvraajsa' - this is your new will.  Everything is as per your wishes.  After your demise - all your assets will go to your wife, Yuvraani Manyata.  I just need your signature.  Uday signed the document and bid him farewell.  He didn't want Manyata to know about it  ...   but, she overheard everything.  Tears streamed down her face as she ran upstairs.    
Uday followed her to the balcony of their bedroom.  He back-hugged her.  Why Uday? Princess - I'm just securing your future.  If something does happen to me   ...  I WANT MY WIFE & CHILD TO BE FINANCIALLY SECURED.  There's no child Uday.  I'm not pregnant.  I had my  ...  Oh!   And anyway -  I don't want your money , I WANT U!    ...   I WANT U TO ALWAYS  BE  WITH ME.  He cupped her face : I'll be here for as long as I can.  He carried her to bed, kissed away her tears & began making love to her.  
Miles away, through a pair of binoculars; someone was AGAIN watching the couple.  He grabbed his crotch and pulled at it.  Don't worry Moniya  ...   IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!   
Oh God - I must stop giving so long updatesAngry.  
I feel like I'm gonna die from tirednessDead
Thanks for reading &
 ... thanx 4 your patienceWink.
Please hit LIKE   ( even if u didn't likeLOL).
Comments will be highly appreciatedBig smile.
Next update :     A NIGHT TO REMEMBER BlushingBlushingBlushing
   ...   Coming next weekend Day Dreaming.
Good- nightSleepy

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged

 hey navina loved d chapter..

  Of-course!  Who could refuse that gorgeous face, dreamy eyes, perfect nose, high cheek bones and kissable lips? EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

That perfectly sculpted body, sexy wash-board abs, bulging biceps , not to mention  that big , fat .. ROFLROFLROFL poor uday he got shocked..

uday getting irritated n manyata trying to seduce him was so funny..

U didn't want to know me better  ...  u only wanted to get ME TO BED WITH U!  Uday smirked.  You're right Princess, & guess what :   I EVENTUALLY DID!!!  Lol


lol... this is so true.. poor uday got saved...

YEP! Clutch is most important.    ROFLROFL
Poor uday.. but it was nice he soon managed to find a way to teach his wife..


Uday - that better be your gun I feel against my behind.  He leaned in towards her ear & whispered :  So,   IS  THAT WHAT YOU'RE CALLING  IT  NOW?


Next update :     A NIGHT TO REMEMBER BlushingBlushingBlushing

Cant wait.. update soon plsSmile

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k sorry sorry navi for this super duper late reply 
i am sorry navi 
i am glad u did not update yesterday otherwise it would be a shame on me 
but today u have to update because i am editing my comment yay
k coming back to the chapter it was super duper
i loved the dialogues 
can i copy paste the whole thing lolzzWink
i loved the gun part WinkTongue
hats off to ur imaginations 
haha sarah thought u were married right??
see how naturally u write 
this update was too good
but a small doubt is rising in my head i am trying to push it behind my head but then with each update the doubt just worsens 
in the character sketch u said that there will be uday's duplicate
veer malik who will come in chapter 4 
and in this update u said uday transferred all his property to manyata 
so now navi r u planning to get uday killed and veer maillik comes in the lead 
as u also wrote manveer children 
that means it is not supposed to be manyata and udayveer 
it can also be manyata and veer 
as veer is there is both see the connection
and everything can not be coincidence
this is very well planned 
uday's twin and aksh the villian entering at the same time
and uday trasfering all his property to manyata right before the bad guy comes in action
something looks very very fishy 
so navi how do u like my analysis on ur future track WinkWink 

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Another fabulous update. Gosh I just keep falling in love with this SS over and over again. Special driving lessons by Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh. I bet every girl would want to have one LOL . Both Uda and Manyata have evolved so much as a husband and a wife in their relationship. And I am loving the way you're portraying that. Amazing chapter Navina. Update the next part soon!

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awesum loved it nd plzz dont s stop giving long updates ...

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A really nice update manyata and udayveer are so cute

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