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Love Beyond Limits !! THREAD 8 pt 137 pg 137 (Page 135)

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Originally posted by Eza_analyst

mish gayiii fir se I guesss Arghhh mere ko study karnaa haii yaaarrr

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waiting mish!!! Heart
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              Part 137


if come to think about it you will never be tired of making definition of love and sometimes its way too difficult to define love. 

love can't be expressed in right way until n unless u experience it. 

people say love hurts..but it doesn't... love is the most beautiful thing in this world. we love our parents. we love our siblings. we love our friends...but loving some special is a totally different thing. 

not just love but to live for some1...nothing could be more beautiful than this. 

maan n geet... the two people stranger to each other. it was an unbelievable lovestory for them. "meant to be" would perfectly define their story.  they were alwz meant to be. they never needed to tell each other how much they love. they knew already. 

they never needed to make promises...they existed already. they never needed to ask each other for anything..they understood the silence too. 

accepting the up and downs of live..they managed to fight them all and finally became one.. how many times life tested their it hameer..or vishal n neeva's plan..none could part them... 

people say love ends after marriage..but in maaneet's life..they love seemed to increase every passing second. every simple moment of life seemed more than special being with each other... 

their cute fights in the morning.. geet making all kind of faces...maan trying hard to owe his mishty. geet searching for his thing..maan's following geet to convince her for breakfast. their family breakfast together. maan's carrying geet shamelessly. geet hiding in maan's arms. maans full mouth kisses when geet would stare at him with an open mouth. 

her giving presentations..maan's drooling over geet. geet sitting on his lap all the time like its the only place when she belong. 

maan's never complaining her rather loving every bit of it. 

geet being ziddi to want to eat ice-cream..maan's trying hard to convince her not to eat as its winter..but geet's faces would alwz melt his resolve. geet's enjoying ice-cream while maan's licking her lips to clean them. their talking for hours n hours in the night in each others arms...geet's sleeping on top of maan cozily or maan's crushing geet under his weight. geet's biting on maan's lips or maan's never ending sucking on geet's nipples..his hands alwz would land up being around her. they could not part away however they try...

be it breakfast or lunch or dinner... be it a simple smile or a deary it a fresh morning in each other's embrace or crushing each other in the darkest hours of it kissing each other or fighting for absolutely stupids its geet's winning the fight or maan's accepting defeat to let his geet win..the smile of our face would alwz be worth it. 

be it geet being adament to maan to carry her or maan's sleeping on geet's lap for hours to fill fresh. be it geet carrasing maan's hairs..or maan massaging geet back in soothing manner... be it geet wanting to her mayank or maan's making all kind of faces not wanting her to go away from him even for a second... be it dadi maan's scolding maan when she would notice any bite mark on geet's neck or dadi maa teasing geet when she would notice nails marks on maan's hands...both would be red with embbarrassement.. maan would make puppy face at geet and geet would show her tongue to maan...

be it geet working in office and maan would lick her neck of from back or maan would be in a meeting and geet would wink at him naughtily making him cough in surprise n shock...

be it geet's naughtyness or maan's possessiveness...

be it geet's love or maan's obsession...

be it geet rights or maan's giving up everything...

Their love was beyond normal...beyond possible..beyond believeble...beyond limits..yet so true and real...they were special in every way...they had to be..its not easy to get such love...

People dream of love and expect that their loved one will make their life beautiful...

but we often forget the biggest rule of life...

" Give N Take "

give love..receive love..give respect..receive respect...give everything and receive everything...until n unless u love some1 beyond limits..u can not get love beyond limits...

the more u give the more u get..that hows d love works..

And maaneet...time passed like a dream and their continued to grow beyond limits..!!


Vishal's monologue,

Did i really thought i would get geet..that pure soul...

how stupid i was..i had thought i would get her... i was immature...i was an idiot..i was unlucky...

when i realized i loved geet..i wanted her...i wanted her like i never wanted anybody ever...she was d god's goft to earth...but i was lucky enough to possess it... and i realised this fact soon...

i was desperate for her one look at me..but her eyes only looked at maan..looked for maan...and when maan would not be there..her eyes reflected maan...that sindoor in her mang..that mangalsutra over her neck..alwz told me that she was some else's possession. 

i was 17 when mom n dad died in accident..i craved for love...hameer was my only best friends...but hameer's broke me...i wanted to punish the one who killed hameer...n geet came in my life...i wanted to hate maan n geer..but instead..i landed being jealous with maan..n i landed being in love with geet...

we can't have everything we want or need..i realised this fact when i experience the unending love geet had for maan...he tried to do friendship with her...but she remained reserved..he wanted her to atleast smile at that he could breath normally..but she only smiled when maan's name came in between..the sudden glow in her eyes at maan's name had shocked vishal..

there was no more obsession or anger left within him to have geet by hook or crook..their was a hope..there was a pure win that pure soul..but he soon realised that she could never be his..she was maan's...

he never stopped trying untill he experinced this...

Flashback Starts :-

vishal and maan were in conference room. vishal as alwz had come making an was just he wanted to meet geet..but apparently she was not in office... conference was going on..maan was continuously checking his watch...vishal guessed he too must be waiting for geet..jealousy ran through him but he controlled himself...

maan's cell rang gaining every1's attention. 

walking near the window, maan picked it up instantly, "jaan, kahan ho...(pause) i am waiting for u..come to my cabin directly the moment u reach." 

maan went back to his sit and vishal realised it must be geet. so she is coming office..that was a relief. he was desperate for one glimpse of her. 

as the meeting came to an end, maan immediately left to his cabin. vishal followed him silently. he decided he would barge in the cabin with some excuse..this was the only way he could see geet..and he just wanted to see her at any cost...

standing in front of door, he slightly open it...

geet was sitting on the sofa with a tifin box in her hand and maan was sitting beside her carrasing her hairs gently..tucking them behind her ear...

he couldn't stand the sight still he continued...

geet  smiled excitedly, "aaj mene khud se apka favourite pasta banaya hai..."

shaking his head, maan tried to take tiffin from her, "i am waiting impatiently mishty.."

geet didn't let him take the tiffin..there was suddenly a nervousness on her face.. maan n vishal both noticed...

maan cupped her cheek softly, "kya huva jaan.."

geet stood up n went towards d table avoiding his eyes, "kuch nahi..i will serve u..."

maan was puzzled with geet's behaviour, following her, he held her from back, turning her to face him..geet looked down not facing him... vishal was getting worried with geet's behaviour..did maan do anything wrong to geet..why she is so afraid...

maan raised her chin up, "jaan...batao kya huva..." his other ahnd held hers...

"Aaahhh.." the sudden scream from geet shocked maan n vishal too...

he fumbled back a litle leaving her hand and that's when he realised why she screamed...

Rage coursed through him as he angrily held her wrist and raised her hand to meet his had a dark red patch in d middle of looked deep and painfull...

maan's eyes went red as the untamed fire filled them, "kaise huva ye..." yelled maan making geet shiver...

vishal was shocked looking at geet's hand but maan's angry voice angered him...why he is angry with geet...

geet looked down not able to meet his angry eyes, ""

maan forcefully raised her chin to make her look at his eyes.. he was seething, "mene kuch pucha jaan..kaise huva ye..."

geet suddenly hugged him, "gussa mat kariye na..."

maan sighed and cocooned her in his embrace holding the injured hand caringly, "jaan...tum humesha aise kyu karti ho...look what u have done..."

his eyes almost filled looking at the painfull injury. geet wiped his tears as her own eyes filled up...

vishal looked at maan in utter shock..he never expected maan singh khurana to shed a tear for anyone...did he just cry bcoz she got her hand injured...d realisation was too much to accept..

pulling geet closed in his embrace, maan kissed her forehead, "u vil not go in kitchen again..."

"par maan..." geet made baby face...

maan took a deep breath..god she was his undoing, "fine..u can go only in kictehn when i vil be with u..."

she still didn't look convinced..maan dared not look at her, "promise me jaan.." sighing geet promised him...

making her sit on the sofa, maan sat in front of on the floor on his knees..which was another shock for vishal..the imgave vishal had for maan..was completely different that what maan real was..he just realised...

maan applied the medicine on geet's palm..blowing on it millions times as geet would do aah n ohh...maan would kiss her cheek every time she would glare at him if he would do it litle harshly..though he was way too soft..but geet was after all maan's princess..and she loved to be owed by maan could ever deny...

later, maan made geet sit on his lap, as they both short maan feed geet and himself too..poor geet..burned hand..

Feeling out of place, vishal left from there...

Flaskback Ends.

i though and rethough it millions of times...and finally realised..geet loved maan as much as maan loved geet...even if he try..he could not love love1 to this extent..then how cna he expect for such love...if her gets geet...vil he be able to love her as much as maan doesn..??

never... the tears in maan's eyes had still shocked him...could he be so sensitive or was it just for geet...

he realised they meant for each other...and he also realised why maan got hameer killed...if he cnt bear a single hurt on geet's hand..then ofcourse what hameer did was something maan could never bear...even if i was in maan's place..i would have done the same...

so...there were few facts he need to accept...

he can not get geet...

and maaneet r meant to be!

staring out of window, vishal closed his eyes in pain, as a tear rolled down!!


It was a sunday evening.

maan was resting on a resting chair in the balcony of their bedroom. geet was sleeping on top of him. geet was fast asleep with her head dug in maan's neck and her hands tightly circled around his neck.. maan had his hand under her top snaked around her bare waist while the other was brushing her hairs softly in a soothing manner...

he wasn't sleep...just had his eyes closed in relaxing manner...

it was a simple evening and a sweet moment of their togetherness. 

he couldn't believe...two month have passed to their still seemed like the thing of day before..their seperation which still brough a pang on pain in his hurt..then their reunion and marrigae...their honeymoon which still brought a beautifull smile of so much memories..

he remembered how they used to sleep like this every afternoon...her sleeping in his embrace and his reading books..god..she would get so angry on him..he remmebered her cooking in kitchen and his being naughty not letting her he would carrse her bare his hands would shamelessly slip into her clothes...he smiled at that..he still had his hand in her t-shirt..unknown to himself..his hand went upwards carassing over the bra line...he smiled as he remembered how they would do gardening and she would be all covered with mud...and their bath fight after that which would ending being romantic...his carrying her for bath every morning...her sharp teeth would alwz chew his lips..his chest..his fingers..his cheeks..his chin...even his neck sometimes...his fingers gently opened the hook of her bra as he was lost in the beautiful memories of their honeymoon...

he remembered her wanting to watch tv after dinner and how he would literally seduce her by carrasing her here n there..placing kisses here n there..ohh romantic movies..they were so helpfull...he laughed softly at his childishness...geet had maanged to bring back the child out of him who was lost after his parents death. 

his hand moved from her hairs to deep in her scalp massaging her neck softly. 

Their honeymoon was the most beautifull phase in their lovestory... well come to think of it..every moment was special...the memories of their honeymoon and maan felt like waking geet up the very moment and make love to her till she vil be filled with his love. but then he couldn't wake her up..she was sleeping so peacefully and he would disturb her watsoever.. well she would wake up and the night was all his...maan smiled naughtily at his own thoughts...

After dinner..

Plastering  her back against maan's chest, geet giggled as maan's hand cripped into her top tickling her. maan smiled placing a kiss on her earlobe. he was hugging her tightly from back. geet was blabering nonstop and maan was listening to her with all his attention while his fingers went inside her bra. geet slapped his hand..moaning maan did it even more. 

Suddenly remembering something, geet turned her face to maan, "maan..." "hmm.." maan mumbled lost in her neck. 

"i havn't seen neeva since long...wo kahin bahar gayi hai ? haan ?..."

maan sighed at geet's innocent question. he knew she would ask this question soon as he had seen many people wondering the same question in office. so many days had passed since they came from honeymoon and neeva's absence for so long had become the most fav gossip in the office. 

Turning her towards him, maan brushed his nose on her collarbone in lazy manner, "jaan..." "hmm" geet murmured back. 

"wo...those goons.." maan held her tightly as he felt her stiffen, "it was all planned." with that maan started to tell her how neeva and vishal planned all this and what was the reason behind it. 

geet was too shocked to react. she looked at maan with teary eyes and maan hugged her to his dear life. he grabbed her thigh and snaked it around his waist to twist their bodies closer. geet opened her mouth to say something but maan kissed her lips shutting her up, "i will not forgive neeva for what she did to u..." maan made it clear very well knowing she would ask him to fogirve neeva. 

geet sighed and rested her head on maan's chest, "is she still in ur custody??"  maan nodded in yes, "hmm.." "i want to meet her..." maan very well knew she would say that. he was about to nod when geet continued, "alone..." maan went angry instantly, "ofcorse not geet..." 

Cupping his face with her soft fingers, she carrased his cheek in caring way, "shhh.." sighing, maan pulled her closer, "i wil be outside" with that he closed his eyes and dug his face into her chest as geet cocooned him in her embrace. 


geet's meeting with neeva. it remained only between the two. maan didn't ask what they talk about. if geet didn't tell him that means he should not know about it. he understood her that well. she asked him to forgive neeva. maan was not ready..but geet knew her way to convince him. he had finally given into her themand. but had not left her so easily for this. he had taken out all his frustration on geet's body. geet never complained. she knew how much he hated doing things that he didn't want to. 

he still didn't trust neeva but geet made him relax. he knew if geet talked to neeva..there must have been a change occured in her. neeva never came in fornt of him in office nor did he want her to.                                                                         

but he did felt a difference in neeva the way she talked to geet. he hated her even talking to his geet. but geet would glare at him if he would start about it. maan rolled his eyes at her antics...

he had noticed one more thing and that was vishal's sudden disappearance... a few days back...he would find vishal in office by any  stupid reason..but he didn't even come once since a week. maan was happy. maan had noticed vishal staring at geet. he had hated it...but there was no obsession in his eyes like hameer had...there was a longing...maan wanted to talk to vishal on this seriously..wanted to know what his real prob was..wat was bothering him...he still hated vishal for what he had done to geet..but then after when geet made him understand anger is not the only way with which we can handle any issue... 

she wanted him to talk to vishal...and maan knew his geet was right. 

he vil talk to vishal soon, maan decided. 



maan papaEmbarrassed geet mamma.Embarrassed...




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yeeeksss me first after a long timeee 
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mish is a bad girl  Angry

wow, part 137 on page 137 Confused
chalo, me commenting now.. LOL

besharam couple... kahi bhi shuru ho jati hai
ye maan kuch jyada romantic nehi ho gaya kya? Embarrassed
how cute tht Maan actually cried to see Geet's hand Cry
Now Geet will meet neeva
and its good tht vishal understood his mistake

and PRECAP... Big smile
jaldi dena, samjhi?

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lolllzzz second bhiii
Gosh I m so eager to read 

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