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FF: Almost Lovers (5) (Page 46)

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Originally posted by luvraj4ever

loved the update...the past is sooo dreamyyy and the present is no less than a nightmare...
i guess its the "khurana" surname which is giving all the smartness she needs to destroy
cont soon

Thanks dear! Big smile
And no it isn't the Khurana name giving her smartness, Handa always had the ability to do this WinkLOL

maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shruthiR

It was a very interesting chp.The little moment between them in the past was very sweet.Looking forward to their 'talk'.Thank you for the PM and update soonSmile

Thanks Shruthi! Big smile
Glad you enjoyed!
maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by zaara2212

Sanju lovely as always, will pm you my thoughtsSmile

Thanks Zaara! Big smile

Originally posted by vid_hurry

Continue soon^^

Thanks dear! Big smile

Originally posted by

that was fab :)))

Thanks hun! Big smile
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Originally posted by PaintedSky

what a clod fight... !!! is definitely cold!

Originally posted by Clairvoyant20

Loved it

Thanks dear! Big smile

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Originally posted by RaDMG25

Awesome update love geet taking control what a long way she has come from past to present bless...looking forward to mr and mrs khurana 'talk'

Thanks hun! Big smile
Well..she was always smart but she never had to use her brains in this manner...
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Originally posted by ArOrAMeHaK

Hey Sanjana :) I had received a pm for your FF a long time ago, but finally today I finished reading through all the 5 threads and god! Is the story good? NO! It's amazing <3 I so love the story. I was so glued to it that whenever I started reading it, it was hard for me to stop. This is so interesting, the story of present and past, so different and interesting, the turns and twists too are very shocking and interesting. Damn! The present Geet is so different from the previous one. I really enjoyed reading it a lot and am looking forward to the next part :) Superb story, and your writing is fantastic <3 I love it, I hope everything will be fine soon between the two, and there won't be any Rehan :/ Oh! And in the last chapter, turning tables perfectly suited their situation, I must say you have good song choice too :P Keep up the great work and do pm me :D Okay! I need to shut up now :P 

Thanks Mehak! Embarrassed
Really glad you are enjoying!
LOL I love Adele, so really wanted one of her songs and funnily enough it fit perfectly LOL
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Chapter Thirty Three

Marriage Vows



We are bound together,

Through matrimony,

Through society

But mostly through love.


We can fight

And we can run,

Try to break the bindings

But still we are entwined.





It was her wedding day and Geet felt both the anticipation as well as the nerves associated with the momentous day. She was wearing all her wedding finery and she knew that like all brides, she had never looked better in her whole life. The clothes were heavy but in a weird way provided protection and security. But still there were the nerves.


She knew that things would be different, she would be different, from this day onwards.


Yet her heart felt that maybe, just maybe, things had worked out for the better. Life could be better but even the harshest of moments could lead to the best outcomes. She had loved Rehan, she would always love Rehan, but that didn't mean that she could not love someone else or her love for Rehan had remained static. She knew that after all that had happened she couldn't get back with Rehan. That bridge had been burnt forever.


But am I marrying the right guy? Her mind and heart seemed to say, yes. But there was still a tiny doubt that something was wrong.


Picking up the phone she decided to call him. She knew that it was ridiculous, after all they were getting married in an hour or so, which meant that he was already on the way to her house for the wedding ceremony but she needed to talk.


And he didn't disappoint for he picked up in two rings. "Geet is everything alright?" For the very first she heard something akin to nerves in Maan's voice. Little did she know that Maan was plagued with worries that she would back out at the last moment.


Geet felt silly now that she had heard his voice but she still voiced her doubts, "Maan are you sure about this? I don't want you to make a decision that you'll have to live with the rest of your life and repent."


"I've never been sure" And Geet could hear the absolute certainty in his voice, leaving no hesitation or doubts. "There isn't anything I would want more than this"


She smiled and felt a tug at her heart, "I'.I am glad that if I have to spend my life with someone, that it is you. So many people have disappointed me," She thought of Rehan, who had lost faith in her and made her lose faith in love and thought of her father who bowed his head to financial as well as social pressures, "But you never have. Promise me you never will"


There was utter silence for a moment, as Maan took in her words and felt how big a lie they were. His conscience, which he had always slammed down, roared its head and forced him to look at what he had done.


So it was with guilt swirling around him that he had to say something, "Look Geet maybe I am not in general a good guy, so don't trust me so much" He closed his eyes for a second, ignoring the calls of his Dadima telling him to go downstairs as they were about to set out for the wedding.  He knew that he should tell Geet the truth of what he had done, even if it was on the day of their wedding. "There is something you should know-"


Right at that moment the Geet's door was flung open, so Geet cut him off, "Maan I've got to go, my cousins are here" With that she quickly cut the call.


Maan sighed, knowing that the moment had passed and maybe it was for the best.






In silence they walked towards Maan's office, whilst people were craning their necks to see the pair. But the paid no attention, only acutely aware of each other. It was a short walk but felt much longer as the tension built around them.



As Maan opened the door for Geet, she just took a small glimpse and saw the utter lack of emotion on his face and knew that somewhere her plan was working.



Closing the door, Maan turned to Geet and waited. But she also remained silent, waiting for him to break the silence.


So it was Maan who asked, "So this is what you want." It was a statement, a bland one that didn't give away anything or question her intentions. "You want to control Khurana Enterprise"


"Well, yes and no" Geet smirked, as she walked across Maan's table and stared out his window, to look across the city. "I want so much more than just the Khurana Enterprise"


"Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you" Maan sighed, looking as if the weight of the world was on him. "Do you think I would refuse you?"


Geet laughed but there was no humour in her laugh, just derision. "Do you think I need to ask your permission for anything? That I would lower myself to ask anything from you? After all Maan Singh Khurana, it was you who taught me to grasp what was in my reach."


"But you are a better person than me" Maan spoke out, "You aren't like me, you aren't really this ruthless person"


"Who says I am not?" She sneered, "Never underestimate me. You want to know what I want? I want to see your very identity taken away from you. You have such arrogance and pride in being the CEO of Khurana Enterprise but today I'll snatch it away. All that control you used to have, over your work, those under you and even me will be taken away. Your dream project will just remain a dream, never to be realised."


Maan just stared, not interrupting or defending himself. He let her spew her venomous words, waiting for the torrent to end.


"And you want to know why?" She continued on, "Because you took control of my life once, without my consent and today I'll do the same. You made me a joke in front of society and today people will be laughing at you. Once you manipulated my company and broke my father's dream project"


"And I helped to recreate that" Maan spoke softly.


"Should I be grateful for that?" Geet spat out, "You assume that you control people like puppets but today I am holding the strings."


"You always held the strings, Geet and have always had power over me" He looked straight at her, "Yes you can destroy my life and my work. If that gives you peace, then go ahead"






There was hundreds of people at the wedding as it was considered the event of the decade. Finally the Khurana tycoon was getting married and that to with the Handa Princess.


As Geet was escorted towards the Mandap she could feel all the eyes on her, assessing her dress and how she looked but Geet Handa was as always cool and collected.


For some reason talking to Maan had reassured her that she was wasn't making a mistake, that the decision to marry him was right. After all he was honest and upfront, always supporting her. As her face was covered by her dupatta she couldn't see Maan but if she had she would have seen the unhidden admiration and reverence in his eyes.


She looks like a dream, Maan thought as he saw his bride. Everything about her was perfect to him. But it wasn't her clothes or makeup that made her look beautiful but the fact that it was their wedding and they were to be forever joint.


As she sat down next to him, Maan couldn't help but look at her from the corner of his eyes. Her hands were just next to his and he let his fingers lightly brush her, intertwining their small finger. He heard the softest laugh from her which was stopped just as it began but it was all it took for a smile to come across his face.


The priest began to say the marriage rites but Maan then made some vows to himself, more important than any other one he had ever made.


Before they knew it they were officially declared as married, man and wife.







"I'll let you do what you want Geet" Maan sounded resigned, "Because when I married you I vowed that I would do everything in my power to ensure your happiness, even if meant sacrificing mine. I vowed that I would make sure that nothing would hurt you but I failed that. So today you can do whatever you want"


"Are you sure?" Geet asked, "Are you willing to give everything I ask? Give up all that you hold precious?"


"Yes" There was no hesitation in his voice, just acceptance.


"I'll hold you to your word" She then gestured toward the door, "Lets go back, they are waiting for us"



Wedding night


Thanks everyone! I loved the comments!

Okay, I know some of you are ready to scream at Geet...but as much as I love reading all the comments, remember that there are things still underwraps...and the same goes for Maan haters LOL

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!

Nothing motivates me as much as reading your comments!Big smile


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oh what will geet ask?

she once ask to let her go ..which maan refused 

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