Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.18 : Smokes & Scars - Updated

honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged


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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Fantastic Title PriyaEmbarrassed 
Congrats to Parsha and GandhariParty

The eloquence in your crooner is awe  strickening today Priya..Bravo!!!!

Priya..please stand up and take a bow for this crooner. Clap

It matches his tears...and the pain shown in this episodeEmbarrassed

Coming to the episode...

Arnav's support for Khushi makes me proud that I am a fan of Arnav Singh Raizada! Always knew that he would be there for her..supporting her all the way.

Khushi pacifying Arnav...what a brilliantly done scene. It was cute, adorable, and intense. Finally, after 14 years...he unleashes his unhealing pain...

I personally loved the way, Khushi didn't say a word and just ran into his arms and hugged him...he needed that...someone to cry on...and Khushi will aways be there for him. That hug said it all..

"Everything will be alright my love,

Everything is going to be just fine

You will never be alone in this

I will be your guiding light

Because I love you with all my heart

You are my soulmate, and we will never part."

A little on the morning after..though few had some problems with their conversation not continuing ..I Loved the way Khushi gave him the space. She didn't bother him...she saw finally saw the pain in his heart last night...her laad governor..who was always angry at the world...she well knows now why? 

And Finally...coming back to Daadi and Arnav ' loggerheads..I love this duo...everytime she has somehting to say against Khushi he comes her shield..

"Khushi meri patni hai and she can do whatever she wants"

Khushi is in turmoil..on one side..she has a husband who needs her...and on the other the head of a the family who despises her..Khushi's eyes full of pain and thoughts are running through her head. How will she balance both.

Overall, a fab episode..with lots of emotions and brilliant performances.ClapClap

My Flirty Babyyy Blueee is back!!!!!LOL

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Brilliant crooner Priya di!! Loved it!!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap

Beautiful episode indeed!!! His nightmares making a come back n finally he opens up!! I, as usual, cried with both of them once again! Loved the way they showed the sequence, I mean its so natural!! I do play songs from my phone, whenever someone around me is upset to cheer them up!Big smile

Aur phir subah hogayiLOL Loved the way Khushi was staring at him every other second !!!! In love with Khushi's haan thoLOL LOL LOL

Anjali asking Khushi to get the Shankh from the store room!! I dint know there was a store room too in the RM!!! May be the Room of Requirement hogi!!!Monkey Icons Jab zaroorat padhegi tab hi dikhegi!!LOL LOL

N ASR back in lemme finish wali shirt!!!!Party Party 
Dadi itna gussa sehat keliye acha nahi hai!!!!Monkey Icons Yoyo

N ASR's so what made my day!!Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Serious doubt: Stern Smile

 In the first episode, they showed Arnav n Anjali being thrown out of that sheesh mahal when Anjali was pretty young, n when their mom committed suicide, Anjali was getting married, so was it a child marriage n if not, then where were their parents when chachaji was asking them to leave the house??????Stern Smile Stern Smile 

-No once more ramanchi, not showing the precap!!Ouch iss ramanchion ko kya naam doon???Ouch

-N wat is that dress!!!!!Dead Dead Khushi doob gayi uss dress meinOuch

Aaj ke weird post keliye maafi chahthe haiLOL LOL 

My song for todaySmile

What a day today!!!!!! Party Party Party

A very Happy Birthday my hero Arnav Singh Raizada n my superstar Mahesh!!!!Party Party Party Party Party

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pc_pals IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedClapRes Big smile


Fantastic title and fabulous take Priya..Thumbs Up
short yet impactful..Clap

Definitely episode was dhamaakedaar..though Dadi gets on my nerves ..I just tolerate her for the sake of the story..just dreading the fact, what kind of Man her son was...whom she is demanding respect but her grandson abhors..crossing my fingers to get some interesting and logical story behind all this disgust which changed Arnav Mallik to Arnav Singh Raizada...

Like you said , there are so many things in pipeline to be discussed, to be questioned..Looks like a half circle of their journey has been completed and still some major milestones need to be covered to reach the free oneself from the memories of the past...There are still more layers in this story, more skeletons of past in RM and amidst of all these there are two souls who are unaware of this storm which is coming..

 I am not very good with words so can't describe much..the essence behind entire night sequence was a new kind of comfort between them..always love this song..thanking CVs for playing originals here...This is the second time , he had talked something about his mother to Khushi. And Khushi like her name  again gave her smiles and unconditional love to him..trying to soothe his pain..Smile 

Love this song and it came to my mind as I am listening it these days..

P.S: I would not reserve on first page just happened Cry.there are so many great writers here who can grace the first pageEmbarrassed Embarrassed

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone... Hug

Thank You Priya for special mentions.. Thank you so much. Im glad everyone liked it. Somehow I wanted to dedicate that song for them and I thought this would be the right time. Because this is the time when their love is blossoming in its peak. Where they share innermost feelings to each other, soothe each other like true soulmates.SmileEmbarrassed

Okay.. Im on 1st page.. I hope I do justice being on 1st page and mainly to the episode I saw. ConfusedConfused

The first quote' Very true quote. We have a devil inside us, it may be anything and at the end we have to fight with it and most importantly win over it because if we don't win, the devil will be inside us forever tormenting us, torturing us every single second. We wont be able to live with it.CryCry

 Its so well fitting to Arnav now. He is "The ASR" to the whole world but afterall he is "Arnav" a person who lost his mother. He is a normal person battling his own past. There are many secrets hidden which entire Raizada clan doesn't know, not even Arnav. There is something deeper to this. And when he finds out, he has to fight with it. He is fighting with the past right now. And I am afraid he is not able to win over it. But I know another fact, he will. Khushi is the "Key" always.Smile

The moment he says to Khushi "My mother committed suicide". He was the same old 14 year old boy. I felt today that Arnav is standing at the same threshold where he was standing 14 years ago not able to let go himself.. Not able to let go of the past. He is still living the same scenes again and again.OuchOuch.. But his journey has started with Khushi... to cross that threshold..Very well executed by Barun.. ClapClapClapThe hug.. awesome!!! Priya you portrayed it fabulously, a girl who lost her parents hugged him tight feeling the same emotion; at that time she could see her in him. Holding him in embrace tightly and easing his pain. Bravo SanayaClapClapClap

One more thing I loved was, Arnav said it the Khushi.. It will release his pain to some extent. Like true friends, sharing their past and emotions. Embarrassed

The "Scar" and "Smoke" the story, you depicted was brilliant. The stones turning into grains by touch and tender love of her. But the smoke ie the effects would remain. Or should we say now, the storm comes.Ouch

The "Aaja Piya" scene was so so so cute.. Beautiful depiction. I loved it. Cute Khushi trying to lighten up his mood.; telling him "Im there with you always, You don't need to feel alone"Embarrassed

Anjali-Khushi scene was so cute again. Anjali hugging her back. Khushi understanding what is loose the people whom you love the most in this world and without them your identity is lost, hugs her. Touching scene it was! Arnav looking her Khushi trying to ease the pain of the siblings by giving a tender hug. Hug

"The Proud Man in Love".. Yes he is. Very true Priya... Khushi had finally put those haunting past to rest. Calmed his emotions. Calmed him very well.Embarrassed Just as the new morning brings us hopes, Khushi is the hope for him. I saw the happiness when you find your hope in him. He found a place where he can cry and he will get all the love back. She is filling all the gaps in his life.SmileSmileSmile

Just like previous post I wrote resemblance to "Tere Mere Sapne".. Another words of the song has been started to be proved and depicted by their love.

"Tere Dukh ab mere, Mere Sukh Ab Tere"

His problems are hers now. She embraced him tightly in her hug easing his pain. With her around, he can never feel sad for anything.

I cant help singing this song. I just love this song to the core.Heart

One more thing. When Nani asked Daadi about her behavior towards Khushi when you don't even know her well and Daadi's silence to the question. It brought up another issue.. Is Khushi linked with his past? Or Am I thinking a lot??Confused But her silence was very shocking and nail bitting. If this happens, the thin "dor" of ArHi may be affected badly. OuchOuchOuch

Uff,.. The argument between Daadi and Grandson. Whoaa!!! I just love them. Yet again, He is with her. The "haq" which we say is again come. She has the "haq" to everything in this house; to see anything and to do anything. The right is exercised again.ClapClapClap

So Janmashtami coming up. Lets see what it will bring..Wink

Again an awesome-st crooner..!! ClapClap

Congratualtions Parsha, Gandhari and Mashira'ClapClap

Thank You again Priya.Hug

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.  Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity.  For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen. And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears." 
~Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Oh, my!!!!  I waited to comment on the title because I could feel it in my bones...feel the smokes and scars and everything related to that one man, thanks to that one quote from Rebecca...Your GIFT is in telling stories, Priya, and this one was the best story, yet...Smokes and Scars...vivid doesn't even begin to describe the image, hun!!ClapClap  Damdaar to DHAMAKEDAAR is right when it comes to this Crooner, too!!!Clap

A man of conviction, a man with principles defies his own and stands up for the woman he loves.  She is his wife, she is his everything...One touch...His hand slipped in hers, and the ownership is complete.   Nothing else needs to be said...Naysayers left standing in their tracks. Thats how important "touch" is to being a part of a whole, understanding what it means to belong! 

One of the very first senses we develop as babies is this very sense of touch.  Little hand buds form in utero as early as 6 weeks...Touch is what every baby and child identifies with love and caring, be it from a mother and caregiver; for a lifetime!  But when the hand that is so critical to that touch is gone, how do we even begin to feel love, even begin to fill the void? That same man of conviction and principles lost that hand more than a decade ago...

gif credit: tumblr

"Chaudha saal ka tha jaab meri ma ne suicide kar li...She committed suicide..."

Words that are completely etched in his memory, words that do absolutely NO JUSTICE to every pore that misses and screams in pain for HER.  Words that know the haunting truth which he discovered...the reason behind WHY SHE LEFT HIM!  Today, a first glimpse at how much he misses that touch...those hands...that rocked the cradle...that instilled in him a sense of goodness; prematurely, taken away...FOREVER! 

Every breath he takes affects her...Khushi can read his eye just as he can hers...She has seen that pain before, reflected in her own eyes...Dressed in pink, ethereal, she shows her love only in the way she can...all reservations aside...Straight from the heart...anything to bring some joy on that beautiful face...Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Doon--her attempt at the end to just embrace him, her arms encircled around his head, brings the memories back...sweeping, overwhelming, spinning through a time warp back to when the wound burst open...As she pleads to him to tell her...THE HARD, COLD TRUTH REVEALED...Those eyes betraying every bit of restraint...Those eyes finally finding RELEASE...A temporary respite from the pain!  But the touch is still missing...the void incomplete...

"...I will be here when you open your eyes. I will give you whatever you need to make it more bearable. Here's where you & I become US!"
~Charlotte Featherstone

gif credit:tumblr

The circle of love, yet again..this time its her turn...That Rabba Ve--mournful, aching-- in the background- as she pours every inch of her being into him. An effort to take away 14 years of an excruciating crucification of himself to the pain. He feels the touch, and succumbs to it. But pain releases itself in doses, especially one which has filled itself in a deep crevasse for so long!  His solace and his pancea, the Restorer--the Unseen hand that he now acknowledges. Right there, in front of him! That first healing touch is all it takes...the journey has just begun!  She is there with him...a silent plea from her heart to his...The pain is real and she understands it.  The confirmation complete. 

The morning--yes, the new dawn, Priya!- only brings love, now gazing, perturbed, concerned...It is her turn to take him in, all of him...piecing every part of the puzzle that is this man!  His pain so palpable...Now in her being, too! A celebration for a new beginning--Janamashtami--birth...All of it implicit in every part of the RM...Yes, for Khushi and her beloved, too, in the midst of trying to heal the deepest wounds...Yes, Priya, today was the awareness of the "nayi shuruaat"-yes, Sudhi, true HUMSAFARS together!! And, a continuation of the unsaid--"Humari baat abhi khataam nahi hui"--his cathartic moment defined it for both of them!  Yes, Priya, the Pandora's box is open; and it is the secrets from this box, which will help him heal...the ultimate paradox at play!!  

Seeing Di in the hallway only reminds her of her beloved.  She reaches out to her--instinctively--one orphan to another; a sister-in-law to her own kin . Trying to take away every inch of pain--that lion heart never stops caring. As he watches her from the top of the stairs, her love and concern only reiterates what he has already knownYes, I spoke extensively about haq, he sees her exerting that very haq on his sister too...That tableau affects him completely! Yes, the man whose soul is engulfed in pain, actually SMILES...his eyes showing her love and gratitude. Joy on his face--Khushi-even as the SMOKE is yet to clear! She is so under his skin that his darkest scar has been touched and bathed in light--ah, lets think back to one of our fav Rumi quotes, hun--"The wound is the place where the light enters you..."  That is the POWER of her healing! 

Traditions, beliefs and the truth clash yet again as Dadi tries to undermine Khushi yet again..."Humari Bahu ka Shankh"--that conch shell which will herald the new beginning--becomes front and center in the tug of acceptance.  We see Anjali handing over the responsibility to find the shell to Khushi--the Mallik bahu--while Dadi tries to take it away!  Dadi would rather have the Payal, the Raizada bahu, handle everything...

Ah, and then the DECREE....

"Toh kya farq padta hai..Uska jahan maan chahein ja sakti hain...Woh iss ghar ki bahu hai...Khushi meri patni hai uska joh maan chahein woh kar sakti hain!"

That very hand which had led her forcefully over the doorstep into the RM 6 months ago with absolutely no rights over anything, today was held once again (figuratively speaking) only this time with every single "haq"as his wife bestowed on her in front of a defiant family matriarch  and in that very same living room! That very man who had said that he was responsible for what he had done to her, today rectifies that wrong...with the most important witnesses present!  No fanfare, just a declaration once again! What NK had suspected as something Damdaar-DHAMAKEDAAR--yes, Sakha, you are always right--now revealed to all!  Let there be no doubt who this woman is to me...assertive and assured...a finality to his words! Khushi's eyes only reveal love and respect...Her doubts have now been cleared! 

Other Thoughts~

~Fantastic, fantastic, FANTASTIC dialogues and screenplay!!!  Just unbelievable!  Seriously, CVs, YOU ALL ARE RE-WRITING TELEVISION HISTORY!!!

~LOVED Naani today!!!  Questioning her bestie about Khushi!  Will we finally get the reveal behind the indecipherable and reprehensible snub tomorrow?  Her expressions ROCKED!

~To be honest, I am not sure of a remarriage is required...especially after the Raizada DECREE today!  But TRPs will dictate that one!

~ Payal!Dead  Suspecting Khushi of doing wrong by Dadi again!Angry  Where is the loyalty, girl???AngryAngry

~Anjali was great today...although her expressions in that scene when ASR reminds everyone of the lady of the house, was completely banal!

~Taxation and RevenueLOL--Loved the dialogue...ah, we & Khushi don't mind paying tax, but what kind of tax would ASR charge?Wink  And more importantly, how much?EmbarrassedBlushing

~RHAPSODY IN BLUE!!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

~The two-step dance LOLon the stairs--possibly my most fav part of ArHi is when they do the two-step...often in their room...Loved seeing it on the stairs today...That whole scene was a throwback to PayAsh's wedding for me!

~Love...checking you out--that new dawn, "can't keep my eyes of off you" was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Day Dreaming

~Arnav and Anjali's Amma--that solo pic of hers...really touched me...Loved seeing Khushi leaf through that album...The look on her face was so endearing!  

~Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar Doon--so quintessentially Khushi...just loved the freshness and innocence in that scene-and I think it made the following scenes even more gut-wrenching!  Thank you for posting the song, hun...Waheeda Rehman is so exquisite!!

~The shankh and twins reference--ah, what do we have on the horizon...My lips are sealed for now!

~Background Score RULED today!  Liked that new tune when Khushi was browsing through the family album... 

~A highly charged emotional  moment is cut for a break!  Come on, CVs...pathetic editing!!

How anyone can completely and totally live, breathe and become a character day in and day really beyond me!  The plethora of emotions that one man showcased today was absolutely PHENOMENAL!  That one scene will stay with me for a lifetime...haunting and absolutely, pathologically believable!  You single-handedly proved why you are the best, BARUN SOBTI!  We are the one's taking a bow!  For sure!  Honestly, in front of that scene, everything else was secondary...all other performances were consistent...nothing more to write home about, other than Sanaya's hug & performance during the song sequence! I can only hope that we see more ArHi on full display tomorrow...I am all game for a complete, and more thorough performance of the two-step, & some taxation, too!!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Congratulations to all my girls!!Hug

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Congratz Parsha & Gandhari!! Star   Clap

An episode that left me full of emotions and with refusal to think much – writing will be disjointed, do consider.


A Shoulder to Cry On


"We all need a shoulder to cry one, to lean on, where love and care is plenty and ample, without any conditions laid; a corner in the room of life where we feel no need to pretend, no need to pull the mask onto your face, as there is unconditional love and care in that place. Where love is given to the soul and not to the body, where love in its purest form dwells in somebody."


He wakes up in the middle of the night from his nightmare – a nightmare that he has been facing alone for 15 years. But this time he is not alone – his nightmare wakes up the other part of his soul too – the soul that does not know what his nightmare is but can feel its intense presence, can feel how it is eating him up. She wants to know but he leaves alone to face the darkness of his life – like always. She stands in their space waiting with the rays & warmth of their love, wanting to break through his lone darkness. She hesitates – she knows him too well. Still standing in their space, lighted up with their love, she sends the melody of love hoping it would reach his heart. She smiles as it does reach him – he turns to face the light, with silent pain in his eyes, waiting for her to offer the light to him. "A man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self-in the mirror of some woman's eyes." He wants it too but he needs her to guide him there.


She crosses the door with a smile, the smile she brought from their world of light. She tries to light up his heart – she returns the actions of love he bestowed on her, with interest. She gives him assurance, she gives him support, she gives him warmth. The solace he always sought in darkness becomes unbearable to him as the darkness loses its intensity with her every touch. So finally, he returns to their space – the space that holds the light. She assures him she does not want him to change – she just wants to share his pain. And for the first time, he feels he can let it go. He feels he can share his pain, he feels that the eager soul will share his pain, if not lessen. "14 saal ka tha jab meri maa ne suicide kaar li .." She understands & she feels. She gives all she could offer – love & comfort. She wraps him in her arms – letting go the pain through the tears – a pain that is as much hers as is his. He understands & he feels too. He embraces her offerings – letting their pains to become one – letting their story to complete another full circle.


She opened up her pained heart to him one day – telling him about her deceased parents, her fears, her insecurities. That day he felt her pain but they shed their lone tears standing apart. That day started their star connection – which she realized on another night when he again stood facing his nightmare alone. She sensed his pain but she knew she could not cross the line. From that day they have walked long miles together. She probes and he opens up his heart too – and now their tears have finally become one. The same pain they have been bearing all along but alone, now they can bear together.


The man who has been facing this world all alone, has finally found someone to share his soul with. He chose to suffer inside his own dark world but she has always broken through. She has never left him alone. She has always walked into his "supposed" comfort zone & brought him to face the light.


She made her choice the day she feared she might lose her father again. He knew she needed him but he did not know how he could be there for her. But she chose him as her shoulder to cry on that day – he failed to reciprocate but she did not change her choice. And today she knew he needed her and she also knew how she could be there for her. She let him choose – and he has finally made his choice too.


The night ends only to bring a new dawn .. and she promises to never let him be alone. She will be by his side .. always.


Mission Mrs KKGSR Continues

The beginning & the closing scene of the episode – it is all about Khushi Kumari Gupta .. Singh Raizada. I will not go into details .. if yesterday was about ensuring she gets her respect as his wife, today was about establishing her rights as his wife. He is undoing everything he said to her on their wedding night – one by one. He is winning her again & again but the rift being created between the Daadi & the Pota in the process is not being unnoticed by Khushi. It is to see how she thinks of dealing it. It was good to see the whole family being happy as Arnav stands by his wife – the only person that Daadi might get in her camp is apparently Maami.


A Dash of Romance

Arnav wakes up to a staring Khushi. It must have felt weird being on the receiving end for the first time. LOL Tax for staring at him? There goes another business case!


His heart drenches as he sees her hugging his sister – the first time after the kidnap fiasco. And again a little romance in the staircase – a light breeze across the ongoing intense drama soothes our heart.


A Few Random Thoughts:

1) "How dare she touch my son & daughter-in-law's stuff" – she has already claimed their biggest possession – their son. Why bother about the material stuff? Or is it her claiming of the son is what bothers her most?

2) Naani questioning Daadi – why she is so hard on Khushi? We all question the same.

3) Daadi again asking about Damaad ji & the hiding game continues.

3) The beginning of Shankh Saga


Things I still cannot get past:

1) For which auspicious moment is Arnav waiting for to take their relationship to the next level?

2) I never comment on the dresses Khushi wears but this one has to be the worst ever dress I have ever seen to be worn by any leading lady. Enough said.

To finish off, something for & from Arnav Singh Raizada .. One of my fav from the teenage years - reminded me of Arnav's journey in love

"I was lost and alone Trying to grow,
making my way down that long winding road
Had no reason, no rhyme Like a song out of time
And there you were, standing in front of my eyes
How could I be such a fool To let go of love and break all the rules
Girl when you walked out that door left a hole in my heart
And now I know for sure

You're the air that I breathe
Girl you're all that I need
And I wanna thank you, lady
You're the words that I read
You're the light that I see
And your love is all that I need

I was searching in vain Playing a game
Had no-one else but myself left to blame
You came into my world, No diamonds or pearls
Could ever replace what you gave to me girl
Just like a castle of sand
Girl, I almost let love slip right out of my hands
And just like a flower needs rain
I will stand by your side through the joy and the pain"

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Priya, what a beautiful & mesmerising Crooner, with the story adding a magical touch to it Clap Clap Clap
Lovely, Soothing episode Smile Have so many thoughts, not sure if I will be able to update today. I apologise for reserving on the 1st page. Will try my best to come back but not sure.
As u mentioned, so many subtle hints being thrown on a daily basis now. The gathering storm pickling up speed with every passing day.
" A very Happy Birthday to my Arnav Singh Raizada " PartyParty
Main tax pay karne ko tayyar hoon Wink 
For the hottie in blue, that pain conveyed thru his eyes, left me speechless & emotional Clap Clap
Congrats to the Stars of the Thread : Parsha & Gandhari Clap Clap Star Star & also to Prashu & Mashira Clap Clap 

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