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Crooner 1.18 : Smokes & Scars - Updated (Page 2)

shagun_sarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged

really very nice priya, liking the way things are going!Big smile

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sejket2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Priya...sweetz again i have no words for today's crooner...ur continuity on grains of reflection...the quotes...ur analysis n insight for today's epi was beautiful...u touch on areas that r missed by us average u said it broke barriers,relive the haunting dreams,revealing deep secrets... this was so emotional hats of Mr. Sobti u were just fabulous...ClapClapClap

As much as the epi was emotional it had its share budding romance as well...a new shuruwat... how can we forget sexxxy in blue...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Last but not least the song of the moment was perfect...
today's crooner...image

the song that came to my head today is ...

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Congrats Parsha, Gandhari, Prashu and RashmiParty

Brilliant excellent treat for us after an equally brilliant episodeBig smile. Scar and Smokes! Loved the way you have described the night your style of story telling Priya. To me those 5 minutes were so words, just a song in the background and the eyes of the two lovebirds doing all the talking. It was so heart wrenching to see Khushi try to reach out to her husband. Loved the way she apologized to him when she realized he wasnt responding to her. Her intentions made clear...she respected his space and had no intentions of upsetting him as she knew he was hurt about something. She didnt even want to know the reason but she just wanted to ease his pain...she wanted to let him know that he could rely on her...she was his companion. Her sweet gesture had conveyed the message to Arnav...he shared the most painful truth with her. The truth that had scarred his life. What followed was by far one of the most beautiful moments in the serial. Khushi hugged him tight lending her shoulder for him to cry on and he did just that. No questions...just reassurance that she will always be there for him. He accepted that by hugging her back. Two orphans gone through the same tragedy lending each other their shoulder to cry. BEAUTIFUL!

The morning heralding a new beginning in their lives. Khushi stealing glances at her Arnavji was so adorableDay Dreaming She silently promised him that she would always be there whenever he needed her...hamesha!!! Her promise and concern didnt go unnoticed...he knew what she was up to...he had this amusing smile on his face. He knew she would be there for him...hamesha! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Khushi true to her nature hugged Anjali. She knew if one sibling was so scarred then the other sibling cannot be left behind. Who better than Khushi to understand what Anjali must be going through...the sweet gesture again noticed by Arnav who at that moment was so proud of his wife. Behind all the jhalliness lies a pure, innocent girl who knows only how to love. For every taunt thrown at her, she gives a smile in return and for every nasty remark, a hug. How can anybody not love her!!!

Khushi finds the indication of a war in the past but also an indication of purification... cleansing all the sins. Whose sins? Past or present sins? Along with the conch, Khushi also takes out the pooja ki samagri...a Ganeshji ki thaali (Ganeshji is the Vignaharta...removal of all obstacles in life), a red cloth among others. Whose problems will be solved?Phront phront see bhaat bhaat happensGeek

Arnav Singh Raizada once again stood up for his wife and gave her the dignity that she deserves...Khushi meri patni hai...iss ghar ki bahu hai...woh jo chahe kar sakti hai...jahan jaye jaa sakti hai...Nobody has any rights to stop his wife! NK, Payal, Nani and Anjali all giving their approval to what Arnav had just said! Arnav walked out of dadi's room just the previous day because he could not see Khushi getting humiliated. He held her hand and walked straight to their room...they are one now. If either of them didnt get their due respect, the other will not take things lying low. There are a couple and should be treated like one! Slowly but surely Khushi is regaining the confidence and faith in her relationship. The girl who had said...yeh shaadi ek dhokha hai..koi matlab nahi hai iska will change her stance very soon!

Other thoughts:
1. Janmashtami is celebrated 8 days after Raksha Bandhan which means they have come to the end of the 13 day challenge...Does Arnav babua remember this? He is very beeji flirting with his wifeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. I know the contract marriage doesnt mean a thing to both of them but till they say it out aloud, mujhe chain nahi milegaLOL
2. My baby in blue looked so handsomeDay DreamingDay Dreaming. His So What was so coolDay Dreaming
3. The blue shirt was the only reason why I could tolerate Khushi's curtain suit. Ugly is not the word...ek baar uss stylist mil jaye, pakad pakad ke maarungiAngry
4. Interesting to see that Anjali believed Khushi...she knew Khushi was telling the truthSmile
5. Dadi seems very strange...she has some pre-conceived notions about Khushi. She has met her for the first time but her anger suggests otherwise. It was interesting to see Dadi not answer when Nani asked her what she saw in Khushi that made her so angry. Does Khushi resemble somebody from the past? Dadi doesnt seem to have any problem with payal then why only Khushi? Again, the fact that she knew about Anjali's wedding and pregnancy but not Arnav's makes me wonder if she was sent after having been brainwashed against Khushi...find out kareka padi! 

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged

Deba.. when I read the title I knew what was coming today..! Stupendous post.. love the continuation to the grains of reflection..! Are we getting a parallel story here? Smile I would love it if you continue!!

A man chasing his nightmares through the tunnels of time and finally waking up in the arms of a beautiful lady who has promised to stay with him whenever he needs her for as long as she is alive! And the man.. who cudnt smile for even the dearest family members because his life was so shadowed by the past.. he cannot stop himself from smiling even when the past has come hitting at his face! Coz he has found release. he has found his pillar, his strength, his support.. he has found his love..! Sigh!

A beautiful episode sending out signals in all directions! The past is scary.. I can feel the connection to Khushi in Daadi's silence! Let see what awaits us!

Loved the scene between Khushi and Anjali.. two women, one who doesnt think twice before giving it all for her loved ones, the other who welcomes all in her open arms, her own pains notwithstanding! A new beginning indeed!

I said earlier that Khushi will find her confidence in their relationship, in her status as ASR's wife and the Raizada bahu only on Arnav's repeated assurances and efforts! And that is what is happening now.. Soon she will find her own stance! Smile

PS: The morning scene between the two was the most adorable in the past few days!

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writ_in_water Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
res. this man won't leave me in peace!Day Dreaming


Thank you so much Anjali and everybody else for liking my ramblings.. I thought it was very disconnected but glad it connected! Hug

Wonderful crooner Priya. Simply loved how you described the first five minutes of the episode. Fantastic!!!!! Clap  It was indeed sheer poetry to watch such love portrayed so subtly on screen. Barun and Sanaya for me ceased to be simply two actors performing and imbibed the spirit of true love in that sequence.

I SHALL NOT go into details about how gorgeous this man was looking yesterday, how his luminous brown eyes spoke much more than all the dialogues put together and how school-girl thrilled I was with the stairs-play... no no no going there. If I do, I won't return to complete this post!!SillySilly

What a day to be discussing conch shells, 'shankhanada' and ocean churning.. today being Janmashtami. This is the essence of IPK that I have always loved...the fact that you could see it plainly as a love-hate love story or you could choose to delve deeper and find within the ocean, its many secrets.

The shankh in our mythology is not just blown to herald a war to win over evil but is also the sound of hope, the sound of new beginnings. Water that enters the shankh is said to be purified by it. And here is the clincher. The shankh was one of the first things that emerged out of the 'samudra manthana' or the churning of the ocean.

Yesterday, the ocean was being churned again. Arnav Singh Raizada's deep dark secrets are floating up to the surface.. the churning is becoming faster and more relentless and of course, the tears had to spill out. Samudra Manthana, if we remember our tales, was carried out jointly by angels and devils. Here too, the churning of his soul is being felicitated by both angels and devils.

And then crisis hit the asuras and the devathas --- poison overflowed from the threatened to engulf them all and that instant, Shiva came to their rescue. He drank the poison and kept it locked in his neck.

The parallels with Arnav and Khushi are amazing to say the least.
'dukh tera dedo, sukh mera lelo, mein bhi jiyu..tu bhi jiye'

The churning is inevitable and once the churning ceases, there can only be nectar. The nectar of immortal love.

I am so  happy that a daily serial can let us connect not only to other 'stranger' souls here but also make connections to all the stories, cultures and mythologies we have grown up imbibing within ourselves..they are as much part of us, as the shankh and not to forget, the pearls are part of the ocean.Thumbs Up

I have to end this with the most appropriate poem for this tale. It is by one of my favourite poets.. e.e. cummings.

Maggie and milly and molly and may 
went down to the beach (to play one day) 
and maggie discovered a shell that sang 
so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles,and 
milly befriended a stranded star 
whose rays five languid fingers were; 
and molly was chased by a horrible thing 
which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:and 
may came home with a smooth round stone 
as small as a world and as large as alone. 
For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) 
it's always ourselves we find in the sea 

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged

OK..Again...going off track attention.. concentrate...Mere Sawalon ka jawab doo..Doo naa????

Hum dhoondh kae layenge aap ka shankh??
Uski nazar humari bahu kae sankh per hai???
humnae khushi ji ko shankh dhoondhnae bhaeja tha?? 

dadi's special hate for Khushi??
Logon ki yaadon sae khilwad kerna ?? 
( does it have any connect to "woh aurat"..speculating ..still)

Holi mai bhi ek box nikla tha..abhi fir ek box???
N khushi said hum humesha aap kae paas hongae?? whats cooking girl!!

why are they talking about twins...kuch hai bhi??
yeh kaisa episode tha...Shocked.. ..DAMDAR-DHAMAKEDAR...Thank God It's Not Friday...Dead

Dii- loved you ...yesterday(when you asked khushi "kya hua khushi ji aap theek hai na") when you stood by her and for strange yet affectionate expressions on that hugg ...I love you always...But what are you up to???Ouch

Loved the background score...specially when they played "RANNBHERI" in faceoff scene!! It was like the "shankh-naad" before battles began in old times of Mahabharta and Ramayana...!! 

Sorry for writing before your update Priya...I am full of speculations..n my self control is just giving way...can't stay and stop when episode ends!! May be will not be able to write tomm..public holiday in this part of the busy day..!!! but can't stay away from crooner ..will keep dropping by..(butting in is not allowed any more Tongue)...may be you'll help me with some answers..!!!

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged

What an introduction Priya  'smoke and scar' ...lyrical! And my love for your quotes continues. And the top pics made me sigh .

You description about the scene of Arnav's pain and Khushi's reaching out and breaking the wall of solitude ensconcing his sorrow of losing his mother to suicide just made me relive his pain, her initial helplessness to his silent breakdown in her arms and opening up to her and them connecting in his sorrow. Reminds me of another day when they had shared a moment staring at  an open sky trying to find their parents in stars. That day she felt his pain, but couldn't comfort him as she was betrothed to someone else and he was not sure of his own feelings. But today, she crossed the glass door and reached out in her own way trying to cheer him up and her efforts didn't go in vain. Arnav's pain poured out in tears and reached Khushi's heart and she came and engulfed him in a hug with silent promise of sharing his pain and his arms embracing her love, her support and comfort. A connection of souls in grief.

You said it Priya "mesmerizing subtle choreography of  romance"'!! simple and beautiful they both looked and their feelings resonating in silence through their expressive eyes. Barun, Sanaya's chemistry comfortable and comforting. Acting pitch perfect.

Morning heralds a new 'new';...wife watching husband sleeping with silent promise of being there for him...gets caught several times stealing glances at him...when asked there was first denial followed by another wife-like retort "Arnav Singh Raizada ko dekhne e liye tax bhi lagta hai" leaving the husband dumbfounded!LOL

He discovers her later hugging Anjali, who was taken by surprise but her brother knew the reason. And teasing husband who had made his wife blush for the first time by blocking her way, makes a return. This time on stairs though with the same result. A smile and cute moment shared by the couple who are much  attuned to each other's feelings now. And "blue" makes a comeback...the breathtaking, eye soothing "Ocean" blue.Heart *focus Gandhari!!*

Daadi Arnav clash continues... Daadi 's 'Gabbar Singh"  attitude against Khushi continues with Arnav reiterating Khushi is his wife with every right as a bahu to do what she feels like in and around the house.

Some unanswered questions :

  • Naani asked Daadi the reason for disliking Khushi and Daadi is unrelenting. Some deeper reason other than the initial MU?
  • Naani hasn't shared the details about Shyam yet with Daadi'big surprise in store?
  •  Mother's Conch'last Janmasthami there was no mention'is this the ceremonial conch blowing before the yudh ? Last year it was Khushi v Arnav'this year more of Dadi v Arnav?
  • How many days left in  Arnav's 12 days of wooing Mrs.?


Subtexts you mentioned and I picked up some but will wait for your guidance. Still haven't recovered from the hint of Arnav's father being probably alive.

Overall an episode the tugs at our hearts with its moments of anguish, love, respect

Congrats Parsha!!! That was a beautiful post!Clap
Great Job Maashira and Prashu!

Thank you Anjali! I'm happy you liked it so much as I had a lot of fun writing about an episode like that and the ASR/Barun part is always my favorite bit to write.Smile thanks again.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
rebecca. one of my mother's favourite books. faded, cracked cover in pale green with a woman against a warm background, a house burning down. memories. smokes and scars.

waiting to read.

just read your reply. my mother would often speak of it. and i did read it once many years ago.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ adding on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

to borrow from the first line of rebecca.

last night i dreamt i went to sheeshmahal again.

last night i saw two things. one was just a moment and that moment held me still and blown all at once. the other was the story, the love and hate story, the episode.

i would like to talk about that moment today. and priya, thanks for the quote that spells out a crucial part of it.

"The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.
It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared."

                                       Lois Lowry, The Giver

chauda saal ka tha mein jab meri maa ne suicide kiya. my mother committed suicide.

how many times since the age of fourteen has he heard those words inside his head? how many times he has woken up to them first thing in the morning, words that put a bullet in your brain every time. you feel it in your head, in your heart, your skin, your gut. it stampedes behind your eyes, it lacerates your mouth, it clogs up your ears and your nose. yet the words never go away. sometimes you have felt so much you can't feel any more. they just become words that you throw around within you thinking you can escape them, thinking you can go past them, thinking you have managed to internalise them and make peace with it. but you know that's not true. you are scarred everywhere. you just hurt. time doesn't really heal.

somewhere along the way, you begin to feel the need to share this unbearable pain with someone. not that they will make it go away, because no one really can. but because you don't want to be alone in there with your unforgiving pain. what you'd held so close as yours and yours alone wants you to open a door. let somone in.

but who will this somone be?

someone you love? of course, but even more important. non negotiable. someone you trust.

the threshold she crossed today was that of trust. the other crucial piece of that moment. you want to share but only with someone you can trust.

as she rushed in after him, spilling out her heart in those five odd sentences: i didn't mean to hurt you, i just wanted to make you feel better and i don't know what's bothering you, it's fine you never told me, i don't want to change you, if you don't want to tell me it's...

his mind released, his heart said, it's safe, she won't harm you, his soul said, at last. he turned and let the words out. he has been waiting to say it as his mind says it to him for so long. i could hear the years in that instant.

she heard him, through all her unpreparedness, her lack of any experience in dealing with such things, and in the midst of her own confusion, she heard him clearly and she knew what to do.

her arms went around him in an instictive rushed hug, like first aid, like e.r.; then as she herself calmed she put her arms around him again, this time gathering him into her, reminded me of the time he held her on the cliff bringing her back to life. she brought him back from that edge of darkness and death this time, he cried. his tears again said, i trust you.

what do you do when your father betrays your trust, completely shaking up your sense of trust itself? and your mother is gone suddenly, in a gunshot, in a moment, along with her goes love?

he stayed a prisoner of that moment, trust and love forever an issue. as he said that day of his parents' barsi, no one understands, they only think they do.

today somebody did understand, and he took his first step toward freedom with those words.

the writing, the very thinking, the direction, the execution, every bit of this scene including the lead up and the morning after were inspired, outstanding. khushi deciding a song along with cute loving would make him feel better was a masterstroke. pure khushi, had she broken into serious talk he may never have been able to tear down that heavy iron door suffocating within it his scream.

what stays with me, and may stay perhaps forever:
arnav singh raizada whirling around and two sentences quickly uttered, in a rush before that heavy iron door containing his scream slams shut once more. then a still, blown away moment.

i have been part of a such a moment in someone's life once. maybe because this person also blurted it out just the way arnav did before something could come and stop him like always, that i felt everything rang true. we are in the hands of fine story tellers indeed.

arnav has crossed the first threshold, may he pass easy through all those waiting as the smoke seeps out, as the gate opens, the conch shell blows and the battle begins, and he dreams of sheshmahal again and again, but now with khushi, not alone. till one day there is no more again for that dream.

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