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Love Beyond Limits !! THREAD 8 pt 137 pg 137 (Page 98)

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finally u r back..
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              Part 136

"WHY ??" ... maan said with finality...

and neeva knew what he meant..


neeva's lips trembled in fear, in pain noticing the pure hatred visible in maan's eyes and the rage of anger in his voice. While Adi stood near maan. his eyes had pain, disbelief and disappointment. He had truly accepted neeva as his good friend always. But why did she do this and why? Why would she hurt geet? what can be her propose behind planning such disgusting thing against maan sir's wife? he had lots of questions running in his mind. maan's case was no different.

"maan sir..." tears started to roll down from neeva's eyes.

"i am listening.." maan answered like a robot without any emotion.

"i am so...sorry..i.." her lips trembled in fear as she noticing maan's gritting his teeth, trying hard to control himself. 

"Fast!" only maan knew how he controlled himself from leaving her alive. how dare she hurt his geet? how dare she...

"wo..." she finally mumbled, "mujhse galati ho gayi...i...i didn't want to hurt geet ever..."

"Don't!!" maan shouted on top of his voice making both neeva and adi jump in fear. "Don't u dare take my geet's name ever again..Speak up fast!"

neeva started to cry visibly, "i had got fee...feeling...for...i mean..i was depressed...i didn't do intentionally..."

Maan had enough of her bakbak, "What u did? how u did? and who told u to do?...i want answer for only this three questions.."

neeva nodded her head not wanting to anger him more, "wo..vishal...our client..he..he said..he want to separate u n geet.."

maan's flinched at that like something sliced his heart. the mere thought of something wanting to seperate him from his love hurt him beyond his capability. 

neeva continued, "mene ge..(she instantly stopped realizing maan have told her not to take geet's name)..mene geet ko coffee me medicine daali thi bcoz of which she fainted in road when we were shopping.."

maan's eyes widened and his anger increased in folds. he almost stepped forward to choke neeva's neck then n there but controlled himself wanting to know everything. 

neeva continued, "visit to doctor was also planned. he advised geet to take a day off. i told geet not to tell u anything about her painting as u would get angry on me. she believed me understanding how much worried u get about her...then d next day. i had called geet and had called her to mall. i had goons ready who kidnapped geet when she was going to clinic to get her reports. she purposely avoided ur guards as i told her the guard would tell u everything about her visiting clinic."

"you.." maan whispered in pure hatred. "u r d most disgusting person i had ever know."

neeva's eyes burned with tears hearing to his words. the person she had loved and expected love was hating her beyond her understanding. and she deserved it, she knew.

maan's eyes almost filled realising how she fulled his innocent jaan, "aaj ke duniya me sabse jyada nafrat me tumse karta hun.."

that was it! neeva couldn't take it anymore and burst into an audible cry, "am sorry...i was wrong. i was trapped by my heart. i wanted d same love u gave geet... i was a fool to get into vishal's plan. he used me to play his cards. i hurt geet. i betrayed that pure soul. im bad. im sorry..plzz dnt hate me.." she couldn't stop tody. she couldn't believe she went so wrong in her life. 

one wrong step and she land u making d person hate him. the very person she loved d most.

maan turned giving his back to her. Adi was d mute suspector till now. 

"if u would have tried to hurt me, i would have forgiven u." neeva was surprised with maan's words. she didn't knew this side of maan. 

but proving her wrong, maan continued, "But i can never forgive U for hurting my geet. U will have to pay and so ur family..

with that maan walked away.

Adi followed him silently not being able to give neeva second look knowing he would breakdown. he just realized he had feelings for her. it hurt him to see her in pain. and this side of her had disappointed him. but he couldn't leave maan sir's sight at this moment. bcoz sir was right.

neeva screamed for maan to forgive atleast leave her fmaily if not her...not to hurt's not their fault..but atlas..her voice echoed to her ownself..there was no one to hear...and she was fallen into the world of devasted realization of her sins.


Geet wriggled in bed from one side to another when d familiar hand circled her waist pulling her into his protective hug. geet smiled and went into his cozy embrace loving her husband hugging her so dearly...

Maan hugged her to his dear life. he had came in hurry just wishing that geet had not woken up yet. and thank god she wasn't...Relieved maan once again lay beside her taking his jaan in his arms, with the fear that some may again try to hurt his innocent geet. 

She was so pure. so innocent. he cursed himself millions times to have been so careless. neeva did so much things and he knew nothing. how could he...

"sorry jaan..." his heart cried as he dug his face into her neck to feel her closer. his leg went in between hers while the other crossed over her waist to keep her close into him.

Feeling herself in tight embrace, geet lazily opened her eyes and smile formed on her lips finding herself in maan's arms like always.Circling her arms around his neck tightly, geet planted a loving kiss on maan's cheek, making maan smile in response.

"are u feeling fresh now? u were really tired last night..."

tightening his hold around her, maan nuzzled his nose with hers in a soothing manner, "hmm. very much. tumhe bahot pareshan kiya na raat ko..."

geet giggled, "haan bilkul.." maan looked at her surprised while geet continued naughtily, "aap etne mote ho..aap ko change karna not easy job..."

huh! maan gave her look like What! do i look mota in any angle? geet shamelessly nodded in yes. Getting on top of her in a jerk, maan crushed her underneath him making her giggle all d more. She was d sun of his life to pull him out of darkness of pain, 

darkness of fear. She was his soothing balm when he feel injured within. she had d magical wand, everything goes right in her embrace. She was his love and he would never let anybody hurt her.

"me mota haan..." he crushed her all d more loosing all his weight on her, "to ye lo...enjoy now.." with that maan dug his face into geet's neck tickling her with his tongue licking her skin off...

geet wriggled giggling all d while to set herself free but failed. She was soon lost in his touch. her fingers entangled in his letting him know it was no more a funny game of tickling each other. She always failed to resist in him and she loved it.

"maan.." geet whispered gaining his attention. Bringing himself out of her neck, he stared deep within her eyes, as his nose brushed against hers, his forehead against hers and his lips lingering over hers. Geet stared back in his eyes with all her love. but his eyes reflected fear..pain..longing...but why..why there was fear an d pain in his eyes...

geet gently carrsed his cheek pulling his face closer to take his lips in hers. The kiss was full of love and emotional touch. she licked his lips moistening them while maan bite onto her lower lip making geet wince gently. he was d man, caught up in d situation, d fear of something would have happened to her..d anger of his being so careless about her.. d realization that he knew nothing about what was happening in her life...killed him within and made his aggressive. he sucked her lips voilently till they turned red as blood rushed through them. opening her mouth forcefully he grabbed mouth completely kissing her with more of hunger that passion. 

his hands took a fist of her thin night dress and tore it over both shoulder, trying to remove it away from. geet moaned loudly in his mouth. her one hand went around his neck to keep herself close to him and lifted herself a little from the bed. her other hand went over her back, unzipping it. maan hands had already ripped it badly and desperately removed it away from her, leaving her completely bare underneath him. As usual she had no inners.

his lips explored hers like never before. geet gave in everything she had to her love who was in pain and who was hungry for her love.

her bare body broke his last bit of sanity making him groan like a animal wanting to relish his prey completely. leaving her lips after a long time his teeth found her skin to bite on...he licked everywhere he bit. and he bite everywhere he sucked. he left no skin nipping. he kissed her cheeks followed by bite making her moan his name again n again.

"i love u much.." his lips found his comfort place in her neck while his fingers carrased her swollen lips making her shiver in his passion. 

Both were completely bare except maan's trouser, geet soft curves were crushed under maan's hard chest. as he moved, her softness was rubbed along with erect nipples. he was making pattern on her neck with his tongue. geet moaned his name making him feel satisfaction.

his soft kisses were replaced by hot open mouth kisses. he licked her jaw, her neck, her earlobe making her graon underneath him 

but he didn't let go. biting onto her ear, he kissed d soft place behind it. his nose rubbed against her throat making her moan. he couldn't control himself today. d truth that she was his possession and the frustration that he couldn't keep her safe. he wanted to feel her beyond any damn limit. he wanted to claim her beyond possession. he wanted to melt her in him completely so that no one could ever be able to touch her or hurt her. he wanted to dissolve her soul in his to make them one. he wanted to love her like he never did before. he wanted to forget any limit, any boundry. 

his palm grabbed all her hairs moving them to one side, clearing her skin for him while his other hand shamelessly carrased from her lips moving down to her throat, further brushing over her hard nipples and finally going down to snake her waist, pulling her closer against him. Maan came to her shoulder, sucking and licking d soft curve of her shoulder.His teeth bite the area followed by another suck, she moaned his name loudly. his kisses were deep and intense leaving his mark on her.

"maan.." geet moaned deeply feeling him being so passionate against her skin. she loved everything about him. his gentleness, his passion, his aggression, his love..everything about him..she could relish all her life..

"umm.." he suddenly came to her cleavage and bite hardly on her nipple.

geet's hand instantly grabbed his hairs to stop her moan knowing he would be worried if she moan loudly. 

"i will never let anything happen to u jaan.." his voice was laced with pain and desperation, as he took the other nipple in his mouth and sucked it voilently. "never...ever..." 

his hand moved from her waist to her thigh to pull it above his hip, twisting her with himself. giving into his demand, geet cupped his face pulling his face closer to hers. she could feel pain in his vice. now she was truly worried. what happened to him all of sudden. he was fine till last night. she knew he was still in shock knowing what had happened. she placed gentle kisses on his nose, on his forehead, on his cheek, on his lips, on his eyes to sooth him. 

"aap aise pareshan mat hoyiye na..." her melodious voice was soothing his bleeding hurt. his kissed her lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead to make sure she is fine, she is near him. "me sab thik kar dunga jaan...i promise" he bite her neck harshly and lick it to sooth the pain.

geet smiled, "i trust u more than my ownself."

his fingers ran between her legs rubbing her womanly asset while he rubbed his dry lips over her hard bud.his hot mouth went dry in desire to have the beautiful curves in. The desire he was awaking in her that was driving her crazy' he pressed his hand on her womanhood with more force and continued to rub it' she almost screamed when his teeth bites her curves passionately'he was wild like never before. he sucked every corner of her breasts leaving his mark. she was loosing her sanity trapped in his passion.She tried to roll over on him but he didn't let her'rather pressed himself more on her.

"maan" geet moaned with deep breath. maan latched her second curve making her go wild in his passion.he was rough licking her nipples and all she could do was give into his tdemands. Suddenly she felt his finger in her womanhood. geet peirced her nails into his shoulders as he started to stroke it roughly. she moaned louder while he continued suck her already swollen nipples, sucking and biting it. 

It was becoming difficult to handle him for a timid body like her..he was harsh on her.he always been but today he couldn't control'leaving her nipples, knowing he was being too much, he captured her lips for a sensuous kiss while he continued to stroke her until she felt her orgasm. geet screamed in his mouth biting his lips as her nails bleed his shoulder. 

Within next moment, he entered her with a rough long stroke...she opened her mouth to scream but he didn't let her as his tongue entered her mouth' she dug her nails on his already bruised shoulder. he increased his speed and rocked back n forth, geet gasped for air'her arms were locked around him while his fingers couldn't stop being rough on her red swollen nipples. he again n again bite onto d mole on her cleavage. she was driven crazy but he was nowhere ready for the orgasm.. After big thrust, he hit the climax..she screamed and bite his shoulder and then fall backward..he collapsed on her chest'.

A week passed by. 

maan n geet couldn't keep off each other. any way or the other they would to land up making love. khurana family couldn't be more happy. maan was happy and all d family was more that happy to see the glow on maan's face. geet gave a new life to khurana family. whether it is the puja in the morning or d fights in the kitchen between geet n annie, d laugh at d time of lunch or dinner or aniee n dev's teasing maan leaving maaneet all flushed, maan's being in d house or geet's running from here n dere.

maan was ademant on taking geet along with him to office. he couldn't leave her alone for so much nor could he stay away from her for such a long time. dadi maa had rolled her eyes and had given into his demand. geet had fought with him in the night for  being such a ziddi in front of dadi maa. n maan had shameless kissed her and made love to her not bothering to give any answer to her fights. she had slapped his chest and he had kissed her all d more in response. 

it was a monday. 

geet had called mayank n nupur in office, of course not letting them know about d other. she wanted to finish d fight between them. it was more that enough time and d fight still seemed fresh. being their best frnd, geet felt it her duty to help them. 

geet, nisha and mayank were sitting in caffe when nupur reached. mayank stood up at once in shock and so was d nupur. both looked at geet in disappointment. geet rolled her eyes and forcefully made them sit in front of each other. none looked at each other. 

geet sighed, "aur kitne din tak ye fight chalu rakhni hai?"

mayank sighed, "geet, u dnt understand it. it's better be this way."

nupur's eyes filled up but she successfully hide them, "mayank is right geet. u have to accept d fact. any way im going to london next week.."

Shocked, mayank looked at her at once, "what do u mean?.."

nupur wasn't surprised with his reaction. she knew how much he loved her. how much ever he try to act practical, he truly loved her. "papa is taking me along with him. we r moving there."

"What?" mayank stood up at once, "and u r telling me this now.."

geet n nisha were a mute suspector. though they were shocked with the news, still mayank's reaction had made her happy. Their work is done, they knew. 

nupur sighed, "when did u expect me to tell. do u remember when we talked last.."

"u r not going.." mayak made it clear.

nupur too stood up, "it's no more my decision. and why do u care? we r over right?"

"i don't care..." mayank was himself confused about his state, "u can not go..i mean..ur studies..u shouldn't."

nupur sighed, "dn't worry about it. Papa have talked to principal sir, I am being transfered." 

"ohh.." mayank couldn't stop being sarcastic. he suddenly felt so left alone. she is leaving him forever. she got ready to leave him. doesn't she feel for him anymore. damn it, there are in love since more than 2-3 yrs. doens't she care for him."seems like u r more than eager to go.."

nupur noticed d sarcasm in his voice and looked at him in pain. mayank looked away.

nisha rolled her eyes and dragged them closer to each other. geet loving took mayank's hand and entangled with nupur's hand. 

unknown to mayank n nupur, both instantly tightened their holds. geet n nisha smiled within and went back to sit on their places. 

Mayank sighed, "u r not going, u got me?"

nupur looked away, "i cnt do much, besides i don't see why r u bothered.."

mayank was frustrated with her behaviour. he accepted that he did wrong. he is d one to be blamed. he blamed her for her father's did. but does that mean, he doesn't love her..hell no..she was, is and alwz vil be one he ever loved."what u want me to do nupur..beg on ur feet and apologize?"

nupur rolled her eyes, "i expect no such thing for u. but whatever happened..let it be..i guess we were never meant to be.."

"shut up nupur!" grabbing her shoulder, he pulled her closer, "i love u damn it. and i am sorry."

nupur couldn't stop her tears anymore. mayank desperately wiped her tears away. he could never bear tears in her eyes. he gave more importance to his ego and anger. he shouldn't havee behaved like this to his love. he took her for granted. n now when she is leaving him..he realized what he was loosing. 

mayank hugged her instantly and so did nupur. she cried her eyes out silently telling him how much he hurt her with his behaveiour. how much he ruined her trust that she had on him. she cnt trust him anymore. it's not in her to give him second chance. she broke the hug.

mayank looked at her in pain guilt and helpless manner, "i am sorry. i was angry."

nupur stepped back increasing the distance between them, "i cnt give u second chance mayank. coz u proved my father right. he had said u would not think twice before leaving me in critical situation and u actually did d same."

mayank's guilt increased ten folds with her words and the realization took over him how he made her feel. 

nupur continued with tears, "you broke my trust. u have creased d insecurity within me that i have no one who vil be with me in my bad days..i cnt trust u anymore. n i cnt go against papa now. i have given him my word."

mayank eyes filled in pain and desperation. his own did came back on him, "plz dnt say that. i love u, u know that. i am sorry. plzz come back. u cnt leave me.."

Depressed, nupur turned to leave whe she heard..


both mayank and nupur looked at geet. 

geet gave them a mocking smile and clapped, "i am impressed with ur love. kitne saal huye tum dono ke rishte ko.3 saal..4saal..aur bas..etna hi bharosa..etna hi pyar..agar yahi end karna fir pyar ke jo wade kiye the ek dusre kasme khayi sab ka kya..was that a part of entertainment as well just like ur love...i am ashamed with ur definition of love.."

mayank n nupur looked down, while nisha smiled with tears. they r so unlucky, they havee their love but cnt keep it safe..if she had ranbir..she would havee never let any misunderstanding come between them. love doesn't mean means understanding..

geet continued, "pyar..pyar..pyar...kabhi is shabd ka meaning samajhane ki koshish ki is when u give d right ur partner to take u for granted nupur.."

nupur looked at her at once. smiling geet continued, "agar kisi se pyar karna hai to etna karo ke...tumhe pyar hi nahi..dard dene ka haqq bhi sirf us insan ko hi ho...agar mayank ne tumhe dard diya toh kya nupur...tumhara pyar kam ho gaya? haan ? agar tum ek dusre ka dard bhi nahi seh sakte to milkar duniya ka diya dard kaise sahoge..."

nupur looked down feeling failed. she never thought this way. of course..she could never love any one other that mayank. then y these complains..

geet looked at mayank, "khushiyan dene ka wada kiya tha tumne nupur fir us par vishwas kyu nahi rakha...galati koi aur kare..aur saja kisi aur kaise pyar hai tumhara...aur agar nupur ke papa ne kuch galat kiya to kya tumhara pyar kam ho gaya nupur ke liye?..."

mayank had no answer to her any question. had he hurt nupur so much? what has he gone n done? 

geet clapped again, "pyar karne ka dawa karte hai...are tum dono ne ek dusre se kabhi pyar kiya hi nahi..."

both mayank n nupur looked at geet at once, silently pleading her to stop. 

geet continued, "kyunki sachha pyar kya hota to tum dono ko pata hi nahi...jisse hum pyar karte hai..uske bina ek pal bhi rehna mushkil hota hai...agar tum dono ka pyar sachha hota..te is galatfaimi ko tum dono apne pyar ke bich etni din rehne hi nahi dete..."

"pyar ka matlab hota hai..ek dusre ki achhayi ke sath sath khamiyon se bhi pyar karna..."

"sahi ke sath sath galat se bhi pyar karna..."

"sukh ke sath sath dukh se bhi pyar karna.."

"muskurahat ke sath sath ansu se bhi pyar karna..."

"pyar me koi sahi ya galat nahi hota..achha ya bura nahi hota..sachha ya jhuta nahi hota..pyar sirf pyar hota hai..."

geet looked at nupur in tears, "ur decision is right. u should go. because u havee no reason to stay here. hum sab hai hi called friends..agar tum mayank ko chhod sakti ho..den who r we to complain..."

"aur tum mayank" geet looked at mayank in tears now, "tumhari yahi saja hai ke nupur tumse dur jaye..den only u vil easy it is to blame some one..and how difficult it is to trust ur love..."

with that, geet grabbed nisha's wrist and both walked away, leaving 3 people in tears...



n Vishal...


geet stormed open maan's cabin and straight away ran in his arms. Looking at her state, maan took her in his arms at once. fear n worry rushed through his blood. what happened to her..did some hurt her again...

he cupped her face and kissed her eyes again n again which had tears lingering. he licked her tears and kissed her eyes again to sooth her. 

taking her in his arms. he sat on d sofa, making her sit on his lap. he embraced her to his dear life. he knew she was sad. and he just wanted to sooth his love. 

snaking her arms around his neck, gee started to cry like a small kid, "wo..pyar ka matlab bhi nahi samajhate..mazak bana ke rakh diya hai..."

at once, maan knew she was talking about mayank n nupur. he didn't need her words to understand her. "jaan, come here.." he cocooned her more into him, "aise rote nahi hai shona...hum samajhayenge na unhe.."

"koi nahi samajhta.." she rested her head on his chest, "this is so bad. aise koi karta hai kya..haan..maan.." she looked at him innocently with tears in her eyes..

maan kissed her red nose, "bilkul. jaan they need time baby..." geet nodded in no, "what can they stay away form each other..aur wo bhi etne din...kya hum reh skate hai..?" maan's heart stopped at once, geet continued, "nahi to mar hi jaungi.."

maan at once took her lips in his. he felt like death was far good than this pain. how dare she spoke that line..she is his love and nothing cna happen to her. he bite onto her lowerlip at a punishment. geet winced in his mouth, "umm maan.."

"fir kabhi mat kehna.." he licked over the bite to sooth the pain. leaving her lips gently. he kissed her forehead. 

geet looked at him in baby anger an slapped on his chest making him chuckle, "aap...kabhi bhi..shuru ho jate hai.."

maan smiled naughtily n kissed her cheek again to lighten her mood, "meri biwi..meri marzi.."

"aur biwi ki marzi?.." geet asked with a pout..

pulling her closer on his lap, he circled his both hands around her waist while her hands remained locked around his neck.

"aur aapki marzi kya hai sahiba..?"

geet smiled cutely, " aapki.." she instantly hid her face into his neck.

maan smiled full heartedly. and so did geet.


He turned the light on!

He turned the light off!

Vishal was tired of thinking and rethinking about geet and her words in the canteen. he was frozen at that moment. he never heard this definition of love before. can some be so madly in love.. she loved being taken for granted by her love... she loved being hurt by her love... she not only loved happiness but also drank the tears of her love...

How can love be so deep and unbelievable for her?

In today's generation, where girls are alwz themanding and selfish..sometimes greedy too...

geet's innocence had shocked vishal beyond his understanding...

he was already confused from few days about geet being d culprit in hameer's case..and now day by day..he innocence was confusing him all d more..he couldn't stop himself from thinking about her...he tried hard but still couldn't...

what was in her that that attracted him..that made him lost...

he wanted to take revenge from her..but now it seemed like he was being drawn in her world of beauty ad innocence.. she was beautiful. she was pure. she was innocent. she was bubbly. she made every1 smile. she made every1 laugh. that glow on her face was like the cherry on d cake. 

why maan's arms around geet, made him restless...why her smiling at maan made him angry..why he wanted to kepe staring at her all d time..why he was so eager to visit khurana office for no reason..just to get a single glimpse of her..why he collected so much pictures of her from all possible sources... why he was being indifferent to himself...

the hatred..the was no more in him... he didn't hate maan now..but he was jealous of maan..he didn't want revenge from geet now...

he wanted geet!

yes..he wanted that magical love...

he wanted her to love him the same she had defined...

he wanted some1 to love him so much that he would never needed any one ever..and that person could only be geet...

he wanted geet..

he wanted to love and to be loved...

he loved her...

he is n love with geet!

and he would get her by hook or crook...!! Vishal decided!!



maan smiled at vishal.

Vishal closed his eyes in tears.

geet n neeva!




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Oh Teriii Shocked

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ohhh mee second... Unhappy

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Originally posted by Brown-Eyes

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Originally posted by Brown-Eyes

hiiieee mamma papa

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">hiii</font>
<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">baby...Big smile</font>

kya karing Big smile

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Angry tere se zyada me waitinggg...

you hurrr
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ohhh mee second... Unhappy


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MG FF:Limitless -Thread 3- NEW THREAD LINK PG1

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Author: maan-ki-sanjana   Replies: 1055   Views: 159523

maan-ki-sanjana 1055 159523 03 November 2012 at 3:31am by Sona257
FF-M&G-**ANIMOSITY** THREAD 3- link to thread 4

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Author: FireSafireFiree   Replies: 1014   Views: 239140

FireSafireFiree 1014 239140 29 October 2011 at 6:54pm by maaneetfanatic
FF-Enigma- THREAD 7 (thread 8 link on 1st page)

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Author: FireSafireFiree   Replies: 933   Views: 169968

FireSafireFiree 933 169968 05 July 2011 at 3:55am by khwaishfan

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