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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Even I m relieved Aarti finally clears it to him about how she is happy and proud of being Aarti .. so now there is no scope of the blame game in future about "u r trying to b Arpita " even if Yash comes to know about the promise secret of Aarti and Gayatri Big smile... Also I feel after this episode , we wont see Yash going around doing Arpita Arpita much because so far he was using Arpita memories more like a weapon to make sure Aarti does not get any wrong signals Wink but now he knows Aarti cares any damn about it  , so he might just stop doing Arpita jaap LOL

Completely agree with this! At first the argument does come a little out of nowhere, but when you think about it, this is the perfect time for Aarti to make it absolutely clear to Yash that she in no way, shape or form has any intention of being Arpita or taking her place in his life! This needed to be asserted right in the very beginning in a very clear and firm manner so that Yash has no reason to question Aarti's motives later on (which would have resulted in more misunderstanding and maybe even a greater backlash) , because it's true, she is doing everything as Aarti, there is no Arpita intervention anywhere on her part! And now even if Yash finds out that Aarti has been trying to bring him back to life courtesy of Gayatri, it wouldn't have any dire consequences because he will know that whatever she did was for his sake and not for an ulterior motive for herself! I like how they even reiterated the fact that Aarti has no expectations from Yash as his wife, she has never asked him nor held him accountable for any husbandly duty and I am sure that has resonated in Yash somewhere!

@bold: That's exactly what I was thinking! We were all dreading the Arpita backlash that all these AarYa moments were leading too, and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this was the other shoe that we were waiting to drop! And if this is the way they are going to be dealing with Yash coming out of his Arpita land then I am more than happy about it! I was thinking about this yesterday that they won't have a huge blowout from Yash about Arpita anymore because they have already done that and it's not like the Mittals to get too repetitive! Yash has done his share of openly blasting Aarti for taking AKJ on Palak's birthday, the same thing won't happen again! And I love how they made sure about that by having Aarti herself state that I am Aarti and I am happy with my identity. Yash's trusts Aarti's words and he has heard this from her he won't doubt her again! And like you said, this really is pointing towards a decrease in Yash's Arpita jaap because now the comparison and guilt factor is out! Now he can't hold her accountable for trying to be like Arpita and shift the blame on her every time he starts getting close to her and then feels guilty about it! The Arpita influences in his life are decreasing by the second and soon he won't have anything concrete left to hold on to her! I mean Palak, who was his biggest companion in his grief, has now full heartedly accepted Aarti and has almost moved on from the trauma that Arpita's death had inflicted on her psyche! And then there is the matter of Yash himself, who constantly finds himself being drawn to Aarti and the liveliness that seems to surround her! I think the only think really left of Arpita now are those photographs, and after thinking about it extensively, I think it was actually a good move to have all those pictures of Arpita in the beach house because we will get to see Yash move on with life and start falling for Aarti despite the presence of the photos! And this is productive because this way they go back to Bhopal the pictures won't serve as any trigger to send him back to the past because their presence has already stopped effecting him! I am sure that by the time this Mumbai trip is over those portraits will become nothing more than a decor, the kids and Aarti are already looking past them, and soon Yash will start doing so to! In fact, I would love if Yash himself takes some of Arpita's portraits off the easels and mount some family pictures on them instead! That would be the perfect end to the trip and would spell progress with a capital P!

And on a side note, I loved that little moment in the car when Yash asks Aarti what she wants to buy and Aarti says that she will tell him when they get to the market. During all this Aarti has her face turned the other way and all Yash can do is stare at her! He really is trying to figure her out, trying to read her through all her defenses and masks, hoping to understand her just a little bit! And she has such an effect on him that he just sort of loses himself in the moment, staring at her until Aarti herself has to snap him out of it and ask him to drive! That jerk Yash gave when Aarti said Chaliye was a beautiful touch because it showed him coming out of a reverie and this time it was Aarti who had him lost in thoughts without a trace of Arpita in sight! And this just reiterates how much he is warming up to her and her touch, his actions are becoming instinctive around her and he is starting to rely on her more and more. During the pottery scene in Monday's episode, when Yash gets clay on his cheek and Aarti raises her hand to clear it off, he instinctively leans in towards her touch and I absolutely adored that little detail that they added there! No hesitation, no second thought, and this comfort level is growing with every passing episode!

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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:22am | IP Logged

@Indu: A lovely take.  I especially loved it when you describe the bra as her armor.  I was reminded of steel bras. But that was really a unique association.

@salvatore-nina: You are right. Sanitary napkins are really no big deal today. Has anyone seen the ads that are shown on TV these days? There's no mystery about it in the objective sense. But for a woman in need, it can provide all the embarrassment she needs.   The CVs could have really killed it logically and story-wise with this, even without showing the product at any point.  Well...

@ Ria: Thanks!   As for Yash's reluctance, it still baffles me. It is packed and sitting on the counter.  He just needs to bring it.  He has not been asked to wash, wring and dry it or wear it.   Aarti, of course for reasons unbeknownst even to God, selected the items, made sure they were packed, but couldn't pay for it and left them there.  If the salesperson was being frisky, where is Aarti's gundi avatar? Where is her famous glare? Yash too can give the shopkeeper his famous glare. In any case, the shopkeeper was overwhelmed that God himself stepped into his shop, so what was the reluctance for.  This whole thing is a bit unrealistic.  Yash has been married before and Aarti has been married before. And I understand the discomfort between the new couple, but do they have to be so overt?  I am sure they have encountered embarrassing things with their respective spouses and can expect to encounter them again in their new marriages. So, a little bit of maturity and understated behavior could have gone a long way.  When Aarti tells Yash to remain outside, she is childish, and Yash not getting it is even worse. He not only had a wife, he has 2 daughters as well. His sensitivity to women has to be sharper than average.  Anyway, it's all done and over with.

@Sam: Aarti is a mass of contradictions. When it comes to dealing with other people's major problems, she's actually quick on her feet, but when it comes to such an ordinary running out of supplies, she's all flustered.  Even Bhavari couldn't have helped her if the market is not open at 7 am.  What would Aarti have done on her own? Driven around Bombay like Pankaj-Prateek on the night of the storm until some shop opened Smile...Impulse is fine, but idiocy...

And I commend all those rare viewers who can see past all the ridiculousness and still draw out so muchClap LOL

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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
@kinsanj: Thanks for the female version of the YDH song! 

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:46am | IP Logged
My Actions and Reactions of the day Embarrassed'

Action of Yash ( U know once upon a time I did a Hillman ad .. the tagline was hillman pehno ,sab mangal hoga Embarrassed...so here I m wearing it for our future mangal .. howzzat Cool)


Reaction of Aarti (Mashaallahhh ..Mashaallahh ... subah subahh I dont need breakfast .. u r there na Day Dreaming)

Action of Aarti  to Yash(Look we cant do it right in the car .. Chagan and company r roaming around ..so take me to the market Tongue ..let me get lady hillman inner garments too for the mangal action EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Reaction of Yash ( Geek)

Double reaction of Aarti (Goshhh look straight and just drive u naughty boyyy AngryAngryAngry)

Action of Lakhan's chamcha ...the storyteller Big smile(I think both hv gone for Hillman shopping  for some mangal  Ermm.. this is right time to attack Evil Smile...I wish I had Bua for company ..sighhh)

Reaction of Yash (Aarti ji I think some external creatures r following us .. so plss do it fast ..I cant delay the mangal anymore ..things need to happen at perfect time Confused)

Reaction of Aarti to Yash (I think we should do all mangal here itself if there is lack of time .. as it is u r wearing hillman na Confused)

Action of Yash (ok done ..let me open up this shop and we go inside Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti (All the best for our mangal Yash ji Big smile)

Action of Shopkeeper (Welcome Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti (Can we get your shop for our mangal for sometime Embarrassed)

Action of shopkeeper (Well Scindias especially Bua or Cas r a regular candidates here ..I guess its in the family ..hai na WinkTongue)

Reaction of Yash (oh damn this guy is giving out all family secrets to Aarti ji Ouch)

Double reaction of Aarti (Look Yash ji .. Home is more safe .. I m only purchasing my hillman wears and then lets go to home for mangal Smile)

Action of hillman (hello all .. I m all set to go inside Aarti's body for the mangal Big smile)

Reaction of Yash ( ohh my favourite strawberry flavour Tongue)

Double reaction of Aarti (damnnn he again got into strawberry mode even though I dressed like pista today  Shocked)

Action of Yash (Well pista is not bad either  even though I prefer strawberry Ermm)

Reaction of Aarti (Plsss understand Yash ji .. I hate strawberries CryOuch)

Action of Yash (but my mind just cant  get beyond those strawberry coloured hillman stuff Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti (bangs head Ouch)

Action of Yash (Let us decide later strawberry or pista .. first lets take this stuff and go back to home .. I feel some Laxman creature in behind us to stop our mangal Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti (okk Yash ji ..let me take my strawberry hillman only Ouch)

Action of Yash (oh teriii ..my applee Arpita  Shocked... errr these r mens stuff  Confused ..ufff this confusion Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti (Damnnn Arpita had to appear again Angry)

Action of Shopkeeper (Tea break ... so stop all these fruits talk ..this is not fruit shop Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti (Aa ab laut chaleee ... here too mangal not possible Ouch)

Action of Yash (how dare u touch my hand .. dont u know during daytime I m touch me not plant Angry)

Reaction of Aarti (so u think only u can do all chance pe dance with me in the name of strawberries and apples AngryAngryAngry)

Action of Yash (oh god it looks like jhansi ki rani's aatma went inside her once again ..damn Ouch)

Reaction of Aarti (No this time I m in Kali maa avataar Angry)

Action of Yash (Ok cooll down my pista ) EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Reaction of Aarti (damn he had to touch me again ... how can I resist it ..ufff EmbarrassedCry)

Action of Yash (Now lets forget all the mangal stuff and come in Veg mode again Big smile)

Reaction of Aarti (Then whats the use of all these hillman innergarments ?? Confused)

Action of Yash (We can try out some other day with some other shubh mahurat na Confused)

Reaction (Ok my Mauni baba Big smile)

And the wait for the Mangal continues LOL

In case all r wondering whats the Hillman ad and tagline of "Hilman pehno sab mangal hoga" I m talking about .. there here is the video .. Gurmeet did this Hilman ad which had the tagline LOL


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prityanka Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
jyoti,Samana and Ria...thank u for replying and others also for liking my takeHug

Ok...actually I forget to mention about my guess on mysterious LAKHANConfused

I think it may have some connection with that guy suresh or subash (sorry i forgot his name), shopkeeper friend of Yash. Because why he has a shopkeeper friend in Mumbai and that guy has told about yash scindhia to every shopkeeper of the shops of that market complex. Also that shopkeeper guy in yesterday's episode showed immense respect and gratitude towards Mr.scindhia. I don't think all this can be just because Scindhia's are top wedding planner of BhopalConfused.

There may have some reason like Yash helped that suresh or subash who has some conflict with Lakhan. He had some fight with that Mumbai Lakhan Bhai Gang just like a typical hero who can never tolerate any injustice to these bechara shopkeepers like in old bollywood moviesCryCryCry. And also we all know how eager our Yash ji to help someoneLOLLOL. now this is Lakhan bhai's turn to take revenge.AngryAngry   

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shanry Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:58am | IP Logged

i don't mean to wish ill on aarti but for the sake of Aarya's relationship, I hope she get's hurt in a tussle with the goons at the market so yash can wake up and realise he does have feelings for aarti herself i.e. not wanna be Arpita

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
@Red: Read your take and the arguments you are making today. I agree with everything you are saying. I have a feeling that the writer wrote that shopping-underwear scene for that other product that womens-essential-whisper product, but at the last minute the product got interchanged. If you intend to jump off into the water after tying a swing onto a tree up on a lake you should not keep hanging/dangling in the air .

After saying this,it does not mean that I had fun time laughing with my family watching what was shown in the episode!

I wish the CV's retain some of their sanity while working round the clock.
I thought they had women on their team who could relate to stuff like this!

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged
@Maham : U know sometimes the biggest of words come out at the most silliest of circumstances LOL thats what exactly happened with AarYa .. they must hv never thought their biggest confrontation will happen during lingerie shopping LOLLOL...but that gives a rough picture of AarYa's journey which is going to b entertainment entertainment and entertainment all the way WinkLOLLOL... It was all supressed inside Aarti' heart and she had to vent out one day .. she had not kept any mahurat for it to vent out all ... it just happened naturally LOL... She was already pissed off with the shopkeeper's unwanted comments and on top of it Yash started his Arpita jaap .. thats it ..she lost her cool totally LOLLOL... So for me it was a blessing in disguise because it guarantees that we wont see much of Aarti-Arpita confusion in Yash for the rest of Mumbai track because these words of Aarti will now keep echoing in his ears LOLEmbarrassed

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