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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 40)

GayatriJethani Goldie

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hey amy when u r updating..???


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Hi I am a silent reader

And a very big fan of your ffs Big smile LOL can u pm me next time pls.

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loved it

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Awesome ff and please pm me when you continue :D

Nikki <3

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Waiting for update
when u updade pm me
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Plzz update soon ...
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Chapter 10

Raj drove Kria home after the party .. She was in no mood to face anybody .. she was very quiet .. there was a lot of conflict in her head .. Raj also realised there was something wrong with her .. he did glance at her many times .. she thanked him for not asking her anything .. she just couldn't say anything  .. she wanted to first put an end to the conflict in her mind …

Raj left her almost till the bedroom door ..

"Kria .. I know something has happened .. if you want to share .. I am always there .." his tone was serious and his eyes had the concern she had seen when she was standing at the fountain ..

"Hmm .. thanks " ..


Rey returned late in the night from the party .. he was just settling down to sleep ..when his cell rang ..

"Mom .. everything ok ? its almost 1 in the night " he was worried at the late hour call from his mom …

"Everything is fine .. I just wanted to talk to you "

He smiled .. "You couldn't wait till morning .. then I suspect I am in trouble "

She laughed .. but then she became sober .. "Rey .. I am concerned for you "

"Mom .. I am perfectly fine .. "

"Rey .. you can't hide it from me .. "

He was quiet .. he didn't have anything to say to her ..

"You still want me to believe that she is not the one for you .." she asked a little bit irritated now ..

"Mom ..she can never be the one .. and if she ever will be then it has to be from her side .. not mine " he simply said ..

"Do you think there is nothing from her side .. after what happened in the party "

Rey was almost gonna drop his cell when he heard that ..

"What happened in the party ?" he almost spat out ..

"Everyone has eyes and ears Rey .. they saw how you both answered during that game .. "

He almost gave a sigh of relief and sat on his bed .. For a moment he had imagined his mom came to know what happened between him and Kria in the room ..

"It was a coincidence , Mom "

"Really .. you think so .. " she almost laughed as his statement .. "Whom are you trying to convince .. me ..or yourself .. "

He himself had thought all the time while coming from the party ... why did Kria remember everything about him .. It was not that he had said these things so specifically .. these were just mentioned when they had long conversations .. still she remembered such minute things about him .. he had been very confused …

Seeing that Rey was so quiet .. his mom said .. "I think I better leave you with your thoughts .. I am sure she is in them " and she cut the call ..

Rey snapped out of his trance .. "Mom .. Mom " .. but the call was cut ..

The happenings of the day kept him awake for the whole night and many more intriguing things were gonna happen which would take his sleep away .. but he was not aware of that now ..


It had been 2 days since the party .. Kria had consciously avoided Rey .. She had sent her assistant for any communication with him .. she had got all the approvals from Rey , all the repair work had commenced as per that .. she had also sent him the start up plans how she wanted to set the hall of the country house .. how the guests would arrive .. where they would sit .. dine .. the menu for the dinner .. the flower decorations in the hall .. all were sent for his approval ..

She and her team were sitting in Rey's office .. Kria was given a cabin and the rest of the team was also close by ..

Since even Rey had not come to meet her .. she thought even he didn't want to jeopardise his position after what happened in the party between them ..

Raj had been with her constantly .. this surprised her a lot .. even though he didn't give any opinion or value add .. but his presence atleast brought a smile on her face .. for a change she started liking his company .. .. at least he diverted her attention to work .. and not on Rey .. else she would not have completed anything ...

She and her team were busy in a meeting in her cabin when .. when her assistant rushed in .. "Kria Maam .. all of us have been called in Rey's cabin .. its urgent " he was literally panicking ..

Kria was a bit confused .. what happened .. her assistant was so scared .. but nevertheless she and her team left their discussion mid-way and proceeded to his cabin …


"Why can't you all work like professionals .. " Tina was shouting at one of Kria's team members ..

The poor girl was standing with her head down .. she was almost at the verge of crying ..

Kria couldn't fathom what's happening .. Rey was not in the room .. "What's happened Tina?"

"Oh .. don't ask me .. ask you team .. "

Kria looked at her team member .. gently asked her .. "Pooja what happened .. "

"As you had said send the status 2 times a day .. once at 11 in the morning with what we will do in the day and then at 7 in the evening with whatever is completed .. what's pending .. any issues .. everything .. I sent it .. but Tina Maam says .. she didn't get any .. "

"That's correct .. Have you checked your email for the status ?" Kria asked sternly ..

"She could have told me the status verbally also .. I think my laptop is not working .. " Tina shrugged off  ..

"I don't care whether your laptop works or no .. whether you check your emails or no .. in the very beginning I had made it very clear to Raj and Rey that this is how I work .. I send all my status .. queries etc in writing .. just so that there is proof .. and your approval .. rejection is also needed the same way .. I am not sure if you are aware of this "

"But .. if I ask something, isn't it  your team's duty to explain .."

"Yes of course it is .. but she can't give you the lengthy status sitting here .. she doesn't have all that time to waste .. "

 "Kria .. you are being paid .. so you should do what I say " Tina was glaring at her ..

"Yes .. I am being paid for my work .. but you have not bought me " Kria was irritated .. but she controlled her temper ..

"Kria .. you can't talk to me like that " Tina raised her voice ..

"Neither can you treat my team like how you just did .. " Kria replied quietly .. in a firm voice ..

Tina was very angry .. she stood up and was just going to drive her out of the cabin when Rey entered .. Tina's voice changed to  a sweet angel ..  her expressions suddenly softened and she glided and took Rey's arm to bring him in ..

"Darling , I was just asking for status from Kria and her team .. you know what all is pending etc .. instead of sending the status in writing .. giving it verbally would save our time ... we need to keep proper check on them .. the event is just round the corner .. No mistakes can be tolerated .. rite ?" Kria was shocked to hear the way Tina spoke to Rey .. as if nothing had happened .. and it was as if her team was wasting time ..

Rey was a confused  a bit .. "I think she sent the status .. I guess everything is on track ..  "

"But .. you know she could visit the venue and check stuff .. she is forever sitting in this cabin .. " Tina said in her sweetest voice .. with a lot of concern for the event ..

Kria had enough of this .. with icy steel voice .. "Don't teach me my work .. I know it very well .. "

"I am not teaching you .. but its our event we are worried for .." she looked at Rey ..

"Kria .. maybe if you visit the venue once a day .. it might be better " Rey said

Kria was shocked .. did he doubt her  .. her capabilities .. did he also think that she might falter ..

"Fine .. " she swallowed her anger ..  she didn't want to argue more and spoil her mood .. she had to concentrate on her work .. that was more important than anything now .. and that Tina was not worth her time anyway ..

"Nothing personal Kria .. we just want the event to be perfect" Tina smiled triumphantly at her ..

Kria just glared at Tina ..  Rey looked at both of them ..he knew something was going on between them .. but he couldn't understand ..


It was late evening the next day .. only Kria's team .. Raj .. Rey and Tina were in office .. they were all working late ..

Pooja asked Kria .. "Can we order Pizza and your favourite fruit punch, Maam?"

"Sure .. long time we haven't had a party ,isn't it ?" Kria smiled ..she loved these impromptu parties during office hours .. it was good break for everyone .. she and her team had enjoyed all night outs with these fun times ..

Pooja happily started taking orders from everybody .. Suddenly Kria got an idea ..


"Tina , we are ordering pizza and fruit punch .. would you like to give your and Rey's order to Pooja?" Kria spoke very politely as she entered Rey's cabin ..she specifically addressed to Tina ...

Tina readily agreed .. she gave the orders to Pooja ..

"We would be meeting in the pantry area in about an hour's time .. " Kria spoke again to Tina and left ..


Kria was not able to contain her excitement .. she was happy .. she was nervous .. she was trying to hide her smile ..

The pizzas had come .. the drinks were ready ... her eyes were at Rey's cabin ..He and Tina hadn't come to the pantry .. Have they changed their minds .. she was hoping they turn up … nobody had started as Kria said she wanted to toast ..

Raj was sitting next to her and was observing her .. he knew this girl was upto something .. there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes .. "Kria .. I am seeing you smile today after the party .. what's up"

"No .. Nothing " she tried to keep a straight face ..

Finally Rey and Tina arrived …

Everyone was handed their pizzas and drinks .. Rey was going to ask something to Tina .. but before that Kria immediately stood up .. Everyone looked at her .. She raised her glass .. "Here's to the success of not only the 25th resort of Sanyogita group of hotels .. but many many more to come .. and we hope that we are asked to organise each and every party of theirs.. " She looked in Rey's eyes and smiled .. and winked ..

Rey was not prepared for her smile .. He blinked twice and stared at her .. because the way she smiled was different .. it was smile which was dripping with honey .. there was something in her eyes .. he couldn't understand ..

Everyone cheered Kria and took a sip of their drink ..

Suddenly Rey started coughing very badly .. his cheeks were getting red ..  his eyes became red .. it started watering .. Tina panicked .. she offered him water .. but he was catching his throat and coughing ..Everyone stopped and surrounded both to enquire what happened to him ..

"Tina .. what was that drink ?" he could barely speak .. his voice had become hoarse ..

"It was .. It was just  .. a fruit punch .. " she stammered .. she tried to put her hand around his shoulders to soothe him ..

"Does it have pineapple in it ?" he was screaming but the voice was so weak .. anybody would think a dead man was trying to speak his last words ..

"I am not sure .. " she was shivering seeing Rey's condition …

"It had pineapple in it .. don't you know that I am allergic to it .. "  he was so angry but his condition was so pathetic that he couldn't vent out his anger on her ..

"I am sorry .. I am sorry Darling .. I forgot .." she didn't know what to do .. she was so scared …

Amongst all the people .. there was just one person who was smiling ..She took a bite of her favourite pepperoni pizza and then walked towards Rey ..

"Rey .. I generally carry an anti allergic medicine .. here ..have it .. you would be fine in an hour's time .. " she gently handed him the tablet and a glass of water ..

"Thanks "  ..

Kria nodded .. turned to towards her team .. "Lets finish the pizza at our individual work stations itself .. back to work .. please "

Tina tried to support Rey to take him back to his cabin .. but he just shrugged her off and walked to his cabin …

Before leaving for her cabin Kria turned and looked at Tina and gave her smirk and winked … Bloody B*tch .. thinking in her mind she walked to her cabin to complete her work with a peaceful mind .. 


Dear  Readers ...

Thanks a lot for your comments ... I appreciate them from the core of my heart .. Hope you all enjoy this chapter .. I loved writing the last part a lot  .. :-) .. my naughty Kria..

Do let me know how you all like this chapter ..Always eager for your words of appreciation or criticism ..



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..Roop.. IF-Rockerz

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for the 1st time i am first to comment...

i m really happy...

it was an osum update...

that tina aarrgghhh...

lkriya ne acha sabak sikhaya...

and i am also loving this naughty kriya...

now it would be more interesting b/w tina n kriya...

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