Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - Aug 8th, 2012 (Page 2)

paayaal IF-Dazzler

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Rabba vey...Heart

Mr.Arnav Singh Raizaada & Mrs.Khushi Arnav Singh Raizaada, two innocent souls, fresh in the throes of love, exploring their relationship & finding their place in each others heart & lives; are unaware of the web of lies & deceit that is being spun around them...threatening their past, present & the future!!!


Subhadra Malik, dadi

Dadi's entry into RM is not a coincidence. After 15 yrs of absence from the lives of her grandchildren, her sudden reappearance is to prevent the re occurrence of the events of the past that had shattered so many lives then!!! 

Did you think Dadi didn't know who Khushi was upon entering Shaantivan?? Ooh she knew, she knew who Khushi was very well. She thinks Khushi is 'woh aurat' in her grandchildren's lives. 

Please see the extended version of the Promo very carefully. What do you see, you see The Raizaada family sitting together, having fun. Sitting together, but a little apart from others, we have Arnav & khushi, who are secretly enjoying their new found love. Arnav holds Khushi's hands, while Khushi smiles up at him!!! Then enters dadi, with her hatred filled gaze upon the joined hands. Arnav stands up, shocked to see his dadi, wherein Khushi looks askance at his slipping hand. She not only hangs on to his hand but also manages to stand besides him as images from his past assail him!!!

For dadi, Khushi is similar to the lady who 15 yrs ago took away her son & broke his family apart!!! 15 yrs later, Khushi has taken away Arnav from his family, & has broken Anjali & Shyam's home...The picture above explains the situation perfectly, dadi looking on in hatred at the Arnav-Khushi rishta & nani looking on with love & blessings for the same!!!

Dadi's actions for the past two days are indicators to her intentions, her each gesture, remark, look, everything is a means to drive Khushi out of RM.  But it is only succeeding in strengthing Khushi's position as Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizaada!!!!

Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha

We've seen a different Anjali since the Rakshabandhan celebrations. The smiling, loving, teasing, happy, Anjali of before is back. She is actively involved in the household activities & taking part in festivities.

Also, she has made her peace with Khushi. She has accepted Khushi as an integral part of the household & in her chottey's life. She had recognized the sadness on Khushi's face when Khushi had opened the door for her, had in fact been worried enough to enquire about it too!! Today also we saw Anjali conversing easily with Khushi. For someone who a few days ago couldn't stand in the same room as her, Anjali lets Khushi hug her!! She defends Khushi to her dadi & looks on proudly when Arnav declares Khushi  as 'iss ghar ki bahu'.

Naniji asked dadi some questions today...yeh sab kya hai Summi,hum tumhe acchi tarah janat hai, na tum aisan ho na kabhi aisan karat ho, phir Khushi bitiya ke aate hi, unke sath aisa vyavhaar, kahe? Tum Khushi bitiya ko zara bhi naahi janat ho, phir unke saath itni naarazgi, par kiss baat ki? Tumne Khushi bitiya mei aisa kya dekha ki tum unke saath baat bhi naa karat ho, nahi unhe apne samne aaney det ho? Aisi kaa baat hai Summi?

Answer to all of Nani's questions & the reason for Anjlai's happiness is: Shyam Manohar Jha 

The master manipulator is back, we've only seen his shadow on Rakshabandhan but very soon we'll be meeting him again!!!

This time the tempest would be stronger because it's fury would be deadlier...this time the storms that he's bringing,  would shake RM to its very foundations!!!

How, when, what, where...all will be answered soon, very soon!!!

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iritz IF-Dazzler

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Tu Hi Re... Tu Hi Re...
Tere Bina Main Kaise Jiyun !

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PriyaR-jeesa Goldie

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Was Arnav the kind of husband any girl would dream off the day he got married to Khushi. ABSOLUTELY NOT, he not only forcibly married her but also insulted all her belief systems and values she withheld with regards to the institution of marriage. But today, he is the type of husband every girl would want and dream off. He not only loves his wife deeply but unlike Akash is not afraid to stand by her and defend her honor and give her the rightful place she truly deserves. IMO the whole kidnapping track was to show how much Khushi loved and valued him and that she would go to any lengths even if that meant putting her life in danger for her husband the man she unconditionally loves. Today he has found his soulmate who is willing to share all his burdens and often is willing to take all his pain to give him all her happiness.

When Khushi got married she did not know why she was put in this situation. She was attracted to him from the very beginning and before she could understand him or her feelings an unfortunate incident made her bury her love deep inside. She hid her hurt in all her OTT antics and faced Arnav and the world with a smile. Today's all her sufferings have come to an end as her husband truly stands by her and she is not left alone to face anyone. Today when she saw Arnav wake up in the middle of the night and saw the pain in his eyes it was their love that gave her the strength to face up to him although mentally knowing that she might be blasted or shot down but the love for him overseeded all her fears to reach out to him and she was rewarded with him sharing his pain with her. I always felt that she needed to read the letter Arnav's mother wrote for her DIL but today I dont think it is necessary at all because she has been just doing that all this while, taking in his anger and giving tonnes of love.

Today Arnav and Khushi have reached a point where in all the rituals in the world does not hold a candle in front of them as they just proved that marriage is truly a union of souls.

Some important points in today's episode"

1. Shank- I think Arnav and Khushi will together blow the shank and will unleash all the truth. Shank could also symbolise the beginning of the war between right and wrong and in this case between Arnav supported by Kkhushi and Nani Vs Anjali supported by Shyam and Dadi

2. Why do I feel Dadi arrival is somehow Anjali and Shyam's plan. We will see how this plays out

3. So Anjali is going to have twins...Well Well Well...I wish I knew Anjali secret during of keeping such an awesome during her pregnancy as I am still trying to lose my pregnancy weight and my daughter is almost 3

4. Liking the NK - Payal bonding

5. So Janmasthmi celebrations are coming up after which Dadi will know about Shyam truth. Will Shyam come before that and feed his lies? We will have to wait and watch

All in all, I am long A-K are storm is forceful enough.

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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I reserved a space today..Not to make a long write-up...but to share that a very bad personal stuff has come up...And I won't be making an analytical post today and also in a few days to come...Ouch

This place is very dear to me..and I know you guys will understand...that forcing oneself to write when there's actually no mood to write can be disastrous..and will yield an inedible hotch-potch!!Wink

There was one time..Not long ago..That I had concluded..not once but several times..that IPK has come down to zilch...Nothing is left in the show...

Well I'm so glad that we're so over that now..Yes execution...It's always there to trouble them...But for once let's all praise IPK for what it is...instead of what it could be...And believe me guys...what it is is no less...

I'll post as soon as my hands are free...Till then..I'll be here for discussions..whenever I get time!!

Before I leave...I leave you guys with this beautiful quote...A quote that so defines Khushi for Arnav...

My struggle is harsh and I come back

with eyes tired

at times from having seen

the unchanging earth,

but when your laughter enters

it rises to the sky seeking me

and it opens for me all

the doors of life.

PABLO NERUDA, "Your Laughter"

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aditi07 IF-Dazzler

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Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho...
 Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho !!

Great Episode...well balanced for both the Phangurls & the TRP viewersBig smile!!  The opening scene, Aaja Piya song sequence, Khushi-anjali hug & arnav overlooking themSmile, intriguing Nani-dadi convo, Anjali actually trying to defend khushi Shocked & how wonderfully Arnav & khushi supported each other today...truly becoming each others' strength!! Superb one!!

The Nani-Dadi convo really intrigued me today. Nani's shock at Dadi's behaviour with khushi, saying that Nani knows subhadra is not like this & dadi not having any answers to her questions confirmed me that there is more than what meets the eye!! especially that line of nani, "Tumne Khushi me Aisa kya Dekha??", The word Dekha got me thinking!! Then, the way dadi again behaved with khushi regarding the album calling her "Yeh Ladki", & accusing khushi  - Family's elder Bahu, of "interfering in family's personal matters", clearly telling her that she doesn't consider khushi a part of the family!! I somehow felt its not simply her dislike, either khshi reminds her of "woh aurat" in some ways or may be shyam has actually met dadi & has already manipulated her thinking about khushi!! Really perplexed...Iss Mystery Ko Kya Naam Doon!!!
Beautiful ArHi moments EmbarrassedEmbarrassed-- Arnav supporting khushi at each step, Khushi being there for Arnav
during his worst times, & loved the Tax Singh Raizada MomentLOL...very cute oneEmbarrassed!! Loved khushi's comfort when she was trying to soothe arnav, she is no more even hesitant to initiate a touch or come close to him!! Although arnav was angry, but I loved her hug when he was sitting near the pool...lovely!! Both SaRun were awesome in the song but Sanaya's expressions were just the wonderful in the songClap!!
"Aaja Piya" - Beautiful Choice of Song..melodious Lata & wonderful lyricsStar!! However, really disappointed at CVs for not using the original song, that would have suited the settings better, rather than this remixed one
Ouch!! The Remixed beat & the background score took away the kind of magical feel the original would have had, It instead made the song Dull & less impressive for the episodeConfused!!

Loved khushi's lines after the song -
"Hum Aapko Badlana Nahi Chahte.. Nahi aapke Ateet me Jhaakan chahte hain!!" simply it conveyed that khushi has accepted arnav - The way he is!!..with all his weaknesses & problems!! She loves him as the whole package, not at all complaining about any of his negatives including his closed & shut behaviour !!...Very beautiful moment!!

It was an heart-wrenching Momen
t, when Arnav for the first time revealed  that his mother committed suicideCry!! Him opening up to khushi, revealing such a huge thing, It was just so touching & heart breaking...khushi having realized the kind of horrifying truth he just revealed to her, magnitude of the pain & hurt that he had kept buried inside him all this while, immediately hugs & consoles him, & finally arnav letting his tears & pain flow out in front of khushi !!! Very poignant & emotional scene! Barun Sobti in this scene was again Par Excellence...Bow Down to youClapClapClap!! The pain, the hurt in His eyes, eyes of a 15 year old boy suffering from the loss of his mother, first time opening his heart, crying & letting the pain come out!! Beautiful...their hug was too touching for words!!

The couple -
having openly accepted their feelings & what they mean to each other - is surely coming closer day by day, the bond is strengthening & deepening more than ever before & Both becoming each others' anchor & support system!! If they have each other, they can fight off every hurdle, every problem.. "Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho...Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho!!"

I again fell in love with Arnav, his attitude for the way he supported & stood by khushi at each & every stepClapClapClap!! Not only just supporting her, but ensuring that she gets the Respect & Rights that she righteously deserves - respect of being his wife, respect of being the elder daughter-in-law of the house!! For that, he is ready to fight off any one, be it the eldest member - Dadi!! Vocally supporting her, silently assuring that he would be there for her at every turn of the road, during each & every of seasons of their entire life, to take her sorrows, & to bring a smile at her face...Awww!! Absolutely loved him!!

I Dedicate the Song below for ArHi today & their
solid support for each other...Lyrics really suit them -

Tu jahan Mein Wahan...
Sang Sang Yuhn chaloon tere , Jaise Tera aasmaan!!

Jo dhoop nikli, Chaaya ban jaaonga..
Jo ho tu akeli, Saaya ban jaaonga..

Jo Uljhan mein ho mann, Mein behlaoonga !!

Tum aa Gaye ho, to Jeena Aaya hai..
Khushiyon ka Tumne, yeh Jaal Bichaya hai!
Khoya hai Khudko ya, Sabh Kuch Paaya hai!!

Ho Ghum ke Badal, Mujh pe Tham Jaane De..
Bechainiyo ko, Mujhse Takraane de !
Dukhti ho Koi Baat, Mujhpe Aane de !!

Dil Sochta tha, Ki Koi Apna ho..
Koi Raaz na ho, Jo Usse Rakhna Ho!
Aankhein Na Kholoon Mein, Shayad Sapna ho !!

Tu jahan Mein Wahan...

From now on, I might not be able to give posts in much detail owing to my IAS Mains Exams coming up, so it would be as short as I can keep covering what I loved in the episode...& would go on to dedicate the song for the day!!

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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The baby bump was sooo funnyyy

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bidz IF-Dazzler

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In the journey travelled so far, we have seen love, passion, trust, protectiveness and possessiveness.  Today's journey travelled a new road where the first bud of togetherness was seen. For the first time, we see Arnav Singh Raizada seek comfort in another human being in a moment of despair and weakness. He tried to guard himself yet again, but this time he himself knew that it was a half- hearted effort. He wanted to share his sorrow with Khushi and that is what he did. It was a poignant moment indeed to see the man who has always taken the burden of the entire world on his shoulders unburden himself in the petite shoulders of his wife, his Khushi. What do we say about Khushi here? Only she can think of playing a song in the middle of the night to bring a smile to her laad governor's face.  Did I mention how ethereal she was looking in that pink suit of hers in the night? 

Dadi ' I wonder what her problem really is? It was clear from nani and dadi's conversation that dadi is not the kind to treat people the way she has been treating Khushi. I had expected that since it takes a lot for Arnav  Singh Raizada to respect someone.  Yes, she is arrogant, haughty and all that that Arnav described her to be yesterday, but that still doesn't gel with the way she has been treating Khushi. Did you notice the contrast in the way she treated Payal?  She actually asked Payal to personally attend to the janmashtami celebrations. I assume she knows that Payal and Khushi are sisters, so the treatment meted out to Khushi is not because she comes from a poor family. I also don't think there is a complex, convoluted theory behind her behavior towards Khushi. Perhaps she has been portrayed this way simply to show Arnav's protectiveness towards Khushi? Because of this attitude of dadi's, Arnav is establishing time and again in front of all that this is his house, that Khushi is his wife, and by virtue of this relationship Khushi is the lady of the house.

Finally, there is a general sense of celebration and happiness all around. Janmashtami preparations are on in full swing. While on one side, Arnav and Khushi's love is showing the first signs of blooming, it is endearing to see Anjali and Khushi's relationship almost like old times again. While I always adored NK and Khushi's relationship, it is equally heart warming to see payal's camaraderie with NK. Happy times are ahead folks, so sit back, enjoy and smile:-)

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mahamluvsbs IF-Sizzlerz

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abosultely loved the way he held her hand and took her away from the place where she was getting insulted ! yes he has insulte dkhushi a lot of time but i have always flet  they were his intense reactions to his uncontrolable feelings for khushi which he lashed on the poor soul but now he knows he is in love he is proud of her loce he knows she is his soul mate his life life so no body messes with her ! khushi on the other hand is shocked by this behaviour she is admiring and loving him even more along with the fear of his behaviour getting bad to worse with dadi !The girl is confused and dazed while he is sure about himself !


when i hrd khushi willbe manofying aranv on this song i was really surprised as much as i love to see some thing hot between these two i was a bit aprehensive tht how will a sedcuctive no go with khushi's character but when i saw today i LOVED IT I TRULY LOVED IT !
IT was shown clean sweet and innocent just like khushi ! had it been wild tht would have matched arnav's feelings not hers !JUST A dotting wife ? NO i feel she acted more like his lover his partner  who could not see him deep in coonfusion pain and depression and decided to just console him  and innocently she did  it  arnav did get irritated naturally but the outburst of hisfeelings  came out as a shocker when he told her the truth about his mother's sucide ! her instant reaction was to hug him tight , she could feel the pain , she could sense he is alsoin the same boat as she is ! The hug was more of a console a support a  promise that i'll be there with u always and him encapsulating her  was a reciprocal promise tht he willbe there for her too !



ARNAV jee did u see how weird it looks if some one is just looking at u now do u knw wht khushi goes thru when u r OGLING at her day n night LOL gr8 going khushi  embarass him ! his question why r u looking at me like this and her reply no i didnt was such a tom n jerry beginning !
 No i saw u while u were looking at me" " yeah so  arnav singh raizada ko dekhney ka tax legta hai kya ?"LOLawesome dialoges and arnav's smile was droooly worthy !!!!!!!!


 KHUSHI hugging anjali was a beautiful scene  and wht i loved more was arnav witnessing  how much this little girls feels and cares for every one ! his eyes were soft full of love for her ! His fondness  for her was pasted on his face which  he kinda showed by flirting with her on the stairs Heart


Dadi creating a mountain out of a mole hill as to why khushi saw the pictures ( big deal old lady take deep breaths she is yr bahu and she all the rights to do wht ever she want ... wht about u guys , u have thrown in the store room as garbage and u remembered  it after 14 years ! first answer yr self then point fingers at tht poor soul !didnt u once think y has arnav gone so bitter ! if u had so much concern for the kids then y this natunaki after 14 years granny is fishy !!!!!)

Arnav coming in and giving her a taste of her own medicine "SO WHT ?"" SHE IS MY WIFE I REPEAT MY WIFE AND BAHU OF THIS HOUSE SHE CAN DO WHT EVER SHE WANTS TO !" SO DADI AMMA  get a life seriously now yr behviour is getting weird  with time all u keep on asking abt shaymu but when u r questioned u r mum ! so wht must we think shaymu has sent u here ?are u his legal advocate to fight for his illegal right ?Ouch

Ok im already dislking this hitler dadi who is very very fishy I feel she has been planted by shayam  lets see !

anjali wil remain anjali but atleast she hugged khushi back in the hall !

 Nani seriosusly speak up  and tell dadi the truth before she blames khushi again !

mami tera kya hoga kaalia , arnav is not sparing dadi u r gone ! dont u dare call her phatti sarre or u knw wht he can do !

 nk payal cute !


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