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                                                      PART 52

Thank you friends for giving me a huge support...thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile
i personally want to thank each n every one for spending time for giving me comments n clicking like buttons..

This part dedicated to ruby for gratuating MBA with a grade..congratulations dear...n aroos torture by her

The next day both kids were left in diapers.laying  on a spread...geet applied oil on both kids giving them a gentle massage…maan sat next to geet n looked at what she is doing…maan tickled both kids on stomach n both giggled..their smile is enough for him to cherish  n forget his past..

Maan look after them I'll wash my hands n come..

Ok jaan..

anjali sat n started to play with her buji.. Aaroo looked at his spiderman toy which is faraway from where he is..he crawled to take it..maan looked at aaroos antics quietly..the spread stuck in aroos legs..still he manged to reach his toy..arroo saw the full size mirror..he sat there talking to his image..then took the spread..he remembered how his mother placed her pallu on her head n tried to do like it….ani came to him n took it n placed over her head..

a tear escaped from maans eyes..

each n every second their antics brought a smile on his face..sath sath his much he have missed in his life…

geet came out washing her hands n saw maan looking at the kids emotionally..she touched his shoulders..he saw the kids playing with each other..he hugged geet n pecked her lips ..

she can easily say ,he is thanking her for the kids..she kissed him back making him drown in her sweet nectar forgetting his past..n live the present..

they both parted for breathe..geet shied..n she immediately looked at kids..what if they have seen their intimate moments..

thank god they were playing..

least she knew aaroo saw them kissing n was planning for his next mission..

so what mishty..

maan..u r shameless..bache ke saamne..

u r me..jaan..i only pecked u..but u gave me full French kiss..

geet was totally red..yes it was she who kissed him like that..she hid herself in his chest..

don't blush mishty..r I'll eat u raw..

geet distanced from him..

erm..wo…I must give bath to babies..saying she took aaroo first..knowing his possessiveness..maan took anjali n both moved to washroom..geet has already prepared their tub with bubbles..both started to play in water splashing water on each other..geet first shampooed aarav..maan said he will help geet ..maan want to experience each n everything of babies even if itstheir geet let him do..aaroo was playing with water gun when geet was washing his hair..

aaroo shoot maan with his gun making maan all wet..anjali laughed seeing aaroos naughtiness..she too started to splash water on maan..first maan budged then seeing their happiness n laugh he let them drench him in water..after spending quiet time with each other n giving them a good bath..geet wrapped both kids in their towel n maan took both on either side n stepped out of washroom..aaroo pulled his hair n maan let out a fake cry..

geet..see ur kids are making me hairless..will u love me when im left without hair..

he asked naughtily..

kyun nehi mr.khuran..even if u have no hair n no teeth also I'll love u always..

maan mouthed a flying kiss to her n both started to powder the kids n dress up..

geets mama n papa who came to see them left maneet alone..they were happy seeing them happy..starting their life fresh.


It was 2 days now..maan was having  a colour ful life..his each n every second was filled with joy n happiness..he loved irritating geets pet n his cute little champ,his dear devil his son Aarav..n so was aarav..he made his papa head on heels making his life hell by his sweet tantrums n jealousy…but it was straight opposite to anjali..though maan was very,loving caring to both his kids..he loved pampering anjali more..whereas geet pampered aarav..

It was midnight .. maan wokeup with the sound n found geet feeding aarav.n anjali having her bottle feed in her sleep..aarav was wake up..maan neared geet n hugged her side ways…aarav gave a kick to maan..n grinned widely sucking his mama..the milk flow down sideways when he showed his small teeths n grinned..maan looked at his son n thought of irritating him back..he hugged both mother n son n bend over aarav..geet thought he is going to kiss aarav or coo him..

Maan.what are u doing..let him finish then u can coo him..

Maan slowly kissed geets bossoms where aarav was taking his feed..aarav was shocked ..his jealous grew more..

Mama..he whimpered n kicked n slapped maan with all his strength..maan enjoyed his plight..

Maan held his two little hands n kissed it..

Whenever u try to keep me away from ur mama na..i'll tease u more..

With that he kissed geet on her  both cheeks..

Poor geet was stuck between two possessive grown up n other a child..

Maan..aaroo is a small kid..u r teasing him…

I'll geet after all I'm maan singh khuraana..his baap jo hoon..

His pride of being aaroos father was evident in his voice…she threaded both their hairs..maan layed on corner of her lap without disturbing aaroo..he chuckled seeing aaroo taking his anger on geet by sucking her buds faster n teething her..maan felt bad for geet..she did not flinch in pain rather she looked lovingly at him…

Maan neared aaroo n kissed his cheeks ,hands body n his feet..he moved to his pillow..

Whereas aaroo was thinking..about his fathers words..

Whenever u try to keep me away from ur mama na..i'll tease u more..

No..i'll not try to stop him..what if he kisses my mom more than me..he kissed me too..more than my mama..he loves me..ok..i'll try not to get jealous when he is with mama..

Aarroo slept n maan had his own time romancing his wife..his moments disturbed when anjali woke up..

Geet smiled at maans cute pout..maan told her to rest n he took anjali from crib…

Geet:she must be wet..give her to me,I'll change..

I can do it sweet heart..u rest..

With that he changed his princess diapers..n started to play with was 6 when anjali finally went to sleep..geet also slept seeing baap n beti playing like day time..


The next day..

Maan was sleeping..aaroo saw him ..he took his baby steps n reached the bed..he traced his small fingers trying to line up his dads features.. dad is so cute when he is sleeping..but he is devil when he wokes up..he kisses my mom…he forgot what he is doing..he saw maans nose moving while breathing..he tried to figure out whats it..why his nose he inserted his small finger inside his nose…


Aaroo fell down with the force of maans sneezing..

Maan woke up in sudden when his nostrils irritated took sometime for him to realize  its his devil son who was playing with his nose..he would have shouted if anyother person was there in his place..but his anger vanished seeing his son fall back on ground n pouting his mouth..maan took him immediately..

Champ,did u got hurt..

Maan asked checking him..

Aaroo showed his bum where he got

Maan smoothly rubbed his hands over it saying.

Kuch nehi  beta..kuch nehi...n kissed him in his bump..aaroo got tickled n laughed..both started to play..

Geet was lost seeing aroo n maan with each other..both are similar..ziddhi..kadoos…angry..possessive attitude..aroo copy of maans nature..

Maans eyes were red n puffy due to lack of sleep..ani was sleeping peacefully ..


Maan s phone rang n geet took the call..


Hello adi..

Yes adi sir..boliye..kuch kaam hai kya..

Yes..maan sir is not coming to office..its going to be a week..before also he was in Chennai n there are lots of work bending there is an important meeting..i want him to attend it..pls geet send him na..its 500 crores deal..i cant attend the meeting representing feeling nervous what if anything went wrong..

don't worry adi sir..he will come..

Thank u geet..

Maan frowned at geet..

Im not going to office..leaving kids..

Ok..u look after going to attend the meeting..

Geet,then who will feed them..

Itni fikar hai tho aap jaaye only for an hour..adi said its important..u decide..u r going or I'll go..

Maan sighed.he cursed her under his breathe..

She tells I'm ziddhi..see now who is zidhi..sending me forcefully to office..

Geet gave him towel n showed washroom to freshup n get ready..

Maan took the towel in frustration ..stamped his feet n went to take a bath..aroo stood up n imitated maan..which made geet chuckle..

Nautanki..papako imitate karrahi ho..

He extended his hands n geet took him in her arms n moved to wardrobe..she took maans black n blue..coat suit n kept on the bed..she took his watch,wallet,cell phone,handke n kept all next to it..maan came out drying his hair wearing only a towel around his waist...his wet look  drove her insane..she wanted him to love her..she gulped her saliva  n turned her gaze the other side..maan came near her n kissed both..

Say do u want me to go..he asked her huskily..

She clutched aroo more close..

N a…she said…maan chuckled..making geet get out of her trance..then she realized what she said..

Ya..i want u to go n attend ur office..

She said sternly..

Maan got ready n went to office..bidding bye to both n kissing sleeping anjali ..his princess..

Maan straightly went to his cabin n checked the files kept in his table..he signed the important which were kept for his attention..adi came n informed the clients have arrived for the meeting..

Maan went to conference hall ..received the clients ..adi n sasha started to give the presentation..


Here in outhouse..

Anjali woke up rubbing her palms on her eyes..

Anjali saw nana,nani,dadi,anie, arjun,Vicky n all there..vicky was playing with geeta sleeping on bed..all were chatting n looking at ani n aroo..ani searched for maan..he was not there..ani's face fell down..vicky saw ani woke up..

Hai gf..u woke..

Da da..

So my gf wants her dada not her

Dada has gone to office..geet said taking her in her arms..

Ani started to jump in her arms n scream.da da..da da..

He will come dear..lets go n fresh up…she wriggled in geets the whole family started to cheer her up n distract her mood from her papa..they gave her  variety of toys..which she threw up..some even broke geeta woke up n started to cry..ani took her n went out to calm her all trying to manofy this papa's pari..she was throwing all types of tantrums…aroo also cried..geet understood anie is hungry..she made the drink n gave to her..she trew it alos in the floor..geet n others have never seen ani like this..she was always quiet n understanding..but today what happened to her..ani did not sry,but she was making all bend before her..bcoz of her tantrums..

First geet avoided calling seeing ani she atlast called him..

Maans phone was at silent..after few call  s maan saw his phone vibrating..he took n saw the number

Geet..his lips carved to a smile..

He took it n said

Missing me jaan..

But what he heared..

Da daaa..his princess shouting at top of her lungs n aroo crying..

Maan panicked..

Geet..what happened..

Maan,she is never this wild..she is missing u..its an hour now.she is hungry n not taking milk also..maan pls come soon..

Before she keeps maan was already on his car..taking his wheels n driving fast to home..for his bad luck he got stuck in traffic..he couldn't move back nor forwards..after a half an hour the traffic cleared n he reached home..he ran to their room..only to see ani n aarav sitting in centre of bed..all of them were trying to manofy his princess.vicky was making all types of funny faces n sounds to make her laugh.ani was frustrated with his acts..she gave him a slap..vicky touched his cheeks n made a cry face.. gf sapped me..i cant believe she slapped me..her uncle..

Another nautanki…ek kafi nehi hai kya?

.geet was sitting with her heads in hand..looking at the phone..n murmering something..maan gusessed she is cursing him as he is late..

Maan neared the bed..

Pari…sorry dear…

Anis face immediately lightened..then she is also daughter of the great can she forgive him so soon…he extended his hands..he expected her to throw her hands on him as she usually does..but she turned other side..maan hold his ears..which made the elders laugh..

They thought of giving him space to manofy by his own way n not to embarrass staying there..more than it ani was quiet seeing all left..maan pls pari na.dadys princess na..dadys dear daughterna..pls papa ko maaf kardo..

She was showing her attitude n all nakraas not falling for his manofying session..maan looked geet for help..n saw her seething in anger..she only said me to go..see now she is also angry with me..

I was stuck in traffic..geet didn't listen to him..

Ufff…maan looked at aroo only to get an angry glare from him…

Maan ,this three are angry,how am I going to manofy them..first my little princess..he removed his shoes n crawled on bed..n took ani in his arms..the next minute he screamed


N looked after his dear devil son,who was biting him with his small grown teeth..

Why u bite me champ..

He pointed ani..

Aaayi…(ani).ani was hell angry on maan for making ani scream n starve in hunger..

Maan st:he is worried for his sister.not me..noone helps me to manofy my pari..ok maan its ur do it..

Maan took ani on his back..

Ani lets go for a piggy bag do u feel riding on ur daddy..he started to move..he heared babys stomach growl..

He made his way to kitchen n made ani sit on counter top..

Baby,im sry..papa will never leave n go..ok..first I'll make something for u till then eat this..

He gave her lollipop..

She threw it away..

what if papa cooks food for u..

Ani was giving silent treatment..

Maan took pasta n prepared it..he placed a little on bowl n waited till it got cool..he took a spoon near her mouth..ani made yuck face n pushed the spoon..the pasta slipped on floor..

Its alright..take this..

maan again took another spoon n tried to feed..ani again pushed..

Baby pls..daday ko maaf kardo na..maan again took the pasta from bowl ani pulled the bowl n threw it..

Maan was looking at pasta on floor n ani..

Geet laughed seeing it..n aroo was  looking at both..whats wrong with them..

Maan saw geet with puppy face..

Maan r u out of mind


Pasta..for 10 months…

Maan was like??????

Now say what to make for my princess…n then he got an idea..he took  milk n straw berry flavor n makes a milk shake..

He gave to ani..ani looked the colour..her favourite pink..she started to have it..n maan was happy atlast he was successful in making his pari to have some…n her anger get cool down..

He left a sigh in relief..ufff..

N now aaroo was angry at maan..he was left over..all pampered ani n did not love him…


Maan looks at aaroo n understood aroos intentions..

Ok..dady will make u also something..

Maan took him from geet n made him sit next to ani..

He made blueberry milk shake for him…as aroos favourite colour is blue..

Aroo stopped his cry n had it..

Oh..maan was now relieved.. atlast final maan manofied his kids

he did not see geet who went away from there..after both had done..he took the glass n kept aside..he took both in his arms n moved to garden n sat in the swing..talking n playing with both..after a while he came to their room n sat with them ..after a while he saw them both sleeping all over him..

maan called geet who was sitting there with grumpy face..


he was her turn to complaint..

u love only ur kids not me..

maan was baffled hearing her complain like a kid..

what I did..

nothing..u spend time with them..cook for them..feed them..make them sleep over u..where am I here..

am I sensing something burning…he teased her for her childish behavior..

I'm not..

Maan slowly placed both kids one by one in the crib n came to geet..who was still cribbing him..

Maan came near her n kept his hand on her shoulder..she shoved him..he again kept..she again repeated for a while..maan grabbed her shoulders n made her face him..he looked at her complaining lips,which was cutely geet found him slamming his lips on hers..slowly maan made his way inside her mouth..tasting her sweet buds n cherishing her precious treasures..geet moaned in his lips,forgetting her anger..

Maan lifted her up n moved to kitchen,still kissing her ..he placed her on counter top n grabbed her waist..he made his way down to her neck  n earlobes making her crave for him..she clutched his hair n pulled him more closer n closer..maan bite her cleavge n she moaned louder..maan again came to her lips n pecked it..

Maan left her..missing his warmth she opened her eyes only to see maan smirking..

She blushed n lowered her eyes..

Now say sweetheart ,what u want ur husband to make for u..

Maan,wo..kuch nehi..i was just ..

..even if u did for kidding also..i want to make something for my highness..u..order at ur service..he said ever so cute n she kept drooling on him..


No..say what u want dear..for my happiness ask me what u want..

Anything u make I'll eat..

Vicky said from behind..

Sis loves pani puri..

Vicky what r u doing here..

Sry for disturbing u love birds..wo kya haina uncle n aunt wants to know whether jij manofied kids r,I came  to check them..i did not check u guys..

Its enough for geet,he saw them kissing..geet was again blushing hard..

Ok..u carry on guys..he winked n left them locking the outhouse door..vicky was happy seeing maneets love n affection..n was happy for his sister..atlast she got her love back..

Hmm enjoy geet.if meadia sees me na..u know what will be tomorrows headlines..

.the great business magnet..MAAN SINGH KHURANA cooking for his lovable three kids..

Geet made her mouth big O…

Close it aur makhi khus jayegi..

She closed her mouth..

Maan made pani puri for geet n fed her with his hands..geet on other side fed him pasta which he made..after finishing their so called lunch,maan again lifted her n took to their bedroom..geet was looking him with piercing gaze..he  is trying his best to compromise the past..his love was growing unconditional..flawless..

Maan settled himself on bed taking geet over him..

Now so jao jaan…

He caressed her hair n both slept soon..maan never sleeps in day time..he was so tired n as he did not have a gud sleep at night also,he slept soon…

That evening  anie n arjun with baby geeta went to Mumbai..

Maan said others that they are going out the next day n asked all to be ready at

All were curious to know,what maan is planning…

Precap:where maan took them all..geet got emotional seeing the place n hugged maan saying thanks..

Oh no…geet has viral fever,,

Dr: she must stay away  from the kids to avoid infection..its better for kids?

Now what will maan do..

Viral fever idea from heytal…thank u part is urs..

those who want pms please add vallitanupm to ur buddy list..

or send buddy request there...
do hit like buttons,if you like it..

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n mistakes..LOLOuch

9.8.2012...11.00 am

will pm later frnds


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On u r new thread
This part was
I just the loved the bound between them
Recap is very sad cause geet having fever but lets see
Our maan will handle all three of them

For the next hope we get the update soon

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ossum dear
loved it
msk loveing kids
manyfoying kids
oh precap dear
update the next part soon dear
ant wait at all

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congrats for the new thread

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congrats on yr new thread...

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Lovely part...
Aniie's tantrums was so cute...bilkul apni papa ki tarah..
Nw Maan will never mess up with his cute and shetan kids..

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nice upate
loved the way pampering  kids and geet

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very lovely update valli di 
kids are awsome loving them 
pecap is interestin

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