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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
@Saf: Thanks. Good to have you back today with your neat take...Clap

Yup...all our predictions went flying regarding the important item. You know apart from all the deep insights that we have come up with (including me), I realized something later...it's really very simple: this is the first time Yash was being exposed to a very private  matter of Aarti...and with all the awkwardness with which it began, at the end they had reached a certain comfort level. If there is any loop closure here, then it has to be how Aarti became comfortable with Yash's bare torso in a private area like bathroom...after being totally nervous at first. 

Hats of to the CVs for touching such an issue with such subtlety. They made Yash become aware of Aarti's femininity today.Smile

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Sadiie's Analysis
I honestly did not connect with this episode Confused It was cute, seeing Yash's baffled expressions obviously. But I don't get why they argued in the first place.
 Yash WAS Outside but she lied to him that the Window needs closing. So why did she get annoyed saying he came inside the shop? Obviously he came back to tell her that the windows were closed and shit. Okay let's say he did embarrass her, but couldn't she just say WHAT EXACTLY SHE NEEDED?! WHY Did she have to point at something? Obviously the Shop keeper would think dodgy. I like comedy but this wasn't funny at all except seeing Yash grab some random box ROFL.
 And then Yash bringing up Aarpita, I see no connection..
Her Argument was stupid. She caused the embarrassment herself yet blasted at Yash for bringing up Aarpita..
Whatever. From her expressions I can tell she wasn't really hurt when she blasted things at him. And that smile/giggle/laugh at the end just tells me she's invited herself trouble. She won't realize what she's doing like last time, and then...
Also, who's Lakhan? Anil Kapoor?ConfusedLOL 
And Gayatri... you just added more fuel to fire..sigh..Hate such families.
I Don't know who's right and who's wrong..
I want to support Yash even though Aarti is Right/wrong. Because if someone asks why I support him I can just say "He's hot that's why" Cool staying safe Bruv. I support Yash and you don't cuz you're jealous he's Hot
I know Smart Cool ROFL ROFL
No actually, without the written updates I wouldn't even know half of the dialogues Unhappy, thus am just drooling Big smile 
Ps. Typing through my phone. Won't be able to read everyone's analysis as I'm off to type...that's what i get for being a FF writer
Sadiie x

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Is bra the new female condom?

What Kama Sutra condom was to Yash Scindia, Betsy Bra is to Aarti Scindia!

It seemed like the middle-aged men on the CV team were living their adolescent wet dreams from two decades ago. Whatever!

At one level, the entire premise was so juvenile, and at another, some scenes were really good in moving the AarYa relationship to the next level.  Now, the juvenility. After all the speculations, THE ITEM turned out to be a lowly bra.  Aarti got into such a twist over it.  So many incredulous moments...

1. Sorry to say, however which way I look at it, absence of a bra doesn't conjure up the same sense of urgency and franticness as does the absence of monthly supplies. 

2. Just saying... a bra can be washed, and dried (try ironing it non-stop) to a reasonable degree of comfort in a couple of hours.  My experience says so.

3. At 7 am, no shops that sell bras are open in any city in India. Doesn't Aarti know that? How was she planning to get one?  Had it been her monthly supplies, it would have been far more believable since pharmacies attached to hospitals may be open.

4. Despite Yash informing her about this fact, she still wants to go to the market.  Stupid, much?

5.  The teenage coyness over a bra was ridiculous. This is a married woman with a 3 children. How hard could it have been to say, I need some personal items!  Bah!

6.   I can allow Aarti's reluctance over mentioning the unmentionables to Yash (despite being in 2012 and despite her being talking dime a dozen on all other issues), but what shyness and coquettishness over buying a bra from a male salesperson? It was unbelievable. 

7.  And boy, Aarti turns incredibly bossy.  She commands Yash like he's a peon, to pay the shopkeeper and fetch the items? What the bloody hell! And Can't she pay for her own items and pick up the items from the shop? Didn't she just claim that she knew how to buy her own things?  I hope this bossiness does not make a permanent place to show that these are truly husband and wife. Nothing irritates me more that watching a wife harangue her husband to show her wifely love.

8.  And the way she comes down on Yash, the item ought to have been her monthly supplies (am still not giving up LOL).  Her PMS was certainly showing up.  Had Aarti used her brains to let him know that it was personal, he might have left her alone. 

9.  Why is Yash all reluctant to fetch the items? Gaawd... On the one hand, the show is progressive when it came to the couple sharing the same bed, and on the other, this was quite regressive and ridiculous.

AarYa Relationship


1.  If not anything, the bra succeeded in Yash's growing awareness of Aarti as a woman.  In his tirade, he reveals that he has noticed all the changes in Aarti - the way she dressed, the way she talked to him, though he missed the bee-stung lips.

2.  It becomes more and more obvious that whenever Yash realizes his attraction to Aarti, his guilt drives him to place all the blame on Aarti. He attempts it again and boy, does he get it good.

3. Aarti's response was long time coming and she gave it to him.  This was one of the redeeming scenes in the entire bra-circus.

4.  Yash turns all pussy cat.  When Aarti bosses him to fetch the package (which I found so idiotic), his reluctance was nicely done, even if it didn't make sense to me.

5.  I suppose we can call the shop scenes as some sort of loop closure to the SR. So, an SR is in the offing?

6.  So, there is another fight scene coming up.  Yash Scindia seems to have more enemies than friends and is aware of them too. Very likely, Aarti is going to get hurt and this will be Yash's moment of truth.


Episode One-Line Review: A storm in a bra-cup slowly brewing to F size proportions! 

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Just one word: Aarti! ClapBig smile

@Redeye:  Aarti's having gotten her period would have made much more sense. I guess the CV's didn't have the guts to go there. Or maybe it'll be coming soon. Who knows.
I also think a SR might be in the near future. Maybe that's when Aarti's monthly will make a visit. So they are all caught up in the moment, and want SR, but Aarti backs down because she has her period. It would be a nice touch. Who knows though.

In all though, I liked that scene. It left me feeling awkward at first. But once I thought about the things that were said and shown, I feel good about it. It bodes well for ArYa.

I don't blame Aarti for her anger, or what might seem to be unreasonable and "non-feminist" demands.

It's not like her and Yash have a normal marriage. Just yesterday she was trying to hide the fact that she didn't like karela. They have a lot of hang ups, and are quite embarrassed about things that a normal couple wouldn't. Plus, maybe Aarti knew Yash would react by dredging up Arpita (in some form) again. I can understand why she blew up at him, and made a few unreasonable demands. She was very embarrassed and mortified. And Yash just happened to be standing there, slack-jawed, and in no hurry to get the hell out of there. She had asked one thing from him. To stay outside. And he didn't even do that. (That's what she was probably thinking. And anger, especially at your spouse, can be quite quick to fire (and blow over) at times).

 She was just plain pissed off and at times she was downright Shocked. That's what made it fun. That scene established for me (and for Yash) that she really does have too many responsibilities bouncing around on her plate. She forget to pack essentials, for god sakes. 
And she does not have to behave perfectly all the time. Her yelling at him to go get the bags wasn't meant to be all fish-wife like, or meant to illustrate the male-female dynamics in a relationship. It was just her having a b____ moment. And she's allowed.
That's why Yash got all choked. Because she was exercising her rights as his wife to walk all over him whenever the demands of being his wife (and a daughter in law, and a mother, etc) got too much for her to handle. She acted with so much assuredness. That's what brought on his outburst. And then he apologized for accusing her of trying to be Arpita ("typical wife"), when she is, and can only be, herself.  Thank you Aarti. I have been waiting from Day 1 for this: "I am Aarti, and I quite love being Aarit. So shove off". Clap

His apology was not one of a husband apologizing to his wife just to get her to stop being angry. It  was about an ongoing issue regarding her inner (true?) "woman"-self. Whenever Aarti does or says something slightly "womanly", Yash gets all up in arms about his sweet Arpita. Where Prashant trashed Aarti's confidence, Yash (for the longest time) made her feel guilty about this side of herself. His reactions made it clear that he expected her to bury (or keep in secret) all the things that would remind of her Arpita. And like she said, she can't help it if every damn thing she does, reminds him of her. She has the right to be herself, and to not feel so embarrassed at shopping for a bra. Her anger wasn't just mortification at being caught. I think she was also slightly angry for feeling that mortified in the first place.

And then Yash starts acting like she has no right to get angry. "You're not my wife" is what his outbursts are usually about. And just how contradictory, and confusing is that? He realized by the end of her speech, just how much at loose-ends he's left her in. Its easy for him to retreat to Arpita-land, when his world is filled with enablers. But Aarti is the one left feeling slighted and deserted. He needs to stop throwing Arpita (aka: the much coveted position of "his wife") in her face. Its unfair. And I think that is what that apology is about. It was about acknowledging that yes, she is is wife, and yes, she does have the right to get angry like a wife would. And it doesn't have anything to do with Arpita. Because this is Aarti he is dealing with. His wife.

Well, I guess I'm back to writing essays LOL. Hope it wasn't too long.


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@Red: Did I mention it's good to have you back??...well, it is... And what a comeback...total phadu take!!! ClapI know, I know...I watched Aarti's Bra--ttish behavior with a very narrow vision...it's another matter that my eyes became almost a slit in the process. So, I do agree with all your incredulous moments...On a serious note, I agree it'd been more palatable if they had gone with the monthly thing...They could have easily enacted the same scenario with that  "important item" as well. After all they had the courage to show a condom earlier...Confused

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@redeye2012 - I agree with you on the issue with buying a bra so early in the morning. I was thinking it was monthly supplies, which would have worked out better since there was no logic in Aarti buying a bra so early in the morning. I guess the CVs weren't willing to take that route even though it would have made more sense and most of the viewers probably wouldn't have minded if this was the case (I'm speaking for myself and other forum members who also thought the same. I so wanted to find out how the CVs would handle that). I also hope they don't always show Aarti as the typical bossy wife. Just today I'll let it pass but hopefully there's not much of it in the future. 

While the episode direction was wonderful and Gurmeet and Kratika did full justice, I hope the CVs plan some nice logical tracks in the future. 

How come everyone else thinks Kratika's lips have become plumper? I guess I'll have to go look at some pics of her and see. 

Ok I see, they are slightly bigger but I think it's the lipstick. Still, I think she looks great! 

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8/8/12 - Analysis

Okay, sorry I couldn't come online yesterday because I like sorta fell asleep and when I woke up @ 6am, I watched the episode and then I had my other things to do and the list continues on...finally got the time to do the analysis, so thought why not ;)

Okay, first off all what I found funny was Yash enquiring Aarti about where she was headed to so early in the morning. And Aarti was like "Oh god! Please...what am I supposed to say to him?" and Yash full on curious to find out about what was in Aarti's mind. Haha the way aarti reacted to yash when he said he'll send chagan to get the things, and that he'll come along with her. Well I guess in a way he was more concerned for Aarti since there is some goonda to come called "Lakhan." I really wonder who he is *thinks* well anyways carrying onto the shops part, I was expecting that Aarti had forgotten her Sanitary stuff, because it is very common. I know I do that a lot. LOL So I thought Aarti probably forgot that stuff, and such stuff is embarrassing to share with your husband, well especially if you are not so close to him. But No! I wasn't Aarti expecting to be so dumb to forget to bring her lingerie. *closes eyes* but anyways...the shopkeeper didn't leave any chances to embarrass aarti. I thought Yash would've clearly understood, coz all there was, was just clothes for the kids and UGs. But Yash being Yash...The awkwardness was pretty clear on Aarti's face, and even yash sensed her being weird since morning. I liked how the CV's actually showed it so realistic, coz honestly that's how a couple would've felt if they don't share a normal husband-wife relationship. But why was Aarti so embarrassed to tell the shopkeeper what she wanted...i thought it's pretty common for guys to sell such stuff in the shop. I know I would be embarrassed if that was the case for me ROFL coz I am not used to buying them in such way...lol...i was in a similar situation today, but I wasn't the one embarrassed the one scanning it was ROFL okay, getting onto the analysis...less me more episode :P

Okay, Role reversal happening here...we have Aarti in the same situation once yash was in during their SR.  he was trying to hide away condoms and she was trying to hide the Bra. ROFL and when Yash sees the box, he was more like...Oops! Now I get why she was acting all weird. So this entire situation turned even more awkward when the shopkeeper asks Yash to help aarti select the best ones...since it was meant to be a surprise for him ROFL was it just me who felt that yash was so eager to pick the box up or anyone else felt that...strange, aarti didn't tell yash to bump their heads once again or else there will be an argument, and that's what happened. After yash embarrassed Aarti, and she shares her feelings with him about how embarrassed she was when he entered the shop like that despite her telling him not to. But I guess yash was too curious to know what Aarti was hiding. So childish I say Embarrassed

But I guess in a way what made Yash accuse aarti one again was her scolding like a wife and the fact that she was getting comfortable with him there, by holding his hand and telling him to pay the bill and get the shopping bags, which a typivcal wife would do. But how is Aarti behaving like Arpita here? I saw no connection between the two...But had aarti told him that he embarrassed her and that's why she is not willing to go inside the shop to get those shopping bags, then I guess it wouldn't have provoked yash to blame aarti once again. But what I loved best was that this time Aarti just didn't take his accusations but told him off for comparing her with Arpita all the time, when all she did was think a little about his happiness...this was very much needed, I guess Yash still hasn't come over the fact what aarti once did at Palak's Party, so somewhere within he is still scared about that...but I'm glad he didn't say you're dressing up like arpita, he thought she was trying to woo him by changing herself, not like arpita but trying to charm him...but wearing suits and ordering him like a typical wife...but where did Arpita come from? How was she trying to be arpita? I still fail to understand that...but meh! As long as Aarti answered him back and cleared his confusion for once and all that she is very much happy with her identity and has no interest in becoming arpita, coz if she did then she wouldn't have told him to come to Mumbai, to bring him closer to Arpita...and she would've complained about that to yash a long time ago, but she's supporting him. Because she understands. Yes! Why is yash stopping her when she wants to do something for her family? So does that mean yash hasn't accepted aarti as a part of his family like she did? I wonder how yash would have felt if Aarti had told him to stop acting like a typical husband...wouldn't he feel bad? Coz he had no such intentions of hurting her emotions...so Yash should think from Aarti's P.O.V once...before blaming her for no reason. And I'm glad yash actually realized that he is wrong at accusing her for no reason...and held her arm. That was such an awing moment for me...and the way he said sorry, but aarti showing some attitude pretends as if she didn't listen to him and yash apologizes to her once again and aarti asked a little question "if a sorry makes everything normal" and yash was quiet...he was rather feeling guilty for blaming aarti for no reason. Typical yash, fighting with his emotions...i guess Yash probably started thinking that Aarti wanted to buy lingerie in order to impress him...so maybe that could be reason he got angry...whatever the reason may be...I'm glad yash was speechless,  and that cute childish innocent face he made there was just sooo adorable...just wanted to kiss him Tongue and this time Yash was in aarti's situation...he fumbled with words...and how he was trying to manaofy her...aarti had to call out to Yash thrice in order to sya something and this time it was yash...haha first he was like "ermmm...your things...ermmm i mean...?" And aarti assures him that she got the things packed...and yash once again comes back saying that the shopkeeper had brought tea and so they can have it and pay the bill...but aarti just glares at him, which makes yash speechless once again...but what he really wanted was for her to come along with him, coz it's embarassing for him to take it as much as it is for aarti. LOLand yash...btw did anyone see him chuckle when he asked her about the tea? ROFL I think that was probably the first time when we saw yash chuckle in the show...he was too sweet there...even Aarti couldn't help but laugh at this...over all a cute epi...

Btw what is G3's problem? Why does she always have to target one of his D-I-L's? this time it's paridhi...seriously everyone has a different personality, what's wrong in eating healthy food? What if Prateik was willing to diet? Did G3 ask him once if he too wanted to diet? Had he said no, then yeah I guess she could tell paridhi to not to force her decision on him...but na! she's a bit of too much at times...btw where is bhua? I haven't seen her for 2 epis now...it's not like that I miss her but still ROFL

Precap: I got nothing to say about that...paridhi is clearly underestimating her husband and is like just leave everything to me, and tomorrow you'll find out how smart your wife actually is...ok, I get prateik has no guts to face his father like a man, but puhleez...why is paridhi underestimating him? It's more like she's the man between these two!

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Nice posts and analysis, but people tend to behave differently in situations even me as a person my behaviour with my husband is different when in front of inlaws and when we are alone and different when with my  parents, its nothing to do with purpose its just that the situation and place makes it different nothing done on purpose .

So also with Aarti her behaviour with Yash was different when in the Scindia Mansion and now that she is out her inner self is coming out as theres no one here to dictate things for her.

ConfusedI only wish they had showed monthly supplies instead of the inners for so early in the morning it would have looked more realistic as pharmacies are open but guess as you said the CVs suddenly lost it there. They could have got a sanitary napkin co too to advertise it for them , it would have been great a new concept too.Confused

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