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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 32)

luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
waoo that was amazing part...loved it very much

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aishasully IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
super cool update haha kriya and rey and bobby scene was too funny it suits tht name bobby loll nyc update yaar am loving it ammy and am loving u more no dought keep it up

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rock_ruvi Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
awesome update

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Crazy4AshVik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Double Whammy!!Big smile 

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aashi_arsha Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Aww man i luv d way u write !
Luvd it

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a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged

Chapter 8

Kria was getting ready for Tina's party .. she looked at herself in the mirror .. what had she done .. or in fact what she was going to do .. she was not looking at Kria .. but she was looking at Rey's Kria ..

"Kria .. you look gorgeous in purple .. " Rey said .. they both had gone to a mall as Kria wanted to do some shopping for an office party which was coming up .. she had chosen a red and a purple dress and was asking Rey his opinion ..

"Really ?" she was really surprised .. generally guys never had any opinion on what colour a girl should choose .. or what would look good on her ..

"Yes .. it emphasizes your beauty .. "

She blushed ..

"If you choose this dress and tie your hair up .. leaving just a strand of hair to bounce .. you would look elegant .. your slender neck would make you look taller and graceful" he smiled ..

Kria was shocked to hear so much analysis on herself .. "Stop flirting with me ..ok "

"Hey .. am not .. just telling you my honest opinion " he faked a hurt look on his face ..

She hit him slightly on his shoulders ..and walked on ..

"Hey ..Hey .. seriously .. I love purple colour on you ..  and about the hair tied up .. that's for a reason will tell you some other time .. "he left it incomplete .. he had mischievous smile playing on his lips ..

She turned to look at him .. she thrust the shopping bags in his hand and glared at him ..

But .. he was right .. at the party she had worn the purple dress and had tied her hair up .. just the way he had said .. she had been complimented by almost everyone in the party .. it was not that compliments were new to her .. but his words were coined by so many at the party that the colour looks really pretty on her ..


She had never got the opportunity to tell Rey that she had received loads of compliments for her dress and look .. because the next time they met she burst his love bubble and then they never met again ..

She came out of her memories ..she felt sad .. she again felt guilty ..

She again looked at herself .. what is trying to prove .. what is she trying to do .. why did she choose purple and above that she tied her hair .. is she trying to impress Rey .. the minute this thought came in her mind .. her heart started beating faster .. Nah .. its nothing like that  .. then why .. she knew he would be at the party does she want him to look at her .. does she want him to remember his past .. No .. Kria .. you are out of your mind are just wearing this dress because it looks good on you .. Rey was the first to tell you .. fine .. but there were others too who said this colour looks good on you don't fret .. of course he won't remember anything .. maybe his taste in colour has also changed … so many years have passed ..

 Still she decided to change her dress .. she opened her wardrobe to select another one when she heard the knock on her door ..

She knew Raj was gonna pick her up for the party .. she could tell him to wait for sometime till she changes into another attire ..


Kria opened the door to find Rey standing there .. her jaw dropped because she had not expected him .. she noticed that he looked at her from head to toe .. she could understand from his eyes that he remembered everything she had just re-collected of the past .. but he didn't say anything .. for a few moments it felt as if he had gone in the past .. but  then .. he was back to normal ..

She cursed herself for wearing that dress ..

"Where is Raj ?" she could utter trying to be normal .. but failed as her heart again was beating with jet speed seeing Rey in tuxedo .. He looked so smart .. so stylish ... he hadn't after all worn that florescent pink shirt .. he had chosen a blue coloured shirt with black blazers ..

Blue was his favourite colour .. Wow ..Kria .. you even remember his favourite colour .. can't imagine what's wrong with you ..

She shut her train of thoughts to concentrate on what he was saying ..

"Raj called me to inform you that he would come straight to the party .. some urgent work "


"I thought I could take you to the party"

"Ok" ..  Now she had no chance to change .. the one whom she wanted to avoid ..  was right infront of her .. and she had made it so clear to him that she still preferred to wear the colour he liked on her … tie the hair the way he liked .. God !!! ..  what am I turning into ..


Kria was getting bored in the party .. she was trying to amuse herself by conversing with some random folks whom she had never seen was not even interested in seeing again .. Rey was busy with Tina .. she was watching him from the corner of her eye .. once or twice she did catch him looking at her .. she did wish she could just leave the party and go home .. but it might look rude so she stayed on ..


"Lets go to that corner .. they are playing the -How well you know your partner?- game .. come" some guy whose name she didn't even bother to listen to properly .. a lawyer by profession .. who had been narrating incident after incident about his cases .. how he won each of them ..  she was trying to while away her time with him .. he said and pulled her by her arm ..

Of course in any anniversary party .. this game has to be there .. she really wondered what would couples do when they find that they remember everything about their partners .. does it really help .. she had never thought so ..most folks wanted this game in their parties when they came to her for planning any party ... it was really boring and worthless as per her ..

But .. she went along with that guy ..

Tina's parents had just come down from the stage .. and the host was saying that they were around  80% compatible .. that's great  Kria thought.. maybe that is the reason for their 25th wedding anniversary ..

Kria was sure she could never find anyone who would be with her for 25 damn years .. she almost laughed at her thought .. she would go insane or make him insane .. she was amused at her own thoughts ..

She saw Tina and Rey standing in the corner hand in hand .. something winced inside her .. she could understand that Tina wanted to play the game with Rey .. but Rey was not interested .. Tina pulled him up on the stage ..

Host:  We will give you a page with 5 questions .. you need to write your answers .. and then we will ask your partner the same questions .. and lets see if he or she can guess your answers .. "

They both wrote their answers on the page given to them .. Just then Tina's Dad sent someone to call her as it was urgent .. so she went away .. Rey was just getting down the stage when the host caught his hand and called out .. "As Tina has been called for some urgent work by her parents .. so any one else who wants to check their compatibility with Rey .. "

Almost every girl's hand went up .. they were chanting that they want to come up and be Rey's partner ..

The host looked around and said "Whoa .. almost every girl here wants to play this game with you Rey .. but I can see just one girl who is not interested in you .. why don't we call her .. Hey ..the girl in purple .. "

Suddenly the spot light was on Kria .. she was bewildered .. her eyes were wide with shock ..

"Yes .. Please step up .. why don't you play this game with Rey ?"

"No .. I am not interested " Kria shook her hand in negation and tried to go .. but everyone around her cheered her to go on the stage …. And she felt everyone pushing her up the stage ..

Finally she came and stood next to Rey .. She was very uneasy looking at the crowd ..she was fidgeting with her fingers .. she didn't like this stupid game and here she has to play it with .. of the all the people in this world .. with Rey ..

She saw Rey from the corner of her eye .. even he was a bit uncomfortable ..

"Miss .. may I know your name please"


"So you were the only girl .. whose hand didn't go up when I asked … may I ask why "

"I don't like this game " Kria was getting irritated with the host .. how many questions is he gonna ask ..

"Hmm .. but since its audience demand .. now you have gotta play this with us .. what say guys ?" he asked the audience ..

Everyone cheered for them …

Rey came closer to her and spoke "Lets just get this over fast .. " he muttered under his breath ..

Kria looked at him .. even she was not interested in playing this game with Rey .. but the way he said to her .. she felt bad .. so she sarcastically said .. "Even I am eagerly waiting to jump off this stage "

The host gave her the page with 5 questions .. Kria quickly wrote her answers ..

Host :"Great !! .. now lets start with the questions .. We will tally the answers after all the questions are done .. ok .. Ladies first"

The host came to Kria .. "Which according to you is Rey's favourite holiday destination"

Kria without even thinking twice said "Goa"

The host was surprised .. "Hmm .. Rey ..which as per you is Kria's favourite holiday destination ?"

Rey looked at her .. "Paris"

Host: " Good start .. next question to Kria .. How would Rey prefer his eggs for breakfast?"

"Half Fry"

Host: "Same question to Rey "

"She hates eggs"

The host was shocked .. somehow he controlled his emotions and went on .. Rey and Kria were just staring at each other .. they were just oblivious to anyone around them ..

Host:"Kria .. Does Rey believe in love at first sight?"

"He used to .. but not now "

The host and the audience were astounded .. all were confused .. there was pin drop silence around .. no one was clapping one was whispering .. everyone was just staring at Rey and Kria and hearing what they were saying .. everyone was waiting with bated breath to know if the answers they gave were correct for the other .. because the confidence with which they were answering was tremendous ..

"Rey what do you think .. does Kria believe in love at first sight "

"She doesn't believe in love at all "

They didn't even need a second to think before answering the questions ..

Host : "Great .. we are going to the 4th question now .. what would be the last thing Rey would say or do before he sleeps ?"

"He would remove his slippers and just hit the pillow and be fast asleep "

Host:" What would Kria do .. Rey ?"

"She never forgets to say before sleeping ..Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite you .. you bite them "

This was getting too much for the host .. how do these folks know so much about each other .. this game was really interesting .. he chuckled to himself ..

Host:"Now the final question.. a dessert which Rey loves ?"

"He doesn't have a sweet tooth … but if you force him he might eat gulab jamuns"

Host:" And about Kria ?"

"Chocolate mousse"

Host:"Now its time to reveal the results and I just can't believe it …

He kept looking at the sheet of papers he had  .. his eyes wide with surprise and jaw was hanging ..

Host:" who can believe this ..  we can call them the most perfect couple .. I have never seen anyone answer with so much surety .. they both have got all the answers correct .. I can't imagine how … " he was not able to complete  .. his voice died in the sound of the loud applause which the audience gave Rey and Kria ..

Rey and Kria came out of the trance .. Rey quickly stepped down the stage and went off .. Kria was standing there for a while .. she could see everyone clapping and cheering .. but her mind was somewhere else .. she slowly walked away from the crowd and came to a place where there was a fountain .. she stood looking at it .. away from the noise .. away from the maddening crowd ..

How is this possible .. she remembered every bit of the conversation she had with Rey when they had met .. it was 5 years back .. and 5 years is a pretty long time .. Damit !!! .. she doesn't even remember the guy's name who was entertaining her just 5 minutes back .. but her memory was so sharp to remember everything she and Rey had talked about  .. she and Rey had talked for hours and hours on phone ..from morning to midnight .. they knew almost everything about each other ..  she was confused .. this can't be possible… but she couldn't  deny what just happened now .. why does she  remember everything .. she tried to re-collect the dates she had been to .. did she remember what the guy had said to her .. how much ever hard she tried ..she could not go beyond the first 10 minutes of the date also .. she hardly remembered anything of the guys with whom she had been with .. it was strange .. why is it that she remembers each and every detail about Rey .. that too it feels as if it all happened just yesterday .. its so fresh in her mind .. other memories are blur infront of Rey's memory ..

Kria that was past .. just forget it .. forget Rey … forget what he said to you .. she was not this kind of a girl then what has happened to her .. why does it pain her to see Rey with someone else .. she was proud that she was  a strong .. practical girl .. now where has that Kria gone .. she couldn't recognise this new Kria who was being so immature and emotional .. She was trying hard to not to shed the tears which had formed in her eyes .. but one of them trickled down ..

She was lost in her thoughts .. she didn't see a person who had walked behind her when she left the stage .. who was not standing behind her ..


I am already on a mission .. giving my readers 2 more chapters .. 

In return need a huge number of likes and loads of comments .. else next update jaldi nahi milega ..

Happy Reading !!! 

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a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged

Chapter 9

"Kria" ..

Kria turned to look at Tina .. she knew this confrontation would happen ..she must have seen the way she and Rey had answered the questions .. she is definitely gonna make an issue about it .. Hell !!!

I really don't want to face her now .. I just can't handle this situation now .. please .. I just want to run away ..

Kria .. why are you being such a coward .. you haven't done anything wrong .. even Rey remembers everything about you .. but that's the catch  .. he was the one who fell for her .. and she rejected him ..  if he remembers it was alright for Kria .. but she remembers everything about him .. this she just couldn't digest and she knew the girl who was now standing in front of her was also having the same questions in her mind …

"Hi Tina"

"Kria .. what kind of a game are you playing ?" she sneered .. her eyes were full of anger and jealousy .. it was so obvious ..

"Tina .. its nothing .. it was just a coincidence "

"Oh really .. do you think I am blind .. or deaf .. can't I see what you are trying to do ?"

"See Tina .. I am really sorry if I have hurt you .. "

"Yeah .. sorry .. cut the crap Kria .. I know the way you look at Rey .. I saw that from the time I set my eyes on you for the first time .. I really don't know how you know so many things about Rey .. We are dating from so long now .. some things even I didn't know .. " she was venting out all her wrath ..

"Tina .. please believe me .. this was a total coincidence "

"Shut up Kria .. I know girls of your type .. the dirty games you play .. but don't you try that on my Rey"

Kria had been guilty till now .. but when Tina accused her of playing dirty games .. she lost her temper .. and the way she used the term my Rey .. that hurt her somewhere .. but  she hadn't done anything intentionally .. she didn't even want to work with him .. she didn't want to play this stupid game with him .. then how can she accuse her of playing dirty games .. .yes . some things were happening which even she was not able to control .. but her intentions were not wrong .. she knew it .. she was not a type of girl who would snatch someone else's boyfriend ..

"Tina .. you are crossing the line .. I told you I am sorry .. if you are hurt .. I can't say anything more"

"Who is crossing the line .. we both know .. don't you try to come near Rey .. I am telling you Kria .. you will regret it for your life .."

"Don't you dare speak to me like that .. I  am not one of those cheap girls .. " Kria brust out .. she was really angry now .. she can't be blamed alone for what happened just now .. Rey was equally to be blamed ..she will not take it lying down all these accusations ..

But Tina didn't let her complete .. she was carrying a glass of champagne with her  .. she just threw that on Kria's dress and some of it on her face .. this shocked Kria so much .. that she just stood still with her mouth wide open .. unable to do anything ..

"Watch out Kria ..  I won't leave you if you try any of your gimmicks " she gritted her teeth threw the glass on the ground .. it was smashed to pieces ..  and turned and walked away haughtily ..

After a few moments Kria came back to her normal self .. she turned to look at the fountain again  so that no one sees her .. she had tears trickling down her cheeks .. nobody had insulted her ever this way .. she saw her dress .. it was a mess .. she didn't know what to do .. she was angry .. yes very angry .. she knew she hadn't done anything wrong .. she had tried her best to be away from Rey .. but now .. no .. she is not going leave that Tina so easily .. Tina will have to pay for what she did now .. I will make her life miserable ..  now just wait Tina .. see what I will do ..  

She was standing and clenching her fists ..when she felt a hand on her shoulder .. she turned and he hugged her .. "What's wrong Kria .. you ok ?" Raj was concerned for her ..

Kria quickly recovered ..  she was not sure if he had heard what happened between her and  Tina .. but she didn't want him to see her in a crying state .. "I am fine .. I was just drinking but accidently champagne fell on my dress .. can you tell me where I could dry myself "

"Ya ..sure .. I will take you to the guest bedroom which is there .. Come .. then if you want we could leave .." he said softly ..  Kria seemed so surprised with so much worry in his voice for her .. all the other times he was joking .. flirting with her .. but now he was serious ..

"Yes .. I want to go home "


Raj left her in the guest bedroom which was in Tina's house .. Tina's mom had seen them going to the room .. she called out to Raj to ask if everything was alright .. so he went out to her to explain that Kria just wanted to clean herself ..


Kria found a hair dryer .. she removed her dress .. washed a part where the champagne was there with water first then dried it .. she washed her face and now wore the dress .. she was facing the full length mirror and was pulling the back zipper of her dress .. but it was stuck and she was struggling with it when suddenly the door opened and Rey walked in talking on the phone and directly went to the study table kept there and started searching for something …

Kria was so startled when he entered that she turned to face him .. her back to the mirror .. but he hadn't noticed her because he was busy talking on the cell …

"Yes .. I can't find it .."

"Ok .. under that file .. yes got it .. "

He took the paper and was about to leave when he was startled seeing Kria standing there with her bare back to the mirror ..

His eyes were wide with shock .. he couldn't believe he was staring at Kria .. W*F is she doing here standing ..

"What are you doing here ?" he asked .. still staring at her back image in the mirror .. her smooth flawless silky skin .. bare from her petite lower back to her shoulders .. so inviting .. so tempting .. she had not changed a bit from what he remembered about her 5 years back .. damn .. how can he forget her .. he literally saw her in his dreams every night .. he tried to be so cool and so indifferent  .. he tried to fake that he had forgotten her .. he got over her .. he tried to convince his heart she would never be his .. she would never come back .. but she had .. even thought it was for work .. but she was staying in his house .. he thought he still managed to control his emotions .. but today evening when he saw her in the purple dress .. her hair tied up .. he could just remember their dates .. when they had met .. everything was just running thru his mind continuously ..

She had worn a gown .. the thin straps on the shoulders had fallen off .. the neck line was getting more deeper because of the fallen straps .. he could see her breathing fast .. she was definitely nervous being with him .. and her fingers were trying to clasp on to the zipper ..trying her best to pull it up .. but unfortunately it was stuck ..

As if she guessed where his eyes were roaming ..she stepped back .. "You could knock and come inside ?" she said stiffly ..

"You could lock the door atleast " he said stepping towards her ..

"I spilled Champagne on my dress .. so had just come for a wash .." she was nervous with him stepping slowly towards her .. she thought he had guessed what had happened with her dress .. both her hands were still on the zipper .. still struggling to pull it up .. she was praying in her pounding heart .. please .. please .. let the zipper slide up .. neither the zipper was ready to move up nor her hands were ready to leave it ..

Rey's eyes shifted from her back to her eyes .. they locked .. he himself was shocked at his actions .. he was moving towards her involuntarily ..

He stepped close to her .. she stepped back and now was leaning on the mirror … their eyes locked into each others .. his eyes for a moment shifted to her lips and then a bit down .. he saw the vein on her neck beating so fast as if it would just tare her skin and come out .. his own heart beat had reached the heights he had not known would ever reach ..

He didn't realise but his thumb touched her thumping vein .. her eyes suddenly showed the panic she was experiencing .. her eyes fluttered twice .. but then when she felt his thumb on her skin ..  she stopped breathing .. he could feel that she was holding her breath in anticipation .. he gently stroked the vein with his thumb … it felt so hot ..  he himself didn't know what he was doing ..

He moved a bit closer .. she was pinned to the mirror .. his body was almost touching hers .. she had sucked in her breath .. his own breathing he knew was uneven .. with his left hand he gently removed her fingers from the zipper .. then his left hand gripped her slender waist .. some of his fingers touching her skin .. he pulled her towards him .. her thin frame of body crushing against his strong masculine body .. her pupils growing wider with alarm ..  he bent forward .. his nose touched her neck .. he took a deep breath .. he could inhale her fragrance .. with his right hand he held the zipper and gently pulled it up .. he put the straps on her shoulders .. his hands were aching to feel her .. her soft satin skin .. but he controlled .. his eyes lingered a bit longer on her lips and then he pulled himself back and saw her face fully .. she had shut her eyes and was breathing heavily .. a sly curve formed on his lips ..  he hadn't expected this kind of reaction from her .. after what had happened between them 5 years back .. Has she mellowed down a bit .. but he pushed the thought away .. no .. she is a different girl .. she won't change .. she can't change for anyone ..

He saw her for sometime with a smirk on his face and then left ..

Kria took sometime to recover from what actually happened to her .. she almost felt she was being seduced by his eyes .. she was panting and sweating profusely .. she sat on the bed and put her face in her palms to calm herself down ..

What was she doing .. she just couldn't understand herself .. she was unable to move a limb when he was looking at her .. why .. did she want him to look at her .. why can't she be normal when he is around ..  someone please answer this for me .. WHY .. she knew deep down but was not ready to accept that she felt attracted to him in some strange way .. and she was very nervous about the whole thing ..


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aashi_arsha Goldie

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OMG OMG ! Shocked

Gal how do u manage to write so gud !Smile

Both the parts were AMAZING !Star

First dat Rapid Fire round !EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Gosh it was so cute ! Both remembered All d things about eachothr !Heart

And dat bitch Tina !Angry How dare  she ! Angry

Bt acha iss bahane we got to read So adorable KRIYANSH moments !Heart

I luvd the way u described evrything !Embarrassed

Once again its was hell amazing !Heart

P.s Yayy ! First one to comment !Big smile

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