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Crooner 1.18 : Smokes & Scars - Updated (Page 3)

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loved the crooner...well written..HugHug
and the story of the boy continues... grains of reflection...!!!

daadi is as enigmatic as her grand daughter at times...guess khandaani problem LOLLOL 
the cold indifferent behaviour towards Khushi and she has no reason to defend idea whats in store for the upcoming episodes...But it so happens with people like daadi...the victorian age people who thinks they are right with their decisions and assumptions and it takes time for them to accept and agree its not...

i loved this line priya...battle of pride and arrogance love and hate!!!!Smile

The classic scene ::: arnav and wonder why i love this couple who is extremely fairytalish..Day Dreaming i dont hold ur hand to let u go..whatsoever i will stay there right beside u !!!! oh gosh the way he caught hold of her hand today and led her to the room...meri patni s still ringing in my ears...!!!! 
classic difference to this day and then when they had married and he had brought her in the house the same way!!!!! change in relationship...the trust factor...the undeniable influence of love..there s no running away...and yet the same relationship, their wedding is still a question mark...despite all...

like u said...the tears..his anger..the love and the  hanging marriage and now the family honour what will khushi choose...?!!!Smile

aww the next scene...the wife who realises her man in pain..her monologue aap kissi ke saath dard baanthe bhi nahin hai...and there he stood right beside the pool like he always did...and agree with u gal..not to find answers but just to be there for him telling him he s not alone..and trying to support him with her love and smiles...i loved this segment...

and i have reached a level where every song on earth seems fitting for this couple!!!!Big smile yeah iss pyaar ko main bhi naam nahin de sakthiLOLLOL

Ho chandani jab tak raat, detaa hai har koi saath,
Tum magar andheron mein, naa chhodna mera haath
Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaaz

but asr is not ready to open up that easily..his nightmares...the incident that shaped arnav singh raizada..his ideals...his thoughts !!!!! and her explanations...the love...sense of belonging to someone make him mother committed suicide...his painful tears...she knew words will fail her...the same gal who lost her parents just hugs him..the perfect silence...for ,sometime its all about deciphering the unsaid words!!! 

i loved the quote there priya!!!! 
Memories always make or break a person...depends on the memories u hold on to or rather choose to..!!! But in arnav''s was both...broke him..made him too...

sanaya was gorgeous..i love her night suits much better than the salwars!!!!Confused aww loved the morning scene...arnav singh raizada ko dekhne ke liye tax lagtha hai kyaaa...LOLLOL oly one ans i had..pathi hai teri..haq bantha hai!!!!LOLLOL

awww the next scene...after so many days khushi and anjali scene...the hug..the man seeing his wife and sister from a distance...the understanding...!!!!
and the next scene...Day Dreaming i agree with what u said...Smile

then typical daadi accusal...and loved how anjali gave an explanation...the truth by khushi was acknowledged by her...and well my guy makes a super dooper entry...ghar ki bahu hai..meri pathni..!!!! oh well daadi s not give in that easily...!!! oh ya...we respect u daadi..but that doesnt deny the fact that she s my wife and her dignity is also valued!!!!! hola...the statement said it all...

subtexts ::::  

oh god...twins!!! that was my first reaction...and daadi doesnt accept her as the bahu...donno why..maybe in upcomin epi we will...
and yeah for the shankh...its used for auspicious beginning and janmashtami it is used to announce the arrival of lord krishna...but well conch was also used to begin the war in mahabharatha and it had a diff meaning there though...!!!!
but shankh  symbolises  Lord Krishna but it is not his weapon...the sudharshana chakra is!!!!

daadi has got an impression and she doesnt wanna change it that easily..her stubborn nature that she is right and always is comes out in the form of her anger and with her pota not bothering to listen or take a word against anything is jus on helping her too...

waiting for episodes to roll out..for the past s slowly opening up and small small things are building up slowly too.

no precap left me intriguing...!!!!Smile

barun and sanaya ---- bringing arnav and khushi to life...making me feel that they are not fictional characters at all...HeartHeart
and now the daadi...perfect pick...Smile

congraatsss to parsha.Hug..gandhari...Hug.mashira and prashuHugHug

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by indi52

rebecca. one of my mother's favourite books. faded, cracked cover in pale green with a woman against a warm background, a house burning down. memories. smokes and scars.

waiting to read.
Di wow...Rebecca is one of my fav book too...found a very old edition in the school library...and didnt put the book down till I finished it one go LOL
Haunting last line of the book Di - "And the ashes blew towards us with the salt wind from the sea"
Smokes and Scars indeed !!!

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Congrats Gandhari,parsha,mashira and prashu Party

in fact i forgot where i was heading to...upstairs or downstairs...Day Dreaming

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..Smita.. IF-Dazzler

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First of all,I apologize for not being able to edit the post I had reserved in Crooner 1.17 and also for not being able to read all the lovely takes on that.I'm shifting to a hostel on 16th and so from then on,I will b able to post only once I would b home for weekends,which means only on the Friday crooner. I'm going to miss reading Priya's crooner and the takes of all the crooner buddies as much as I'm going to miss writing over here. Cry
Anyways,moving on to my take on yesterday's episode:
Arnav tells dadi indirectly "jahan piya wahan main!" He will stand with his wife,come what may!
Dadi being her stubborn self refuses to talk to him after he says that!
And ASR being ASR says coolly "Aapki marzi!" Embarrassed
And during all of this,Khushi's eyes were only on her Arnavji! Was she overwhelmed,happy,proud that her husband took her side,or was she just in awe upon seeing the "shaitan"  who has metamorphosed into the "rajkumar" of her dreams!Arnavji is on his way to become "duniya k sabse achchhe pati!"
Someone else is proud of his achievement as well. Who else but nani! She looks at her Chhotey  with a lovely smile.Smile
As usual,once he's done saying what he intended to say,Arnav is all ready to go,when he spots Khushi,holds her hand with full haq and drags her alongwith him. Mujhe pata nahi yeh wala gaana yaad aaya,though its totally irrelevant:
Utha le jaunga,tujhe main doli me
 Dekhti reh jayenge,sakhiyan tumhari!
Arnav kheech k le gaya Khushi ko aur dadiji dekhti reh gayi! Imagine what would have happened to poor dadiji had he carried her in his arms!?Dil ka daura hi pad jata unko!Tongue
Khushi keeps looking at him,niether protesting nor openly supporting his display of haq! The scene is spotted by a much intrigued NK and a highly worried Paayal, who wonders if it was correct on her part to persuade Khushi to seek forgiveness from dadiji?
I didnt like Paayal saying: Khushi ne wahan par bhi kuch gadbad toh nahi ki hogi naa?
What the hell? If by saying "gadbad" she means Khushi accidentally spilling keechad ka paani on dadi,toh it was accident yaar! Kya matlab hai ki wahan par bhi gadbad ki hogi ya nahi?AngryWhy doesnt Paayal trust her sister? Or is it coz she feels she talks too much sometimes and this can irritate dadi?
Whatever,but I didnt like it.
What I liked in this scene was NK's comment on damdaar,dhamakedaar, surely  a hint for the future! And Paayal smacking NK's arm as she corrected him!
Nani asks dadi y she is behaving so bitterly with Khushi bitiya? What is it about Khushi bitiya which forces dadi to b so bitter to her?Dadi doesnt answer, as usual,leaving the audience speculating - is it coz Khushi's face is similar to "woh aurat's face" or is it coz Shyam has brainwashed dadi about all this and is responsible for her comeback after 14 years?
Speaking of 14 years,what r the cvs doing with the timeline? Kabhi kehte hain Arnav was 15 when his parents died. Yesterday Arnav said he was 14. Kabhi kehte hain 12 saal pehle,kabhi kehte hain 14 saal pehle?ConfusedAnd if they remember, Janmashtami is on 10th August,why dont they remember Arnav's DOB on his passport as 9th August?Selective amnesia,anyone?Angry
Coming back to the episode,Arnav gets that dreaded FB once again. Shyam-Khushi hug FB thankfully doesnt haunt him now,but that Anjali's wedding FB buri tarah se chhapa hua hai us k dimaag me!Ouch
Khushi realizes he's up and asks if he had a bad dream,not knowing that what her husband has faced in his teens was actually worst than a nightmare.
Arnav excuses himself.Khushi knows that though he says he's fine,he's far from fine.
I loved her dialogue!: Hum aapka dard kaise kam kare,Arnavji? Aap apna dard kisi k saath baante bhi toh nahi hai!
So true! Jab tak marz ka pata na ho tab tak dawa nahi di ja sakti. She doesnt know why he's so upset. Yet Khushi being Khushi,she decides to cheer him up in her own sweet way!
 Her idea is bollywoodish but very cute! Sanaya was looking like a cute doll in that pink dress! She should give up wearing those anarkalis and switch to wearing her nightdresses during daytime as well.
Arnav is surprised to hear the soft music.When the lyrics start and Khushi smiles, he realizes what she's trying to do,but he's not ready yet to come out of his shell.
Khushi doesnt give up and tries her best to change his mood.
I was expecting something sensous when I read Mishti's spoiler.This scene was far from sensous but it was very sweet all the same. A wife trying her level best to share her husband's pain. Hats off cvs! U stick to ur unpredictibility quotient yet again!ClapWhat I absolutely loved was when Arnav tries to go away,Khushi stops him by holding his hand. Talk about role reversal!
When Khushi realizes that she has failed in her attempt,she stops him and says that she had no plans to hurt him.She has no qualms about the fact that he doesnt share his pain with anyone.Niether does she want to change him nor does she want to peep in his past.All she wants is to cheer him up since she cant see him brooding!
Awww! I am so proud of u,Khushi!Clap
And finally the volcano bursts and bursts in sucha manner that it shakes Khushi. She had clearly not expected this answer from Arnav. Now she knows why he's so hurt and she,being an orphan,can totally relate to him.She being his wife,his life partner,his love knows how desparately he needs a shoulder to cry on,though he would never admit it himself! She understands him perfectly and thus she runs to him.
After having kept the lava,the pain burning him,scaring him internally since so many years,Arnav finally allows the volcano to burst and the hurt to come out on the surface. He's finally ready to tell his love what hurts him,to share his deepest sorrows with her. Thats a big achievement for Arnav!He's come a long way from being the man who had made it impossible for even his own sister to reach his heart and know what bothers him.
So when Khushi embraces him,he doesnt shy away,doesnt mutter an "I am fine". He hugs her back,ready to finally let someone know that he's not fine and he needs her. He badly needed a hug and I'm so glad that he reciprocated it this time.
It reminded me of this poem from Fanaa:
Rone de aaj humko,
Tu aankhen soojane de,
Baahon me le le
Aur Khud ko bheeg jane de.
Hai jo seene me qaid dariya,
Woh chhoot jayega.
Hai itna dard ki
Tera daaman bheeg jayega.
Though I would have loved a continuation to this scene. This scene ended too soon, IMO. I would have loved to see Khushi tucking him in the bed and caressing his hair/face,like Arnav had done the night when Shyam was thrown out of Shantivan.
The next morning,we again see role reversal.Khushi staring at a sleeping Arnav, saying: Jab bhi aapko zaroorat ho,hum hamesha aapke saath rahenge!
The contract stands nullified at this moment,from both the sides.
Arnav wakes up to find Khushi staring at him.But when he stares back,she turns away.Arnav is irritated when this happens a number of times and confronts Khushi.
And Khushi gives the perfect Sanka devi answer: Ha toh?Arnav Singh Raizada ko bhi dekhne ka tax lagta hai kya?LOL Lovely! Arnav is amazed and amused,both.
Waise,tax toh lagta hi hai!Arnav singh Raizada ko dekhne ka matlab hai pehle dekhna,phir uske baare me sochna,phir dream karna,phir uske khayalon ka aapke dimaag par haavi ho jana! Audience pehle din se yeh tax bhar rahi hai!
In Shantivan,preparations have started for Janmashtami.Lagta hai dadiji ko kisine bataya nahi ki Paayal Khushi ki behen hai.No wonder she assigned all the responsibilty to Paayal!
Did I hear Mamiji calling Om Prakash?ShockedKya baat hai! Mamaji nahin aaye lekin OP aa gaya!Tongue
Khushi,in another horrible anarkali,spots di tensed about something.Di informs that she's going to the store room to look for her mother's shankh.Khushi says she will do it!Reminded of Arnav's revelation from the previous night,she hugs Anjali, understanding and relating to her plight. It totally reminded me of the time when Khushi had revealed about her parents' death and Anjali had hugged her.
Now,even though Anjali doesnt know the reason for it,it was good to see that she hugged Khushi back.
"Koi nahi jaanta lekin main jaanta hoon..."Yes,the one who knows why she hugged Anjali,watches his wife with a "garv-se-seena-chauda-ho-gaya" expression from afar!
I was delighted,to say the least,at the comeback of the bandagement blue shirt! It suits Arnav/Barun so well!
I loved the staircase flirting scene!And that palat and the smile... wow!Day Dreaming
Palat meri jaan
Tere qurbaan
Ho tera dhyan
Kidhar hai?
Oonchi-neechi teri meri
Pyar ki dagar hai,
Jaata kidhar hai?
Rasta idhar hai,palat!!!
Anjali ko dekhkar kisi angle se yeh nahi lagta ki usko ek bhi baby hone wala hai, twins toh bahut door ki baat hai! NK was very sweet in that scene!
Dadi again enquires about Damadji.Arnav wants to reveal the truth about Shyam but nani stops him and says she will do that once Janmashtami is over.Mujhe kyun yeh lag raha hai ki woh dhamakedar damdar wala dhamaka Janmashtami pe hi hone wala hai?ErmmNo precap only fuelled my curiosity.
Aakash has a blink n u miss it appearance.Aise kabhi yeh log mamaji ko kyun nahi dikha dete?He's been missing for so long and noone has even talked about him, not even dearesht Mannu mamiji!
Back to khushiji,who stumbles across a family album of the Malliks while searching for the conch.While she's going through the pics,dadi comes there and chides her for messing with her son and bahu's stuff.Hello dadiji?Woh bahu hai unki,haq banta hai uska apne saas-sasur ki photos dekhne ka! Dadi bhi kaun-kaunsi baat me nuks nikal rahi hai?
She drags Khushi to the living room and cribs about her interfering nature. Worst, she calls her "yeh ladki" and doesnt allow her to speak!Angry
In comes her saviour with a powerful weapon of speech.He says "so what?"
Yeah really,so what?! He again establishes the fact that since she is the bahu of Raizadas' its her right that she can go freely wherever she wants and do what she pleases!
Ek baat hai jo main pehle bhi keh chuka hoon aur ab dobara keh raha hoon: Khushi meri patni hai!Uska jo man chahe woh kar sakti hai!
Now as much pleased as I was with Arnav was saying that,I was as much pleased to see Anjali taking Khushi's side and telling dadi that she had sent her to the store room.ClapAnd naniji's smile was as endearing as always!Smile
Lard governer said what he wanted to in a "my word is law and my verdict justice" manner and went away,leaving dadi aghast,mamiji shocked,Paayal with tears in her eyes,Khushi with tears in her eyes and joy leaping in her heart,NK with a "I'm proud of u mere bhai" smile and HP in statue mode!Tongue
End of the episode and end of my take.Yet to read the crooner and everyone's takes.Plz take my like as my appreciation for ur posts.
Congratulations to Gandhari,Parsha,Prashu n Mashira!Clap
Have a nice day!Hug

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res!!!Big smile
smashitup IF-Rockerz

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One and One still is One ... the rest is up to you to calculate & explain P Embarrassed x


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Priya -- great crooner..

I am today going to attempt something that I have not tried before... do a deeper analysis. I talked yesterday about mirrors and Naani holding a mirror to ASR and ASR's redemption from the mirroring. This is what is continuing -- each day ASR is walking the road to redemption.
Flashback time
Khushi in Arnav's room with a broken computer. He comes in and blames her for breaking the computer and touching his things... although she is innocent.
Cut to now
Naani catches Khushi with the albums and blames her for touching her daughter-in-law's stuff.
Mirror -- two reactions
Then - anger and blame
Today - acceptance and shielding.
Arnav dragging Khushi in after the contract wedding and exposing her to the thaana of the family. Not acknowledging her as his wife .
Cut to now
Naani not acknowledging Khushi as his wife!
Mirror - two reactions
Then - anger and blame
Today - acceptance and shielding
The same Arnav leads her away from shame and thaana with authority.
This is the distance that Arnav has traversed in his love for Khushi. Everytime  Daadi says something against Khushi -- and Daadi being Arnav's daadi will almost mirror him.. he will actually repair the issue and right his wrong wonder Khushi is so much in love with him that she forgot the contract and all the issues.
He is walking the RTR and is walking it in a wonderful way.
There have been many debates on whether Arnav should say sorry and fix every single mistake that he did  -- apologize ... or show it through his actions .I am all for the show and not the tell track...but this is when both are coming together . He is showing her in small and big ways that he truly repents for what he did and making up...Are any words necessary after this?
That's my chottu take for today. Would have loved to embed pictures but am in office and will have to search !

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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And then  he found his Khushi <3



Lets look back for a moment to see that boy standing in mandap that night..A celebration ..A marriage ..A family and all in one second looked like a MIRAGE to  him..That night with his parents he lost one more important thing himself.

We  don't know how he was prior to that incident...was he mischievous little brother to his sister..Was he lovable son to his mother...and more importantly Did he believe in his prayers -his God..what if he did..what if he had belief that he will become an ideal man like his father..what if he had belief that his mother wont leave him ever alone..what if he had belief that night will be his sister's biggest night of her life...what if he believed in love which his parents had..what if he believed in value that marriage holds yes the word I used here  FAITH or BELIEF...He lost all  that in one night..


He gathered up his life with his new beliefs and created his own world for his loved ones.. he became MAN WHO CREATED HIS OWN FATE or DESTINY...but somewhere inside that man that little boy existed who was still standing there in mandap that night..Somewhere he always wanted someone to say to him that his newly made beliefs are wrong ...Someone whom he can TRUST ..and someone who can show him that prayers are answered too..and now lets go back to starting episode- That very man is standing in probably same place where he lost himself 14 years back and there comes an angel in his life and falls in his lap..isn't destiny strange ? Same place where he lost his beliefs that night became very same place where he gets back his beliefs-his khushi-his happiness..and yes THEN HE FOUND HIS KHUSHI


Khushi-a bright sunshine,an angel perhaps sent for this very man ..A spirited girl who was strong and bold enough to tell him that he was wrong in his beliefs..


So we have come so far in this story where he has regained his belief in love- after all hurdles crossed he finally realized and accepted his love, his belief in marriage- we have seen it often how he values this relation and gives respect to the very institution by standing besides his wife and he has found his ultimate happiness in life -his khushi

but is this it isn't..there is one more thing left in this story-...will leave it at that only


Now coming to today's episode


Again an episode which leaves an emotional impact- and that too a strong one...

Well,I just told you the whole story above and you must have wondered what made me write that prologue- Answer to that question lied in the episode today for me... For the first time,I could clearly see why khushi was sent in this man's life by destiny.. She was sent to unlock his heart and heal that scars -scars that still hurts -wounds that are still afresh...there are very few episodes where khushi leaves impact on me more than arnav...LOL and yes this was one of them and I really loved her..and ofcourse my Man too... There will be many posts that will do justice to all remarkable scenes of today's episode...will just mention my favorite scene- indeed man 's revealation- I was 14 when my mother killed herself... Barun I dont know how you do it...and what went in your mind when you enacted that scene,I felt every emotion loud and clear and pain in those eyes...I equally liked Sanaya too..She was subtle and brilliant in song sequence which I had feared will be OTT..but CVs did justice to beautiful song Clap...

Another scene I liked was khushi saying to herself- Hum aapke saath means a lot and spoke a lot to me... She is on path to discover his hidden pain and word she mentions "Dard"...she will try to heal him completely and may be bring out once again that little boy whom I mentioned in prologue above...
On side note- dadi is really taking dislike to khushi ..something in khushi may be reminds her of PAST...loved khushi hugging anjali and arnav watching from that very place he declared them as two most important people in his life and there he finds them in peace and harmony-BEAUTIFUL... I am always glad to see that man's smile..somehow it makes show worth it..
Before ending this analysis- want to mention something that came in my mind last night when he told khushi about his helpless that mother wud be to leave her children like this and how helpless that mother wud be still watching him from the skies above as a star- her thoughts in the form of very beautiful song came to my mind..this song is from 1960's movie-Aakhiri khat...
His mother wud have said to him in his every dream
mere chanda mere nanhe, tujhe apne sine se kaise lagaau
suni godi mein kaise uthaau, chhup gaye laadle aanchalo mein
raat pariyo ka paigaam laayi, kis tarah so gaya tu akele
kis tarah bin mere nind aayi, mere chanda mere nanhe...
When he wud have struggled to make his world again-his home again then mother wud have said..
aadmi bhi hai, bhagwaan bhi hai, phir bhi phirta hai tu besahaara
kaun tujhko gale se lagaaye, pattharon ka hai yeh shehar saara
mere chanda mere nanhe...
He was still loner among crowd till she came in his life...and thus my title for today's episode- And then he found khushi <3



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