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DEK 3rd Fan Made Episode

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Episode 3

Manyata and Uday sat on one of the comfy couches; they were so close that M was little way off completely sitting on Uday lap. She blushed recalling how Uday had proposed, keeping all her memories intact, never losing hope and ultimately giving her the one thing that she desired above all - one more right on his life... one more commitment.  

The others crowded around them; there faces alight with curiosity and trickery.

"So Daada, how was your little GET TOGETHER, I heard M went empty ' handed but came back with a million dollar-"

"Choti!" Uday stared intently at his little sister, clearly amused.

"I mean came back with my Daada who has no value, he's too unique"

Uday's phone beeped, and he looked down at the caller ID, his face became a hard mask; a look of focus shadowed Uday's features. He left the room without a word, M was worried she tried to follow but the others wouldn't let her.

"Oh come on, Our Daada steps out for 5 minutes and already you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms." Unnati pestered blocking the only root to the door

"Unnati, its not withdrawal symptoms but i believe the correct definition is called Love." They all smirked

"Is it now?"

 Manyata shook her head in delight "Just you leave it" I touched her nose lightly and dodged past quickly before any of them could react.

I caught up with Uday and heard only the last part of the Convo "Are you sure this information isn't fake? After your last assignment I'm willing to go on a little faith, Good work!" 

Let's Take a break - Grab some Cookies and Milk unless if your fasting LoLWink

Uday switched the phone off and turned around, caching my eye he smiled

"You got out of my sisters grip, impressive" He moved towards me and lightly placed a kiss on my forehead "That's my girl!"

I moved away and ran and finger down his cheek, his voice was carefully disguised but his eyes told another story.

"You don't seem okay, what's wrong and don't you dare try lie or cover up anything. I mean it; i have a right to know."

He sighed deeply

"There seems to be new information on Chaudhary's company and my source tells me that, he may be exporting drugs. This is messed up business Manyata, I didn't want to tell you because keeping you out of harm's way is my first and last Priority, I wouldn't be able to handle it if I lost you but having said that your not clueless, Your My Beautiful Strong Uvrani, hiding anything from you would be my biggest mistake Princess."

He willed me to believe him and his eyes spoke a thousand words, the pain that we both had experienced getting here to this point where we were one and not two. His heart and soul was merged into mine and nobody would tear them apart.

He walked away leaving me in the lobby still comprehending his words, the sadness in his eyes and the irritation towards Akash and Chaudhary, they still plagued M and Uday's lives even if their existence was a lot less now. M would get them out of her life completely seeing Uday in so much Pain was chocking her!

M went in search for the other half of her life; he was sitting with his head in his hands, no doubt worried about the future. She had to do something to cheer him up, when life threw hurdles in your path, it was those who loved you the most that walked with you and stood protecting you while problems hit you head first.

She left to seek a special gift.

Uday POV

Uday sat thinking of Akash and Chaudhary; he needed to be rid of them, to move ahead in his life with M he needed to close up all of the lose ties with the past.

Warm hands closed around his eyes and soft hair tickled his cheek the sweet smell of strawberries told Uday who it was even before the hushed voice whispered in his ear.  

"Guess who?"

Uday smiled crazily and grabbed the intruder and pulled hard so she fell into his lap, the girl yelped and batted at him. He chuckled "Serves you right, trying to creep up on your Prince. Not fair Manyata"

She frowned "I think you just killed my flower." She pulled out a single red rose that would have looked fresh and alive if half of it wasn't falling of the stem.

"You decapitated it, Oh well I love you so don't look so upset , you're killing me here." she said

Uday blinked at Manyata as she lay in his lap holding a sullen flower and styling a 40 watt grin. He couldn't suppress the laughter and it erupted out from within him and soon both of them were clutching each other in laughter. Both of them looked Insane

The Maid Coughed and Manyata chocked on her giggles as she fell off Uday's lap, hitting the floor hard; she got up her hair looked as if a chicken had made its nesting area there. Embarrassed at being caught romancing, she tried to sound nonchalant.

"Yes Seema Ji?"

The Maid had a small smile plastered on her face "The food had been served and everyone is waiting for you and Yuvraaj"             



Manyata nodded "Tell, them were coming."

Uday was still laughing uncontrollably, I wacked his arm and dragged him off the chair

"Compose yourself my Yuvraaj; the others are going to think something happened between us."

Uday flashed his killer smile and pulled me close so that we were only inches apart "But there's a lot between me and you, hey I'll show you." He gently pulled my hair back from one side exposing my neck and kissed my shoulder making his way up, my whole body was aware of him, I was consumed by his power and influence ' his right over me as he reached my ear he nipped at it. I tittered and tried to pull away, clearly flushed.

"I told you there's a lot between us." He breathed in my ear

"Come on" I pulled him along before we entered the dining room i made sure too my nerves were compiled.

The Best chairs were taken and the only two left unattended were opposite each other. Damn! No holding Uday's hand under the table today.

They took their accustomed places as the food was served; they all ate in quiet while Brijraj told Grijraj of the new deals and meetings.  

Uday face had fallen again, he seemed tense and disturbed. M sighed she hacked her brain for ideas.

She had tried Cheering him up, it looked like it was time for turning him on!! She slipped her foot out of her sandals gently, this part was the hardest and she'd have to get it just right, she found his foot and gently moved her foot along his. Vijay screamed, a high pitch screech, he stood up suddenly and in the process wacked his knee on table edge.

 "Someone tried to touch me up" He wailed

Ma's eyes went wide and she glared at Vijay "Vijandra, please don't say such things at the dinner table. This was very ill-mannered of you. "

Uday, who had noticed exactly what had happened, was laughing his head off. He checked himself and quietly tried to eat his food under the worried glances of the others.

Manyata moved her foot to the right and found the correct destination and moved her foot along his and then found his leg, she moved her foot up and down as Uday stared at her in bliss and utter delight evidently turned on. Mission accomplished!

He smiled, Brijraj noticed them and frowned "What is going on with you two?"

Jay moved forward so that Brijraj was looking at her, "That's also my question Dad but all i know is it has something to do with Manyata's foot and Uday's leg." This was met by an uncomfortable silence as everyone ate in quiet.



Yet another breakBig smile

Uday caught Manyata arm before she could leave the dining room. "I found out about Chaudhary's location, do you want to come with me?"

Manyata nodded ecstatically, they left quickly. Manyata looked at Uday "Uday, after this is all over and done with, i don't ever want to see you that tense. Promise me you'll always stay happy?"

Uday stopped at a red light and turned towards Manyata

"For you ' always" He promised   

 We reached Chaudhary's Second home and Uday opened Manyata's door for her. They walked upto the main door and were met with a beady glare, Chaudhary had come to the front door of his great mansion to greet them.

"What can I do for you?" Chaudhary's said

Uday pushed his way in and I followed, my head held high, the Uvrani Manyata had emerged in full command and this Manyata would not be left waiting at a door.

The lounge was unattended and Uday sat down making himself welcome whist M followed his lead, Chaudhary sat across them and leaned pouring himself a whisky he was dressed in a bathrobe, it looked like we had disturbed him.

"Chaudhary, I'm going straight to the point because spending my time looking at your face will only make me feel sicker." Uday voice had turned into steel; each word was brisk and vehement.

"We know about your importing and exporting drug business, so if you don't want the Police to know about your sidelined activities, I suggest you answer our questions whole heartedly."

Chaudhary's beady eyes narrowed to slits, he reminded Manyata of a deadly reptile ' cold blooded and conniving.

"Are you trying to blackmail me? Because it won't work"

Manyata smirked and leaned towards him "You can define our proposal in whatever way you want but just remember before you refuse to cooperate, that NRI seat which keeps and gives you control and power, may also vanquish from your grasp."

Those beady eyes bored into me "You I'll deal with later"

Uday was tensed and Manayta could feel him shake with rage and concealed fury. She grabbed his arm and squeezed it in a warning.

"You can do whatever you like to me later but for now where holding all the cards, so you better buckle up and start talking!" I said

His face became impassive 

"Tell us the truth about Aryan, how you met him?" Uday began


Here goes the third Break of tonight Wink

Chaudhary put down his glass and folded his arms, staring with hatred at both Manyata and Uday

"When my son Aryan Rai Chadoury turned 25, I brought him an expensive car ' Mercedes E-class, it was to celebrate a new turn of events, life had come to a stop and was turning in a new direction to more opportunities and events ' my opinions were being listened to a lot more and i needed to treat my only son. That night Aryan went to a party, he was quite drunk as many youngsters become; he wasn't paying attention to the road. The truck came right at him, to avoid he swerved and his car went right into the railings and over the cliff." Chadoury paused reliving the gruesome events, his face clouded with emotion almost making him seem human but Manyata could not fall for this illusion. Stay Focused!

Chaudhary carried on

"I wanted to bury my love for Aryan but what could i do, Tara was a daughter to me ' I knew she would not be able handle the loss of my son eventually i found someone who looked exactly like him. He had something i could use and i had something that would thrill him ' He hated Devghar and Jaighar sharing my passion when I knew of this, it felt like my son had come back to me in the form of this stranger. He promised to stay and cherish Tara but also help in destroying your families in return I would grant his wish by using my power to annihilate every member of your family. Does that satisfy you?"

Manyata looked at Chaudhary with utter resentment and disgust, destroying a girl's faith and plotting to attack her family, it took all her will not to jump up and give him a tight slap.

Chaudhary lifted one corner of his mouth in a sure sign of trouble

"However that is not the question I should be asking. What will you do know? Knowing all this truth how will you bring me down?" Chaudhary thoughtfully stroked his beard "You can't touch me as far as i know by the time you have gathered enough evidence against me i will have already left."

He laughed viciously

Uday was red with fury and he looked just about ready to whack him. I got up having heard enough, Uday got to his feet as well, but it seemed more so that he could blow a hole in Chaudhary's face and not so that we could leave.

I pulled UV towards the exit "Uday calm down, let's go"

As soon as we got in the car, I pulled out the device: a small recorder ' it had been recording the conversation all along. If Chaudhary wanted evidence we had it!

Uday decided to drop me off, before he left a slow smile had crossed his features "Good Job My Uvrani, We can finally take that Chaudhary to hell, I wish I could come in with you but the police have probably arrived at my apartment, as soon as I'm finished, I'll come and meet you"

I moved so that he could hug me, I felt him kiss my neck as he spoke the slow words they touched my essence and shivered me to the core "I Love You M remember that."

Both BLUE OCEAN &  THE BLUE MERMAID lost in each-other's Blue Love.

Guyz i am sooo sorry for the last part to uploaded late, my internet connection blew on me LOL we had some technicle difficulties LOL

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Superb episode.Clap Clap Clap
Ash & Saira great job guys.Thumbs Up

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each episode s better than the previous one..Smile
loving it... the way they r trying to uncover the story of chaudry n akash...
uday n manyata getting caught was funny..
vijay bhai was as usual too funnyLOL

err i dint get the precap??

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g r8 work kaka cool loved the epi Heart
as i already have it Tongue fab job dear loved its  truely awesome Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by smiley12

resWinkajj ka episode meri ash ne likha hai tu mein sab se phele kyun na atiCool

Thanx sooo much doll WinkTongue

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