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MANVEER FF : The journey of a wife... (Book 1) (Page 10)

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
To all my loyal readers, I want to apologise for not updating my ss.
I was hoping to post the next installment tonight, but due to health reasons: i will not.
I will update by Sunday night...I PROMISE!!!
Who is this..why are u answering my husbands phone...
Calm down mam...Yuvraaj is in the hospital.
I love him, I love him , I love him so much...she finally confessed.
Mrs Singh, someone just tried to kill your husband...I saw it all!!!
...even after knowing the truth, you hate me.
You loathe me...(HE COMPLETED)
Okay, so that's it...
We shall meet again on Sunday...

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-K.Kapoor- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 9:35am | IP Logged
AWWW. Im so sad u not updating tonite.CryCryCryCryCryCryCry
nyway, get well soon!
Promo sounds intrestingClapClapClap, i cant wait 4 sunday.

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Interesting promo!! Plzz do continue soon:)

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Ahh finally finally manyata knws the truth
Aww she sensed her soulmate is in danger that was fantastic

interesting promo!!

Cont soon :)

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An hour had passed since Manyata's panic-attack, but she could not get rid of the awful feeling inside of her. Uday, too; was taking too long to come home - Manyata decided to call him.
An unknown male voice answered: Yes, Hello.
A shocked Manyata trailed off: Who is this...why are you answering my husband's phone...where is he...
Mystery Man: Mam, please calm down.
Manyata: You don't tell me to calm down...Give the phone to Uday. I want to talk to my husband!
Mystery Man: Mrs Singh - Yuvraaj is in the hospital. He had an accident.
Manyata: W-W-WHAT!!!
The cell was about to fall from her grip but she steadied it. She felt her world crumbling and tears were welling up in her eyes. Her voice was cracking, but she asked 1 final question: Which hospital. The man replied: Lilavati. She disconnected before he could say any more.
The drive to the hospital seemed to take forever. Manyata began fiddling nervously with her mangalsutra. The driver was constantly told to drive fast - which he did.  Manyata began saying a prayer:  BHAGHWAANJI- mere Uday ka khayal rakh na. Don't let anything happen to him. Please watch over him - don't let him be hurt. Don't let him be in pain. I know that I've been a bad person - I'll reform, I promise. Please don't take Uday away from me - I can't live without him!!!  Please Bhaghwaanji Please, please let him be fine. I love him. I Love Him. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, she finally confessed.
Manyata ran into the hospital. She asked a nurse as to which ward Yuvraaj Udayveer was in. She proceeded in the direction she was given.
Manyata opened the door and braced herself, expecting the worst. Fortunately - all was well. Uday was sitting on the bed (his back facing the door) talking to 2 police inspectors. A doctor was also present in the room. One of the inspectors noticed Manyata at the door and asked: Jee...aap kuch chahate he. Before Manyata could answer, someone touched her on the shoulder. When Uday turned to see who's at the door, he saw Manyata turn around and walk away.
Manyata had turned to see who was behind her and in so doing, the door closed, letting Uday believe; Manyata was dissappointed in seeing him alive and well. The person that had attracted Manyata's attention said to her: Mam, you can't go in there- there's an investigation going on.
Manyata immediately recognised his voice: It was YOU that answered Uday's phone. Yes- THEN YOU MUST BE MRS SINGH, nice to meet you (he held out his hand for Manyata to shake - she didn't). Instead, she joined  her hands in greeting :Namaste. He also joined his hands and bowed his head. Noticing that Manyata was constantly looking in Uday's room's direction - he said: Mrs Singh- don't worry, Yuvraaj is fine. I wanted to tell you on the phone- but you had already disconnected.
How do you know him, she asked.
Well- actually, I only met him today. I was a witness to the whole drama. What drama, Mr...-sorry I didn't catch your name. I didn't throw it. Manyata looked confused. I know - BAD JOKE. My name is Jonathan Michaels. By my accent I'm sure you can tell, I'm American. I'm in India on business.
 Manyata was getting annoyed and was becoming increasingly impatient. She just wanted to go to Uday and be with him. Jonathan noticed her restlessness and quickly got to the point. Mam, someone just tried to kill your husband. WHAT!!! I saw it all. A guy in a black SUV was continually ramming into Yuvraaj's car until he was pushed off the road and then he slammed into a tree. I quickly got Yuvraaj out of the car and insisted he come to the hospital. You know, he's very lucky -his injuries could have been a lot worse.
He took out Uday's phone from his pocket and gave it to Manyata. Yuvraaj had to go for X-Ray - he asked the nurse to keep his phone - when it started ringing, she gave it to me...
After glancing at his watch: SHOO...police are really taking long with their questioning. I wanted to meet Yuvraaj before I left - but I'm really getting late. Mrs Singh- please apologise to your husband on my behalf and also tell him to take care of that arm of his.
He, then ; handed Manyata his business card: my number is on it - if the police need to question me. Good Bye Mam. Manyata smiled in return and thanked him for helping Uday.
When she entered Uday's room,
Police Inspector: Thank you Yuvraajsa'  - we realise you must be in pain - we are grateful for you answering our questions. Uday nodded.
1 Inspector to the other: I think we'll close this case; Yuvraajsa'  has assured us that it was an accident and he lost control of his car. Manyata knew Uday lied to the police but why...she knew not.
Doctor to Uday: Yuvraajsa'  -you're a very lucky man. The X-rays show no fracture in your wrist; but it is sprained - it will hurt for a few days. Shall I prescribe some pain-killers.
Uday: No doctor - I've become accustomed to living with pain, he said whilst coldly staring at Manyata. She understood the hidden meaning.
The doctor left. Manyata was about to put her hand on Uday's now bandaged hand - he moved away. Not giving her a chance to say anything- he walked out of the room and eventually out of the hospital, leaving Manyata following behind but battling to catch up.
Uday & Manyata sat at the back whilst the driver took them home. The drive was quiet. Manyata handed Uday his phone, she was about to say something when Uday signalled her not to talk in front of the help (in this case, the driver).
Even when they got home, Manyata was unable to communicate with him. He locked himself in his room and busied himself in phone-calls. Manyata was very irritated- she needed to talk to him and he was just ignoring her.
Everyday was the same. Uday, in the study; talking to some unknown man and Manyata, unable to talk to him. She was becoming frustrated.
1 Day, she just walked in on their "meeting"  and began: Uday - I have to say something. Uday held up his hand to silence her. He gestured the man to leave.
Manyata was standing across the table from where Uday was seated. Once they were alone, Manyata waited for Uday to acknowledge her - he didn't. Instead, he made himself comfortable on his chair; leaning back - feet on the table - a file in 1 hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. It was as if Manyata was invisible.
After waiting for what seemed like forever, Manyata finally spoke: Uday, who's that man...why is he here everyday! Uday looked up from the file he was reading, Why Princess; why the sudden interest in my business! He looks like a very shady character, I'm not sure I like him. Uday put down his file and moved closer to Manyata. Hmmm - you're not sure you like him...well, after I tell you who he is; YOU WILL HATE HIM AS MUCH AS YOU HATE ME!!! Manyata frowned at him in confusion. Uday continued: He is Rajat Shukla. He is the right-hand-man of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh in all things "shady" .  Seeing that Manyata was still lost, he added: He is the guy that helped me beat up Akash Verma and throw him off the cliff!!!
STOP IT UDAY! she exploded. Stop what, Princess. Stop lying to me ...I know everything. I know why you went to meet Akash - I know what he said to you and how the fight began...and I know that you are innocent and I was wrong. Manyata began tearing and Uday just stood there dumbfounded.  Uday quickly recovered to ask: When did you find out. 2 Weeks ago, when we went for dinner at Dadisaheb's - I heard you'll talking. You knew everything and you didn't say a word. I needed time to think. And then you discovered that even though I'm not guilty - YOU STILL HATE ME!!!WHAT!!! Oh don't pretend Manyata - I saw when you entered my room at the hospital - You barely stayed a second. Oh, WO, kisine..she couldn't continue as Uday held up his hand to silence her.
I know Manyata - I know that you were saddened by my still being alive. You were angry that whoever tried to kill me  DID NOT SUCCEED! Manyata could not believe what she was hearing. Her tears began to flow uncontrollably. Uday grabbed Manyata's arm; Tell me, I'm right - TELL ME MANYATA- his grip on her was tightening. JEE- NO!!!she shouted and pushed his hand off.
Uday was shocked for a moment. Then, he became increasingly angry with himself when he realised that he just hurt his princess. He walked over to the wall on the opposite side and punched his fist into it. Uday! Manyata screamed with concern. Uday, for the 3rd time; held up his hand at Manyata and spoke softly: You can leave.
Uday, I'm your wife okay; you cant keep on dismissing me as if I'm 1 of your subjects, she scolded as she took Uday's arm and made him sit and then began applying 1st-aid to his wound. Uday could not comprehend anything that was happening around him as his brain shut-down with only 1 line echoing in his head,  Uday, I'm your wife.
Seeing Uday completely lost in thought, Manyata clicked her fingers in front of him. Ho gaya, she smiled as she closed the cap of the antiseptic liquid. He came out of his thoughts - more confused than ever; when another shocker flashed before him. A shimmer of something caught his eye; Manyata's  mangalsutra was dangling in front of his face. He was stunned that she was actually wearing it.
Manyata sat down on the chair opposite Uday. There were still so many things that needed to be discussed and clarified. Manyata had just started with: I want us..but had to stop as Uday's phone rang. He answered: Hey Dad. Manyata walked out of the room; there was no use waiting for the call to end because whenever "dad" phoned- the conversation went on for hours.
Manyata went to her room feeling dejected. Nothing was resolved. The only thing was to wait for morning.
The next morning - she woke up earlier than usual. She marched to the study and almost stumbled, seeing the sight before her. Uday was there with Rajat and also present in the room  were 8 very large, very tall, very hefty men in black suits. Manyata felt like a mouse as she scurried through the male maze to get to Uday.
She stood close to him and whispered: Uday - who are the Hulks. Uday suppressed a smile and began introducing each of the 8 men to Manyata. Then, he divided them into  2 groups of 4. One group was Manyata's bodyguards and 1 was his. Okay, so you 4 need to be  with Manyata 24/7 - GOT IT!  The 4 nodded. To the other 4: You guys are coming with me to Jaigarh. That 4 nodded. WAIT, JAIGARH FOR WHAT!!!Can you guys excuse us, Uday asked to the 9 men in the room. All left.
When it was just the 2 of them, Manyata continued: Uday - I'm waiting for an answer. When she didn't get an answer, Uncleji phoned last night- that's why you're going, RIGHT. You know you can't go - you're not well. Uday raised his eyebrows at her. That sprain in your wrist hasn't healed yet and then last night, you hurt your other hand. I don't  think you should go.  Anyway, I'm sure Uncleji can manage without you. How long are you going for - NO, DONT ANSWER - because you are not going. That person that's trying to kill you - WHAT IF THEY TRY AGAIN...No, they won't - BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING!!! She grabbed Uday's collar: SAMJHE!
Uday looked down at her hand on his collar, then looked straight into her eyes. She was trembling with anger. Uday very casually lifted his hand to her face and moved the couple strands of hair that had fallen onto her face, to behind her ear. Uday spoke softly: Carefull Princess - I may think you're actually worried about my welfare. Manyata replied confidently: Biwi hoon  main teri - itna to haq banta hain.
Uday was momentarily taken by surprise. He then put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. Her grip on his collar loosened. Well then; if we're talking about "rights" - then as your husband; I have a couple, he announced. Being so close to each other - an eye-lock was inevitable, as both became engrossed in an intense one.
The eye-lock was broken by Manyata as she looked a bit down and became fixated on Uday's lips. Soon Uday also looked at Manyata's lips; and both moved in to close the remaining gap. Both could feel the others warm breath falling on them. Heads were tilting into position. Eyes closed in anticipation. Then their lips touched...

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gr8  update nice part cont soon :) 

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That was amazing!
And FINALLY they are trying to sort out their misunderstandings, and that too with a kiss. Not bad Wink
Loved Manyata's concern for Uday.

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A nice update.. good work... plz update the next part soon!

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