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Aaja piya, stairwa main game khele! (Page 14)

boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zindagirocks_21

I couldn't stop giggling all through out the post !!

I loved how Arnav held khushi hand and dragged her to their room ( awesome ) and nk , how payal smacked him loved that !

I never knew payal could do that ! It reminded me of me and my older brothers beating each other ! Ahh old memories :)
but to tell you the truth I hate the dadi , I was like where the f**k did you come from and judging khushi though she doesn't even know her properly ! Some people say that there is something go to do with khushi parents and Arnav parents , that dadi doesn't like khushi.
I hope Khushi has nothing to do with Arnav's dad.. I would hate that.. I hope like Punkin suggested, Arnav's dad killed Khushi's parents.. that I dont mind.. 

 But so far loved how he stood up for her and nani smiling. 
Yes.. thats why I love DAdi.. now Khushi knows how much Arnav loves her.

Thank god Anjali is recovering from the inicident , finally she started talking normally to khushi , even I see the old bond between them coming back .
Fuzzy keeps reminding me that I shouldn't trust Anjali.. so I think I won't.

To tell you the truth , whenever they show the flashback , it's the same and when Arnav was having the nightmare I was like
literally begging god that please don't let it be the same flashback , show us something else.
And and the dadi blaming khushi ! Like W*F !
It's ok.. if Dadi blames Khushi, Arnav can stand up for her.. and hten Khushi will love him more.. so let Dadi blame her.. 

Loved how Arnav was like " so what" it's funny how I was watching the show at my work cz I always go early becaue of stupid bus services and trains , and the works I work with she's like " hoon ki wakhide paiye a kuri) ahah can't write in punjabi and I'm like explaining to her ! No ones let's us talk about dramas at all at work , everytime we say something
some guy has to come and say blah blah blah !
Yeah.. guys are stupid.. they keep teasing me that I should get a life and not watch Hindi shows.. and I say this is not a saas bahu one.. this is IPK.. its different.. and they go rolling their eyes.. 

And the stairs ! Haye main mar jawan mundiya toh the dil he jeet liya :) damn that smirk is gonna kill me some day
he kills me everyday girl.. everyday.. sigh.. that smirk.. how does his wife survive? LOL

thanks for the pm and a wonderful post :)

SamAina_yudkbh Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by boreddamsel

I was wondering whether or not to write a post today.. but even an hour later I can't stop giggling thinking about the game on the stairs.. so thought I will write a post LOL

What an episode.. well not as great as Friday's.. but close enough!

Four highlights about today's episode
- Arnav supporting his wife.. 
- Did I say, Arnav supporting his wife.. LOL
- Khushi attempting to cheer Arnav
- Anjali and Khushi almost getting back to old times! 

For those people who were upset yesterday that Arnav didn't grab Khushi's hand.. happy today?? Why did he grab Khushi's hand.. lol.. if he hadn't, she would have stayed there and taken insults from Dadi gladly LOL lol.. but I loved how he grabbed her hand and kept walking all the way to their room.. well my GM went boing.. Embarrassed
Loved the smack by Payal against NK's chest.. so cute! NK is like the little brother she never had! 
NK's dialogue was classic.. Arnav saved Khushi from Dadi's mouth.. lol.. from the lion's mouth.. 
But Payal, seriously.. your first thought is that Khushi did something wrong? I went like Angry and then was like ok, Payal admitting it might have been her fault!

Groan.. just yesterday I was like.. don't show that stupid flashback again.. and they did.. and I went like Angry nahiii.. not again! 

Now coming to the most-awaited-with-bated-breath song sequence.. my verdict.. Confused not too happy.. but not too sad, 'coz Arnav finally revealed his worry to Khushi! CVs, honestly, is that how a wife tries to cheer up her husband.. playing the song was cute, I agree.. loved that.. oh wait I did smile when she shook her head very cutely.. hehe.. and when she put her arms around his neck.. yes it was cute.. ok, maybe the spoiler ruined it for me.. sigh! Cry

You know why I started writing Arshi Love Saga, because that's how I want to see Arshi on screen.. and I know the reason you guys like it is 'coz thats how you want Arshi to behave too! You know today when Khushi put her arms around Arnav, my eyes teared up.. I think I had put a scene like that in my FF or something.. where Arnav would sit on the recliner and Khushi would put her arm around him and ask him to come to bed.. I remember when I wrote it, I had wondered.. will we ever get to see Arshi like that.. and today when I saw that.. it was like a dream come true.. but of course for a moment.. 'coz Arnav pushed her away.. 

But then when he revealed his past, it just shows how deep their love is.. how much Khushi has touched him.. the Arnav who hides his sorrow even from his Di just revealed it to Khushi! I honestly don't know what to say.. I just loved it!

Arnav Arnav Arnav.. where did the flirty guy go? D'oh When you wake up and watch your wife staring at you.. you ask her why are you staring at me??? LOL But then again, I loved the "what?" at the end.. they might not be cant-keep-hands-off-each-other couple, but their nok-jhoks are out of this world!

I think apart from the stair game, one other thing that touched my heart today was Khushi hugging Anjali. It just shows how much she loves this family.. and Anjali.. and I'm glad Arnav saw it! Also I'm glad Anjali is slowly getting back to her old self.. I was getting tired of the weak helpless Anjali!

Now to the cutest part of today's episode... Day Dreaming Blushing omg omg omg.. Arnav stopped her on the stairs... and the best part that smirk on that yummy face.. omg.. did I just say yummy .. Embarrassed oops.. I still am blushing.. and giggling Embarrassed

NK's comment about twins.. lol.. there is not even one baby in that flat tummy.. there is no way there are two LOL

The whole storage room incident reminded me of the one time Anjali sent Khushi to keep the broken laptop in Arnav's room.. Anjali sends Khushi to do something, she gets in trouble and then Anjali defends her.. yes, Anjali-Khushi bond is slowly going back to its old self! I'm glad.. phew!

and my hero.. my Arnav .. my baby.. sigh! the way you said "So what?" in the coming up next.. lol.. I burst out laughing when immediately after the break started, Fuzzy pinged me "So what?" lol.. we are crazy, aren't we .. love you Fuzzy hon Hug  

I know I don't have to say it but I loved how Arnav stood up for his wife.. Did you notice everyone's faces.. Nani was happy... there was a faint smile and hint of pride on Anjali's face.. Payal was so overwhelmed that finally someone supports Khushi.. (deep down she must have been thinking.. I wish my husband had the balls.. last time when Maaji accused me .. I'm talking about the exchange of medicines.. Arnavji defended me!) Btw.. where is Akash? He also disappeared like Mamaji? Btw, Arnav hon, you might want to start working from home.. especially since Dadi is here to stay!

This Dadi is a female version of ASR.. though the actress is no where close to Barun when it comes to her expressions.. she doesn't scare me at all.. oh boy, Barun can! LOL But anyways, it's like ASR disappeared and now female-senior-ASR-Dadi has appeared! or like Fuzzy said, Gabbar Dadi!

You know what, don't hate me, but I love Dadi now.. I'm so glad she came to RM.. She is finally making Khushi realize what Arnav couldn't do with all the wooing.. Dadi is making Khushi realize how much Arnav loves her.. No wooing, no redemption track could ever make her realize the depth of his love for her.. but what he is doing now.. respecting her and standing up for her against anyone who tries to harm her.. now that is love! Girl, if you ever hate him, give him to me.. I will gladly take him LOL

What did you guys think?

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Krishna_Laya Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Wonderful Post...njoyed reading it and loved it..

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Avi64 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by boreddamsel

Originally posted by Avi64

I was secretly wishing for NK to say something GM-ishWink but what he said was soo funny... "from Dadi's mouth!"LOL

I know... when he pointed them out to Payal.. even I thought he might say.. oh look Nanav is dragging Khushi to their room.. and then  Payal would blush.. but then again this is not an FF .. this is IPK.. LOL
Hmm... IPK... with Dadi on our heads...

Oh good.. I try to stay away from spoilers.. but I log on to Facebook and I see updates there accidentally... maybe I should just not log on to Facebook!
oh... I don't get any spoilers there... thank god for that!

I'm glad he opened up.. it just shows her again and again how much he loves her and trusts her.. all this scares me though.. everytime we get something good, it is an indicator of something bad going to happen.. last time when he fell in love and was about to confess, the MU happened.. this time he is already in love.. and slowly falling deeper and deeper in love.. not sure what else is going to happen!
darao mat yaar! I'm stll on one episode at a time funda... don't wanna hope... don't wanna dread...

Lol.. I actually didn't mind Arnav crying today.. I was just busy awwwing about the way Khushi was hugging him.. she hugged him differently.. and then they also showed him lifting his hands to hug her.. just to show that he understands and appreciates her comforting him.. I love such scenes.. and then the CVs ruin this love by showing that stupid I'm-going-to-throw-your-family-out-on-the-streets crap!
they have to keep reminding us that the man has split personality disorder...TongueLOL

i wanted him to go to her... tip her chin up and say "now thats better! stare away all you like dear wifey! haq banta hai tumhara mujhe dekhne ka! why steal glances! I'm right here... stare for all you like!"Wink but yeah... that "what?" with his half smiling clearly plastering "pagal" on his face was cute!

Nice.. I'm actually going to put something similar in one of my stories.. 'coz asrcraze also mentioned that she wanted to see a better scene.. so I will write it for you too! I was thinking of more along the lines of she will keep staring and he might go around so that one time she will stare and he wont be there and then he will grab her from the other side and place a kiss on her cheeks.. Embarrassed but I love the dialogue.. I can put something like that also if you want.. LOL
yeah... take what you are thinking and continue it with the dialogue... it'll be fun...Embarrassed

I'm still drooling girl! his flirting... omg!!!!Blushing but what had me swoon was when he moved away to let her go... it was such a gentlemanly gesture... and he looked tooo cute when he was waiting for Khushi to step ahead first... and I was wondering "this is ASR who used to say "hato" if Khushi ever crossed his path! OMG! Still blushing!

oh wait.. my favorite "hato" scene was after he fainted and she is supporting him against the wall.. and he finally wakes up and he is like.. hato.. sigh! I can watch that again and again!
girl, i was thinking about the same scene when i typed it! its one of my favourite scenes too... its even on my cellTongue

LOL Dadiji doesn't seem to mind that Anjali doesn't have a tummy.. A Dadiji who is so orthodox.. LOL
Maybe she only wants to focus on one target at the momentTongue

she better.. else I'm going to go into that room and push her closer to him.. all this love when they are awake.. and nothing at night? Iss control ko kya naam doon? D'oh
LOL Lazy Laad GovernorLOL

Some more things I noted

1) Arnav wanted dadi to know the truth as soon as possible... that man has learned from his mistakes... hiding the truth invites unnecessary troubles... i wish nani would tell him..

2) me and aaliya were talking and we both felt that dadi maybe has recognized her... they are connected by their pasts... so maybe Dadi knows who Khushi really is... that is why she is so cold against her... see even as a maid she was against Khushi touching anything in the temple...HP brought the pooja ki thal... nothing was said to him... the way she was silent when nani asked her aap itni kyon naraaz hai... aisi kaunsi vajah hai... and then her reaction today on finding Khushi in the store room going through photographs... if someone's looking for something... they would look every where, find other things and shuffle through them... and an album specially... to top it... an album of your husband's chilhood... Dadi knows... what say???

@read - agreed!

As for 1, yes good point.. Avni also noted Arnav's closeness to Nani now.. the same Nani he used to fight with.. 
As for 2, I don't think so.. I think Khushi just reminds her of Arnav's father's mistress.. I'm sure she was from a poor family too. and she doesn't like Manorama either, but she is a Raizada bahu.. Khushi even though is a Raizada bahu is married to her grandson and tat's not acceptable.. she might have wanted him to marry someone from a wealthy family.. I don't think Khushi's parents had anything to do with Arnav's father.. I think their death might have been due to Arnav's father.. that's what Punkin said.. as for HP touching the pooja thali, I thought that was just either a blooper or they just wanted to show how Khushi was targeted 'coz she was a woman! Maybe Arnav's dad's mistress was the maid at their house... well anyways we will not know until the CVs show it.. they are so unpredicatable we can never guess! So lets wait and watch!

I think you've got a point... Dadi would be troubled by the resemblence... Thats definitely a more plausible theory... and as for IPK... we always wait full 23 and a half hours to watchTongue

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207shikha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
could'nt agree more.

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pantrossy Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
Hey you..
You always made my day n night by review of epi
Yes, that was worth watching
Love the way he was supporting her in everywhere

NK is second charm of IPKKND

Dadi as lion.. Yes she is lion no 2 of RM currently

You can ask me who is no 1..?
Its simple .. Arnav Singh Raizada.. Who else..?
Wo to dadi ke vi per dada he..hena..?

Anyway...everything was just perfect
That song... Their hug... N so on...

Love love love love love each n every bit of epi
Even dadi's scene too

If dadi wasnot come to RM .. We coulnot get to
see such loving n supporting bond of Arshi

I know all people are irritating by dadi n
Calling her as female version of shyam
But i dont mind..
I think dadi is the reason of Arshi's strong bond
Just stay n watch.. They are goona be one soon
N the reason will be dadi only
N you all will thank to dadi for playing as cupid
Finger crossed

Edited by pantrossy - 09 August 2012 at 5:03pm

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
WOW loved your post.Yes I am liking Dadi a lot because when ever she is mad at Khushi, Arnav is there to defend her and everyone are witnessing it  

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lakraj80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 2:17am | IP Logged
Thnks for the pm. Loved it!

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