Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arhi OS- Solace

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Dedications- This one is a three part dedication.

To Krani for reading and replying (very kindly might i add) to all the rubbish PMs i send you. You're a Rockstar.

To DM1810 for being super awesome and for being the first person to hear about this one. You're a Sweetheart.

To Tennismaniac19 i mean do i actually need a reason, it's Roger's B'day! I think that's reason enough! You're a diva for putting up with my FedX fangirling.

"As long as you're alive... can't put life on hold like you can with a game-so that's why...
...those brief respites...
...when you can forget all the bitterness and pain...
they let you take a breath...
...and calm your heart.

If you don't give yourself that kind of time... on just becomes, every so often-it gets to be too painful."

Hotaru Odagiri, The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 3

"Dadi. Dadi. Woh' please come back."

"Di and I feel so alone."

"Amma was innocent dadi."

"Dadi I'll earn and keep you happy just like you were before.

"Come back."

He awoke with a start as the ghosts of his past swam before his eyes once more. The single gunshot, the cry of a woman, and the pleas of a little boy- the memories were still raw. Arnav's heart beats mimicked his fast paced memories.

He remembered that day with great clarity. There was loud music and prayers all around. His mother was telling him not to tease Anjali and his father was talking to the head priest about the marriage. Everything was right in the Malik's world.

And then.. And then.. It all fell apart, like a mirror breaking into a million little pieces. His father in the arms of another woman, that sight was burned into his eyes. Little did Arnav Malik know that when he walked into his father's study to give the prashad that he would witness his father proclaiming his love for that aurat. She had struggled to push him away but he had held onto her.
Dadi was wrong. His father was the one to be blamed. That vile man was the reason his sweet mother was gone. He would never again hear her melodious voice telling him to calm down. Red hot rage filtered through his mind once more.

How dare Dadi take that man's name in his presence? Who did she think she was? The fourteen year old Arnav had begged her to come back. He had cried and cried for her to take care of them. They were alone, orphaned and had no place to go. But had she cared? No. Why did she come now? No, her thoughts and opinions no longer held meaning to him. Perhaps they once did. Not anymore. He was Arnav Singh Raizada now, not scared little Arnav Malik, too afraid voice his thoughts. If she had a problem with Khushi then that's her choice, she would not influence him. She had no right to. She had lost that right a long time ago even if she believed otherwise.

As more gory thoughts passed though his head at mile-a-minute a soft voice broke through his troubled wall.


His eyes immediately snapped up to Khushi's wide and concerned ones.

Her hair was messed up and her hands reached up to his face cradling it.

"Aap teek hai? Was it a bad dream?"

"Mai teek hoon."

He got up and walked outside towards the pool. The chilly night calmed his racing heart. But his mind was still troubled.

He rubbed his eyes and tried to physically shake away the dreadful memories. But nothing helped. Perhaps that was one of his greatest flaws. He thought things through too much. In business it was a great asset but in love and emotions it proved to be more of a hindrance.

A soft hand snaked through his arms and a body was pressed flush against the length of his back. The sudden warmth startled him. He angled his head only to be met with a dazzling smile that caused his heart beats to increase their pace once again.

"Arnav-ji I know that you  aren't going to tell me anything." He cocked his head trying to decipher her madness this time.

Her hold on him tightened and she pressed herself further up against him.

"But tell me aren't the stars shining extra brightly tonight?"  She sighed contentedly and rested her cheeks against his back.

What was she trying to do? Arnav was completely befuddled; a feeling completely in contrast to what he was feeling a few minutes ago.

He pried her arms away from him and tried to walk away but her hands stopped him as she held on his. Her eyebrows narrowed a bit as if chastising him.

"Arnav-ji the skies haven't been this clear in a long time, don't you think?"

"Have you gone crazy Khushi?" His voice held a trace of concern as if actually considering that notion.

She let out a slight giggle.

"Aap ko patha nahi? I've always been crazy. But you chose me so you have to deal with it now." She gave a mock frown and gently patted his shoulders as if comforting him.

"Khushi not now." He grasped her hands and pulled it away.

She let out a sound of utter outrage as he walked away from her and sat on the recliner. She pressed her mouth into a thin line and went towards him once more.

He put his head down trying to remember what was bothering him. Alas the mighty Mrs Raizada had other plans. She gently pressed her face against his and let her hair curtain down around them. Her arms came about to rest against him and pull him closer to her.

"You think too much Arnav-ji."

That snapped him out of the trance that she had put him in and he once again pushed her away.

"Stop Arnav-Ji.. Woh.. I was just."

He had walked inside and showed her his back.

"I am fine Khushi. It was just a nightmare. I am used to them."

This puzzled the fair maiden.

"So what do you do when you have nightmares?"

"I sit and wait for it to leave my thoughts."

Something clenched at her heart. How many nightmares had he had? Didn't anyone ever try to comfort him, hold him in their arms and tell him everything was going to be alright?

Her silence irked him.

"I said I'm fine damn it." His shoulders tensed as he took on a defensive stance as he always did when it came to the matters of his heart.

"Arnav-ji do you want to know what I do when I have a nightmare?"

He turned around and his eyes searched hers for a second.


"I used to hug jiji and wait for her to take away all the bad memories."

They stood there looking at each other. Her eyes looked unblinkingly into his as he tried to digest what she said.

"Ku.. Khushi.. Woh.. mai bas.."

Before he completed his sentence she launched herself onto him and hugged him with all that she had.

"Shh.. Arnav-ji sab kuch teek hoga.. I am always there for you."

That broke his last resolve as he reached about her and pulled her tighter into the hug and rested his head on the crook of her neck.

They stood there lost in their embrace- two lonely hearts finally finding solace in one another.


A/N- sigh I wanted to put this one up before todays episode. Now it will never have the same effect.But please leave your comments below!

PS- I am writing after a really long time, excuse me if it's rubbish. mmkaythanx.

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very nice osBig smile
loved itThumbs Up

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great os
really loved it
well doneThumbs Up

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cuteness overloaded...really sweet...Heart Heart
thank u...

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Aww...thank you for the dedication...Embarrassedand im flattered to know i was the first to know about the OS...Embarrassed
And this was such a sweet dont even need the song to be played...and because i saw the epi just now...the scenes are all fresh in my mind and i could visualize it all!!!i can easily replace whatever happened in the epi with these dialogues!!LOL
Loved how she said...Aap ko patha nahi? I've always been crazy. But you chose me so you have to deal with it now." idea getting the stars...they always connect reminded me of the scene where she told him about her parents becoming stars...

Arnav's pain was so beautifully written...loved it!!!The way he said he was fine...more like telling himself than her...and the hug made me go awww...Smile

The quote fits the arnav's state perfectly!!!well done Shriya!!

Love you loads!!!!Smile

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loved it,tooo good

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loved it

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