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Love Beyond Limits !! THREAD 8 pt 137 pg 137 (Page 18)

pawandeepk001 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:15am | IP Logged
First of all I apologise for not commenting from a long time... was badly caught up in real world.. Unhappy just finished reading the pending updates and OMIGODDD... u killed me mish... trust me m stunned.. u r freaking awesomeee... Can neva thank u enuf for writing LBL.. love u alottt.. 

ritusoni2233 Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 12:52am | IP Logged
firstly m sry mish 4 irregular in cment 

bt  sari prblms sath hi aa tpki 

btw congrats 4 new thread 

nw on update 

dis sr was htke yr hehehehehehe

too hot passionate 

maan n geet finally maaneet bn gye 


waiting 4 next
-kawaii- IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting waiting

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Angelic_mishty Goldie

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Im Writing a Novelon MaaNeeT Heart Tongue

Those who wants to order d book..JOIN dis fb page for d vil be published soon

                Part 132

a fresh cold morning, maan on bed with geet in his arms, both all bare, hidden under white bedsheet. Maan's 1 hand around geet's waist under d duvet while other around her back, keeping her tight into his embrace. Geet's both arms locked around his neck while her face dipped into his neck and her body halfly laying on him.

d perfect moment...

d perfect love...

d perfect couple...

d perfect MaaNeeT..

                              Last night I fell in love with you
                                         All over again,
                                    More deeply in love,
                                      Than ever before.
                       No one has ever expressed their love for me
                              With such beautiful and kind words.

                                 Last night I fell in love with you
                                           All over again,
                                    With such stronger faith
                                         Than ever before.
                      Knowing that you will always be there for me
                                   When dark shadows enter my life.

                              Last night I  fell in love with you
                                             All over again
                                   With a stronger friendship
                                         Than ever before
                       When ever I need a tender shoulder to cry on
                              I know you will wipe away the tears

                              Last night I feel in love with you
                                            All over again
                                        With more respect
                                          Than ever before
                           I look up to you and admire your strength
                                   In turn you have strengthen me

                                   Last I feel in love with you
                                               All over again
                                                With such care
                                             Than ever before
                        Now I truly believe how much you care for me
                                       You have given me life.

                                  Last night I fell in love with you
                                                   All over again
                                            With more happiness
                                                Than ever before
                     You have brought back to me smiles and laughter
                                        Through your loving eyes.

                                    Last night I fell in love with you
                                                      All over again
                                                   With more love
                                                   Than ever before
                                         For the first time in a long time
                                                  I have really felt love.

it was almost 7 in monring, when geet turned lazily into maan's arms. maan arms atutomatically grabbed her more into him while his lips pecked her hairs... so different it was.. dey didn't need to be conscious to feel each other..deir movements around each other were so natural..


geet mumbled sumthing in half sleep n nuzzled her face into his neck...

but her mumble awaked maan, opening his eyes, maan smiled at his princess slwwping so cutely in his embrace. d beauty of d world, laying naked in his embrace. his love.. just his..

pecking her forehead, maan gently carrased her hairs, "kya huva.."

nuzzling her face restlessly in maan's neck, geet mumbled, "bhook..lagi...hai.."

ohh man, how could he forget, she didn't have much food in plane, he should have been could he..

cupping her face from his face, he kissed her lips tenderly, "bas 2 min ok.."

geet was still in half sleep, "hmm.." with that she once again slide her arm around his neck, and pulled him closer to sleep on him..

maan smiled and shook his head, how would he make sumthing like this..wish he could just stare at her like this till infinity or may be more than that...his geet laying in his arms aftr their most special night...

d memory of last night drove maan wild as he once again bent down to take her lips in his...

but d very moment, he remembered his jaan is hungry, she didn't have food properly...making love to her was d last thing in his mind aftr that thought...

Pecking her forehead again, he gently removed her arm from his neck and placed it over his pillow to not disturb her..

wearing some payjama, he walked into kitchen and started to make breakfast for her...

Mild coffee 

and pasta

that felt perfect, putting dishes into trey, maan walked back into room, to find geet still sleeping..

maan placed food nearby table and sat beside geet. carrsing her loose strands wid his fingers, maan whispered near her ear, "jaan.."

"umm.." geet mumbled lazily, and took his hand under her head to rest on it.

maan smiled and circled his hand around her bare waist over d bedsheet. his nose nuzzled hers, "utho shona.."

geet nodded in no..still closed eyes, "bhook lagi hai.."

maan kissed her cheek, "jaan... utho aur kuch khalo.."

geet nodded again and hugged his waist, "im sleepy" 

maan rolled his eyes and pulled her by waist to make her lay on his lap. geet circled her hands around his neck and slept, keeping her head on his shoulder.

"jaan, utho shona, bhook lagi hai na.."

geet still didn't budze, "mujhe sona hai.."

maan shook his head and cupped her face to make her look at him, "pehle kuchh khalo aur fir sona..ab utho.."

geet lazily opened her eyes, "kya hai.." cute pout visible in her voice..

maan smiled n kissed her nose, "coffee ya pasta.."

geet looked at him, "pehle pasta fir coffee.."

maan took d plate, filled a spoon wid pasta and fed her. geet took in instantly and once again dipped her face into his shoulder...

"jaan, thik se khao..."

"apne khaya ?.."

maan fed her again, "me kha lunga..pehle tum khalo.."

geet looked ta him instantly, "aap bhi khao abhi.."

maan tried to fed her again but she took d spoon n fed him instead, maan tried to stop her, "jaan, mene brush nahi kiya..."

geet fed him forefully, "toh..mene bhi nahi kiya.."

maan laughed while eating and took d spoon from her.

once they breakst was done, maan put d plate back to d sideby table and circled his free hand around her waist as well...

d bedsheet that was covering her slipped near her chest but geet's hand instantly held it. it was then she realised, she was sitting on his lap, all naked, just wrapped in bedsheet..

her cheeks turned pink and that broke maan's litle bit of control..

maan layed on his back taking gee along wid him, her hairs tickled him, geet instantly tucked them to one side..

"tumhe nind aa rahi thi na ?.."

geet blushed and dipped her face into his neck, "abhi nahi aa rahi.."

maan giggled at her, she was d cutest thing in d world. his khatti mitthi mishty...

rolling on her, maan mad geet lay on bed while he rolled on top of her, carrsing her lips wid his...

the moment was perfect, a fresh morning, cold temperature and their bare bodies warming each other. 

The sound of your voice is music to my ear
So soft, sweet, and clear
The kiss from your lips words can not explain
It takes away my worries and my pain
The caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine
Everyday I thank God that your mine.

The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears
You're the one I want to love through out the years
For an eternity I want to spend in your arms
Everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.

he pulled d duvet from her that was shielding her from him...

"u r my geet..."

geet's hands tightened around his neck, bringing him more to her lips...

their lips tasted each other once again, the kiss was so slow yet deep, feeling d every delicate movement of each other...maan fingers carrsing her waist..barely touching..tickling her...

his other hand under her neck, holding her close to him...

his tickles made her giggle and she laughed in his mouth, making him smile in return...

how sweet d feeling could be, u smile when ur love smiles..u require no other reason. just a glimpse of smile on d face of ur parner becums enough to fill ur face wid a long last smile...

they flipped onto bed, for a moment, maan on geet while next moment geet on maan...d kiss didn't seem to stop so were dey...

his finger started to move from her waist to upwards and gete curled her toes wid d blush..maan smile at her state...he bite onto her pink cheeks naughtily..

"aah.." geet giggled n complained.

maan smirked in return n dipped his face into her neck to taste her even more while his palm cupped her curves..

"maan.." a moan instantly left from her lips...

in return maan continued to lick her skin, he kissed her neck, licked d soft spots behind her ear, bite her earlobe..sucked onto her collar bone...chewing onto her lips..kissing her jaw..nuzzling her soft skin wid his nose...she was his drug...his personal drug...her scent drives him creazy...her touch makes him insane..yet she is d only one who could tame him...

his payjama was long gone..his hand massged n kneaded her soft curves one aftr another..while she moaned his named repeatedly, wanting more n moer from him, d feeling of pleasing ur love or getting pleased by ru love..nothing could be blissfull than this...

his thumb carrased her hard buds and she shivered underneath him, her hand reached to cover him hand...restless engulfing her..she was not in state to even think what she wanted..whether she wnated to stip his fingers or wanted him to increase his torture...

love is like a addiction..the more you take it..the more you want it...

maan... maan..maaa--maan---maan.. 

her moan and shivers couldn't stop... while maan continued to shower her wid his saliva...his mouth found her upper curves while he licked n bathed her mole..d shadow of her soul as he had mentioned...her loved kissing n loving felt too personal n special to touch her on d mole..

he kissed d black spot..licked n bite onto it..driving her creazy and her skin turned all reddish like last night..his red tomato sause...

he continued to kiss down, he kissed n licked everywhere over her curves while her hands brushed his hairs...his stubble rubbed against her erect curves...

his lips pecked onto her hard buds again n again and finally pullled it in his mouth to moisten it..his teeth pulled d nipples sharply and geet moaned widly,...taking his hairs into her fist...

his salivary tongue madly rolled over his nipples in every way possible..turning from one side to another..he loved her moaning his name,..he loved her need for him..her wanting him..her craving him..and he fullfilled her every need..every want..n every crave...

her nipples were swolen from his deep sucking n harsh biting, but d feeling that she belonged to him,,made her all d more pleasurable..wanting to give herself more to him...

his thumb n index finger pinched d nipple, driving her insane in pleasurabel, while d other buds remained in his mouth. he tickled them..piched them..kissed them..sucked them..chewed onto them upto her insanity..but didn't let go of them...

geet took a deep breath when maan finally left her nipple from his was filled with his saliva and had turned deep red n swolen...

climbing a bit, maan moved closer to her face and geet kissed onto his lips, rolling on top of him. 

d sleep was d last thing she would thing at this moment, her lips pecked everywhere on his face..his eyes..his nose..his cheeks..his lips..his jawline..his ears...moving down to kiss and love his neck and collarbone..

maan loved every beat of felt like felt heaven to be loved by ur love...

she kissed n licked his shoulders, his byceps, his toned chest. maan shivered with a jolt when she kissed his was his sensuous spot..but taking a deep breath. he remained motionless..not wanting to disturb her...

she kissed them, loved them..bite them..just d way he had done..he loved his jana..loving him so much...

finally the moment came, when she came back to his lips n took them in...

flipping onto her, all d while kissing her lips tightly, maan once again came on top of her and pulled her more into him. loving her naked body smashed against his...

benting down, he bite onto her tummy and licked her belly was too tickling to bear..she kept shivering like a current..while he contiued to lick onto her curvious waist and flat tummy..

"our baby vil stay here.." 

he whispered against her belly button...and geet closed her eyes in bliss as sum unknown happiness rolled off her eyes...

maan rested his cheek on her tummy and lived into d dream...d dream day..dere baby will stay here..his baby's home..their baby's small litle incredible d feeling could be...

his lips kissed n licked her tummy again n again while gete wriggled with d ticklish senses...

cupping his face, geet pulled him up to take his lips into hers...and maan knew what she meant. 

his hand reached to open her legs for him while his kiss only deeped with all d more love...

geet locked herself tightly into his embrace, locking her arms around his neck..

with a deep breath, maan moved in and geet closed her eyes in pain n pleasure of their love...

his movement was so gentle that geet couldn't express how pleasurable it felt...

he was slow, gentle, sensuous and deeply he wanted to understand every bit of her inside he touches her soul..when he he she feel about it...every movement felt magically and insanely sensual...

d part of d love making went in all d tenderness but then they lost it...

 The sensation throttled them. he closed her mouth with his to relax her moands...

he filled her wid all his passion...he knew how exactly he made her feel with every thrust...She shuddered around him lost in his love...

she leaned closer & pulled him into a deep kiss 

he pushed more into her, rocking on top of her... She tightened her hands around his neck & pulled him closer...he sank deeper...both of them moaned in pleasure as he sank further... 

"i love u so much.." mana moaned into her mouth...

geet blushed and pulled him even closer... they hit d climax...He collapsed completely on her while she cradled him close into his warm embrace...loving the feeling of glued to him skin to skin, from top to bottom...

"love U"

that all their thudding hearts could beat...sticked into each other !!




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r Big smile
hope u r updating in this post only
going now..will read tommBig smile

yiipiieee i am 1st...yuuhooo.///
very sweet one mishty..
loved the poems...
dey r the swwetest couple ever
even in their wild romance i could feel the sweetness yaar...
beautifully written!!!
continue soonEmbarrassed

oops...i sandwiched ur updateWink

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love4all IF-Dazzler

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awesome part dear 

loved it 
amrinderkaur9 Senior Member

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it was too gud jst awesum i jst luved it
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superb as usual..
loved it..

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