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Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

My Views on Mumbai Trip so far  
Mumbai trip is actually a refreshing change for both Yash and Aarti from their daily routine and monotonous life Embarrassed
Aarti is back in her salwar suits with no pallu .. She is hving all the fun playing around with kids .. giving orders to Yash like a typical wifey .. learning to make pots by involving Yash in it .. hving fun with jhula ride and karela fiasco with Yash as company Embarrassed...She is getting to do lots of adventures and spending some real quality time with Yash without any planned move  Embarrassed... There is no third party interference coming from Bua and co which is helping her to do her own things without getting confused Embarrassed...Also she is doing something different from her daily routine life of sending kids to school , then cook and do sasuma seva  etc etcSleepy...Instead she is hving her own makeover WinkEmbarrassed , then playing with kids and Yash outside Embarrassed , hving  fun during lunch .. in short she is not following a daily time table but is indeed hving a fun day with Yash and kids ...In a way she is rediscovring the old Aarti who is getting to enjoy her life freely once again Embarrassed
Same goes for Yash also ...He too is out of his daily routine life of handling the marriage business and getting lost in Arpita wonderland LOLOuch...Instead he too had a good makeover this monday wearing a printed t-shirt and jeans Embarrassed , then playing football with kids ,then rediscovering his creative side again with Aarti's insistence and starting to make pots again with Aarti which he enjoyed doing Embarrassed , then a pleasant jhula ride with Aarti followed by some fun with karela LOLEmbarrassed...In short he found a grt companion in Aarti during this Mumbai trip with whom he can spend some quality time , pull her legs , give her orders in good humour , and develop a good bonding with her in terms of comfort level too Embarrassed... Yash is no more formal with Aarti in his talks which was so evident in the karela scene where he was hving fun pulling her legs and also the way he ordered her to sit and eat with them like a typical hubby says it all Embarrassed... Aarti is successful in keeping Yash engaged in present activities which he is enjoying and so he is no more revisiting his past memories and getting depressed which means he always needed such companion in his life post Arpita's death who can help him in rediscovering his real lively self again and thats what Aarti is doing now in a friendly manner which is working  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
A huge round of credit goes to our little Angels Ansh and PayPal too for playing the perfect cupids for their parents as they know exactly how to set them together whether its a jhula ride or karela fiasco WinkLOLEmbarrassed... I loved how they pushed AarYa on jhula and started swinging it just to prove that so what if they r kids , they too can give a push to their parent's standstill life and once the jhula started swinging , they knew exactly when to leave them alone after making sure Aarti is in Yash's arms WinkLOLTongue...
Overall its just 2 days , so its difficult to predict the outcome of Mumbai track , but so far CVs hv succeeded in showing a perfect companionship thats developing between both Yash and Aarti where both r their real self and not bogged down under any sort of pressure from any external parties Big smile...Even Arpita portraits r no more affecting them for now as they r left in the background just like a decor Big smile
Few factors which CVs need to work on are ..
1) Bring a certain curiosity element in the show .. like is Yash falling for Aarti ?? Or Is Aarti worried about Prashant factor in her life since she did lie to Yash about her status and she needs to feel this worry now ... these curiosities help in trp factor because more than logic its the curiosity which brings trps ... Neelam track had hardly any logic but it brought the trps because of curiosity factor ... So Mumbai track should hv a curiosity factor too Thumbs Up
2) Bua I feel did lots of damage with too much of negativity , so its high time CVs stop using Bua for every move in the story .. involve other characters... if needed bring Prashant back too like Aarti spotting Prashant in Mumbai and getting panicked.. .. but no Bua involvement plss Big smile...
3) Its already 6 months now .. so Yash needs to feel something for Aarti .. mayb get rid of Arpita memories and start dreaming of Aarti now TongueLOL
Bas these 3 points can get the trps high Embarrassed
Episode Analysis

I enjoyed the Episode today despite few logical issues Big smileBig smile...I m not much bothered about the lingerie technicalities LOL... I m happy because the main purpose of Aarti giving a reality check to Yash is achieved  LOLBig smile...

First complete Nok-Jhok of Aarti and Yash Big smile
This is the first informal nok-jhok of AarYa and that too over lingerie shopping LOL,..This cant get any better LOLLOL... Everytime whenever Yash blasted Aarti , she kept quiet and he walked off in style Angry or everytime whenever Aarti blasted Yash (during Ansh's kidnapping) , he kept quiet and she walked off  Ouch and this way their Arguments always remained one-sided and incomplete Angry ./..But this time Yash blasts Aarti , in return Aarti blasts Yash , Then Yash says sorry , then Aarti too asks him like a wifey to get the bags and the chapter of hubby-wifey tiff actually looked like a two-way complete connection and not just one sided Big smileBig smile... For me this is what worked brilliantly in the episode and so I m least bothered about other issues like why lingerie or why early morning etc etc LOLBig smile
Aarti's first reality check to Yash Tongue
I still cant believe today Aarti actually went all out on Yash and vents out all her anti-Arpita frustrations at one go ..OMGGG ShockedShockedShockedShocked
I feel this was much needed so that finally Yash can come out of this scare and illusion that Aarti is trying to take Arpita's place Angry ; I mean what did Yash really mean when he was blasting Aarti and saying "I m noticing u r trying to dress like her . do things like her" AngryAngry...Was he trying to taunt Aarti's new style and suits in Mumbai AngryAngry... I mean does Arpita has her signature mark on those salwar suits too kya AngryAngry...This does mean Yash notices every move of Aarti too even if he is giving it an Arpita excuse WinkLOL...
But this time Aarti is no more a timid wife who will silently tolerate those unfair accusations of Yash AngryAngry ; Aarti never asked Yash to come with her to the market , so why those accusations then ?? Angry ; She did not keep quiet this time and gave him a much needed reality check that if she really wanted to replace Arpita in his life , then she would not hv insisted for this Mumbai trip and brought him closer to Arpita memories AngryAngry ;Also loved the way Aarti made him realise that its he who sees Arpita everywhere ,its his problem if he feels she is trying to b Arpita because she knows she is Aarti and she is proud of her own identity StarStarStarStar ; Its Aarti's new found confidence and determination which pleasantly surprises Yash today and he realises that he is not the only tiger in the den anymore Wink.,..In short he knows that he got his right match in Aarti who will not keep quiet and take his Arpita nonsense anymore WinkLOLTongue
Also I loved the fact that Aarti made him realise that he is not the only mahaan soul out here who has the licence to do everything great from saving Ansh to taking bullets ... She too might want to do something for her family  , then why always its given the accusation of "Arpita copy" OuchOuch...
One thing is clear Aarti dint fake her angerApprove  .. She was actually pissed off with his accusations this time and gave it back to him finally .. its only when Yash said sorry twice and did all that funny gestures of  lets hv tea together or u come with me to pick up the packets  LOL , Aarti felt good and important there and so once he leaves , she clutches onto her mangalsutra and laughs because this is first time Yash actually made honest efforts to manaofy his wife rather than walking off in silent mode and thats why her smile in the end  Embarrassed...
The Trigger point of Yash-Aarti fight today ...Ermm
I feel  Yash was all cool till Aarti dint show her authority on him like a typical wife but the moment she grabs his hand and says go get the packets from shop like a typical wifey ,  Yash gets affected by her touch and so to control his own feelings , he takes the usual excuse of dont try to b Arpita Wink ; Yash uses this dialogue more like his defence to make sure he never ever falls for another woman WinkLOLEmbarrassed... He is himself scared of actually going with the flow and becoming Aarti's husband in real sense and to stop himself , he takes a U-turn always with the excuse of "Dont try to b Arpita because u r Aarti" LOLLOLOuch...
For Yash definition of Wife=Arpita Ouch... so when he sees that definition of wife is slowly changing in his mind and heart and he is tilting towards Aarti and beginning to see her as his wife which is evident from the kind of protectiveness he showed today by going with her all the way to the market Embarrassed, thats when his alter ego starts revolting and he keeps shouting that "U r not Arpita .. U r Aarti" LOL..Its more like Yash is shouting on his own self and trying to make his own self believe that she is not Arpita but Aarti , then how can I start accepting her as my wife ShockedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He is fighting with his own self that time because he knows he is falling weak here towards Aarti Embarrassed...
Aarti on the other hand realised this weakness of Yash and so the minute he starts giving this defence , Aarti too goes all out on him to make him realise that his Arpita defence will not work on her anymore WinkLOL... She makes it clear that she loves her own identity once and for all , so that next time if any action of Aarti reminds him of Arpita , then he does not go around accusing Aarti but realise that its his problem Smile...Yash too knows that Aarti never tries to b Arpita but he uses this excuse like a defence to stay away from Aarti but today Aarti made him realise that his defence is not going to work on her anymore Big smile
Gayatri-Paridi Tifff ...
To b honest I dint like Gayatri's attitude towards Paridi today and also that comparison she made Ouch..If Paridi wants to give something health conscious to Pratik , let her be .. she is his wife afterall Confused... Why cant Paridi as a wife hv this freedom ?? Confused... She will not give poison to Pratik na ?? Ouch...Now if Paridi openly revolts against Scindia family , I cant blame her because somewhere her freedom even as a wife is badly curtailed in the house Ouch
Who is Lakhan ?? LOL
Whoever this Lakhan is ,  he certainly brings a curiosity factor to this Mumbai track LOLLOL .. I feel it mayb related to some old family enemity over the Beach house land .. its a common issue in Mumbai LOLLOL...I hope this gunda brings some more excitment in AarYa's life Tongue
Overall the episode worked for me because of the humour element and I loved the fact that both Yash-Aarti fought like a joint unit and it was not a one-sided argument LOLBig smile... Rest there were many loopholes like whats the sudden emergency of lingerie and why so early morning , many issues were there but these r not the major points of the episode , so I choose to ignore LOLEmbarrassed..What I loved was the awkwardness in their relationship is slowly going away and both r beginning to stand on equal terms today ..Embarrassed

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ha so it wasn't what most of us thought but it was still embarassing for Yash Tongue Aarti forgot her undergarments LOL
She wanted to go to the market alone but Yash insisted to go with her...they reach the shop which is closed, Yash knocks on the door and ask the owner to open please...Aarti makes an excuse so that Yash could leave...Aarti ask the shopkeeper for the item but Yash returns before she could buy them LOL Embarrassed Embarrassed
It was a very funny scene...KS & GC did an incredible job Thumbs Up...Yash leaves the shop after he saw what Aarti wanted to purchase ROFL
Yash is waiting outside the shop, Aarti comes and tell him to go pay and to bring the bags also...Yash blasted her telling her to stop acting like a typical wife Angry Ouch Aarti blasted him back saying that she's sick of Arpita now Clap Clap Clap Clap and that he's the one that sees Arpita everywhere like a mad person and that she never tried to separate him from her memories. She finally told him out loud that she has no desire to be like Arpita she wanna be only Aarti cause she loves her identity Star Star Star
All I can say is that Aarti gave it to him good today...It was about time she gave him a piece of her mind Thumbs Up
GC & KS rocked those confrontation scenes Heart
Yash apologizes to Aarti but she doesn't accept it she tells him what's the need to say sorry when he always acts impulsively in assuming things (in a nutshell that's what she meant Tongue) So she tells him again to go get the bags in the shop, he wants her to come but she refuses...Yash walks away but not before looking back twice to see if Aarti is coming as well LOL
Aarti laughs hoding her mangalsutra Evil Smile Big smile
Paridhi and G3 had a clash over Pratik's nutition and G3 made the mistake to compared Aarti & Paridhi which resulting in Paridhi throwing a glass Shocked Shocked Ouch
One last thing i forgot to mention...Seem like trouble is heading AarYa's way cause there are some goons who look like they have a grudge against Yash Confused
Precap: More trouble for PraDhi Unhappy
EDIT: Wonder if Aarti is gonna get hurt before of whatever problem Yash and those goons have...It seems like they know each other...Could it be that the goons already tried to hurt Yash in the past???
Another fanfreakintatsic episode Wink

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LOL ...superb title Jyo !!

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I seriously think she forgot Kamasutra condems from her honeymoon! LOLJust wants to be prepared u know what I mean! LOL

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u r early today!!!

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Love the tittle Jyo Big smile
Patiently awaiting tonight's episode LOLWink
P.S: Off to catch up on some reading in the yesterday's thread...Let's just say that life got in the way of me having fun Cry but all is good...Hope you guys are having a good one!

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