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Titans weakened by the venom... (Page 12)

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zarahatke

Yaar just cant get enough of todays epi he is being the most sensible hubby rite now unlike other hindi serial who get quite after watching the insults their life partner has to go through recent example is na bole tum na mein ney kuch kaha so well done asr u won my heart as i let my hubby watch the epi too so he can see no matter who that person is everyone should know what wife means in ur family
Thx for update sorry got carried away with the situation
Clap glad u wrote it out...Hug

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kalo_megh

lovely review...the episode rocked!!...i felt so bad for Arnav..bechara went through so much hell at age 14...but now Khushi's there to divide the pain...i loved how she tried to cheer him up and didn't fail...he finally let out something!! and him supporting her and standing up for her is just mind blowing!!...i love these episodes more than the lovey dovey ones lately!! Smile and Dadi Angry

<3 Barun <3
agree... poor little boy...n so much burden to glad khuhsi with him...Embarrassed
crazzyhrt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:21am | IP Logged
nice epi...

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aaliyahassan

Originally posted by Fazila~

Originally posted by aaliyahassan

Originally posted by Fazila~

Originally posted by aaliyahassan

great post..loved the episode it seemed that cv's were really in a good mood today or probably they wanted to give us a treat.. Embarrassed Big smile


i think nani probably has understood khushi's relation with the "hadse wali raat" Ermm

what the??? when did this happen??? plz explain...

arnav holding khushi's hand and taking her back to their room..oh how well u know ur wife..
khushi was looking so cute trying to cheer arnav up.. Embarrassed

finally he dished out the truth..that was great since it meant he has started sharing his sorrows and happiness with khushi..this is definitely leading to next step of their relationship.. Day Dreaming

and again in the end we witnessed the 2nd dialogue of the century..
i'll die blushing someday.. Blushing
loved it !! 
thanks for the pm !! Smile


when naniji said that why are u behaving like this with khushi bitiya or something like that dad' face grew pale..and the way she reacted in the store room was a little wierd..
why can't khushi touch her in laws photos??
the first promo also showed that khushi has realtion with arnav's that's why i was wondering but not sure I hope she doesn't have any connection..Confused

hmmm... i think the snake has poisoned her n send her here...why else will she where is  damaad where is damad...

acha hai na shyam plus dadi ..we'll have two cupids in the show ... Tongue
dono ke plans ekdum flop hote hai LOL

plans fail n back fire...n it will automatically become a blessing for Arshi.LOLClap

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by boisecrazy

Yeah, funny post, but powerful episode...good that  Khushi has Arnav's love, repect, care and protectiveness. Dadi is having all the authorities... dictating an ordering people, but CVS have forgotton that she is in her Samdhan's house and Nani rules. Hate Dadi from day 1..She should have been on the robot that landed on Mars, then for  2 yrs we would have been dadi-free. My guess is that Dadi is going to make Khushi's life a living nightmare and make Arna'vs life hell. I seriously think, more than Shyam calling her to RM, she is reminded of the " other woman" when she sees Khushi...That means, its Khushi's mother.
lol... send her to mars with shyam n anjali hahahaha...i dont know whos the other woman...hope we find out soon...
Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by highonshows

Hey Fuzzy bear...
Loved the epi...n ur right she is getting her rightful place in Raizada Arnav singh Raizada's Wife...But what bout the Arnav Mallick??? did u think of that??? Cuz that is actually his true identity...

Something happened they couldnt hang on to the name...bad naam hai they had to drop it...

Secondly Dadi is prolly not accepting her because of the social stigma of not being wed in proper ways...her confusion clearly shown at the time he said no one knew bout the wedding...maybe she doesnt want history to repeat itself...
So she knows about khuhsi even before she entered the RH???

Nani is happy cuz shes satisfied that Arnav has the guts to stand by his decision which maybe his father didnt...
hmmm...nanie should tell him this...

too many aspects...
But most importantly i cant wait to see the dhamaaka on the pooja day, more than likely friday...when Dadi wants Anjali and Shyam for the poojal since this is a janmashtami pooja  and Anjali is expecting... seems shyam is in the house...what do u think??? OMG...what is Anjali up too???
Where Nani askes gharki badi bahu to perform...or Shyam's absence frm the scene make Dadi question and the whole thing comes out...or part of it...and the there goes out speculating weekend...ehehehehe

Dadi will say im the eldest n do it with OP hahahahha or laxmi...hahahahaah...i wrote an os on it... but i dont thinks its happening... what happens in danamshti??? Will there be fire there??? Maybe Arnav will hold her hand n go round it 7 times n tells the priest to complete the rituals of marriage hahahahahhaha
Love ut post...and looking fwd to this track 
My highlight today was :

My emotions or ur comments...
  • -Arnav not leaving Khushi behind...,     

  •   Day Dreaming
  • -The start of Arnav's trust in Khushi so share the darkest haunting secret...

  • Embarrassed
  • -NK and Payal...Khushi's supporters..

  • .Clap
  • -Anjali fully understanding Khushi's importance and not shrinking when Arnav supports her.

  • Star
  • -Nani standing by Arnav and Arnav showing trust in Nani to handle the matter with Dadi.

  • Clap
  • -Arnav noticed that Khushi senses Anjali's pains too and is there to comfort her as well.

  • Hug
  • -Khushi's want to reconnect Anjali to the memory of her mom.

  • Confused
This was the best since the Day of Shyam eviction Slap and Arnav's dialogue.
*Arnav's NOTIFICATION loud and clear as Khushi is his wife n he support her no matter what. He has unconditional faith in her regardless what anyone says...*
Ya forgot that...yep that was his first confession...thanks hugsss...
Just a few to mention...but beautifully done.
Totally love it...
Thnk fuzzy for the pm
Avni   Smile

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by boreddamsel

I couldn't control myself.. so I posted a topic too.. but I'm going to comment on your post too , 'coz that's part of my daily ritual! Hug


Thanks for the pm, Fuzzy.. I love you Hug 

Embarrassed dittooo ooo ooo Hug

Why did Arnav grab Khushi's hand.. lol.. if he hadn't, she would have stayed there and taken insults from Dadi gladly LOL lol.. but I loved how he grabbed her hand and kept walking all the way to their room.. well my GM went boing.. Embarrassed But I agree to your point, it did remind me of how Arnav had taken her hand and brought her into the house after their wedding! 

Do you think that Dadi might be here because of Shyam.. but she never knew Shyam, right? But it makes sense, why else is she insisting where is Damadji.. where is Damadji.. Nani.. bad idea, never wait to say such important things! But then again I'm worried.. how will Dadi react when she hears Shyam was at fault.. she will blame Khushi too.. hmm... 

But she knows Anjali...Embarrassed

Groan.. just yesterday I was like.. don't show that stupid flashback again.. and they did.. and I went like Angry nahiii.. not again! 


Now coming to the most-awaited-with-bated-breath song sequence.. my verdict.. Confused not too happy.. but not too sad, 'coz Arnav finally revealed his worry to Khushi! CVs, honestly, is that how a wife tries to cheer up her husband.. playing the song was cute, I agree.. loved that.. oh wait I did smile when she shook her head very cutely.. hehe.. and when she put her arms around his neck.. yes it was cute.. ok, maybe the spoiler ruined it for me.. sigh! Cry 

yes spoiler did spoil it...this is she...rem how she acted she will suicide...not the real one...from the table... with a bottle in her hand...this is she... thats how they can we chagne their character...then we change them??

When Arnav revealed his past, it just shows how deep their love is.. how much Khushi has touched him.. the Arnav who hides his sorrow even from his Di just revealed it to Khushi! I honestly don't know what to say.. I just loved it! And the way she hugged him.. was different from the way she usually hugs him.. one arm around his neck and one around his waist.. very nice! I loved it!

TRUST... the only imp thing u need in any relationship...

Arnav Arnav Arnav.. where did the flirty guy go? D'oh When you wake up and watch your wife staring at you.. you ask her why are you staring at me??? LOL But then again, I loved the "what?" at the end.. they might not be cant-keep-hands-off-each-other couple, but their nok-jhoks are out of this world!

HE flirts to bring a smile on her face...hes as shy as she is...Embarrassed

I think apart from the stair game, one other thing that touched my heart today was Khushi hugging Anjali. It just shows how much she loves this family.. and Anjali.. and I'm glad Arnav saw it! Also I'm glad Anjali is slowly getting back to her old self.. I was getting tired of the weak helpless Anjali!

He saw the tears...n wanted to bring a smile on her hotwa Embarrassed

Now to the cutest part of today's episode... Day Dreaming Blushing omg omg omg.. Arnav stopped her on the stairs... and the best part that smirk on that yummy face.. omg.. did I just say yummy .. Embarrassed oops.. I still am blushing.. and giggling Embarrassed

NK's comment about twins.. lol.. there is not even one baby in that tummy.. there is no way there are two LOL


Dadi asking Payal to do the puja.. you are right.. Payal's not even the eldest bahu of the house.. how can she ask Payal to do it.. your prediction is right, I'm sure of it!


The whole storage room incident reminded me of the one time Anjali sent Khushi to keep the broken laptop in Arnav's room.. Anjali sends Khushi to do something, she gets in trouble and then Anjali defends her.. yes, Anjali-Khushi bond is slowly going back to its old self! I'm glad.. phew!

i dont know about it...i dont trust anjali

It seemed so silly that Dadi accused her of going through an album.. but did you hear her say.. she is going through stuff to find out our weaknesses.. is that how her son got trapped? I'm curious to hear about Arnav's past!

touch our things...OH OLD WOMAN...shes ur gransosn wife...n touching him tooo...grrrAngry

and my hero.. my Arnav .. my baby.. sigh! the way you said "So what?" in the coming up next.. lol.. I burst out laughing when immediately after the break started, Fuzzy pinged me "So what?" lol.. we are crazy, aren't we .. love you Fuzzy hon Hug  

Day Dreaming

I know I don't have to say it but I loved how Arnav stood up for his wife.. Did you notice everyone's faces.. Nani was happy... there was a faint smile and hint of pride on Anjali's face.. Payal was so overwhelmed that finally someone supports Khushi.. (deep down she must have been thinking.. I wish my husband had the balls.. last time when Maaji accused me .. I'm talking about the exchange of medicines.. Arnavji defended me!) Btw.. where is Akash? He also disappeared like Mamaji? Btw, Arnav hon, you might want to start working from home.. especially since Dadi is here to stay!

Or take khuhsi to work

This Dadi is a female version of ASR.. though the actress is no where close to Barun when it comes to her expressions.. she doesn't scare me at all.. oh boy, Barun can! LOL But anyways, it's like ASR disappeared and now female-senior-ASR-Dadi has appeared! or like Fuzzy said, Gabbar Dadi!

You know what, don't hate me, but I love Dadi now.. I'm so glad she came to RM.. She is finally making Khushi realize what Arnav couldn't do with all the wooing.. Dadi is making Khushi realize how much Arnav loves her.. No wooing, no redemption track could ever make her realize the depth of his love for her.. but what he is doing now.. respecting her and standing up for her against anyone who tries to harm her.. now that is love! Khushi, girl, if you ever hate him, give him to me.. I will gladly take him LOL
Dadis plans will fail n back fire...n it will automatically become a blessing for Arshi.
Love your prediction girl..maybe that is what will happen.. last year also Khushi made Arnav come to the puja.. I hope someone brings that up this year.. 

I love the song .. like I said.. one of my favorites!

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

SNAKE has for sure lied to this DADI women! I am 100% sure of that now! It is also clear that the STUPID Raizada's continued silence is only making matters worse!
 Plus what dadi said...going though our things..sounded like shyam speaking...
From the moment that old hag walked into RM she KNEW who Khushi was! What LOOSER she is, that she dosent BOTHER to verify the Snake's story and just blindly beleives him JUST like the rest of the dumb Raizada's used to! Has she even MET Shyam before he came and told her all this?? I mean it seems that she has stayed away all these years!
 hmmm... we dont know where anjali use to go when she went for all her pujas...maybe visiting the dadi with shyam too...who knows...
I am sure she was TOLD that Anjali got married, but she was obviously NOT at the wedding! I am getting a bit SICK of watching her behaviour towards Khushi! What is wrong with that DUMB family?? Is ASR the only one with a MOUTH?
 N brains hahahah...the others r dumbos...
I hope that now, even that foul mouthed HAG Manorama will keep her trap shut!!!

hahhahah the look on mamis face hahahahahha

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