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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 56)

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we want update

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Hello All ,

I know its been so long since I had updated this .. I myself had lost track of what's going on ...

So now finally am here with an update .. and i think its long enough too  ...

Do read it and enjoy !!!
Don't forget to post in your comments / criticisms .. Love them with all my heart ...


Chapter 11

Next 2 days were the best days for Kria .. she had not seen Tina once also .. Kria had this mysterious smile playing all the time on her lips .. she knew Tina had understood what she had done …

Kria felt a bit guilty for what Rey had to go thru .. it was at his cost she had replied back to Tina .. But Kria was sure that was the way to do it .. because Tina too had done the same ..


"Hey Raj .. how's this jacket .. ?" she asked picking out a grey jacket from one of the boutiques of Singhannia resorts .. she wanted to surprise her Dad by sending it to him ..

"That's a good one .. " he smiled at her ..

Just then his cell rang and he went out to take the call ..

Kria paid for the jacket and was leaving when something caught her sight .. it was a navy blue formal dinner jacket … the mannequin was adorned with the jacket .. she went and touched it .. felt the fabric .. so soft .. tilted her head and moved her hands over the broad shoulders .. the arm .. and unknowingly a smile came on her face .. she could only imagine Rey in that .. she knew he would look great in that .. even though he hated jackets .. but she still felt this would really suit him .. she could already feel her cheeks burning just  having that thought .. she gave a sigh and was about to turn when she was face to face with Tina and her friend ..

They both glared at each other ..

"You have an awful taste in clothes .. guys would flee if you gave that to someone .. " she smirked ..

"Maybe that is the reason she is trying to lick up to your taste .. " Tina's  friend snorted ..

Kria flared up on hearing the remark ..  she knew the remark was not on the clothes .. it was more about Rey ..

Kria swallowed once to just control her temper and  she just clenched her fists .. and was about to walk out ..

"Who the hell would wear that .. what do you think Priya ?" Tina asked her friend but still looking at Kria ..

Her friend laughed ..  "Someone crazy …"

Kria took a deep breath and said "Rey"

Tina widened her eyes .. "Excuse me ?"

"Yes you heard me correct .. Rey will wear it .. and you will see how much he is gonna love it ..  he will tell you all about it himself " she looked straight in her eyes and said ..

Tina gave a short laugh .. "You can't force him to wear"

"Of course not .. I won't force him .. he will wear it at his own free will " she said calmly ..

Tina got a bit perturbed .. "I am sure he won't wear it .. and then you will understand its no use throwing yourself over him  "  she said tightening her jaw  ..

"And if he wears it .. will you also understand the same ?" she smiled .. picked up that jacket and a shirt to go along with that and walked to payment section .. only to hear Tina gritting her teeth and grumbling "Just keep out of my way  .. Kria .. "

No B*tch .. now I can't …


"Hi" .. Kria said softly after she entered Rey's cabin .. and almost hated herself for getting herself in this situation ..

From the time she had come back .. her mind was just thinking about how to make Rey wear that jacket .. she knew he wouldn't wear it if she simply asked him to. .. he would definitely question her .. she couldn't give him the reason that his girlfriend is getting on her nerves and she played with her weakness which is posing her with a challenge .. its something she couldn't resist ..

Without taking his eyes off the laptop .. he greeted her "Hi Kria"

"It will just take a few minutes .. " she said trying desperately not to sound too nervous .. not to show him that beneath the cool and calm faade she was a bundle of nerves ..

"Sure .. shoot .. " again he said without interrupting his work ..

He is not gonna make it easy too .. Huh …

"This is for you " she simply said and forwarded her hands holding a package ..

Finally he looked up from his laptop .. first he eyed the gift wrapped box and then looked at her .. he simply arched his eyebrows to question her ..

"Well.. it's for you .. please open it .. " trying to shove the package towards his nose ..

He closed his laptop and took the package  from her hands and kept it on the table .. "Why ?"

What's wrong with him .. why is he behaving so suspicious towards me ..

"First you open it and then I will explain " finally she got hold a bit of herself and sat on the chair infront of him so that her legs don't give away due to uneasiness ..

He carefully removed the wrapping paper and then opened the box .. took the jacket out and held it on his hand and looked at it .. and then towards her .. all the while not giving her any expression whether he liked it or hated it .. was he surprised .. was he happy .. nothing at all ..

"Ok I have opened it .. now tell me .. " he waited for her to answer ..

"Well I bought this for you .. " she almost blurted it out but realised what she said and immediately tried to explain "I mean my Dad's company generally holds this yearly event .. all our clients are invited for it .. and we hold  a fashion show where the clients can walk on the ramp .. its just for fun ..  generally there is an auction of the items on exhibit and then the money goes to charity … the items are mostly the clothes which the clients are wearing for the show .. its sponsored by our company .. its just a get together for a good cause  ..  we also have a magazine which covers all this .. and we picture all our clients in that and then send it to all .. "

He nodded .. she felt relieved that he didn't doubt her .. why should he ..  even though everything what she said till now was the truth .. Ok .. just a small correction ..she is gonna serve her little  personal purpose also with this .. ..

So she continued "I could take a picture of yours in that jacket and send it for the magazine .. the jacket would go in for auction .. you know its for a good reason " she said and then smiled .. she gave him her sweetest smile and stressing a bit more on the last part .. as she wanted him to focus more on the cause he would be helping out with and not whether he likes the jacket or no ..

Rey looked at her for a long time .. She tried to hold his gaze .. trying hard not to give her feelings away … she knew her heart was pounding away to glory .. Hell .. why is it so hard to have a normal conversation with him .. never before had I ever felt this way .. whenever we had chatted before .. met before it was she who was so much at ease .. but now why this restlessness creeping thru her body …

He then looked at the jacket ..

She waited for him to answer .. almost holding her breath ..

"Ok Fine .. " he simply said without even looking at her ..

"Fine " she almost echoed disbelievingly  .. she was expected something else .. he agreed so easily .. she was a bit confused and that confusion was written all over her face ..

"You will wear it ..?" she questioned him still not able to believe what she had heard ..

"Yes .. "

"But, you don't like jackets .. "  she almost blurted out and then immediately regretted her words .. because he just pounced on her words with his question "Then why did you buy it for me ?" this time he took her by surprise  .. and gazed at her with those piercing brown eyes of his ..

"Well .. Ah .. " she stammered .. she knew he was trying to size her up ..  "I love jackets so I bought it .. " she managed to say  .. her eye lashes fluttering with a bit of guilt which she was trying to conceal ..

"I will buy it .. you can send the money to charity " he said ..

"No .. no need" she replied ..

"Seriously , I would like to buy it .. " he said genuinely ..

"Actually it was a gift for you .. your B'day is around the corner .. "she said sheepishly ..  she had already decided .. if he wanted it .. it would be her gift ..

His eyes widened .. "You remember all your clients b'day" more than a question , it was as statement .. and he knew she didn't have anything to reply back .. as she just bit her lip ..

"You want to take the pic now ?" he asked .. again almost surprising her .. with the immediate approval ..

"Yes .. if it doesn't interrupt any of your important work .. " she said ..

"I will go and change .. "


By the time he came out of his washroom .. she had brought her tripod from her cabin and set her camera ..  she was planning to make him sit on his chair itself so she cleared a bit of his table ..

"Ready ?" she asked smiling ..

How I wish now that B*tch comes and sees this .. I would love to take a pic of the expression on her face too ..

She didn't know why .. but she was feeling very happy with herself .. she had yet again proved to Tina .. the minute she thought of this .. she frowned to herself .. what is she trying to prove .. she wondered .. she was  a bit confused ..

"Yep … " he said ..

He came and sat on his chair ..

"Ok .. " she went behind the camera and adjusted and "Smile please " and clicked his photo ..

She looked up at him .. "Thanks "  and she was about to go and remove her camera from the tripod ..

"Kria .. " she turned to face him ..

"What do I get in return for this noble deed ?"

His question almost left her frozen on the spot .. she had not expected him to ask anything in return for this simple thing .. she looked at that smiling face ..  she could almost feel that evil grin and tartness in his eyes looking thru her ..

She had already given it as a his b'day present .. now what more does he want ..

She felt as if he knew what she was upto .. she felt so vulnerable under that strong gaze ..

"Rey .. its for charity .. "

"You are doing it for charity .. But .. I need my price "

She almost faltered .. she clutched the camera tightly ..

She thought a bit "Ok  .. my company would pay whatever you wish for "

He moved his eyes from her head to toe .. just enjoying the sight infront of him .. the way she was squirming  in her shoes .. her eyes trying to avert his gaze .. her hands clutching the camera as if she would crumble and fall if she doesn't hold on to it .. her cheeks already turning a bit crimson due to his attention on certain parts of her body .. which was already reacting to his eyes .. she was trying her best to be normal .. controlling her breathing and trying to show her cool attitude .. but he could"easily see thru her that she was so much affected by his mere scrutiny ..

"Nah .. its something you need to pay " he said saucily .. 

Her jaw dropped .. what is he saying .. "What "

He laughed sarcastically "It would be something which would remind you of me .. "

She let out an inaudible gasp .. But Rey must have definitely heard her .. he was still smiling at her .. Her mind racing with all kinds of wild thoughts .. all things possible within this cabin between the two of them ... She had stopped breathing completely .. she knew she was shaking inside like a leaf .. and if he even just touched her with his finger she would just fall flat ..

He now stood up and came close to her .. real close .. moving his index finger along her jawline but not touching her .. "So are you ready ?" he said in his deep voice .. his eyes held hers .. and his mouth came very close to hers ..

She definitely knew that she would be dead  as she was holding her breath for so long ..

As if reading her mind .. he moved back and stood waiting for her response ..

She exhaled and  clutched her skirt with her hands .. Getting a bit of control over herself .. she tried to bring back her confidence in her voice .. "What do you exactly want ?"

"Just a pic of us together .. " he simply said and went to adjust the camera .. he paused and turned back .. "What did you think ?" with the most evil grin she had seen .. he was definitely the devil without the horns ..

Kria's was dumbfounded .. she wondered if she should get her ears checked .. and definitely her mind .. she looked at him with her mouth open .. he just wants a pic of us .. and what the hell was I thinking .. and then she felt dismayed .. she had half expected him to kiss her  ..

She realised where her train of thoughts was going .. she is totally out of her mind .. and her face was so explicit with whatever she was thinking .. she knew she had this dreadful flushed look on her face .. she took a deep breath and murmured  "Nothing"

Rey could have rolled on the floor and laughed .. he had never seen Kria in such a confused state .. he knew he had hit the right cord .. she had definitely thought about his kiss ..

He put the camera on the timer .. and sat on his chair ..

Kria looked at him questioningly .. "Come and sit here .. " he pointed to the arm of his chair ..

Regaining her composure she treaded haughtily and stood next to his chair looking at the camera and ran her fingers thru her hair and adjusted the collar of her shirt and then turned towards him and glared at him ..folded her hands over her chest firmly and then sat crossing her legs  ..

Click  …

She had meant to keep a solemn  face for the camera .. but she didn't know what she had done .. because the minute she sat .. she let out a gasp because Rey gripped her by her waist tightly .. again she caught her breath in her throat .. she could feel his fingers trying to pull out her tucked in shirt ..  slowly and skilfully his fingers treaded onto her hot smooth skin … he gently squeezed her sides .. making her moan in her throat ..  she knew she could just get up and walk out .. she could just shove him off her .. just jerk herself out of his grip .. but she couldn't or maybe just didn't want to ..

With the other hand he made her face her … she met his eyes .. his eyes .. the expression in them were that of the master trying to tame his captive ..  trying to make her bow to him .. as if rising up to his challenge she looked intently in them .. his fingers which were gentle with her till now turned rough .. he dug his nails in her soft flesh ..  she was shocked at her own actions .. she could feel her breathing become uneven as she let out short breaths .. she held her breath and clenched her fists not to give in to her rising violent  emotions as well as to him ..

His next action almost brought out his name from her mouth .. his free hand moved on the exposed upper part of her legs which were more than visible as she sat crossed legs making her shirt go  higher than the knees ..  his palms pressed her skin and was moving up and down .. she could feel his hot sweat and the heat rising at the back of her neck ..  

She wanted to stop herself so badly from trembling  ..  her eyes trying to answer him that he had no effect on her whereas her body told an altogether different story .. she had no control over how her body was reacting to his touch .. as if to steady herself she pressed her folded arms more firmly over her bosom .. This lead to she herself giving him a better view of her valley thru the 'v' neck of her shirt .. She saw the trail of his eyes .. it was fixed for a long time on her mounds as she tried very hard to flatten the rigid tips ..  which were trying to tear her fabric and come out .. wanting to be consumed in his hollow called his sly mouth ..

As if reading her mind he looked up again into her eyes and his lips curved into the most alluring smile she had ever seen .. her eyes were fixed on his lips and she knew that was the end of her .. his slightly pink lips .. so soft .. but at the same time so firm .. she could see the small lines on his lower lip .. the small dip in the centre of his lower lip and the rise on both sides of it .. his half hidden teeth and that torturous tongue of his .. slowly coming out to wet his upper lip .. enticing her just by that one movement .. her eyes unable to move from that sight .. she so badly wanted him to kiss her ..

All the flashes of his first and only kiss which he had given her .. which  she had fantasised almost;[ every night in these 5 years became fresh in her mind .. she couldn't control herself and she caught hold of his hair and dug her fingers in them severely ..

He almost cried out in pain at her response .. but undeterred his hand left her leg and jerked her head to a side so that her throbbing  pulse on her slender neck could be visible to him and then his mouth took a dive on it .. he licked and kissed her fervently and then ruthlessly gave her a deep bite only to hear her whimper his name .. "Rey … " she had shut her eyes tightly and was holding on to him for her life ..

She didn't recognise her own voice .. was she moaning with pleasure or pain .. whose voice was that .. could something like that come out of her own mouth .. "Rey .. St .. stop" she felt as if she was panting .. her mind was going blank .. never had she known a bite would have this effect on her .. she wanted to experience the pain as well as the pleasure ...

A minute part of her brain still yelled out to her to stop .. "Reyyy  "  .. but her desires were much more powerful and in them drowned the pleas of her brain ..

Rey pulled his teeth only for a second .. looked at the red skin and then his tongue flickering over it  to soothe her pain .. He blew air on that part to cool it off .. and then pulled himself up to look at her flushed face .. pulled his hands off her .. she was still holding his head in her hands .. her eyes were still closed and she had held her breath in anticipation of what might come …

He brought his mouth close to her ears .. "I have already stopped .. its you who are holding me and sitting on my lap " his voice deep and husky .. but with the sneer clearly visible in it ..

This was enough for Kria to snap out of her daze  … she opened her eyes .. a bit  disoriented and looked at him and then realised the meaning of his words ..

She let go of his hair .. and slid away from his lap ..

Till now she hadn't realised that when she came to him for the pic .. instead of sitting on the arm of the chair she had sat on his lap ..

She was embarrassed to the core and the smirk on Rey's face made her boil with anger at the same time ..

She tuck her shirt inside her skirt .. straightened herself ..ran a hand thru her hair and kept a few curls on her left shoulder to hide the seal which Rey had left ..

Without glancing back once also .. she quickly picked the camera and tripod and stormed out  banging the door of his cabin behind her ..

Rey slowly lifted his legs and placed them on the table and his hands went behind his head .. he relaxed on his chair and started laughing ..


I actually wanted to put Rey's POV also in this .. but was too tired ..  :-(


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Yay me first

Kria LOL
She excepted rey too kiss her LOL

Awesome update 

thanks for the pm

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dinka dinka chika dinka chika hahaha 1st one to commnt super hott iu had updtes this stry after a lng tym tht ive kinda 4getn wt had happnd b4 lol... very nycc but i thnk i remmberedd in the middle lol oh well loved ur update and yess it was a long 1...

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Superb part. Loved it
Update soon.
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awesome update...
-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

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Great Update  Amy..
It was superb..
Kria's selectio of the jacket ,Tinas comment,..
Rey  making her feel bit uncomfortable and the stuff he did  a bit to break through her and see was great..
Thanks for the pm..<3

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fab updateClap
loved itttSmile

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