Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rishabh: Welcome Lady Rishabh Horlicks Kundra .

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged

Rishabh: Welcome Lady Rishabh Horlicks Kundra


Hey there!

So, I hope all Rishabh and Rishbala fans  are happy, finally. Rishabh aur uske kuttepann ka showtime  mil gayaa, Maddy ki aansoo-barsaat bandh ho gayi, Maddy ke andar Rishabh ki aatmaa aa gayi aur ek dhaansoo episode bhi mill gayaa. HAPPY? Ya creatives ke thode aur baal utaarne hai tumko?

Anyway, coming to the episode:

Madhubala has a spilt personality – or should we say that Madhu and  the Madhubala that Rishabh unleashes are two different women altogether. He evokes or rather unleashes something powerful, violent , aggressive and unbreakable in her. Creatives keep on highlighting that fact again and again. Rishabh literally creates a Maddy we don't know. The soft , sensitive and fragile Maddy transforms into a wild tigress on the loose.

Today , it took just one call from Rishabh to pack off the  broken and crying Maddy. As he spilled venom spoons on her , her tears dried , her face went from vulnerable to  fearless, her  trembling hands balled into fists that could  actually break Rishabh's cheeks and jaws.  She forgot everything that was happening around her – his words , his sarcasm, his bitterness, his challenge had a deep impact on her. For a few minutes of that silence , she went into a trance that echoed Rishabh , his revenge , his backstab and his ultimate betrayal to trust and humanity. No more tears , no more sob-sob stories- she calmly  told her mother that she will be back in sometime.

As she walked down the corridor, she recalled how Rishabh had used trust , sentiments and faith to finish her. Everything seemed to take a backseat – it was Rishabh in her head , on the forefront. Temporary obsessive-aggressive streak where for her everything went into the backburner. Rishabh.  She had  to see him now – she had to unleash on him whatever he had fueled to a saturation point inside her. She just had to see him.

And  boy! Is she learning vintage Rishabh attitude already? The look that she gave the guard when he tried  to stop her from entering  the studios was   that of a tigress. No wonder , he preferred to shut up. The strength and determination with which she walked into the set , irrespective of who was saying what about her and the fearless fiery look with which she stood in front of Rishabh.

Its not like she planned   to beat the hell out of him. She had gone to the studio  to see him and all she knew was that she was  going to vent out what he had set afire inside her.  It was only when Rishabh looked at her , with a staring smirk which said – poor poor you! , it was only then that whatever fury  and disgust she felt for Rishabh  came out in slaps and a jerky force that cut his forehead.

That forceful spurt of violence said what Maddy cannot put into words for Rishabh. He had asked her for a reaction on the phone saying he 'insists' that she should react. Maddy , his potential female version delivered the reaction hot and hard in person, without using any communication or courier service.  Rishabh had thought that Maddy will only be bitter , but she turned out vile and its definitely not something that he was expecting.

Maddy released the steam but the water inside is still hot.


He is tailor made for Maddy. He too has a split personality. A Rishabh who calls up a broken shattered woman to sprinkle iodized salt on her wounds . And a Rishabh who frees a helpless puppy from  lighting cables, tends to him, plays with him and takes care of him to the extent of making sure that the animal is eating well or not. All this while reveling in his victory over Maddy. It shows you an ironic schism  in him. A ruthless sadist who ruins one life at one hand and saves another with the other hand.  He didn't need  to justify himself over what happened with Shamshu but he did. He offers justifications , even if in his sadist drawl, and  that is a flicker of having a conscience .

Whatever he told Maddy today on the phone , especially feeling triumphant that she is one his beloveds , even if only in name – all this is his pent up fury and pseudo-hatred for her softened by  his cool victory over her . The words he wanted to tell her all these weeks. And he did it in one go – wanting  to hear Maddy cry , admit her defeat , abuse him, swear at him but  at least say something.

Its irony that Rishabh told her that their story is over. He himself gave a closing chapter a new life by making this call to her. He demanded a reaction, an answer, a sound and Maddy personally came to deliver  it to him in person.

Of course, there  is no feeling sorry for Rishabh. 6 nahiin 6000 chaante padhne chaahiye the. 1.5 spoon khoon nahiin, uski poori jaan jalni chaahiye thi. Siirf 10 logon mein nahiin, 10 lakh logon mein uski izzat utarni chahaiye thi. Tab jaake at least trailor miltaa ki Maddy ko kaisa lagaa hogaa.

But then, we know how Rishabh is. Whatever you give  to him, he compounds it with what he is made of – darkness, villainy , venom.  He only remembers Maddy's slaps and  the pain of his blood trickling from his forehead – not the story of what he created inside that woman.

Still, he doesn't get even a teaspoon of what he has made that girl suffer. Its still all about him – his pain, his ego, his suffering , him, him, him. And this will continue until something inside him breaks down. That  'something' which separates Rishabh Kundra – the megalomaniac obsessive ogre from the caring man who wants to know if that little puppy has eaten or not.


Anyway, mazaa  to aaya hi hogaa Rishabh ko. Tabhi to sindoor lekar ICU mein pahonch gayaa. After all,  life mein pehli baar koi takkar ka milaa hai. Phone pe jawaab maanga aur Lady Rishabh Horlicks Kundraa thappadon ki home delivery lekar saamne aa gayi aur uske hi khoon se uskaa raj-tilak karke chalti bani.

BTW, there is no way Rishabh could have reacted to Maddy's kantaap. Shockwave par sirf  impact hotaa hai, reaction baad mein aata hai.


P.S- I loved Maddy's monologue  to Shamshu. For him, even if she had  to marry Rishabh in every life ,she would still do it. This is just a show but fact  to yahi hai na? Mom-Dad mein hamaari saans atki hui  hoti hai. Aur Mom-Dad ki hamaare andar.


Love and luck always to all,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
OMG POCO I DIDNT REALISE THAT RK PART:O..THE PART WHERE HE IS TENDERIZING  A PUPPY ON ONE HAND AND REVELING IN DESTROYING ANOTHER'S LIFE..YOU ARE SO FREAKING BANG ON. A SCHISM. A SPLIT PERSONALITY. ClapShockedClap WHOAWHOAWHOA. i interpreted it to be as if the puuppy was another indrect Madhu..when he said i release you to Madhu after he thinks he eneded their story..he simultaneously released the puppy form his hands i felt that the puppy symbolized a miniatured Madhu but I maybe wrong. Embarrassed when she feels like everything is falling apart and yet she has to stand up and fight for her father..comes the whistling of someone who is always under her skin...and receives the call of her wolf...
The wolf and the lamb : Iss kahaani kya ring master main hoon. Angry

Nalaykein kahin ke. Dono kahhaani kaa the end game khelte jaa rahe hai ke kon lastly kisko catch karega , lol. Dono nahi jaante ke inki kaahaani dono khud nahi , Destiny end or carry on bhi karega. LOLAnd out goes out the self satisfied , wimpish and prosperous cry from the attractive and conniving wolf smirking and melting within his dark grin to the extent that even the lamb could feel it. Their story is the tale of passionate the compulsive and repulsive roots of passion leave both of them to extreme steps. Madhu fought for justice on the behalf of a citizen..and the wolf carved his blood into his statue in response...The wolf with the tricks of just his fingers tore  her life apart into shreds , and in response how does Madhu react? By shedding blood...saw the blood trickling down the injured wolf's forehead? For them its not just aag ke badley aag..its khoon ke badley khoon..and its going to be destructive passion hand in hand after she decides to tie herself into his paws. how ironic. I love the writing of this show...I love the way they portrayed RK..the dictator , the apparent narrator of their tale of justice , right , passion , revenge and unsaid palls of feelings to be in his hands..they have shown him to be grey, taunting , misguiding and dark..but have also shown RK's folly in believing that he writes their story..little does he know which he will know later on that Destiny was writing their links on each other cause it was written in the stars. How in dark innocence you hear him muttering. "I ended your story" if he had the permission to end her life..little do Rishabh and Madhu both know that their lives have actually just begun. Embarrassed

Detailed Foreshadowing of the day.

Today the producer was indirectly the messenger of fate.

The instructions of the if being a disguised worshiper and follower of fate's actions and doings were like as if he was instructing and writing down the lines of Rishbaala's tale..did you notice? How his words boomed of the "heroine" coming and out of the shadows and entering through the sound of her steps...and instructing the if the messenger is making a mere dark creature of his world to be the robot of his actions..just like we all are..and effectively told him to recite the very words which create their aura. "Tum hi mera Ishq ho. Tum hi mera junoon." The beautiful scene  of a common , infuriated stabbed , teared and stripped lamb ..who heard her murmurs of being rk's laila in every step she took towards her wolf..being right in front of her dark shaded , husky , masculine wolf the mnute he turned..claiming..the heroine to be his ishq and if the lamb was always meant to stand right there when hes saying it..regardless of the real heroine standing behind their magic and shadows of a real tale. And there you see the blazings of thunder that RK's mere words gave her through the phonecall.. Thats his effect on her. To the extent that she slaps him , scabs him and makes him bleed..and what did RK do? Make her life  bleed and decorate his blood on her clay head instead. Like i said..passion ke badley passion. aur khoon ke badley khoon..and its never going to stop..she made him bleed..and now she is going to be a part of his injury..a part of his life and blood before he knows it..and its never going to stop till they don't die out of each others destructive passion.

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MR.KooL IF-Addictz

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I know Rk ke aane se sabse zyada my sweet pyaari sis Pinky will be happy EmbarrassedWinkLOL
Band Baaja daali Rk-madhubala ne Ek dusre ki...ROFL Phone Convo se Lekar Thappad tak...ekdum Action packed Scenes..LOL Rk ne mast Start di thi..."Hello se he toh start hota hain" ROFL and madhubala bhi Cannot stop herself but expected It was as she cannot stay away from Rk- The magnet...Cool The Best Part for me was that Deadly eyelock of Rishbala after the Thappad Kaand...LOL It was so much of passion dat dey will burn each other...itna pyaar toh meine kisi aur couple mein nehi jitna inn dono mein ek dusre ke Liye Hatred hainROFL

Btw tunne Puppy ke Expression note kiye...ekdum camera concious hain wohROFL

Many ppl may think dat i havw problem with Madhubala but frankly saying i don't have any unless dat character is a big cry-baby but lets leave it bcoz today madhubala ahaan was gud especially wen she is strong ...aaj toh mantta ke bina he achchi thi LOL aaj bittu warm up kar raha hain for tomorrow's item number ROFL

Precap was rocking and ab Madhubala ko pata chalega was its feels like wen sum1 takes panga was Rk WinkLOL Get ready for the hell ride Madhu baby LOL

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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LOL net ki speed ki band baji huyi hai:P

Oh yes today I m damm happy as my RK is back wid his Kameenapanti upar se Madhubala bhi ab Rondubala se Tigress ho gayi:P.This is wht I said yesterday 'Ppl who r strong smile' & c aaj Madhu nai bhi shammu se yahi kaha'I m strong I wont cry'.Shedding ur tears once is ok but baar baar unbearable ho jata hai:P.Oh loved RishBala phone convo.RK ki tez dhaar talwaar wale tiger nai Madhubala k andar ki sherni ko jagaya issliye gayi sherni RK ko face pai scratch dene:P.LOL forum mai mere kal k post k baad se hungama hua hai.Sab jagah RK & vivu k pankhon ko post dedicate kiye jaa rhe hain:PHhah kuch toh forum mai ladh rhe hai & I m enjoying all wid popcorns:p.Oh I m so happy aaj hot & cute kutte dono dikhe + Madhu nhi Madhubala dikhi:P
I always say I prefer Madhubala over Madhu so yes double dhamaal 4 me today
RK has human side jo baad mai nikelegi
Nice post lke always:P

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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wow...u said it so well yet again...i too realised the change when Rishbala are with each other and with others

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Neelum.drashti IF-Addictz

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So, I hope all Rishabh and Rishbala fans  are happy, finally. Rishabh aur uske kuttepann ka showtime  mil gayaa, Maddy ki aansoo-barsaat bandh ho gayi, Maddy ke andar Rishabh ki aatmaa aa gayi aur ek dhaansoo episode bhi mill gayaa. HAPPY? Ya creatives ke thode aur baal utaarne hai tumko?

kisi aur ka tu pata nahi but i am on cloud nineLOL see meri hasi band hi nahi ho rahi aggr mera mood is drama ka saath badlta raha tu mera ghar walon ko mujh pa shakh ho jaya ga, kal ma is tarah sad bethi thi jaisa mera apna father hhon hospital ma. kitna cute puppy thaDay Dreaming n of course loved kamenapanApprove, uska bagair tu guzara nahiEmbarrassedLOL...

2-Madhubala has a spilt personality

ma kab sa yehi kah rahi hoon, rk ko dekhta hi ussa kuch ho jata hai, us ka andhar ka RK...mera matlab hai mrs. rk jag utati hai.

3- As for Rk, i guess huma apne forum banner pa likna chahiya, kameena hai par apna haiLOL(no offence meant)

P.S- I loved Maddy's monologue  to Shamshu. For him, even if she had  to marry Rishabh in every life ,she would still do it. This is just a show but fact  to yahi hai na? Mom-Dad mein hamaari saans atki hui  hoti hai. Aur Mom-Dad ki hamaare andar.

very trueThumbs Up

Really beautiful post and i loved the analysis, i hope you didn't mind that ma na itna zayada elaborate kya but i thought that each part deserved an answerSmile

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rishbala give their best with eachother be it hatred or anger...
awsome post againClap

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-brokensoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Lovely analysis Poco. ClapClap
Sadly I couldn't watch the episode tonight. My cable problem. So don't know how to comment.

But from the updates it seems it was one of the best episodes and an episode all of us are waiting to see and everyone is happy with the episode I guess.

The last part of your post touched me. Yes this is a show and what they are showing might not be real. But even in reality we would have done anything for our parents.

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