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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 90)

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Chapter 13

Kria woke up with a start .. she grabbed her cell to look at the time and then groaned .. Hell !!! she had overslept .. How could she , when there was so much work pending ..  Of course it was all because of the distracting thoughts she was having all night  .. She was not to be blamed for it .. of course not .. It was Rey and his .. his .. Arggh !!!

She left her thinking and ran for a quick shower ..


She reached office and got busy with her work .. But, was unable to concentrate fully ..  While leaving he house she had seen that his car was not parked .. Damn .. he left early for office ..  somehow she was hoping to see him in the morning .. 

Kria .. you are hopeless .. what's wrong with you .. ??

From time to time her mind wavered and went back to previous evening when Rey had come in her room .. she was getting goose bumps just imagining the whole sequence ..

How can she let him affect her so much .. his mere presence  .. his voice .. his touch .. everything was lethal .. and it was disconcerting her tremendously ..

The most infuriating part was after their encounter when she had gone down for dinner ..  she was having such a hard time to control her nerves ..  her appetite had died and food was the last thing that was on her mind .. and her eyes betraying her by looking towards Rey every now and then .. she was just forcing the food down her throat and trying her best to keep the conversation going on the table ..

One fact was annoying her to the extent that she could just blow up anytime was that , Rey was cool  as a cucumber .. smiling away casually at her .. without displaying any emotions on his face about the effect of the encounter which happened just  a few minutes back .. Am I the only one so affected by him .. she wondered ..

He was heartily eating away and laughing and chatting as if nothing had happened and here she was still trembling as the after effects of their encounter..


It was late afternoon .. she had not got a call from him .. nor any replies to her email .. she had not seen him since morning .. this was getting more and more frustrating for her ..

Where the hell is he ?

Kria was really frustrated with herself that she just couldn't get Rey out her mind .. Every minute  she had been thinking about him and about what happened the previous night ..

Once or twice on the pretext to talk to her colleagues or pick a coffee she had passed his cabin but she could hear nothing nor see anything ..

Finally she could take it no longer .. "Pooja .. come in .. its urgent" she snapped in the phone   ..

Her assistant came in "Yes Maam"

"Where the hell is the guest list .. ?" still staring at the laptop .. she snarled ..

"Maam .. I had emailed Rey Sir about it .. but he hasn't replied back .. he .. " she said with a fearful voice ..

Kria jumped in not letting her complete .. "So are we just gonna sit and do nothing about it ..?"

"No .. No .. Maam .. I had called him .. he said " she stammered a bit ..

Kria's eyes immediately shot up and glared at Pooja .. "Isn't he in office ?"

"No .. he is in South Goa for some hotel deal .. he said he will hand over the list first thing when he returns to office today evening .. " she spoke everything in one go ..still looking at  Kria a bit fearfully ..

Kria clenched her teeth .. and managed to blurt out .. "Fine .. you can leave "

Great .. Everyone knows where he is .. and I am the last person on this earth to know about his whereabouts ..

She typed away furiously on her laptop ..


"Hey Beautiful" Raj entered her cabin grinning widely at her ..

"Hey" she greeted him wryly 'she was in no mood to talk to anybody .. from morning she had been snapping at any and everyone ..

"What's up .. you seem to be upset ..?" he asked genuinely and took the seat in front of her ..

"Why don't you mind your own business  .. " she snapped again .. her eyes still on the screen in front of her ..

Hell .. why have I become so irritable ..

Since Raj didn't speak up for sometime .. she looked at him ..

Instead of getting angry he grinned .. Kria was surprised she raised her eyebrows ..

"That's what I am doing ..sitting in the office" he laughed at his own joke ..

But, Kria didn't find anything funny in that  ..she just glared at him ..

"You know Raj .. I seriously don't understand you .. there is so much work pending .. but you are always so carefree .. so casual about everything .. I really don't know if you have seen the party venue once .. or checked out the event details which I had sent .. because I never get any opinions from you .. nor any suggestions .. nothing '." She frowned ..

"I am like this only " he again gave a very sheepish smile ..

"No .. I don't think you even know that this launch is of such an immense importance to your hotel business .. you are the one who was responsible for this whole affair but I feel that you are not interested at all .. "

She eyed him but he averted her eyes '

She continued .. " I mean if you don't like anything which me or my team is doing .. please say so .. "

"No ..No.. you all are doing a great job .." he shot back immediately ..

"Sometimes I feel you are being forced into this .. " the minute she said that she saw Raj's eyes widen with shock for a moment  .. but immediately he came back to normal .. but his voice lost some of the confidence ..

"No .. nothing like that "

"No .. Raj .. I know there is something .. you are always physically present here but mentally always in some other world .. Please tell me .. what's bothering you .. why are you doing this when you don't like it ?" she spoke now softly ..

"Well .. " he eyed her debating with his mind whether to tell her or not ..

"You can talk to me as a friend ..  I may or may not be able to help but I can definitely hear you .." she kept her hand over his .. she was very comfortable chatting with him everything other than business .. they had become good friends in such a less time ..

He sighed .. " Well .. I have never liked this hotel business .. I seriously don't understand this stuff .. but since Dad and Rey are just too passionate about it and also its our family business .. I too joined it .. " he said with a forlorn look ..

"But .. that's not correct .. you are not doing any good .. to yourself ' nor to your Dad .."

"Hmm .. I know .. for Rey ..this has always been a passion .."

"Ya .. I know " she spoke unknowingly ..

"What?" he asked surprised ..

"No .. I mean .. I can see that .. but where does your interest lie in " she quickly diverted the topic on Raj ..

"Actually .. I am .. I play drums .. I have a band .. 5 of us .. we are very passionate about music "

Kria was amazed' she blinked twice .. not believing what she had heard .. "Really .. that's cool .." she was delighted ..

He smiled ' "Yes .. I just love to play the drums .. we make our own tunes .. songs .. "

"Wow .. I would love to hear it .." she said and squeezed his hand '

"Yes .. Yes .. we play live music in restaurants or hold shows .. but Dad doesn't like it much .. so I don't tell much at home .. even Rey doesn't know much about it .."

"Oh .. but why .."

"Well .. I don't know .. but since no one in our family has ever done anything like this 'maybe "

"But .. have you told your Dad clearly that this is what you want to do .. did you put your point of view in front of him "

"Not really .. I had once told him .. but he was not interested and he said I would just get over this .. and that conversation just ended  .. nothing happened after that  .." he said sadly'

"Hey .. but you must speak to him and tell what you want to do frankly .. see that's best for you and for everyone .. " she said giving him a genuine smile to encourage him ..

"Ya .. I know that .. but I know he will be hurt .. everyone will be hurt .. he wants to see his sons carry on this hotel business  ... "

"See .. I know he will be hurt .. but it will be for sometime .. but if you don't speak your mind . .. you will be sad forever .. you will not give your 100% where you want to .. no one will realise anything out of it .. I believe that one must follow one's dreams no matter what .. for that you should do what you need to ..

As of now for you .. you need to speak to your Dad about your thoughts forthrightly ' he may not understand immediately but eventually he will .. "

He looked at her for sometime and spoke .. "Have you always spoken or done what's in your mind   .. regardless of what the person in front of you would go thru "

Kria froze .. she pondered .. "Yes .. "she said slowly .. "Most of the times"

He looked at her urging her to go on. ..

"When my mom expired .. I could see my Dad being totally dependent on me ..  for everything .. I could not see him in such a broken state .. he is someone whom I look up to .. I felt really miserable I decided to move out from his house .. when I told him that , I could see that he was devastated .. he wanted me to be near him always .. but I wanted to give him time and space so that he is independent like before  ..  "

She paused ..

"I can't be diplomatic .. I say what's on my mind .. But ... my intentions are not to hurt .. but if I do .. I do apologise ..  I try not to run from the situations .. " she spoke seriously ..

They both sat for sometime in silence ..

"I will try and speak to Dad " he finally said ..

"No trying .. you must .. "

"Ok " he nodded his head a few times ..

"Hey .. I have an idea ..  you and your band can perform for the informal party .. I was anyway going to keep live music .. What say ? .. "

He thought for sometime .. "Ok "

"Ok .. then this is done .. you will speak to your Dad .. then perform during the informal party .. but before that you need to play for me " she spoke excitedly .. She extended her hand to indicate a deal ..

He shook her hand .. "Yes " and then let out a breath full of air from his mouth .. "Its gonna be exciting "

"Hey .. I forgot to tell you that tomorrow is Rey's B'day .." he withdrew his hand and  touched his forehead and shook his head reminding himself for the reason he had come to meet her ..

"I know " she said nodding her head ..

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her questioningly ..

"Well .. I just came to know from one of my colleagues .." she quickly answered trying not to show that she was embarrassed ..

"Ok .. anyway .. I was planning to give him a surprise tonite ..  Rey,Tina, me and you .. we all will go to this restaurant where me and  my band plays live music .. "

"No .. No .. I am not coming .." she immediately replied .. she is not gonna be there along with Rey and Tina ..

"Of course you are coming .. you want to hear me ..rite .. " he simply said firmly ..

"Ya .. but .. " she tried to think of some excuse ..

"No excuses .. its decided then .. I will pick you up and Rey would pick Tina .. ok "

She simply nodded ..

 "Come lets have coffee " she stood from her  chair ..

"Wait .. I will get it for you .. "

"Ok .. Strong Black cappuccino and no sugar for me " she replied ..

He stared at her with wide eyes ..

"What " she asked frowning as if she had spoken something bizzare ..

"That would taste so bitter " he said making a face ..

"I love to taste the original flavour  of coffee .. " she paused and then just spoke looking beyond Raj "and sometimes one must feel the bitter taste to appreciate the sweet one .. "

Again his eyes widened with surprise "You are the 2nd person whom I know feels this way .."

She narrowed her eyes .. "And first one ?"

"Rey "


"Rey .. please you have got to help me with this presentation .. it's just in 3 days time .."

"No .. you lazy b*m .. I won't ..  do you remember , when I had asked you to review my presentation .. what did you say .. I can't waste my precious time for such silly stuff "  he smirked ..

"Sorry .. for that Rey .. "

"No .. just forget it .. I am not helping you .. "

"Come on .. I have loads of project work on my head .. you have already done a similar research and presentation in your office .. so please. " she pleaded and came and sat on the chair next to him ..

He shook his head in negative ..

She took his hand in hers .. "I would have done it myself .. but I really pressed for time now .. just share with me your research .. I will make the presentation myself .. atleast do that "

The waiter came with their order .. Black coffee for Rey and cold coffee for Kria .. he kept the cups and left ..

Rey simply took his cup and started sipping his coffee ignoring Kria ..

"Rey .." she looked at him ..

He simply turned his face the other side and started looking out of the window ..

She turned his face towards him .. "Please .. " she made a baby face ..

He simply looked at her ..

She got irritated ..  "Rey . .see I am sorry for not helping you .. and now I am requesting for your help .. so please don't act bitter like your coffee "

He raised his eyebrows ..

He looked at her for sometime .. "Ok .. but what will I get in return .. "

"Anything you want .. " she said immediately ..

"Ok .. I will email you the details .. "

"Great .. and after I make the presentation please review it once for me .. please please please  " she said flashing her bright smile ..



"I am so happy '. So happy .. everyone applauded me for the presentation .. it was really good .. My manager was really impressed with that ' " she said grinning widely and her eyes dancing with joy ..

She took his hand and squeezed it .. "All thanks to you .. "

He simply smiled ..

"So today's treat from my side .. " she chirped happily as they sat in their favourite caf after their early dinner as Rey was going to catch the late night train ...

"Ok .. "

The waiter came for their order ..

"I would like 5 Strong , Black , Cappuccino with no sugar .. and cold coffee  " Rey said to the waiter ..

Kria's jaws dropped open .. her eyes shot up at him and was staring at him without blinking ..

He turned to her and gave his sweet smile '

She came back to her senses and let her head fall back and started laughing  loudly ..  But , Rey didn't react at all .. he was just looking at her and smiling '

In between her laughs .. "You know .. you are funny .. no no .. you are stupid .. if you were treating me .. I would have ordered the whole damn menu .. and you .. " she spoke gasping for breath .. " you ordered just 5 black coffee .."

"My Darling  Kria " he said keeping his finger under her chin .. this act startled her and also the endearments used by him  .. she stopped laughing instantly .. she stared at him wide eyed ..

"The black coffees are for you and cold coffee is for me "

"WHAT" she couldn't believe her ears nor understand anything ..

"Yes .. " he gently brushed some of the hair which were on her face behind her ears .. she eyed his hand when he did that with ' Has he lost it ' expression ..

"You said you will do anything in return for my help .. " .. he gestured her with his eyebrows .. "Now drink this"

"Yuck" she also spit the word out .. " I won't .. I can't .. its horrible .. "

"Kria .. no going back on your word .. " he eyed her squarely '

"No .. " she looked at the black coffee .. she almost felt like puking .. " Its disgusting .. "

"You know what Kria .. you are a looser .. you just can't do what you say .. " he smirked at her ...

Kria glared at him .. No one had dared to call her a looser till now .. what does he think of himself .. she is not  a looser .. she always does what she says ..

She looked at the cup with menacing eyes hoping that the liquid would just evaporate with her forceful eyesight ..

She inhaled  a deep breath and then held the cup firmly and took a sip .. kept circulating the liquid from one end of her mouth to the other  ' squirming her eyes and twitching her nose .. and with her utmost will power she gulped it down her throat and then looked at him .. only to find him smiling triumphantly and pointing to the other cups with his eyes ..

After she drank the first cup .. she actually started liking the taste .. the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans filled her nostrils .. she had never smelled something like that before .. yes it bitter .. but it was something different .. she had never had black coffee .. in fact she always added extra sugar .. extra cream .. extra milk .. she actually never tasted the original coffee ..

She didn't want to show Rey that she had liked it .. "Its bitter " she said scowling at him ..

He smiled .. "Sometimes when one feels the bitter taste , one can appreciate a sweet one better .. "

"Hmm" she said inhaling again the freshly ground heaven as she picked her 3rd cup ..

"I just love this hot , brewing,  stimulating, exhilarating feeling which I get when I have coffee" he said slowly looking directly in her eyes ..

Kria stared at him .. she definitely knew he was not talking only about the coffee ..


She was circling the rim of her coffee mug with her index finger and looking out of the window  with a smile trying to form on her lips reminiscing how she had grown to love this black coffee ..

Raj had left as he had some preparations to be done for the night ..

The door of her cabin opened and  .. "Thinking about me?" came the familiar husky voice ..

Lost in her thoughts .. "Yes" she said still looking outside the window ..


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Sry di kal hi kar deti but lite chali gai thi.

Well m nt satisfied with the part.

I mean theek tha , acha tha but ok types tha.

Zyada KR ka nai tha.

I no flashback bhi tha but it wasn't romantic or something in dat sense.

I might be wrong too.

Overall I liked the part though how she still remembers each and every dstail n drinks black coffee.

Well simple and sweet for me.

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res...unres... Amy... Tumhe aaj LOA ki yaad kha se aa gayi..???? Shocked ... But your updatee... OMG... *hugs* Hug ... Amy it was just awesomeee... Woww... Big smile ... Kria being soo restless cz she didet saw Rey the whole day... M loving wat Rey is dng wid Kria...making her restless... Wink ... Thn her convo wid Raj was amazing... And that black coffee wala part..and "one shld taste the bitter thngs thn sweet thngs"...sry dialogue theek se yaad ni.. :( ... Bt i loved this... Then the flashback... And thn last mei... Rey came saying "thinking ant me..???"...and she too lost in thoughts said yes...hehe... Wink ... Loved the update... Iska next plz jaldi se dena yar...

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Awsum update just mind blowing but Yeh Kya aapne end kahan per kiya plzzz do update the next part soon and thanx for the pm
Keisha. IF-Rockerz

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Thnkng bout Rey.. Ya who else she wud thnk.. Awsm part di.. Whnevr u write u jst rok..

Edited by arsha-rupanshi - 25 January 2013 at 7:15pm
meghanakiran Senior Member

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wow really awesome
loved it alotSmile
thanks for the pm
dancersqueen IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...

mujhey bhi coffee without sugar pasand hai...aur strong bhi...raj is so irritating...thanks 4  the pm...

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