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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 64)

kriyaansh.reyam Senior Member

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged
hey nice part...!!! i really wanted to know wat rey was feeling jaldi se uska pov update kar waiting for it...

Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Hey ...
Sorry for late comment ...
The part was amazing ...
Loved the way Kriya challenged that tina ...
But the best part was the Kriyansh scene ...
Was soo hot ...
Dying to read Rey;s POV ...
Cont. soon ...
khusbooluvarsha Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
plzzz update
a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Chapter 12

Rey had a hard time controlling himself and his desire .. but it was worth every second ..

"Ms Kria .. for the first time I have seen you so flustered .. so confused .. so damn unsure of what you wanted .. what you were doing .. your body language .. your facial expressions all in a chaos … " Rey said to himself looking at his closed cabin door … he was keenly looking at the door as if he could see thru it and was trying to watch Kria moving out ..

"I have a feeling there is something amiss or something just not right the way you are behaving with me ..

Do you think I am blind .. the minute I had seen you smile when you toasted with the fruit punch I had a gut feeling that something is cooking in your head .. you very well knew about my allergy to pineapple and you giving me the medicine makes me more definite that you knew that there was pineapple in the fruit punch and you wanted me to have it ..

Why ???

Even today's incident of you buying a jacket for me out of the blue and a picture for your magazine .. I just can't buy that so easily .. there is definitely something more to it ..

Not that I have known you for years .. but whatever I know of you .. you are someone who has a strong mind which controls all of you .. even your heart .. and I am going to make sure I know what is going on in that pretty head of yours .. "

He closed his eyes .. held the arms of the chair tightly and clenched his teeth …


An angry and hurt Rey walked out of the restaurant with his hands deep down in his pockets in a fist so tight that his nails hurt his palms .. but that pain was nothing compared to the pain which he was experiencing in his chest ..  he felt like just punching his chest mercilessly …

He sat in his train back to Pune .. All the while he just stared outside the window trying to control his overflowing emotions .. he didn't know why  his heart was wincing like hell .. he couldn't force anyone to love him .. and Kria was no exception .. he knew what kind of thoughts she had about love .. she didn't believe in love at all .. she was a strong and practical girl .. she was someone for whom emotions held very little value .. she knew that her mind was strong enough to control herself ..

Still he had felt that the way they chatted with each other hours and hours .. about anything and everything .. they had shared so much about themselves .. they way she looked at him .. her smile .. her laughter .. her teasing .. her cajoling .. her anger .. everything moulded so well to his own .. he felt they were so compatible with each other ..  and his heart had been totally in control of that girl .. he had felt connected to her at  a deep level ..

This had lead him to propose her .. he was anyway not expecting an instant acceptance .. a girl like her he knew would  take time .. or stall a bit to be sure of her feelings ..

He would have been fine if she would have simply said that she doesn't feel the same way as he feels towards her .. he would have left without any complaints .. he wouldn't have ever bothered her ..

But .. when she said that she had acted all that so that he feels she is interested in him .. he had felt an acute humiliation .. just to win some stupid bet she would go to such heights .. he couldn't imagine her doing so ..

He couldn't understand how could he be so wrong about anyone .. still his heart felt for her .. his heart justified that she was not aware of her feelings so she did everything unknowingly .. but his mind was not convinced .. his mind saw a very shrewd Kria .. but his heart went out to her caring and affectionate heart ..


After his last meeting with Kria .. he had spent his time dating any and every girl in his office just to overcome her .. He just couldn't help but compare every girl with her .. everytime he went out with a girl .. he looked at her .. talked to her .. behaved with her as if she was Kria .. sometimes he tried to change the girl so that she was like his Kria .. and in the end this left him more and more frustrated …

Finally after 3 years in Pune , he came to join his Dad's hotel business in Goa… Maybe it was the place or the work or his family .. he didn't know what .. but he became more calm and just kept his feelings bolted inside and immersed himself into work .. the work which he really enjoyed to the core .. work took the front seat and Kria went somewhere at the back of his mind ..


"Why did you come back Kria .. Why .." he screamed in his mind .. "I thought I was over with you .. I thought I had moved on .. I thought I had forgotten you .. but seeing you .. and our last few encounters .. I just can't stop myself .. all my dormant feelings which I thought  were shut and dead in some corner of my heart have suddenly erupted again with the force which even I can't handle  .. But this time I am not gonna let my heart rule over me .. "


Kria went in her cabin and locked the door from inside and sat on her chair .. breathing heavily .. she felt as if she was running for miles and miles ..

She folded her arms around herself to hug herself .. she tightened the grip to put a stop to her the turmoil of emotions she was going thru .. she touched her forehead .. there were a few beads of sweat ..then she gulped and sat crossed legs because she knew her insides were warm due to the encounter just a few minutes back ..  even though her mind didn't want to believe that she was in any way affected by Rey's touch .. but her body told her that how much she had enjoyed that touch .. the bite .. again it was like his kiss .. rough .. intense .. passionate .. she again felt the possessiveness with which he gave her the bite .. it was as if only he could mark her .. no one else had the right to do anything to her ..

She sighed .. and again tried to feel his arms around her .. the tingling sensation she felt in her stomach when his fingers played on her bare waist .. the gentle caress and then the rough touch .. she wanted more of it .. she craved for all of it .. she wanted him to do much more than what he did ..

This shocked her .. she knew her emotions rarely surfaced .. Today  her own yearning was more powerful  .. emotions had taken over her mind .. her body .. and she was surprized to believe that she could feel such strong and fierce emotions for him .. she had never felt so strongly for anyone ..

She tried to compare him with the guys with whom she been out …. some held her attention with their humor .. some with their looks .. some with their attitude ..

He was one with all ..

Many of the guys didn't even get a chance to drop her home .. some guys did leave her at her door step .. and just a few came in for a coffee .. 

She could feel from the expression in eyes of the guys .. that they wanted her .. but from her side she never felt the same passion growing .. she would hardly get turned on by any of them ..

She had been kissed by most .. but she had never felt anything .. it was mostly chaste from her side .. it didn't evoke anything inside her .. this left her again and again going back to that that one and only kiss by Rey ..

One thing she knew for sure that Rey's one kiss had more effect on her .. it brought out her deep inner desires and passion by mere thinking of it .. which none of the make out sessions with any of her dates did to her ..

She had never felt any attachment to any of the other guys .. nor did she still feel anything for Rey ..

She tried to analyse her feelings for him ...  she definitely cared for his event more than she had done for any other client .. maybe its because she knew how important this is for him .. he had always been so passionate about his Dad's hotel business .. he wanted to take it to a new peak .. he had shared with her all his dreams ..

A curve formed on her lips as she imagined herself with Rey again .. if he would have kissed her how would it have been ..she thought …

Arggh !!! .. her hand unknowingly went to her neck ..and she came back to her senses .. and her mind started relaying its messages to her ..

Why did I just let him do what he wanted .. why couldn't I control myself ..

Already that bloody kiss of his haunts me day and night and now this bite …

Her mind screamed ..

And then she remembered his smirk .. it made her furious .. Kria .. get a hold on yourself was not what you wanted that he did .. it was what he wanted he was doing ..  why wouldn't he do what he just did .. he was seeking his sweet revenge ..

She knew her own nature … she could never take anything against her lying down .. her anger towards Tina was due to the humiliation and accusation which was directed towards her .. she would answer back what may come ..

She was happy that Tina would not mess with her after seeing the jacket on Rey ..

But .. now her anger was still on the peak .. and it was for how Rey smirked at her .. how he made her vulnerable under him and then started his sweet torture and left it mid way .. as if he read her mind .. as if he knew she wanted him ..

He just left her as if she didn't have any effect on him .. he made her feel that she was the one on him .. she was the one totally smitten by him .. she was the one who was affected by him ..

Hell !!!

Unfortunately .. how true it was ..

She banged her fist on the table .. she was so angry with herself .. she let herself to be interpreted so easily by him..

No ways ...

What did Tina say .. that I am throwing myself on him ..

Now just wait .. Reyaansh Singhannia .. I will make you throw yourself on me again .. I will get what I want from you .. I will show you that you are affected by me .. just like you were 5 years back ..


She stormed out of her cabin and was going down the corridor when she heard his husky voice call out to her .. "Hey Kria"  ..

She turned and there he was standing a few inches behind her .. leaning on the wall .. with his hands folded .. still wearing her jacket .. checking her out from head to toe and smirking at  her ..

"Yes " she gave him her sweet smile .. but her 1 second glare didn't go unnoticed by Rey .. he knew she was angry the way she had walked out of her cabin and now facing him she had put on that fake smile ..

He came towards her .. she backed a bit from him ..

"Isn't it strange that even in this AC office , someone is feeling hot ?" he winked .. he purposely stressed on the last word ..

She hadn't realised how hard she had been thinking about them in the cabin and when she had left .. she still had the sweat beads on her forehead ..

She maintained her composure which she knew she was already losing it ..  even she realised what was the meaning behind his words ..  "Its not easy for me to cool down " she answered looking straight in his eyes ..

He came forward .. and pinned her to the wall .. his actions shocked her .. a shiver ran down her spine finding him again so close to herself ..

God Damit … they were in the corridor of his office .. this guy surely is insane .. her mind kept yelling at her …

But excitement took over her mind ..she wanted to know what he would do ..

Her eyes widened as he moved more closer to her .. inhaled the fragrance from her hair .. she moved her head to the other side .. almost holding her breath .. determined not to give in ..

 "Do you want me to cool you down ?" he said with  a mocking chuckle ..

For a moment Kria just lost the words she was gonna utter ..  her mind went blank .. what the hell does he think of himself ..

But quickly she came back to her senses .. she clenched her fists .. "You may not be able to "

He looked up .. made her to face him .. looked in her eyes .. he arched his eyebrows .. his expression – Can't I ? .. sarcasm written all over his face ..  he looked at her for a long time …

Meanwhile Kria was holding her breath and herself  …

Suddenly he smiled .. his most s*xy smile .. " You know you are right " ..

She looked confused ..she frowned at him .. and it was the moment when she let go of her guard ..

"I prefer burning hot .." he almost groaned .. and he didn't  give her any time to protest .. he leaned in and blew his hot breath  on the bite he had given her ..

Kria's already bruised skin burned with his hot breath ..

She felt a screeching pain go down her whole body .. but at the same time there was an excitement which she felt .. even though Rey hadn't touched her … she could feel him ..

She closed her eyes and let her head fall on the wall behind her ..


"Maam .. should I put some antiseptic cream on the bruise before I put the oil ?"

"Don't you dare touch that " Kria growled ..

The petite  girl who was giving Kria her oil massage .. flinched and almost scampered about her work ..

When Kria had opened her eyes in the corridor .. she found Rey gone .. she was alone resting herself on the wall .. she felt like a fool standing there .. How dare he .. she cursed herself  again for being so weak in front of him .. 

She had gone to the spa to calm herself and be alone for sometime .. away  from everything .. especially Rey ..


Rey pulled back to see a flushed Kria leaning on the wall .. her eyes tightly shut .. her fists griping her skirt for self control .. He could feel that she wanted him as bad as he wanted her .. he had felt the same sensation when he saw her in the party guest room .. her reaction to his touch .. and today she had almost given herself in to him in his cabin .. ..

Here he had not even touched her .. just his closeness was having such a tremendous effect on her .. he would make sure he gets from her what he wanted ..

But .. there would be a difference this time .. she would come to him .. not he ..

He would make her come to him ..

He ran his fingers in his hair and walked away ..


"Rey .. please can you call Kria for dinner .. " Rey's mom asked Rey ..

"She can come herself .. don't bother .. " he said without even looking up from his cell ..

"Rey .. this is not done .. she is our guest .. " she was a bit irritated ..

"Let Raj call her .. I am busy ..  "

"Raj is on some call .. so you go now .. "

He looked at his mom with an exasperated look ... he was again going to protest .. but seeing that his mom was really angry he just shrugged his shoulders .. "Ok .. " and walked to the guest room ..


He knocked "Hey Kria .. We are waiting for you for dinner .. "

He hadn't realised that the door was slightly open when he knocked it opened half way .. and he was stunned to see the sight in front of him ..

Kria was sitting on the dressing table .. she was just out from her bath .. because she was in her bathing robe … she had dried her hair and was combing them .. she was looking at him thru the mirror ..

"Kria.. " he stuttered a bit .. he slowly entered the room .. his eyes holding hers .. he closed the door  softly behind him .. he just couldn't take his eyes off her ..  .. her bouncing curls were now replaced with straight s*xy maroon streaks of hair .. her forehead was always devoid of any hair .. she always pinned them behind .. but now her flicks covered her forehead .. (Author's note : Shakti's look when she was leaving US .. straight hair etc)

She looked sensuous.. her already beautiful eyes were lined with kohl and that made her look very desirable …

She turned and walked to him ..

At that time his eyes fell on her legs ..  her bath robe covered from the top only till her thighs .. and left her slender limbs for his feisty desire ..

She stood just a few inches away from him .. she looked at him and then blinked slowly and in the most s*xy way he had seen .. her curled  upper eye lashes touched the lower ones and rested for a moment and then opened .. the look in her eyes were just meant to kill ..

"You seem to be more hungry" she said in her low voice ..

Rey closed the gap between them by pulling her by her waist to him… she felt the force and to steady herself she put her hands on his chest ..

He slowly tucked some of her hair behind her ear .. "You bet " he said breathing heavily .. looking in her determined eyes ...  some of her hair were still on her cheeks .. then slowly he brought his mouth close to her cheeks and took a mouthful of hair and pulled them hard ..

"Aah" she cringed .. she was too shocked by his action ..

She tried to push him away  resulting in giving her more pain as he was still holding her hair in his mouth   ..

He slowly left her hair but his grip around her waist grew more firm and he crushed her crudely closer to him ..

Her soft form hit against his hardened chest ..  her hands clutched his shirt .. she gasped and held her breath .. his eyes turned dark .. intense .. for a moment she felt scared of him ..

"Are you trying to entice somebody ?" he spoke with a hard and angry tone .. his face very close to hers .. his nose almost touching hers ..

"Do you think I need to ?" she said with equal fervour and confidence in her voice .. she felt his hand clutching her waist and his right hand moving over her back .. even though she was wearing a robe she could feel the heat from his hand penetrating thru the fabric and making her back hot …

"You may have to .. if you need any reaction " he mocked ..still a bit of anger in his voice .. but he loved the arrogance in her eyes .. his hand untying the knot of her robe ..

"I generally get what I want" she said and he could see a small curve forming on her lips .. she unbuttoned his top three buttons .. pulled his shirt down to expose his hard muscled shoulder  ..

"Do you?" again mocking her .. his hand slipping inside touching her bare waist now ..

"If I don't then I know how to get it .. " she said in between the gasps which she let out because of the havoc his hands were creating .. with all her might she let her teeth dug in his shoulder blade and then gave him a wet sloppy kiss on the part  ..he groaned

"Over confidence is bad" he put his one hand in her hair and jerked her head up to look in her eyes ..

"Are you scared ?" meeting his strong gaze .. she gave him a smile .. her nails digging in his shoulders .. making him moan in pain .. his own breathing uneven …

"No .. but looks like you want to loose this time " he let go of her hair and turned her body and pushed her hard on the door and crushed himself again on her .. making her difficult to breathe .. he started kissing her throat ..

"If you know me ,I have never lost " speaking up even though she was breathless .. she was moaning and arched her head up ..

"Won't be easy " he let his hand slip inside her robe a cupped her curved and crushed it hard …she gasped .. breathing heavily ..

"Who wants it easy .. I like it hard "  her hand desperately trying to reach for his trousers …

"REY REY  .. where are you ?"

The both jerked themselves to pull away from each other .. a perplexed look over their faces .. panting hard .. their tousled  hair and creased clothes .. exposed parts .. and Raj's voice  brought them back to reality ..

They realised what they were doing .. they both had been almost on the other .. and were talking senseless .. ..

Rey gave her a hard look .. I will see you ..

She returned him the look .. Waiting for you ..


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late update ...
But .. was not  well and was busy with some other work too ...
After reading the chapter I didn't feel that it came out the way i wanted it to ...
 hope next time would be better ...

But, please don't hesitate to comment .. nice .. not so nice .. ok ok .. great .. bad .. all kinds of comments ...


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im 1st
its lovely

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Amazzinggg Update!!Big smile
Pls update asapWink
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M 2nd.. Yippie..
Finaly u updatd..
It was lovely.. Di ap jo bhi likhte ho vo itna awsm kyu hota hai.. I m in lv wth ur writngs..
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awesome update...

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