Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Titans weakened by the venom...

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged

Hi friends...awesome episode...way to go cvs... hope the trps rise..wonder whats keeping them FLAT??? Its Lazylad8 birthday n I dedicate this post to her... Happy birthday lazy...

OK..So my hotwa went to stand by his wife and made it very clear to dadi that ill stand n protect my wife...dadi is as head strong...refused to say anything...that was fine with if it didnt matter at all... Turns n walks on...then turns again...his wifes' still standing there... moves forward n grabs her right hand n starts to move on...Khushi is surprised...nani ji is happy...dadi is sooo happy... love u hotwa... This scene reminds me of the day he dragged her into this house forever...oh I mean 6 be tortured by him against her will...n today hes saving her from all the torture... yaaa... N khushi why were u standing there...oh waiting for Arnav to rescue her...good move...

Nk has his speical eyes on khushi... sees Arnav taking her with him...tells payal n they both worry what did happen... hmmm...

Naniji is worried n ask dadi...why u doing all this? U dont know khushi n still u treat her like this...I know u...why u doing this?? This is not ur normal behavior... Dadi remains mum...I know why...the venom runs deep in her blood now...i can smell it..shyam has done his work on dadi...thats y shes here n asking for her son in law...n knew the flat stomach was pregnant...amazing...

Night... Aranvs nightmare... ok same old scene...even my nightmares us a different scene now...Arnav wakes up...wakes khushi also... says im fine n walks out... Khuhsi cant see him like tries to cheer him up the way she knows...puts on a sweet of her...n tries to pacify him... sigh...but ASR is ASR...well khuhsi is also adamant...n only she can make him sit on a recliner by force n more...others dont stand a chance...phew... Arnav walks out n she says...i had no intention of hurting u or changing u or to know about ur past...i know u dont share ur pain with anyone...i just wanted to make u feel better... He turns n blurs out... My mom commited suicide when I was 14... Had tears in his eyes...Ouch Khuhsi ran to him n hugged him...he hugged her back... Sigh...finally something came to light... when children suffer from such traumas they start to blame themselves...that it was all their fault...they must have done something or they were not enough for the parents...Poor them...Confused

Morning... khuhsi is standing n watching him sleep...ok today shes watching him wakes up and moves around...shes turning n looking at him..when he turns to look she turns away...what the??? He asks her why u looking at me like Khuhsi typical do we need to pay tax to look at ASR??? n runs out...

Family is getting ready for some puja...hmmm...pujalis dadi is I guess shes just like her... Mami ji ' do u have to taste every mithai??? Still it doesnt make ur tongue sweet... eat less maybe it will do the trick...Tongue

Anjali is worried about something... Khuhsi comes to the rescue and says ill look for it... n hugs Anjali...sweet khushi...just wanted to hug her to comfort her... Anjali u wont find a better sister in law ever... Arnavs watching...i guess here he fell in love with khushi all over again...sigh... I did... Khuhsi walks up the stairs... Hes waiting for her...blocks her path... she moves to other side...blocks her again...awww I can see this scene for zillion times...sigh...she looks up and sees hes teasing her... n then lets her go...she goes up...n turns...he turns too...smiling both go on their way...Embarrassed

Naniji is getting everything ready, instructing payal... dadi comes n tells payal...she has to do everything...hmmm...meaning NO KHUSHI...welll dadi... lets see what ur pota has to say about this...i wont be surprised if he stays home n even attends the puja... just for khushis sake n honor... Arnav comes to Anjali n asks if she wants anything n he will be back in an hr...dont leave khushi alone...plzzz... Dadi asks for shyam again...whats with her??? Shes goading for ans...cause she know more than meets the fact knows the whole reptile family... Arnav hears it n comes to tell naniji that if u wont tell her I will...Naniji requests him tha cause Anjali is happy she didnt want to trouble her...see how Arnav listens n obeys naniji??? Thats love...u dont control it...u gain it...earn it...n naniji has...Big smile

Here NK said something about buying one n getting another free...twins...hmmm...n anjali CVS... r u telling us that the flat stomach has 2 babies in there??? WHERE??? HOW COME I DONT SEE IT??? Need to go to an optician...pronto...rubbing my eyes...sigh...LOL

Khushi is in the store room going through things...looking for what Anjali wanted...finds it...she always does...n also finds an album... N as a normal person goes though it... I would too...its nothing abnormal...well abnormal ppl would think otherwise... Dadi finds her n blames her for going through their family stuff...makes a big issue and goes down calling naniji and then Anjali comes n says she asked Khuhsi to look for it...n dadi says she has no right to go though their stuff... N my hotwa... comes back n says WHY NOT???? exactly...why not??? Shes the daughter in law of the house...Dadi says... as shes the oldest she should be obeyed and respected...everythingh as to be earned...dont come automatically... arnav comes n stand by her n says... We do respect u... But I want to say this again... Khushi is my wife n has the right to go n do anything in this house... Clap clap clap... hai...hotwa... love u... look on ppls face... awesome.. Payal n naiji are happy... Mamiji..shes shocked beyond belief... OH no... my power in this house is ending...first dadi n now Khushi... hahahaha '

Dadi...well another reason to hate khushi... N khushi...has tears in her eyes...but shes also shocked... last night he had made it clear to naniji n dadi...but now...he declared her his wife n the right over his house in front of them all... no one questions it... Cvs... good job...n thanks for giving khuhsi this honor...

Precap...none... My predication... Puja... nani asking eldest bahu to do everything... dadi objecting... Arnav coming to the rescue... in fact he will sit though the whole puja...which is unbelievable hahahhahaha...


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Enjoy...Plz like n to hear ur views ..Silent like n comment plz...thanks...Add me as buddy me if you like to get Pm for my further work...


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lazylad8-FauZi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Wink HUGS!!! Thnx for the dedication!!!!!!
Great episode and great post!!!!!!!!
I fell in love with Khushi and Arnav all over again...sigh...
Thank you CVs for the wonderful birthday treat!!!!!!!Clap
Loved the song, the way Khushi was trying to pacify so glad he told her some of his pain...I would love to see him break down and cry and tell her all.Heart
Only Khushi would know how to comfort him and get thru his dark past.Hug
Wonder why the TRPs dont move, am glad it didnt go down any further. Confused

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
I couldn't control myself.. so I posted a topic too.. but I'm going to comment on your post too , 'coz that's part of my daily ritual! Hug
Thanks for the pm, Fuzzy.. I love you Hug 

Why did Arnav grab Khushi's hand.. lol.. if he hadn't, she would have stayed there and taken insults from Dadi gladly LOL lol.. but I loved how he grabbed her hand and kept walking all the way to their room.. well my GM went boing.. Embarrassed But I agree to your point, it did remind me of how Arnav had taken her hand and brought her into the house after their wedding! 

Do you think that Dadi might be here because of Shyam.. but she never knew Shyam, right? But it makes sense, why else is she insisting where is Damadji.. where is Damadji.. Nani.. bad idea, never wait to say such important things! But then again I'm worried.. how will Dadi react when she hears Shyam was at fault.. she will blame Khushi too.. hmm... 

Groan.. just yesterday I was like.. don't show that stupid flashback again.. and they did.. and I went like Angry nahiii.. not again! 

Now coming to the most-awaited-with-bated-breath song sequence.. my verdict.. Confused not too happy.. but not too sad, 'coz Arnav finally revealed his worry to Khushi! CVs, honestly, is that how a wife tries to cheer up her husband.. playing the song was cute, I agree.. loved that.. oh wait I did smile when she shook her head very cutely.. hehe.. and when she put her arms around his neck.. yes it was cute.. ok, maybe the spoiler ruined it for me.. sigh! Cry 

When Arnav revealed his past, it just shows how deep their love is.. how much Khushi has touched him.. the Arnav who hides his sorrow even from his Di just revealed it to Khushi! I honestly don't know what to say.. I just loved it! And the way she hugged him.. was different from the way she usually hugs him.. one arm around his neck and one around his waist.. very nice! I loved it!

Arnav Arnav Arnav.. where did the flirty guy go? D'oh When you wake up and watch your wife staring at you.. you ask her why are you staring at me??? LOL But then again, I loved the "what?" at the end.. they might not be cant-keep-hands-off-each-other couple, but their nok-jhoks are out of this world!

I think apart from the stair game, one other thing that touched my heart today was Khushi hugging Anjali. It just shows how much she loves this family.. and Anjali.. and I'm glad Arnav saw it! Also I'm glad Anjali is slowly getting back to her old self.. I was getting tired of the weak helpless Anjali!

Now to the cutest part of today's episode... Day Dreaming Blushing omg omg omg.. Arnav stopped her on the stairs... and the best part that smirk on that yummy face.. omg.. did I just say yummy .. Embarrassed oops.. I still am blushing.. and giggling Embarrassed

NK's comment about twins.. lol.. there is not even one baby in that tummy.. there is no way there are two LOL

Dadi asking Payal to do the puja.. you are right.. Payal's not even the eldest bahu of the house.. how can she ask Payal to do it.. your prediction is right, I'm sure of it!

The whole storage room incident reminded me of the one time Anjali sent Khushi to keep the broken laptop in Arnav's room.. Anjali sends Khushi to do something, she gets in trouble and then Anjali defends her.. yes, Anjali-Khushi bond is slowly going back to its old self! I'm glad.. phew!

It seemed so silly that Dadi accused her of going through an album.. but did you hear her say.. she is going through stuff to find out our weaknesses.. is that how her son got trapped? I'm curious to hear about Arnav's past!

and my hero.. my Arnav .. my baby.. sigh! the way you said "So what?" in the coming up next.. lol.. I burst out laughing when immediately after the break started, Fuzzy pinged me "So what?" lol.. we are crazy, aren't we .. love you Fuzzy hon Hug  

I know I don't have to say it but I loved how Arnav stood up for his wife.. Did you notice everyone's faces.. Nani was happy... there was a faint smile and hint of pride on Anjali's face.. Payal was so overwhelmed that finally someone supports Khushi.. (deep down she must have been thinking.. I wish my husband had the balls.. last time when Maaji accused me .. I'm talking about the exchange of medicines.. Arnavji defended me!) Btw.. where is Akash? He also disappeared like Mamaji? Btw, Arnav hon, you might want to start working from home.. especially since Dadi is here to stay!

This Dadi is a female version of ASR.. though the actress is no where close to Barun when it comes to her expressions.. she doesn't scare me at all.. oh boy, Barun can! LOL But anyways, it's like ASR disappeared and now female-senior-ASR-Dadi has appeared! or like Fuzzy said, Gabbar Dadi!

You know what, don't hate me, but I love Dadi now.. I'm so glad she came to RM.. She is finally making Khushi realize what Arnav couldn't do with all the wooing.. Dadi is making Khushi realize how much Arnav loves her.. No wooing, no redemption track could ever make her realize the depth of his love for her.. but what he is doing now.. respecting her and standing up for her against anyone who tries to harm her.. now that is love! Khushi, girl, if you ever hate him, give him to me.. I will gladly take him LOL

Love your prediction girl..maybe that is what will happen.. last year also Khushi made Arnav come to the puja.. I hope someone brings that up this year.. 

I love the song .. like I said.. one of my favorites!

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shagun_sarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged


nice update fuzzy, the episode was a mixture of all the emotions n i loved how everything was shot up!

nice episode!Big smile

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AnnieARS Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update dear..and I really with your prediction comes true.

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gowri1712 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
nice epi
nice post

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AR_EternalLove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
nice post fazzy.Clap..just loving hotwa more day by he is using his ASR mode in right way.Wink.and making up what all wrong he did with khushi stealerEmbarrassed

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cutelittleangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged
fantastic p0st as always!!!

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