Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Bass ek hi fariaad thi unki, wo do pankh
manchaahi ek udaan ki umeed thi bass
wo do pagal to bass rahe alhar-naadan
sholo ki phool to oos ko bareesh jana
dua to bass itni si hi thi unn masoomo ki
bandishon ke bina ek aakhiri udaan

taufa bhi kya khub mila iss gustakhi ka
hiron jadi janzeer or wo sone ka pinjar
arz-e-fariad karte rahe rihaai ki
laparwah khud ki bandishain bunte gaye
koi dhund na paata unko unse hi
har ek raah par ek nayi kasauti thi
uljhano main ulajh khud hi sulajhte rahe

udaan ki uss har ek koshish par
hazaaro teero ki bauchaar hui
khud ko rasmo ki naymat main kaid kar
unko riwayato ke bojh se bachaate rahe
kab talak ladhte rahenge ek duje ke lie
kabhi to thakk kar tutenge bahon main unki
apni himatt tod dusre ka sahara banenge

kab milegi bandishon bhari wo aazadi
bharenge ek duje ke lie ek sath udaan yeh
kab sone ki in zhanjro main sajj kar
paayenge wo apna manchaha aasmaan
ek duje ke lie iss duniya se ladte ladte
kab ek duje main haar sab jeet jaayenge yeh
kab ek duje main kho kar ek sath milenge yeh parindey


Sometimes even after having everything we have nothing in our hands they always seem to be empty with no happiness, even if we conquer the whole world we are not able to rule our own heart just because it have frozen with the heavy burden laid upon it, even after defeating the whole clan why sometimes we fail to win our own fate when it is our decision to go according to it, why we always have to bow down when it comes to destiny when we know we can easily and comfortable change it in our favor knowing we have the power to make it, why our needs always overpower over desire when we desire it otherwise our need, why our wishes are not always rendered to be filled when we clearly know we can win over them even without the click of our fingers, why even after gaining everything we feel our self losing our own self bit by bit for the name of responsibilities we weren't even ready to endure, why always the winner is not a gainer who have everything and a loser to the one who gets defeated and have nothing, why even after having each happiness, each luxury am not able to smile, why my heart is aching with that unbearable pain of sorrow swelling my soul and my heart numbing it in procedure to forget and get defeated with my own decisions, why I always stomp my own joy, my own happiness under my own sharp shoes just because I am not bound to live a free life I am caging myself chocking my breath every passing second, every passing minute, every passing breathe, it's suffocating now, it's taking my breath away from my lungs making them pound in the sheer need of that genuine laughter to fill my dull life, yet I give up even before trying to find my happiness just because I am no simple human, am not a boy who have his liberty to dream, who have his liberty to live but a king of an empire who needs a ruler with no heart to feel his own happiness just want him to surrender himself and his happiness for them, and there needs...Am I really not suppose to fly a free flight according to my dreams, am i not capable to fly free or I don't have the right to dream a free flight...kya wo ek manchahie udaan mere naseeb main likhna hi bhul gaya wo upar wala, yaa mere kismatt main yeh sapna dekhna bhi ek gunay hai, kya main kabhi udd sakunga uss parindey ke tarha, ya wo b mujhe naseeb nahi...this was the question he often asked himself looking at those birds flying high in the sky smiling at him and his golden chains of responsibilities...this was Maan Singh Khurana the ruler of Khurana Empire asking his God, will this Maan even be able to come free from this cold, burdened, indebted soul of Maan Singh Khurana


Even after having what others can't even dreams of, even after gaining which others cant even think of, even after living a life which others don't even have the guts to imagine why it feels suffocated, as if we have nothing in our empty wounded hearts radiating the bleeding ache of our dreams, even after we are provided with bestest out of the best, the unique of all why we crave for the simplest fun, why even after having a rosy bed a single thorn pricks so hard that we fall back on ground holding the thorn, wincing in pain, why even after having the leisure, the luxury of world we fail to give a soothing medicine to calm the pondering ache to fulfill our shattered dreams, why even after we are shadowed with each and every happiness anyone can wish to buy with the materialistic money we are not allowed to laugh our heart out, we are meant to learn how to cover the emotions we bear in our swollen hearts, even after when we have the power to rule everything and anything we fail to live our own lives the way wish, even when our all desire are being fulfilled even before we voice it out our own people forget to see through our single dream, ironically even we are dared not to wish a single dream, even when we are showered with happiness of world our eyes fail to smile in accord to our curved lips, we still we are forced to learn and live according to what they say and allow us to do, we are bound to make us according to what we are supposed to do and how as we are not allowed even to breathe according to our heart forcing us to mark it over our souls, we don't have a heart to endure any dream, why even after gaining equal rights by law and virtue we fail to gain the equal status in this so called society where still men are the ruled and a women is his follower, why there is always a thin line which ruptures time to time making us heart bleed telling us we are cursed to born as a girl in this male chauvinist world, why am not even allowed to speak my heart in front of my own world when any other normal girl talks so much about her dreams, her ambitions why am I bound to conceal them all, but alas was never a simple normal girl, I will never be that free girl because am bound to get imprisoned in this Golden Cage because am a princess of my state who will become someone's queen to rule another golden cage when my wings were never mine...Am I really bound to live in this golden cage, when my wings were brutally burnt even before they learnt to fly, kya mere naseeb main wo pankh hai bhi yaa nahi, kya baba ji sach main mujhe bina pankho ka apahij parinday, na udh saku na jee saku, kya ladki hona sach main ek gunah hai ke unhone bina samjhe bina jaane mere wo do pankh kaat kar rakh kar daale, is this really a curse to be born a girl, am I sinister to be born as a girl...this was the only question she use to ask, finding an answer from those flying birds seeking them to ask it from her baba ji with that elegant smile plastered over her face hiding her aching heart...this is Geet Handa searching for a simple girl called Geet in this charming princess Geet Handa


Just wanna ask what is their mistake?? Where were they wrong?? Does he deserve losing his childhood?? Or she is really a sinister being born as a girl?? What have he done to go through all this?? What have she done with go through all these restrictions?? None did anything to deserve it still they got to bear it!! Why?? Who did the mistake?? Who was the sufferer?? Who is the main culprit?? No one still everyone!! Will he ever to come out of the shell he was cocooned in, in which he was caged under the burdens of this life, under the responsibilities of life even when he couldn't even pronounce such hard words he was subjected to live and endure them!! Will she ever be able to grow up from the hell she was bound to live in this heavenly looking golden cage bound in all those chains and restrictions she was held upon, will she ever be able to look ahead the life she was bound and forced to live in and endure this scattered dreamy life!! Will they ever be able to fly their dreams, according to their free will, in their own world in their skies touching those forbidden heights where no one was allowed accept them, will they able to endure the fight for themselves with the whole world, a war with themselves for the other's dream, will they really fall in love with their golden chains of responsibilities which bind them together, with they ever be able to find their dreamland in those far skies flying according to their will and dream!! Will they?? Can they?? Are they allowed to or they have to fight what is their?? Till when they can actually fight??

parindey_intro On Blog

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RES FOR INDEX !! Big smile

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Character Sketch :

Maan Singh Khurana

The Crowned king of Khurana Empire the ruler with dignity, the Man with morals and prestige, whom world fear not just because of his power or anger but his righteous path which he follow, the words he utter no one can deny, he knows what he can do but more than that he know what he have to do and how he will do that, his family is his strength and the most week point of his existence, his world goes round over them and he goes accord to it, the sizzling sensation, the heartthrob of world, the most handsome hunk whom girls die but he care less, all his attention is, in just a tender age of 16 h has been crowned to rule because of his parents departure, a man of few words but his words are never less than a mark on that hard rock, forced to grow early when he just couldn't breathe his life, forget about living like a free bird a normal boy of his age might do, but he was never an ordinary boy, he was Maan Singh Khurana, the king ruled the whole world on his own fingers, the Bird who never allowed anyone to take the flight high to him ek aisa pariday jo chah kar bhi kabhi udh na saka...

Geet Handa

Geet for her friends and family, the little noaugthy brat, the real little devil in disguice of the most adorable and cute little princess of Handa clan, the life and soul of whole family the little jaan of her whole empire and the cutest and the most beautiful princess with an honest and humble heart, her beauty was the mark of whole empire a thing they found prestige and glory in, her cute eyes always filled with something devilous to be done, her cribbing her antics were the soul and breathe of this haunted empire where girls were never thought bigger then a piece to be kept under control, her wishes were followed before she can voice them out, she was the destiny of her clan, her empire, the glory, the shine which radiated her small eyes could even calm the scorching heart of fire, she was a mystic but her wings were caged in that golden cage, even after being born in a kingdom with all the wealth and pride any one could ever dream, born to live, BUT in restrictions, A Bird born to fly BUT whose wings gets chopped before the actual flight, ek aisi nazuk prinday jisko udaan ka matlab bhi nahi samjhaya kisi ne

Manyata Handa

The another cute princess of Handa's the best friend, the little secret box of her sister Geet, whom she loves more than her life, for who's freedom she can go against the whole world, for who's dreams she goes against her own life, the angry yet adorable queen in crown of shekhawat rein

Udayveer Singh Shekhawat

Uday for his family, The crowned king of shekhawat rein, Geet's cute jij and Manyata's handsome hubby, he respects his wife, more than he loves her, he stands beside her, in every twist and turns of life to protect to safeguard his two princess's, his sisters, Unnati and Geet whom she consider his little sissy more than a sister-in-law, and his wife who is his life

Unnati Shekhawat

The little naughty brat and the bestest friend of Geet, stays with Geet more than her own kingdom, the beautiful princess, who loves someone secretly loves to adore her dreamy from far, partner in crime and punishment with Geet, Uday's little baby sister

Dev Singh Khurana

Maan's brother, the man with morals and family values, for him his brother is more then everything and anything, for whom he know he can do anything can go to any extent when needed, loves his wife, and got away from whole orthodox values of his family just to marry his lady love

Naintara Khurana

Dev's wife, loves her husband more than anything, respect her family a lot but at the same time she knows how to make her way outs, loves power wants to rule this power in her fingers, according to her wish, but fails to do as her husband is there always to control her from doing anything idiotic

Savitri Khurana

Raj Mata of Khurana Empire, Maan's sweet, sensible and the most elegant lady with her humanity still alive in her even though she have the power to make the whole world bow in front of, the most genuine person who knows what is the need of time, loves her grandsons a lot but still get partial for Maan as she know how much he suffered losing his childhood at a tender age, still follows the same rituals and cultures or shall I say no ever thought to change anything yet

Maharaj Yadhuvansh Singh Handa

King on thrown of Handa's seat, ruling the empire in the current state, loves his family and empire equally, treats his countrymen as his own family, humble down to earth person, but more than anything loves his daughters Geet and Manayata more than anything, more than his own son, knowing how much she go through just for the curse of being a princess of Handa family, they are bound under restriction, but cant voice out anything in front of his father, he can never got the guts to protect his own daughter for which till date he can't raise his eyes in front of Manyata held with the feeling ashamed and guilty not to save her, but particular for Geet in every term

Maharani Rano Handa

The cutest queen ever, soft spoken, humble, down to earth, genuine, elegant, everything just perfect, or shall I say the perfect queen of Handa's, knows what is right and wrong but can never speek her heart out in front of anyone neither, her own husband who respect and stand by her, still cant voice anything, lnows how to smile even when her own heart is bleeding with pain of  those hard chains bounding her each step, still can never wish the same for her daughters but fail to do anything for them, tries her own ways to make them smile but at certain time can't even get the guts to raise her head

Rajvardhan Singh Handa

The most Hitler person of this world according to Geet, for whom only his family name and prestige is everything, for whom nothing can be bigger than the honor of his crown, for him girls were always the debt of the other family whom they have to take care and protect till the time they are not married off

Brijesh Handa

Geet and Manyata's brother, the stick and eye of her Grandpa, the one who he loves and respect more then anything and anyone, the one who is always their in his grandpa's each and every work, for whom he wont think is he right or wrong just go and do everything his daar ji ask him, but still loves his family and sisters more then his own life, insanely protect them from each and every illness

parindey_character-sketch On Blog

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yieee  m first Dancing penguin animated emoticon

very superb starting... interesting character sketch ... update soon

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Fantastic concept... Awesome intro... Beautiful character sketch... Waiting for 1st Part...

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amazing concept
nice cs...

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awesome yar eagerly waiting for update

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