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Love Beyond Limits !! THREAD 8 pt 137 pg 137 (Page 71)

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Will be waiting..

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Originally posted by kkiddoo

Originally posted by Eza_analyst

Koi haii ?? 
is it u angelic ?

No this is EZA LOL hehehehe yeah I M
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Waiting...Day Dreaming
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WAITING Day Dreaming

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Im Writing a Novelon MaaNeeT Heart 

Those who wants to order d book..JOIN dis fb page for d vil be published soon

               Part 134

maan rested his face on her chest, panting heavily...

geet wiped d sweat from his forehead and loving brushed his hairs, pulling him closer till her lips reached his forehead as she plated a kiss there. maan dipped his face into her neck, while geet in his hairs, while both drifted to peace.


it was an evening.

maan was laying on the couch in half sitting position, resting his head at d back, while geet was in his arms, sleeping on his lap, into his embrace, with her arms locked around him and her head dipped into his neck.

maan's one hand was holding her close protective, his fingers carrasing her bare back in a soothing manner, while his other hand had a book..

both were bare, wrapped under single duvet.

geet wriggled into his embrace, finding her comfort spot. maan shifted himself to get her comfortable and once again started reading, after placing a sweet peck in her hairs, near the ear.

some time passed, when maan's eyes travelled from book to geet, who was staring at him wid big angry eyes..

maan gulped hard. he knew he was dead today. she was annoyed with his reading habit, saying the books dnt have any right on his time.

"jaan.." maan started with sweetest voice...

b4 he could utter one more word, geet took the entire duvet. wrapped it around herself and walked off in strops, leaving a bare maan behind.

maan made baby face, knowing he is totally gone today.

he instantly went into his payjamas and almost ran behind her into bedroom, only to find geet on d bed, all covered by duvet.

sending a quick prayer to god, he slide beside her and hugged her from back.

geet slapped his hand away, not at all turning to his side.

maan moved a litle closed and hugged her again...

making annoying face, geet slapped on his hand hard, making maan wince and pull his hand back.

geet once again dipped into duvet, leaving a poor maan on the back.

he knew, she would not listen this time. he had not expected her to wake early as he knew her usual time.

"jaan, suno na.."

geet didn't reply and acted as if she is fast asleep.

maan rolled his eyes at her antics. he moved on top of her and turned her, making her sleep on her back with him on top of her.

he removed the duvet from her face. her eyes were closed.

"sorry baby.." his sweet voice was testing her patience. she wanted to bite him for making her so weak in front of him...ohh d baby word was almost melting her.

geet slowly opened her eyes much to maan's relief.

"boliye.." uff maan sighed, this was even harder.

benting down, he planted a kiss in d mid of her nose and upper lip. it was her weak spot, maan knew well. she loved his kissing her there. she looked at him annoyed and then looked away.

maan shook his head. he sometimes loved to manaofy her. she look so adorable with those baby angry looks.

"my tomato sauce in angry wid me"

maan stated in a total babyish voice, almost making geet smile and blush while he himself was amused with his childishness...stupid yet cute it was..nothing felt odd when it came to them..everything felt right...

"im not tomato sauce.." her cheeks were already turning red.

maan nuzzled his nose over her cheek, "achha ? about spicy tandoori chicken..."

haww !! geet made almost golgappa face at his statement, she instantly slapped his arm, making him laugh..

"im not tandoori chicken.."

"achha ??" maan whispered, turning romantic all of sudden...

his hand went under d duvet, making tender patterns on her bare skin, specially near waist and near curves, making her shiver underneath him...

his lips planted a deep kiss on her throat and finally moved to lick and chew onto her earlove, as he whispered, "u don't know how sweet and spicy u taste, when i..."

he puposely stopped, casting her under his spell he continued, "when i lick ur collarbone...when i bite ur hard nipple..."

his fingers slight carrsed d bud, making her almost wriggle in d shiver, "maan.."

"jaan.." he whispered back, licking d sensitive skin behind her ear, as his hand removed d duvet and threw it away randomly.

she didn't even realised, when their bare skin mingled into each other.

his body covered hers, as he crushed her soft body under his hard one. his one hand went under waist while d other found its way deep into her neck, in the scalp.

he pulled her to himself and turned on d bed, taking her on top of him. geet like his mom ki goodiya..just went along...

"jaan.." he called again, wanting her to kiss d way she alwz do...he alwz hungered for her it was d part of his breaths...

geet gently opened her eyes, her hairs into one side, falling on him. she moved her hairs away from his face and kissed his forehead...


owo ho !! that brought her back to her senses...she shot him super annoyed look and moved away from him, giving her back to him.

maan made baby face once again, it took his so long to make her she go again..

he once again hugged her from back, this time firmly.his one hand under her, crushing her closer to him while the other went around her curved to grab it passionately, making her arouse in his passion...his feet mingled into hers...

geet took a deep breath, knowing she have lost the battle. she turned into his embrace and took her lips in his.

maan felt d bliss once again, he hugged her to his dear life, crushing her delicate body completely into his.

d kiss was slow yet passionate. loving yet aggressive. sensuous and erotic. her consiatnts bites bleeded maan's lower lip as he winced. geet licked his bleeding lip in soothing manner while maan as alwz never complained her any bite. her even loved her hurting him. he was hers and she had every right.

that was d secret of their love beyond limits...

to give urself to ur parents beyond any limitation... when the moment u give ur love d right to take u for is d moment ur love goes beyond limits...

geet left his lips after long time...staring at him with her mystarious eyes...while maan gently opened his eyes and stared back at her in contentment...

they both were bare..but it never they were husband and wifes...d thought was unbelieveble yet true.

"aap humesha aise hi karte hai..."

maan smiled at her baby complains, and pulled her completely on top of him, making her lay her head on his chest.

"one day, im gonna hide all d books..."

geet said in her childish voice while maan couldn't help but smile at his adorable mishty.

"ok baba. i vil help u too."

haw!! geet look up and slapped his chest, "aur aapne mujhe tandoori chicken kaha..."

maan giggled increasing her frawn, "ok shona, we vil stick to tomato sauce ok.."

his tease annoyed her more as she bite his nose making hm wince...

flipping, maan once again crushed her underneath him, "jaan, u rest here, i vil get coffee for u.."

geet nodded in no and pulled his head closer, "1st say u love me.."

maan smiled and kissed her nose, "i love u.."

geet smiled cutely, "now say, u love my nose.."

maan smiled yet again, "i love ur nose.."

geet's smiled increased and so does her hold on him, "now say, geet u r d cutest.."

maan almost giggled softly at her childish act and kissed her nose yet again, "u r d cuest sweetest and most adorable mishty.."

geet giggled along, "ok now say, maan is mad.."

maan looked at her with cure angry face and then shhok his head, "ur maan is mad...very mad...madly in love with u.."

geet made thinking face, "umm now say, jaan, i vil do everything u say.."

maan smiled naughtily, "jaan, u vil do everything as i say.."

geet made golgappa face, "aise nahi..say..u vil.."

maan smiled innocently, "thats what i said baba, u vil..."

geet frawned, "u r cheating.."

maan showed very shocked face, "no im not.."

geet made cute baby now, "aap aise karoge ?..."

maan stared at her adorable cute face for a while..god was it possible for him to stay even a second away from her...she was his breath in every sences...

he kissed her lips tenderly, "I VIL DO EVERYTHING AS U SAY, love.."

geet lovingly responded to his kiss, "promise ?"

maan deepened d kiss with all his love, "promise, jaan."


1 week passed !!

it was early in d moring, almost 6 am, when geet tried to wriggle feeling some pain around her. she couldn't move...

gently opening her eyes, she found maan all over her as usual.

d duvet was hardly reaching her tummy as maan was wriggling all over d bed and so did d duvet along with him..

she removed her hand away from him, only to find his face dipped into her cuves and one of her nipples was still inside his mouth...

she blushed hard at d thought that he might have slept like that only all the night..but she couldn't concentrate on blush much as d pain was too much...

her nipples must have swollen badly, being inside his mouth all d night..means being wet all d night...

she could see d redness all around d nipples, but couldn't do anything as d nipples on right under his tightly closed mouth.

she tried to open his mouth, taking care not to wake him up, but he didn't budge and dipped his face more into her curves, rubbing his cheeks here n there in sleep.

geet sighed and waited for him to remove it himself. but he remained fast asleep.

her both nipples were swollen, thnx to their last night or say every say and night..they were insane..absolutely...they bodies sumhow find way to get closer to each other...

smiling at her loving hubby sleeping peacefully, even d pain seemed negligible in front of his peacefull sleep..she loving kiss over his forehead. as a reaction, maan slowly left her lips and moved closer to deep his face into her neck, hugging her tight to himself.

b4 geet could take relief thata he left d nipple finally, but it was once again crushed into his chest. geet winced a bit feeling d pain again around her delicacy. 

knowing he would not let go of her, she decided to let it be with the pain, and closed her eyes, submitting herself completely into his embrace.

after some time..

 maan woke only to find geet wrapped completely into his embrace like alwz.

he kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips and moved down to shower her wid his kisses when his eyes fell on d badly swollen nipples of hers...the other oen was swollen too, but this seemed very sensitive and very much swollen, almost reddened.

he was reminded of last night events when he couldn't let go of her nipples, even after their several love making session, and may be lest like that only...

it must be paining her, he thought restlessly...thought he loved dat her nipples was in his mouth all night..that he was so much closer to her all d night..but still it was paining her..he didn't like that...

taking care not to wake her up, he gently got out of bed, and came back with a soothing cream,.laying beside her, he gently applied d cream over both d swollen he touched and applied cream. she winced a bit..maan blowed warm air in soothing manner and applied d cream properly..noticing a d frown of her face being replaced by smile..his smile was back..but he didn't get back to sleep, knowing she would sumhow crush herself into his and it would hurt her again...

Instead, he freshened up and made his way to kitchen.


it was afternoon, maaneet were having there special nok-jhok wala lunch, when maan's cell rang.

maan had strictly warned in his office that not to call him until n unless something very very important occurs which couldn't not be solved other than him...his and her family did came sometimes, but maan would make sure, no1 shares his mishty's time more than him...

it was adi.

there lunch was almost done, geet collected all d plates and walked into kitchen while maan received d call...

"adi, it's better be important.."

after that, whatever he lost his voice to speak anything. he didn't even realise when adi cut d call..

geet walked back in hall, "maan, kaun tha.."

maan didn't reply.

confused, geet went in front of him and was left shocked..his eyes were bright red like he could kiss somebody any moment..

she instantly cupped his face, "jaan...kya huva.."

"geet.." that was all he could utter... he was seething in tears...

geet was alarmed with d emotions in his voice...she looked at her like she could sense the reason...

and she was proved right, when maan banged his hand on d dining table, breaking d glass and hurting his hand...scared out of death, geet tried to grab his bleeding hand when maan grabbed her shoulder aggressively and pinned her to the nearby wall with a thud...

"KYU GEET ??" he shouted on top of his voice...

tears formed in her eyes..not bcoz of the shout..but d pain in his voice...she knew..her hiding from him have hurt him..

"kyu chhupaya mujhse...kyu geet..damn it jaan...bolo na.." he said in almost desperate he would burst any moment...

his hand left her shoulder and cupped her face desperately, "were u kidnapped ??" he asked controlling all his emotions..

a tear rolled down from her eyes, and he got his answer...

she was kidnapped...and he didn't even could that be..he failed..he failed once again in protecting her...some1 tried to hurt her and he didn't even knew...he failed in his love again...

he kissed her like a mad man, he kissed her everywhere on her face..making sure..she is alright..that she not hurt...that.. could he be so careless...

and why did she hide it from him...

"kyu chhupaya mujhse...mujhe bataya kyu nahi...tum fir kisine hurt kiya..aur me..."

tears of gult started to roll down from his eyes, "aur mujhe pata bhi nahi chala..i failed...i failed again.."

geet couldn't take those words, no he didn't...

she cupped his face in tears, "maan aise mat sorry..mujhe laga agar apko pata chala toh...wo apko hurt karenge..."

her words caught his attension, her brough her immensely closer in his embrace, "wo kaun ?..plzz geet batau mujhe kya huva tha..i need to know jaan..i need to plz..."

"wo.." geet hugged him closer as d fear once again engulfed her..but in his arms, she felt she started to tell him what had happened...

by adi, maan had come to know that d detective agency found out that geet was kidnapped that by some goons who were hired by none other than neeva..d name neeva had shocked maan...but from geet he came to know that..those goons scared her with his names that they vil hurt him..and they told them her to break up with he came to know..why she had utter those words on that fateful day...she was feared of his safety..she loved him so much that..she was ready to gave up her love for his safety...vil he ever be able to love her as much as she do to him...her love is beyond any damn limits...

geet crushed her face into his neck, "isliye..(she was fumbling with tears..) mene uss din aapko wo bola tha..i didn't mean to..i..i was scared...that..that they vil..hurt u..maan..i was scared..aap ko kuchh ho jata mar jati.."

d moment she said those words, maan took her lips in his for an endless kiss...

he kissed her in desperation to let her know that he is fine..that her mine in fine and all hers..that she dnt have to get scared of anything when he is there for her...he would never let any1 snatch there love..there happiness...

he cupped her face with his both hands, "shona, tumhe darne ki kya jarurat hun na..tumhare sath..tumhare paas..tumhara hote huye tumhe kisi chiz se darne ki kya jarurat hai..."

geet hugged him again and broke into a sob, "maan...i hurt u na..."

maan shook her in his embrace, "no, no know u love me so very much...m sorry jaan..that u have to go through this..m sorry baby...i promise..i vil not leave them,..."

"no.." she looked at him wid wide eyes, "aap ye sab bhul jayiye..agar unhone aap ko hurt kiya toh.."

"shona.." he kissed her forehead to sooth her, "they are already arrested..they cnt hurt me..."

that was a relief for geet, she smiled with tears, "really..u r safe..haan maan.."

maan smiled with tears, and then looked at her seriousness, "geet tu kabhi dubara mujhse kuchh nahi chhupaogi...promise me.."

geet nodded still wid tears, "i promise..i promise..m sorry jaan.."

"shhh.." he cocooned his child shona in his cozy embrace, "dnt cry now.."

geet nodded once again..

maan picked her up in his embrace and took her to their bedroom.

she rested her head on his heart contended that he is safe..while a strom was going inside maan...neeva did this..why ?..what was her purpose..? and whose private it could with who neeva has talked ? is she alone or any1 else with her ?.. he needed to know everything...everything..and for this..they needed to go back.


Note - It's aSADCry news for all...LBL is Ending on 150th Part. 

Ouchsorry frnds Cry




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mish kyaa update milnee wala haii
Hot hot kyaa heheheheheee
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Yuppiee me first again hahahahaaa
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Oops second tooo :D

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