Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - Aug 8th, 2012

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Welcome to another Edition of Director's Cut! 

Ladies and Gentlemen - another helping of Arnav Singh Raizada is served in style, with Dadi and the whole Raizada clan as a side. But that's just the appetizer... 

Entree and Dessert coming up soon...

Yesterday saw the Arnav Singh Raizada staring at a Past that dared to question his Present and his Future. 

Today that same Past had to take a lesson from her Future. 

Yesterday Arnav Singh Raizada staked his claim as the master of his Destiny. He stepped away from the Past, moving past his Present, Khushi, only to come back and take her hand and pull her away from his Past, Dadi.

Arnav Singh Raizada has just served the amuse bouche.

Meantime, Nani asks the question to which we all want the answer. What is wrong with Khushi that you treat her so? Yes, really Dadi - Tell us already! Why are you so judgemental? Is it that you see something from your own past in her? Or is it that a certain someone-that-shall-not-be-named has already burned your ears with their forked tongue?

But Arnav couldn't sleep. His Past was still as haunting as ever before. He wakes up from his nightmare and she wakes up right alongside him. She realizes that something is eating at him. She is his wife and his girlfriend and his lover all rolled into one as she tries to make him smile in the only way she knows how. She plays a song to soothe him, tell him that she is there for him, wanted to share his pain with him. I watched with a lump in my throat as she played with him. Throwing her arms around him, being mischievous with him - all the aspects of her that drew him to her. That made him fall in love with her. This was the moment Khushi became a lover. She offers him the only thing she can, the comfort of a loving heart. This is the first time, she puts her arms around him, consciously - wanting him to take the consolation they offered. 

But all to no avail. He turns away. 

Then she speaks to him. Fast. As if, if she spoke any slower she might not get the words out. She wanted to help take away some of his pain. She knows he doesn't share his pain with everyone. She didn't mean to pry into his past. And as if somehow that got through, Arnav finally opens his mouth to tell her the shocking truth. His mother committed suicide. Fourteen years ago, as a teenager, his mother abandoned him, forever. 

There is a finality to suicide.  There is no going back, no forgiveness, no asking for one, there is a nothingness, and a sense of helplessness. There is also a guilt that lingers in the minds of those who are left behind - especially those who loved that person. Was there something I could have done? What did I miss? Why did I not see the signs? Why? There are no answers, ever. 

Now we know why Arnav was so frantic when Khushi wanted to commit suicide. Why that was the day of all days that he chose to tell her about his knowledge of her and Shyam. Because on their wedding night - he thought he'd lost her forever, too.

Now we know what was the driving emotion behind his 'I will get Khushi back' - not just because he loves her, because he is frightened that it will be as final as his mother's going away. She is the breath of his life. The one thing in his life now that is as beloved as his mother was to him. 

She wraps her arms around him, tears in her eyes, a hug that he needed fourteen years ago, a hug that comes too late. Or does it? He hugs her back. Finally, he has someone that will not let him go. Finally Arnav Singh Raizada has a shoulder to cry on. 

The next day starts with a cute morning after. Khushi vows to never leave his side when he needs her. 

Downstairs the household is in full swing preparing for Janmashthami. Anjali seems to be getting better and better and more 'normal'. She wants her mother's conch shell and HP can't find it. Khushi overhears the conversation and offers to go search for it. With her new-found knowledge of Di's past, she impulsively gives her a hug. Anjali is taken aback, but then returns the hug. It seems like their relationship has righted its course and is moving back to the way it was. Perhaps Anjali is finally getting her wish - everything as it was before. But ... there is a caveat to that wish!  

For Arnav looking on from the staircase, it is a joyful moment. His two favourite women are finally accepting each other. He has seen who has initiated the hug. He has seen it returned. His day is made! There is proud, happy and contented look on his face. You can see him think - What did I do to deserve this woman, this beautiful, glorious woman in my life? As she comes up the stairs, he blocks her way. A little light flirting early in the morning goes a long way to make the day a pleasant one - hopefully! His smile is back. Their payoff is back. They both look back at each other - almost as if they were courting again - except this time they know the outcome. There are no questions about their relationship. It is on course. 

Khushi searches in the store room and finds the box with the shell and other things used for the puja. Just as she is about to put it back, out falls an album. Things are coming out of closets and musty corners. The album has photos of Arnav, Anjali and their parents. She smiles at some. Must have loved seeing those baby pictures. Just then, Dadi comes in. She is infuriated that Khushi would go through the personal effects of her parents-in-law! 

Back in the main theatre - I mean, living area - Dadi starts a game of Uproar. Devyani! Do you know this girl was going through our children's effects? That she was trying to take your daughter's conch shell. Surprisingly, it is Anjali who comes to the rescue. She tells Dadi she had sent her to look for the shell. Dadi is not pacified. Does she have a right to look at family photos ? (HUH?!! So F**ing WHAT?) 

And the appetizer is served. 

Arnav walks in with a 'So What? She is the daugher-in-law of this house. She can go where she wants, touch what she wants, looks at what she wants'. Dadi makes one last ditch attempt to exercise her authority. 'I am the grandma of this house.' And he respectfully agrees and then underlines his words 'I said it before and I am saying this again. Khushi is my wife. She can do whatever she wants in this house.' 

Nani looks proud and happy. 

Anjali looks on, something like a satisfied look on her face. She seems proud of her brother's stand on his wife's behalf. 

Mami is stunned. The status quo has shifted. Phatti sari has now been elevated to the ranks of the Queen of this house. 

Payal is emotional, her sister has finally got her Rajkumar and he is making his family give her the respect that is due.

I would have loved Akash to have been in this scene. Once before I said it - Akash take a leaf out of Big Bro's book on 'How to Make People Respect Your Wife!' To bad he missed an important lesson today. 

Khushi - ah! Khushi, love - your Beast truly turned into a Prince today! 

Arnav walks away. He has issued the dictum. This is my house. This is my wife. If you want to play with me, you have to play by my rules. Respect me, respect my wife. She has the same authority in this house as I do. There is nothing, absolutely nothing and no one that will take that away from her. He once again has folded a dupatta around her - the dupatta of honor, respect and dignity before the eyes of his family. He will be her dupatta always. 

Dadi does not like the taste of the appetizer either. She looked like her Past has hit her in the face. A touch of Malik senior perhaps? 

A tip of the hat to...

The Music Directors: This serial has probably the best and most appropriate music in any serial. But today, they outdid themselves. 

Aaja Piya - Oh what a song choice, so perfect! And the arrangement was outstanding - modern and thematic, but with the innocent sweetness of Lataji's voice - brilliant. 

Love Dadiji's BG music though!! Its superb!!

Reunions in the making:

Both HP and OP make an 'appearance' in this episode. Did anyone notice? Someone called for Om Prakash! And Anjali, and Payal both referred to HP. So the Prakash brothers are also reuniting now - as are the Maliks? Hmmm.. Perhaps Lakshmiji will soon make her re-appearance as well?

Director's Cut - The Index is right here.

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Lizzy's Post

"Patni ho tum meri"...VO playing rabba vey..

"Pati hai woh humare.. hum unse bahut pyar karte hai.. unke liye kuch bhi kar sakthe hai"

"Khushi meri patni hai, aur iss ghar ki bahu.. woh jo chahe kar sakthi hai ! Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakthi, muje nahi lagtha waha meri zaroorat hai !"

"Hum Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada hain.. humara haq hai is kamre pe... Arnavji hum jaante hai aap kissi se apna dukh bant-te nahin... par apko aise hum nahi dekh sakte" what poignant and HAQ bhare we need more proof of a spousal love transcending beyond the self..guessed what i am going to write on today ? yes u are all right..the Christmas day celebrations that the wooing track is taking

let me paste my write up of twelve days of Christmas celebrations before i go in to the further interpretations..what did we see today?we saw the over lapping of the sixth and  the seventh day explain in some time

On the sixth day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Six geese a-laying,Gift of Six Egg Laying Females Provides His True Love with Good Supply of Eggs..equate this IPK..what does the eggs here mean means Arnav's relationships he will share with her.. that is his family to be hers.. herewith hereforth.. if chickens can be compared to khushi then the eggs can be compared to his family..yet to hatched.. so yet to be related.. so will the family be in the loop at this stage of his wooing..yes it seems so.. family helps a man or woman remain healthy

Let me explain...sixth celebration is all about the family..the six geese or shall we call them the acceptance of khushi  by the six members  of the clan ..if u notice khushi has been accepted by NK and payal unconditionally the sakha of khushi and sister of khushi don't count..the family of ASR need to be convinced of her status..this is after the symbolic reaffirmation of the marriage..the six geese being anjali, Akash,mami,mamma,,nani and dadi now..this is the track where ASR gives that status to the acceptance of the khushi by his family is what is being sought out by ASAR..will khushi be accepted?..only time will tell us that

On the seventh day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Seven swans a-swimming,-On the seventh day the lover sends seven swans. Throughout history swans have been associated with royalty and the swan is often used on royal symbols and other decorations. Swans are also found in myths and folk tales dealing with love. With its close connection to royalty and royal holiday feasting, the choice of seven swans as a gift for this high born lady from her lover is appropriate. connect this IPk now..are we talking about the gifts that are sent before the wedding from the would be husband's house.. if we talking about arhi.. is it a unique gift as rare as the swans.. Is Asr trying to give the rarest of the rare to Khushi ..yes,he is ,the rarest gift he least expected himself to give.. that is expression of love probably..what say girls..

   will start with the connections now..what did we see in the episode today..that Arnav is telling dadi that he is not needed in a place where his wife is not allowed to come..he catches hold of her hand...  declaring her to his wife.. states her HAQ in the house.. so what is he doing here.. he is trying reinstate the place of his wife in the mind of his DADI one of the geeses in the sixth day celebration..his nani(another goose is convinced) who is witness to this scene is beaming away for the stand that arnav took for his wife..Mami indirectly accepted to payal about khushi's status by saying that khushi has got gabbar singh as her dadi saas..the remaining doubt in her mind was cleared when arnav stood up to his dadi for khushi saying khushi meri patni hai,aur iss ghar ki bahu..woh jo chahe karsakthi..anjali today was convinced of her chotte's love and devotion to his another geese convinced..all in all except for Dadi ..everybody convinced..will have to wait and watch what will convince DADI..

If the geeses are convinced or on their way to conviction what is the next step..the merging of the seventh and the sixth day celebrations..what is the celebration on the seventh day all is about the symbol  the lover gives to his love.royal symbols..didn't we see this happening today ..the precursor was khushi trying to make arnav happy by convincing him that she is there for him at all times of trouble. khushi did not leave arnav even after he was reluctant to share his sorrow with her during the night..what did she do ?she asserted her right as his wife which he had given her in front of family. Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh..the royal symbol of haq where by he ultimately shared what was troubling him..that his mom committed suicide..has the ASR we have known shared this deepest secret with anybody.?.no he has not ..the royal symbol of trust..the royal symbol of showing his pain in front of her..what else do we want as royal symbols..this is the greatest gift that ASR could give khushi..and khushi receiving this in gratitude and love..tenderness fills her..she knows the value of the gift that ASR has bestowed on her..she feels his pain in every pore of her..she realises that she can provide that soothing tell me guys ..isnt this royal celebration of love..the greatest gift that one can bestow on his love..isn't this the greatest expression of love

so is the celebrations for the seventh day not at all has just started..the morning heralds a new beginning..with preparations in the house for the celebration of janmashtami ..the birth of a prince..the birth of somebody who will destroy evil..the royal gifts continues for arnav to see his sister and his wife see his wife pour her soothing touch in all her help his sister in the celebration preparation where she meets with the past in the form of a conch and photos..but she tries to defend herself to her dadi saas who is bent upon finding fault with her ..what does arnav do now another gift to khushi ..proclaims her to be his wife who has all the rights in the the annoyance of the geeses are being convinced with proclamation of love and rights..

HAQ-this word reverberated in the whole episode it arnav who said khushi meri patni hai,aur iss ghar ki bahu..woh jo chahe karsakthi ..Dadi asserting her rights forcefully but to be rebuked by arnav..khushi asserting her Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh on her husband that arnav pours out to her..their romantic interlude on the steps reeked of this haq.. gosh HAQ with dollops of love reminded of this song from "vivah"

Male: Mujhe haq hai
I have right

Tujhko ji bhar ke main dekhoon, Mujhe haq hai
I have to right to see you to my heart's content

Bas yun hi dekh tha jaaon, Mujhe haq hai
that I continue to see you, I have right

Female: Piya, piya, piya, piya, bole mera jiya
o beloved, my heart speaks

Tumhe haq hai
you have right

Tumhe haq hai
Tumhe haq hai

Female: Dhal rahi pighal rahi, yeh raat dheere dheere
this night is melting and passing slowly

Male: Bhar rahi hai pyaar ki, baat dheere dheere
it fills talks of love slowly

Female: Chudiyan, gun gunna ke, kya kahe sajna
my bangles, what do they sing about

Yeh chudiyan, gun gunaa ke, kya kahe sajna

Male: Raat ki raat jagaaon, mujhe haq hai
to be awake whole night, I have right

Chand poonam ka churaaon, mujhe haq hai
to steal full moon, I have right

Female: Piya, Piya, Piya, Piya, Bole Mera JiyaTumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

Male: Kal subaah, tujhse main, door chala jaaonga
tomorrow morning I will go far from you

Ek pal ko bhi tujhe, bhool nahin paaonga
I will not be able to forget you for a moment

Yeh chehra, yeh muskaan, aankhon mein bharke
with my eyes filled with your face your smile

Yeh chehra, yeh muskaan, aankhon mein bharke
Main Teri Yaad Mein Tarpoon, mujhe haq hai
to suffer in your love, I have this right
tusse milne ko main tarsoon, mujhe haq hai
I suffer pain for your separation, I have right

Female: Piya, Piya, Piya, Piya, Bole Mera Jiya
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

Male: Mujhe haq hai
Female: Tumhe Haq Hai

Before i finish my write up  i will leave u with some questions whose answer will determine the future track ,why does dadi hate khushi, who does khushi remind her of?or is ist some snake who is injecting slow poison in to dadi's system, why is anjali suddenly so happy? tells tells ..pleez answerwa


For all those who missed previous threads... here's a link to The Director's Cut - Index !!!


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              Agar main jo rooth jaoon, to tum mujhe manana
       Thama hai haath mera, phir umar bhar nibhana
               Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
           Mere dil mein yun hi rahna tum pyar pyar ban ke


Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader .. Welcome to yet another edition of DC .. did u scream yippee .. did your heart jump with joy when Arnav held Khushi's hands .. did you gnash ur teeth with frustration .when dadi burst with her diatribe ... did u say awww when Anjali & Khushi hugged ... did u just wallow in the innocent love of Khushi ... when she hugged arnav with her fair arms tonite .. did .. u scratch your head with the intrigue of the past .. the shadow draws closer .. & did u probably .. fall in love again .. with IPK . a little bit .. YES U DID .. 

                                          TERE HI CHOONE SE .. 
                                 TAN MAN SAJA MERA .. 
                                 HUI MEIN PARINEETA 


 YES KHUSHI .. was the Parineeta today (Ardhangini .. WIFE ) .. 

Her man stepped right beside her .. proudly claimed her as his WIFE .. saying .. where she is NOT WELCOME ... then there i am NOT welcome .. OH well .. what did he mean .. he had just told dadi .. a couple of dialogues back .. THIS HOUSE IS MINE ... so .. what was he saying .. SHE IS MY WIFE .. SHE HAS.. MORE RIGHTS .. NOW ... THAN ANY ONE .. 

So saying .. he does not abandon her there .. ( remember all the past times .. he makes a proclamation .. & leaves her to face the music .. "marriage" .. "muh dikhayi" ... etc etc ) .. THIS TIME .. HE PROUDLY TAKES HER AWAY .. with him ... what did he say .. with this .. SHE IS MINE .. SHE HAS ME BY HER SIDE .. SHE  GOES WHERE I GO .. SHE STAYS WHERE I STAY ... 



Arnav left behind .. a STUNNED DADI .. & a PROUD NANI .. 

The Dadi .. who mistook the MAN in front of her .. as the BOY .. who probably meekly succumbed to her authority .. 
The Nani .. who made the BOY .. into the MAN .. who understood his RESPONSIBILITIES  & PRIORITIES & exercised the AUTHORITY 

A enraged nani turns on Dadi .. asking her .. WHY SHE WAS BEHAVING THE WAY SHE WAS BEHAVING WITH KHUSHI .. 
She prods .. WHAT DID U "SEE" IN KHUSHI ..  that u r reacting thus .. 
Dadi .. strangely the woman with many words .. was quiet .. ?? 

Points to Ponder :
  • Was she quiet .. coz she was still in shock after Arnav's behavior .. ??
  • Or did she NOT want to as yet .. let out the reason of why she was behaving erratically ??
  • Or is she .. simply .. a woman .. who had power play issues ?? 

                                AAJA PIYA .. TOHE PYAAR DOON .. 
                          GORI BAIYYA TOPE VAAR DOON .. 
                              KIS LIYE TU .. ITNA UDAAS .. 
                                 SUKHE SUKHE  .. HONTH 
                                  ANKHIYON MEIN PYAAS
                                              KIS LIYE KIS LIYE  


A distressed husband .. gets up in the middle of the night in cold sweat .. his past .. has cast a shadow on his peace of mind .. the concerned wife gets up with him .. inquiring about him .. he goes away .. he doesnt know how to share his grief .. he bottles it up .. was it because the BOY ... became MAN at 15 .. & had to shoulder .. the burden of the past .. & the weight of making the future? 

The wife .. in her naivet .. & innocent .. gestures .. tries to cutely .. titlate him .. & bring him out of his moods .. she is as yet thinking he is unhappy because of dadi's treatment .. & rude behaviour & the past shadow . she is as yet unaware how monumental the hurt is ... so she is smiling ..trying to bring down the giref .. 

The husband walks away .. the wife runs after him .. telling him .. please .. i understand u .. i know u .. i dont want to change u .. i know U CANT SHARE YOUR FEELINGS .. Big smile ( can he not ?? who said the ILU first who shared his insecurity of his mother with her?? ) ..

She runs to HUG him .. stunned with what he was bottling .. 

..WOW when ARNAV lets her in .. he does it NO HOLDS BARRED .. he doesnt leave any stone unturned .. he lets her SEE, HEAR .. & then FEEL his hurt .. 

                                         TERE HI CHOONE SE .. 
                                 TAN MAN SAJA MERA .. 
                                 HUI MEIN PARINEETA 

Yes !!!! Khushi was Parineeta tonite .. 


THE morning after .. the night ... 

    Khushi looks at her sleeping husband .. recalls the conversation of the night .. & is stunned with the amount of HURT Arnav has bottled inside him .. She PROMISES .. yes VACHAN .. that .. 

                              " WHENEVER U NEED ME .. 
                      I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU "

Arnav gets up .. & sees Khushi looking at him surreptitiously .. when he questions her .. she says .. in her trademark .. nok jhok voice quips right back .. & leaves .. he is looking at her . with his trademark SMIRK .. yeh she got him back .. she was successful .. in bringing back the SMIRK.. 
The concerned wife .. diverted his mind .. & brought the smirk & man back .. pulled him out of his shadows .. 

Yes KHUSHI .. was Parineeta today 


                              DE DO MUJHE TUM APNE GUM 
(atif aslam song) 


Anjali is looking for a coonch .. from the store room . which her ever loving & helpful ..Bhabhi says she will retrive for her .. 
Khushi the bhabhi .. today is cognizant .. of the past .. burden & pain that the siblings carry ... Khushi the bhabhi .. with a pure as snow heart .. bleeds for her sis - in - law .. she steps .. FORWARD & HUGS HER .. she is in tears .. 

A stunned Anjali looks on . & then succumbs to the pure gesture of love .. & hugs her back .. 
Khushi steps back .. & Anjali asks her .. what happened . 
Khushi says . i just felt lkie hugging u ..i will bring u the coonch .. so that it is with u during the "janamashtami" celebration .. 

Arnav is looking on .. at this poignant gesture .. 
An Arnav .. over whelmed .. with love .. for his wife .. his wife knows .. if his past is troubling him .. it sure as hell is troubling Anjali as well .. She was there for him to share his grief .. ANJALI .. had lost that person in her life .. indirectly because of Khushi .. SO SHE STEPS >> FORWARD .. & hugs her .. shares her grief .. lets go of the bygones .. & shares the pain of a JOINT PAST ... Khushi ofcourse is as yet unaware .. HOW JOINED THEIR PAST IS .. 
Yes Khushi was Parineeta today .. 


The husband standing .. in the backdrop .. noticing .. his wife's ability .. to take the persons grief inside her .. & spread her "khushi" .. wants to see the KHUSHI back .. wants that smile .. 


Khushi .. goes to the store room & looks for the coonch .. which she finds along with .. some more lovely "puja" wares .. while keeping back things she didnt want .. a photo album drops down .. Khushi picks the same & leafs through it .. Sees pics of a small Arnav & Anjali .. & finally stumbles onto his parents pic .. SHE LOOKS  FOR A WHILE AT ARNAV'S DADS PICS .. STUDYING IT .. 

Just when another pic falls off the album .. its a pic of Arnav's mom .. 
In walks in dadi .. who is as usual enraged with Khushi .. 
Then follows a general showdown .. on How dare KHUSHI ... touch things of the house .. 
Anjali backs her up saying .. she had asked Khushi to get the coonch for the "puja" 

But the ever resilient dadi .. continues .. that she saw her .. looking through pics of her son & daughter in law .. who gave her authority .. 
In walks in ARNAV ... 

He says .. he says SO WHAT ?? ( oops was there a WHAT THE there Wink ) 
He says whats the BIG DEAL .. if Khushi saw some pics . she can DO, GO , SEE , TOUCH what she wants ( hmm message for khushi) SHE IS THE DAUGHTER IN LAW OF THIS HOUSE 

The resilient Dadi .. thunders back .. if KHUSHI IS THE D.I.L .. then i am the matriarch of the house .. Do i have a say in this house .. ?? ( very interesting .. Dadi too has understood who the real power centre is here .. she is asking . now .. not telling) ... 

The MASTER of house proclaims .. yes .. i am giving u the rights .. yes u can have a say .. BUT BUT BUT .. as i have told you before .. KHUSHI IS MY WIFE .. SHE CAN DO .. ANYTHINGS SHE WANTS HERE .. 

Clap to the creative team .. 

What did Arnav say .. yes u have authority .. but not over me .. & i have passed judgement .. MY WIFE is above reproach .. CROSS MY WIFE .. CROSS ME .. 

What did Arnav say .. i have PASSED ON  .. authority to my wife .. she can move .. go .. do .. what & where she wants to .. 
So saying .. this time he walks away .. alone .. why ??

He has transfered authority .. he has .. shared his authority & power with her( khushi)  .. to deal with as she pleases .. 

He has once again .. passed judgement .. Big smile

NOW .. reactions .. to this judgement .. 

NANI  : proud matriach .. & prouder grandmother .. & proudest MENTOR

ANJALI  ; happy .. that Arnav stood up for right .. ( note she was not disturbed by the conflict today )

PAYAL : A releived sister .. who finally saw the "Rajkumar" of her sisters dream rise .. & come into real frame .. 

DADI : .. stunned .. shocked .. determined ... hurt ..resilient .. 

MAMI : ... hmm ... the .. ONE WHO probably got the RUDEST awakening message .. ( darling beware .. bitwa is in love .. so give his wife a wide berth .. i mean u understand na ?) 

              Yes Khushi  .. was Parineeta today 


         Yes Arnav .. was .. "SWAMI" today  


So guys .. a firm pack up .. 

Gud nite & CU at the IPKs .. 




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Enjoy this till update

The image of the day would be an unworded promise by a wife to a husband that said it all a progress in a relationship of a husband and wife

For images of the episode here is the link to my other post di check in

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Some beautiful moments that touched me today ofcourse most of them will be bagged by Arhi Wink & my thoughts on episode -  

> Scene starts with A standing with K telling Dadi that where HIS WIFE has no place he is not needed & he'll listen from here next to HIS WIFE.. Dadi doesn't want to talk anything with her presence so A says he is fine with it & is walking away stops turns takes K's hand & takes her with him. In hall Payal & NK see this & NK - A has got her out of Dadi's mouth..err from her room  Payal tells "wht has Khushi done now, did I do wrong in sending her?" 

Ahaa well well Dadi did u see urself in ur grandson today?  Wink Our ASR is in his own league... Thumbs Up
When A took K's hand & walks all I could think was of MARRIAGE Ritual... where husband takes the wife's hand & starts the pheras... husbands left hand in wife's right hand... So Mr A are u promising ur love that u'll be with her always.. no matter what?

NK & Payal - why does Payal jump to conclusion that K must have done wrong? & NK dialogue confirming that A will always protect K from Dadi.

> Dadi Nani convo - where Nani tells I know u very well, u are not like this & questions why are u like this towards K, u dont even know her & yet ur are behaving like this? Why? wht did u see in K tht puts u off? wht is the matter Sumi? Dadi has no answer but has a pained & sober look...

So Dadi is not happy with K, her mere face ticks her off... is there more to read on this.. ofc yes.. is Dadi connecting something to past? Shocked

> A wakes up from FB, K is also wakes asks A if he is fine did he see any bad dream... K knows he is in pain, upset... thinks how can I reduce ur pain, u dont share it with with her own brand of uniqueness... tries to woo her LOVE back from the sadness...end A gets irritated & walks off... K tells she doesnt want cause him more pain, says she knows he doesnt share his pains with anyone.. I dont want to change u nor want to know abt ur past.. i cldn't see u like this so I did this... A turns around with tears in his eyes says his mom comitted suicide 14 yrs back... K is shocked & runs to him & hugs... A returns the hug... morning a small nok jok b/w husband & wife... & K promises herself tht she'll be with him always... 

WOW! is there any better way to celebrate their LOVE... everyday we get to see their LOVE growing by leaps & bonds .. standing for each other, supporting each other... BEING THERE ALWAYS! what a journey they have made... Clap 

> Mmm seems to be celebrations in Raizada house... so the decorations in full swing for Janmaashtami in RM... Anji asking for the conch from HP where he tells he doesnt find this... K listens & tells she will get it & hugs Anji on impulse when Anji says the conch was her Mom's which she used... Anji accepts the hug & asks why? K tells just like tht.. felt like it... A watching this all from the stairs ...we have a nok jok b/w them...their own hide & seek... Wink

We see a MIGHTY HAPPY MAN here ... seeing the 2 women in his LIFE in HARMONY... proudness for his WIFE shining from his eyes...

Anji & K bonding growing strong again?  hope this time its for keeps...

> Dadi asking Payal to take care of all the decoration for LADOO GOPAL & Anji joins in to say all will help together... Dadi & Nani wanting to have Anji baby - Dadi wants a boy & Nani a girl... & NK pitches in for TWINS...Dadi asks for Shyam again A hears this & when Dadi is taken away by Akash (do we light PINK shirt again LOL)... A asks Nani why she didnt tell her abt Shyam if she doesnt he will... Naani tells Anji is smiling after so long time & she will tell Dadi when tomorrow pooja is over.

Now ppl tell me whats with Anji - her SEXY?? SIZE ZERO TUMMY & BABY & now Mr. NK contemplating TWINS? Shocked  I was telling my dear friend Beena today & posted it in her thread that Mrs Anji Jha should write a book for pregnant ladies -  "HOW TO MAINTAIN SIZE ZERO DURING PREGNANCY" this will surely be a BESTEST seller... Worldwide.

Coming to Dadi - does Dadi know anything about Shyam?  is Shyam behind Dadi's entry to RM? Shocked

Akash & his obsession with PINK continues to shine on screen LOL

> Moving further we see - K in store room searching for the conch... gets it along with other pooja essentials...when replacing the box back to cupboard sees the ablum which falls down.. she is happy to see the childhood pics of A & Anji along with A's parents... stops when seeing parents photo.. moves ahead... Dadi comes takes album from K goes to hall shouting for Nani... tells K is going thru personal things of her Son & DIL... Anji tells she sent her for the conch... Dadi argues... K denies... A comes asking whts so wrong if K sees them... she is HIS WIFE, BAHU of the house, she can do wht she wants, see & go where she wants...

Do we see a hint of recognition in K's eyes when she sees A's parents picture ...his Dad? Confused

Dadi is confirming with every scene that there is something more that meets the eye when it comes to Khushi... & WOW so nicely Arnav stands up for HIS WIFE HER place as HIS WIFE... 

So dear Friends... hope Dadi doesn't even in my or her dreams come in front of me - if so she is so surely going to get from me... BIG TIME...AngryAngryAngry

Singing off with this beautiful, melodious song... ONE of my personal favorites for Arnav & Khushi & to signify & celebrate where they are today...

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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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good evening guys...
vm for the evening... beautiful song ... my frn krishu has upated the lyrics on her post, just below mine
credit- dmglover69

time for dedication- today's post is dedicated to rubyHug
p.s.-winey-how does ur idea look? hope u like itWink

for angel ipkknd is arnav and khushi.. when they are together how can i concentrate on anything else? i ll only write about the cutest bedroom scene in the world, today.. i am sure my friends will take you through the other important parts of the episode.. so ... here it is...
did we see another and important layer of the mask removed today? . 
khushi sees her arnavji upset.. she wants to cross the last hurdle n come near him... but she hesitates...
then she tries her way of wooing him... in her own cute and innocent way she is trying to take away his pain...
                          "sukh mera lele .. main dukh tere ley lu...
                           tu bhi jiyee... main bhi jeeyu"
she is completely his... she has forgotten all about the bitter past.. all the hurt and pain that he has given her... she just wants to share his pain...
            he moves away ... more than irritation or anger its the grief in him that he has hidden for a very long time.. its the arnav who wants to come out and seek comfort from khushi...
but ASR  moves away from that he can try to control that feeling ...he has to try one last time... but this time he had to tell her... he had to let go...
        when she sees the pain in his eyes.. when she realizes how he lost his mother... it was not fate.. it was a choice made by his mother to leave them behind.. thats the reason he doesn't trust love...
she runs and hugs him... pouring all her love in that hug.. she wants him to know she is there with him... no matter what.. n she ll always be there with him...
 and then we see
               "the Arnav Singh Raizada crying for the love he lost...
                  and drawing strength from the love he has found..."


if you ask me did i enjoy the episode yup i did... cvs don like to disappoint me for a very long time.. now theyWink?
angel is deep in mushland today.. n me??i am in ROFL land..
                 forgive me if my vamp sounds a bit damp today..
tats only because of point number 2... when ever i close my eyes.. i see that...

1.i know u guys call her dettol / chudail dadi or watever... but i prefer to call her summi...
yup... she is going to be my bff..till ASR throws her out that is...
summi... how did you know where the storeroom was??? i ve been watching this hogwarts  from the past 1year n still get confused... now added to that another room...Confused...
did it look suspiciously similar to the place where ASR was kidnapped n kept??
summi dear..i can understand tat a certain someone ..who looks suspiciously like a snake might ve brain washed ya.. but what did payal do ?
she was not even wearing her diapers today.. you see akash was not at home.. n manorama doesn utter a single word in front of u... u cant just shout at every living being in RM.. wihout warning...Angry

2. i understand that deljeet was a bit late for her shoot.. that doesnt mean they just make any extra drape a saree.. n make her stand in daljeet's place... infact her B/D was looking more pregnant than herAngry... and was tat a wig on that body doubles head or wool??? and why was is so uneven???
p.s. - for those who missed this epic blooper.. don play the video just check the pic..
editors " ankhey hai ya button"

3. ok so i know tat u guys hugged n it was epic.. so what then? what happened.. u said..ok good nyt..see ya tmrw??ConfusedConfused
some questions before i call a therapist
a)did u or dint u?
b)do u guys still find each other irresistible??
c)still attracted to each other?
d) does rabba vey still play in the background? n i am not taking about the latest versionAngry..
from rakhi night i am so confused..

4. now nanheji wants twins? so is this the final confirmation tat infact anji is hatching snake eggs???

5. i ve seen those 2pandits in laxminagar before this.Wink n i swear they were not doing any pooja there...

6. when dadi n khushi were walking down the stairs .. why was tat guy with the flower tokri so terrified??? he was about to run away from RM... bechara ..must ve  never seen such a dangerous looking anarkali in his lifeLOL.. khushi babes.. u seriously need to wear ur night suits in the day as well... n hide all of those anarkalis in that mrs mallik's "sandook"Angry

thats it for today... meet u here same time same place...

love u

Director's Cut - The Index is right here.

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..ObliViate.. IF-Sizzlerz

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"mere saang tu chal jara,
kyun dikhe dara dara,
chaal tujhko aa chupaloon,
aapni main bahoon mein,
chal khwaab kuch saja doon,
teri in nigaanhon mein.
mein jo saang hoon tere rang hoon,
rahon se teri chun loon mein khwaab,
har lamha yun gujre ke geherata jaye  pyaar..."
Todays episodes may hv evrything for TRP audiences,
thr was our lovable ARSHI...Day Dreaming..
thr was DRAMA too...Ouch...!!
our DC girls will look into evry pointers in the episodes...!!!...njoy...Smile

But wht i missed is ANJILI RANI'S BABY-BUMP...!!!...whr is it...??..Confused...ny idea guyss...
here detective Prdyumni bond's last thy found the BABY-BUMP...!!!!!...Tongue...Tongue...!!

Investigation kareka padi...!!!!!!...Here we go...Big smile
NK--khushi ji Di ka baby bump kahan gaya...??...Confused...
NK--aab khushi ji batayengi...Confused
khushi--akash jija ji batao jara...Embarrassed,,,!!
akash--jo bhai thik samjhe...LOL
NK--nannav mere bhai Di ka baby bump kahan hai...???? tareshaan ho gaya hoon dhoond dhoond kar...Angry...
arnav--wht the..!!...u dont kn whr it is..??...unbelievable man...!!!!!...
Akash--payal mera pink shirt bahar nikal Do,i will go to office today,bhai Baby-Bump dhoondenge...LOLLOL...
arnav--khushi bata de kahan hai baby bump...Wink..!!
khushi---a..a..arnav ji aap ye... kya...??...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ye raha baby-bump..ROFL...!!!

imagemilgaya arnav ji... Embarrassed
ye lo mila sabko baby-bump...WinkWink...

Khushi--arnav ji aab toh Di nahi royegi na...Cry
Arnav--khushi hum SHYAM ko baat karenge...!!...WinkWink

kesa laga humara surprise...hmmm tellss me tells me...LOLLOL...

---well we despratelyy need a Baby-Bump...more thn us the upcoming little JHA needs it most...Tongue...

--well nw njoy our ARSHI momentss...!!!!!!!!!!
Day DreamingDay Dreaming
PS--thnxx to ruby...she made me to post... also thnxx to my GIF frnd SARU...!!!!
PPS--this is just for offence..!!...hope u all hv a smile on ur face...!!!...WinkWink...thnk u...


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tweeter13ShinyJijisuhanamausamreianaRias sharmaPd2012crazyforarshichatterbugyogifalumeghavnGirlOfFirecrazyaddictionErika1sun2011geetmaanluvsanny-beautifuladiti07iritzpaayaalJammy-shidin0117samanthanasharmibalanredwine1Arshig8Lizzy2012srijaaa127anjani-pagli-ElmoFuj-girlTalksBeautyForAshesIllGetOverIpkSrilathalolla

msin IF-Rockerz

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ShockedShockedI  became goldieStar

Let me bask in the glory of the episode.. Yummy and delicious.. Not much thought came out that has not already been said by others in DC..

But some takeaway was who is Dadi thinking about when she sees khushi...?

There is a distinct probability that ASR Dad is alive... Mom committed suicide... Where is daddy... Is he in jail...some other town some other name.
Has Dadi met him...

ANJali khushi equation gaining  normalcy... 
in fact I saw traces of last year janmastami here..brought back memories of khushi ANJali relation here... I am getting nostalgic..,

So if past is coming up which part of past... Is daiya ho there...or is khushi Arnav connected...

And the primary concern is ipk stealing  punch lines for Dadi from the Singapore cooking contest show...I seriously thought that was a promo of candle wick happening between ipk.. When Dadi was dragging khushi in the living room.tumhari him at kaise hui store room me tank jhak Karne ki...Shocked

Arhi scenes delicious...Clap
But are they doing it... U mean to say every night they hug each other tight...then say Raat Bahut ho gayi so ja ate hai kal baat karenge...Shocked

Or chupke chupke...Embarrassed...khushi ji ab aap bhi good news suna hi Dijiye..

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