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Manveer OS:- You Are My Melody

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Subho Janmasthami to all In advance Smile

Netaji Subhas Chandra airport, Kolkata, another place of chaos. The taxi drivers are thriving for traveler's attention. Everyone is claiming the same, his taxi is the fastest.

Famous businessman Udayveer Singh went ahead and randomly chose a taxi, he knows no taxi can go faster now. Kolkata is one the best place for traffic jam, plus it's raining heavily, which means traffic jam's longevity will increase. Inside the taxi he smiled, checked his watch, three hours to start his important business meeting. Yes, he still has a lot of time to kill by enjoying Kolkata's rain and traffic jam.

The taxi driver switched on the FM. A famous song from the movie "Rockstar" started instantly'

Tum logon ki iss duniya mein

Har kadam pe insaan galath

Main sahi samajh ke kya bhi karoo

Tum kahete ho galath

Main galath hu to phir kaun sahi'.

It's the climate or the boring jam he doesn't know, but he immediately reached into his past. The life he used to live just four years ago, the life which as a businessman he'll never imagine now.

He was the rockstar of his college in Mumbai. Udayveer Singh was a brand name. Lead singer of an upcoming band plus his looks and attitude were total package to steal any girls' night's sleep. But he was different, music was his first love. None can get her position, not even a beautiful girl.

That day he was performing in a stage, a girl was admiring him from a distance. When millions and billions of girls were drooling over him, craving for his attention, she just smiled shyly from a distance and went away. He can't remember those girls who were screaming with his name on the top of their voices, he just remembered the shy girl's face. She was simple, regular girl, who wore specks and was little bit overweight, but she had a sweet charming face. For looks he'll give her six out of ten, not at all his type. For hanging out, that girl has to be eight out of ten on looks department. Then why he remembered her face only!

Just after four days the college principal called him at his office. He was going to run but the principle send two attendants for him to make sure he arrives. After going there he found out that he had to take singing auditions for junior students in college, for some upcoming function. That was too much boring, because if people find out he is taking the auditions, they will come just to see him and in addition to this he can get deaf, by some terrible music. He prayed to principle several times to save him, but at last he said he'll make him pass at the last test just like that. So he didn't argue anymore.

And the audition was much boring than he was expecting it. It was truly deafening. Udayveer was so much lost in his thought that he closed his ears inside the taxi. But, just in that moment another song started in the FM-

Dil ne jise aapna kaha

Be khabar wo hain waha

Jane par jamin aasman'

He was mesmerized by the song. That was the exact song which had saved him on that audition day. When he looked at the singer he found out, she is none other but the shy girl he saw on his performance. Before she finished her song he said, "You are selected."

She stopped singing; she was surprised as if she didn't expect it. A tear fell from her left eye, and then she looked at him and asked, "Really?"

He closed his eyes and nodded his head positively. "Your name please!"

"Manyata" she answered excitedly.  He didn't know why he pronounced her name again while writing it down on the paper, "Manyata".

"So, your rehearsal will start from tomorrow. Be on time."

"Yes, of course." She looked so happy that he couldn't express it in his words. He had seen girls happy if he touched their skin just for once, threw them flying kisses or sometimes being very kind hearted take someone to a date. Her happiness was not like them, it was sweet, innocent, just like he felt after getting his first guitar at the age of ten.

Udayveer Singh could be the prince of the college, but king of the college was still that old fat principal. He had to wake up early for taking those junior's rehearsal, which he hated the most.  "Who wants to be with those kids!" He entered an hour late on the very first day and gave his famous speech,

"Look guys, you guys are principal's kids and your parent's kids, but not mine. You are here, because you have voices. Great thing, use that voice, use your brain, you'll find out your own way. Nobody teaches me a thing before a stage performance! I manage it all by my own, you people also learn to manage by yourself." He looked at those serious faces of his juniors; some were on the verge of crying. Then he added, "Udayveer Singh kisse banna hai?" all raised their hands except one girl, he noticed her but pretended as if he didn't notice her. His sleep was dearer to him than any girl in this world.

"Good fellows, then I think you should do it by yourself!" He gave one his signature smile and was going away but stopped by a voice'

"Uadyveer Singh, what kind of person is you? We all are waiting for you impatiently for an hour!" He looked back, yes; she is the same shy girl, who was happy when he had selected her. He couldn't believe she can shout like that. But her eyes were not angry, it was sad. As if she has lost faith on him.

And Udayveer couldn't bear that look on her face. "See miss, you are a fine singer you have the talent to train them all."

"It's not about what I can do! It's about hope, faith. We all hoped that you'll help us on our first show. Even the principal agreed with me when I approached him."

"So, princi made me crazy for this girl! Princi wasted my precious sleep, my morning hour's lucky dream, for this girl!" He nearly cursed her at his thought.

"But I was wrong" She was continuing, "When I first saw you, I was so mesmerized by your music, that I believed people love you for your music, but they love your pride, the selfish you and you are so used to it, that you can give up your music also."

"Hey, miss don't need a lecture in early morning. Who are you to lecture Udayveer Singh?"

"I am Manyata, nobody. Just one of your fan, who hates you now. You are just horrible Mister."

 He left the place with anger.

"How could a junior talk to him like that! Who is she? Just an ordinary girl next door! I have to take care of her. How dare she is to talk about my music!"

His thought broke in the taxi horn. Then the FM song again took him back to his thought'

Maybe I just wanna touch you
For your warm inside again
Maybe I just wanna hurt you
The sweetest pleasure is me

I don't know why, why
But I love to see you cry
I don't know why, why
It just makes me feel alive

Yes, he made her pay, through her tears. When he announced in front of a crowed that he is dating Manyata. But her tears were not showing her helplessness, it was her lost respect, lost faith on him. He had a great fun while seeing her tear full face at first, but the moment he saw that disgust in her eyes, he couldn't bear it at all. He rushed towards her but she didn't look at him. She went away.

He knew the mistake he had made. He went to her to say sorry. He even told her that he'll announce their break up and he would take all the responsibility.

But she said only one thing, "You know Udayveer, if you did it that day when I first saw you, I would have considered myself the luckiest girl in the world, but now, I feel just the opposite. You are the most disgusting person I have ever met in my life." She went away.

Their relationship started like that. It was going on like that only, everybody knew they were couple, but none saw them together, they didn't even talk to each other properly. Then one day one white dove fell from the sky on the college ground, Manyata looked at it. She was furious, it's one leg was injured somehow. She didn't know what to do, she started crying. Udayveer rushed to her side and he started to take care of it, after some first aid, he took it to one veterinary doctor. After three days the bird flew from Mnayata's hand.

Udayveer was again a hero. Girls didn't need any reason to adore him some more. A rockster who saved an innocent bird's life, but Manyata came in between, "No one touches my boyfriend, leave us alone." The girls left him with a sad face. Udayveer raised his eyebrow at first,  Manyata smiled.

"Thank you for saving my life from those girls. I really appreciate your help. What can do for you Manyata?"

She remained silent for few moments then, "I think I will want to know this new Udayveer?"

He again raised his eyebrow. He didn't understand what she was saying.

"See, no need to make any break up seen now. Because, if you break up with me now, I will lose the right to save you from those butterflies" She smiled and added  "If you pass this year, you will leave this college. I can easily break the story of break up to all. But before that, I think you should know the fun of having a friend in college life. As far as I know, you hardly have a friend. So I think I want to be your new best friend! "

"Why don't you say Manyata you have grown special interest in me?" He smirked.

She squinted, "You really have a zigzag brain. The thing is I want only friendship now. Pure, true friendship."

"I know Manyata what you girls want in a friendship." He smirked again.

She got a real anger now, her face reddened and she was going to go away.

He ran after her (Who never ran for anything in his life). She was not going to stop but he managed her finally.

In people's eye they remain a couple, but in reality they were friends, best friends. Days passed and they came closer. They knew every little secrets of each other's life by then. It was Udayveer's last day of college. After that he'll return to his hometown Delhi. He had a big career ahead. So the whole night he thought of spending with his one and only best friend. They were lying on his flat's terrace on a mat, they were chatting while looking at those stars. After sometime Manyata started crying, "Oh I will miss you."

He took her hand on his chest, and caressed it.

"We have only one option left."

Manyata, "What?"

"Let's get married. We'll be together forever." He laughed out loud after saying this. But Manyata's face grew serious.

"What happened to my drama queen?" he was in a mood to have fun.

"Udayveer" She pronounced his name with utter adoration this time. He also grew serious. The next words she said it changed his life forever, "I think I am in love with you."

He was spellbound, but tears fell from her eyes and he understood she is not cracking any joke.

He still regrets those words he chose next, "I think Manyata I am not in this position to think about love."

"Udayveer think from inside, close your eyes you will understand, it is not one sided. You also love me."

"Manyata why don't you understand, it's not time for love affair, it's time to build career. I am going tomorrow, that's why you have grown emotional. Nothing else."

"Love needs no time. Just look inside you for once, if not for me, then for yourself."  She said in an emotional voice.

"Manyata enough! stop it now." He was irritated. She left the mat and stood up, her eyes full of tears.

"Let me reach you home safely." Udayveer also stood up and touched her shoulder, but she removed his hand and went without saying a single word.

He knew at that time that he didn't love her but when she went without any word, his inside burned. He felt like he was going to lose her forever. He could have stopped her but he didn't, he thought it will be weak of him to do it then.

So next morning when the dawn broke, he went in search for her. But, couldn't find her. The owner of her flat said she had left last night only.

After that, he searched her more and while searching he understood, she was right at that night on the terrace, he too loved her, but he didn't understand it then. And he finally got it, it was too late. She was gone from his life forever.

 Without her he couldn't sing anymore. He left his music; he became a hardcore businessman, a man of tough reality. He earns tons of money every day but his money was useless to him. The life he is living now is not a life at all.

Without melody a song is just some words and without Manyata, Udayveer is just a soulless body.

It is raining heavily outside. Tears started raining from his eyes too. He closed his eyes and his tears caressed his cheeks. Just then a new programme started in FM, a leady RJ announced, "Enjoy the rain with me Moniya." He is startled by hearing that voice again. He told the driver to increase the volume, he did and he heard the voice again, "Radio Mirchi  with mithi Moniya'its hot." No he can't get mistaken for twice. It is her voice only. RJ's used to change their names. He immediately ordered the taxi driver to take him to the radio office.

"But, sir that place is totally in the opposite direction to the place you have said earlier."

"You don't argue, just take me to the radio office now and please be quick, don't care about any signal, I'll pay you extra."



She was doing her work at the radio station. Taking the calls, chatting with the lucky callers for few minutes and then playing their favorite songs.

But suddenly a call came and she became confused by the sound of the breath of the caller. She is a renowned RJ of this radio station, she never is confused, but, then what happened to her now!

She closed her eyes and only one person came in her mind.

"Oh God please not him. I can't face him again." She prayed in her mind. But God was not that kind with her, so she heard his voice again.

"I know Manyata, that day you didn't run, it was I who ran away. I was afraid of the truth. You are so amazing, that I thought my love will not be enough to keep you happy and see I ended up hurting you more and it hurt me too. I was so hurt that I can't sing anymore from that day. How could I when my melody, my Manyata left me!"

She can't say a word, she just cried and cried and after few minutes when she finally managed to control herself she uttered, "Udayveer, where are you?"

"Just turn around."

She turned and looked that he is standing there with a bunch roses in his hand. She ran and threw herself in his arms.

After that he confessed at least thousand times how much he loves her.


It was night in Kolkata. Udayveer is lying beside Manyata at her flat's terrace.

Manyata started, "Halkat veda."

"What?" He asked.

"I will call you by that name only from now on."

"But why?" He was startled.

"You can't confess your love to me when I asked you personally and now, the whole Kolkata knows their favorite RJ is engaged".

Udayveer smirked and drew her closer.

"Leave me." She protested, but when he kissed her affectionately on her lips she couldn't protest anymore but totally gave herself into that kiss.

The End

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Manveer One shots

Break Of The Dawn (click)

Manveer Poetry

My first love (Click)

My First Manveer FF:-

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Wooowww So Beautifully Written! Really They Are InComplete Widout Each Other <3 Loved It ! Pls Write More & More! 

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Originally posted by ashukapoor007

Wooowww So Beautifully Written! Really They Are InComplete Widout Each Other <3 Loved It ! Pls Write More & More! 

said perfectly about Manveer

Thanks for your nice comment dear...

I have seen your comment in my os Unspoken words too...

You are lovely dear...

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beautiful story dear:) thanks for d PM:)

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IT WAS A VERY DIFF STORy.1st Uday told d whole world that Manyata is his nly 2 hurt her.she said only one thing, "You know Udayveer, if you did it that day when I first saw you, I would have considered myself the luckiest girl in the world, but now, I feel just the opposite. You are the most disgusting person I have ever met in my life."
Her words were touchy.
But wen he realized his mistake he helped her a lot maing Manyata fall 4 him,.But he did'nt no that he luvs her.Wen he realized it he rushed 2 her n made a beautiful confession.loved it.Loved d title.It was apt.Music left him wen Manyata went away from him.She was his melody.lovely

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Heart touching story. It was so lovely. I can say one thing that you're a lovely person and that's why you give us so lovely stories. Keep it up dear.

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