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FF: Almost Lovers (5) (Page 27)

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Originally posted by punam2712


VEry true Punam...what goes around, comes around.

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Originally posted by rubimad

awesome update. change of ceo,sounds interesting.

Thanks Rubi! Big smile

Originally posted by -dia-

As now Maan remorse for his act, and will Geet do the same in future??

Well...Why should she have remorse?
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kitna time sauts?

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Originally posted by

fab update :)))

Thanks hun! Big smile

Originally posted by disha_Maan.GC

nice ff...loved it..

plz do add me in ur pm list..

Thanks Disha! Welcome to the FF! Big smile

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Sorry for the late reply

Thanks Radhika! Big smile
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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

kitna time sauts?

Few minutes Big smile

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Originally posted by RadhikaBhushan

hey sanjana i just complited ur whole ff all 5 threads..

well i must say amazing ff dear.. i already have read ur other work bt didnt read ur this one...

but finally today i got time and read whole ff in one go...

superb fantastic amazing ff i really loved it

its very painful in sum parts..

Thanks Radhi! Embarrassed
Glad you enjoyed it!
And really pleased you took the time to read everything...

i mean they love eachother... but they still hurt eachother mannn

such an unique ff of urs dear...

i have read most of all samrat gunjan ffs n armaan riddhima ffs maan geet ffs...
after dat
i must say one of d best ff yaar with different story...

really waiting for more to read ...

Wow...that is a lovely compliment!

thnk u so much for d pm dear


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Chapter Thirty Two

Turning Tables



Tired and beaten,

I can no longer fight,

My heart is in tatters.


So I set my cards,

Give my last weapon,

And hope it settles my flame.






Geet smiled as the sales assistants practically fell over each other trying to find the right dress for her.


But more than her, they were fawning over her fiance. Maan stood there like a brooding spectre; silent but ever present.


"Ma'am, this colour will suit you very well" one of girls spoke but also gave a nervous glance towards Maan who kept on frowning and shook his head. "Ummm….maybe not"


Geet rolled her eyes in amusement and turned towards Maan, "Out"


"What?" Maan frowned again, "I am not going"


"Yes you are" Geet smirked, "But I promise to show you the dresses when I try them on" With that she half pushed him away, despite the grumblings from Maan.


Looking around, Geet's eye fell on a gorgeous white, purple and gold lehenga that seemed to beautiful to her. Picking up the heavy but delicate dress she let her fingers glide over the material. It was so different from what she had pictured herself wearing.


She had grown up wanting a traditional gred sari for her wedding but without reason this dress seemed to call out to her.


Even as she smiled staring at the dress, she felt a pang in her heart. I truly have changed. The dreams I had in my heart and mind, their vision is being replaced with something that I can no longer control. It seems that I can no longer trust myself.


But still with a sigh, she took the lehenga to try it on. It fit perfectly on her but unfortunately she wasn't able to tie the last knot of the choli no matter how hard she tried.


"Can someone help me over here?" She called out, hoping that one of the assistants would come to help.

Carefully she stepped out, finding no one there. Rolling her eyes, she was about to turn around again when Maan called out.


"Let me help you" His voice as always held such authority but even then Geet heard the small vulnerability, the fear of rejection.


"I…umm…I can do it myself" Geet didn't know why, okay she did know why, but she felt a familiar flutter in her stomach as she saw him approach her, "You don't have to help"


"But I want to" was his simple and honest answer, as he put his arms around her to reach behind her. He was so tall that she had to crane her head to stare at his face and yet the distance was so small that his shirt rubbed against her already flaming cheeks.


He leaned forward to see behind her and Geet felt his stubble brush her sensitive cheeks even as his breathe hit her ears.


But it was the his fingers touching her bare back that had her heart pounding, his touch was like the lightest of currents and the heaviest of feelings. She sucked in her breath, bringing her even closer to him. She glanced up to see him staring right into her eyes and then she was lost in him.


He had such emotions that they were mesmerising and haunting. Lifting her hands she touched his collar, her fingers brushing his neck and before she knew it she was on her tiptoes, so that her lips were nearly touching his.


I've been closer to this man than I have been with anyone else, her mind thought even as her breathe mingled with his and she kept on staring at him, He knows me in a way no one else can.


"I….I….I can't hold…" Maan muttered before he gave up and just closed the distance between them. Their lips barely touched before all thoughts left and they lost themselves in one another.


Sometimes a kiss can be gentle, it can be passionate and it can also be aggressive but this kiss had equal parts of all. It had possession as this time they belonged to each other and there was no sense of betrayal. They were at a place where no one could intrude.

Geet let her fingers touch his stubble, the sensation was delightful as well as intimate, just as was his fingers on her back. It felt like a dream, standing in bridal finery being kissed by this man.


But the beautiful spell was broken as they heard the shop assistances shuffling around outside. Gently they pulled apart but not before Maan brushed his nose against hers and gave his wicked grin.


"I could definitely get used to shopping like this" He smirked, loving this moment with her.


"I could definitely get used to you" Geet blurted out, stunning both herself and him. However he couldn't say anything as the sales assistants came rushing in.


"Ma'am we got another lehenga for you." The shop assistant showed her a beautiful red lehenga, the very type that she would have wanted.


But instead she said, "Don't worry, I like this one." I've changed and chosen a different path, so its time I face myself.





Listen to song!!!

"I'll become the CEO" she repeated to the silent room, letting the words sink in and let them ponder on the comment.


Maan on the other hand just stared at her, trying to see through her and to a certain extent he understood what she was doing. The question was now how he would respond to what she was doing.


"What will be the benefit of having you as the CEO?" Maan asked directly, asking the question that needed to be said without passing judgement.


"The public is worried that the company may split…because the rumours of our supposed argument" Geet's eyes held a glint, while still managing not to say that they were fighting, "But if I become the CEO, instead of selling my shares, it shows that I am not going to leave and everyone knows that you'll never part from Khurana Enterprise. It will raise confidence about the company and create stability"


Suddenly the board members who had been a bit disdainful of her looked at her with grudging respect as well as approval but Maan still remained impassive.


"But more importantly, I am not associated with the new and highly secretive project of this Khurana" everyone knew what she was talking about but they were equally surprised at the fact that she was aware of the project. "So if there are any issues with the NCAA, which there are, my name can protect the company"


And that was her trump card.


She had personally made sure that the National agency had known about Maan's project, using that fact to her advantage.


"We know that the NCAA are planning an enquiry and as our current leading project, if it fails Khurana Enterprise will also sink" Geet pointed out the facts with a cool head, "But I can prevent that, showing a new leadership is controlling the project and they will get off our backs."


Maan continued to look on and suddenly he came to a resolution, "Fine, lets vote on the issue"


"Wait a moment" Geet interrupted, "Before we do that, I would like to have a chat with you, in private"






Geet couldn't find words as she sat next to Maan in his car, driving back home. She had slept with him and had kissed him before but today had been different.


And she was trying to understand what had made it different.


"One week till the wedding" Maan smiled at her, picking her hand even as the other was on the steering wheel. "What are you thinking?"


"Do you ever worry that I don't love you?" Geet stared out the window, not wanting to see his face whilst he answered. "Do you worry that I may never love you?"


"I told you that I love you" He felt the worry but he also knew that there was something between them that couldn't be denied, something even Geet couldn't ignore, "That means I shall fight for your love till the day I get it"


"Fight?" Geet frowned, "But love cannot be fought for, it can only grow"


"Well, then I shall try my best to let love grow" He smiled softly at her, "Because even being with you, is enough for me"


"So you would be with me, even if I don't ever love you?" She prodded, wanting a clear answer.


"I would be with you, even if you hated me" Maan felt the truth of his words, as a part of him worried about the truth coming out.


But I think I am starting to fall in love with you, Geet thought with apprehension as well as sudden burst of excitement. I am not in love with him...but I think I will be...



A talk between Mr and Mrs Khurana...


As always, love reading everyone's opinions...I can only say that Geet's intentions aren't one dimensional...there is more to it..

So Geet Handa is ready to take over! How many people want to kill me and her LOL

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!

Nothing motivates me as much as reading your comments!Big smile


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Let me correct u missy...Geek

it aint geet handa...

its GEET KHURRANA who is ready to take overCool

And i am all for itBig smile

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