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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 27)

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Update chahiye Cry
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pls update
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Chapter 6

"Raj , please can you finalise with which theme do you want us to go ahead with for the launch ?" Kria trying to be in control of her anger … she and her team which had come in to help her set up everything were busy with continuous meetings for the past 2 days with Raj .. but with no results whatsoever ..

"Babes.. you can select whatever you like .. you know you are the best .. and I love that about you .. " he said with his sweet voice .. trying to please Kria ..

"Wow .. how convenient .. is this my 25th hotel .. for which am giving this party that I select what I want and then your family will screw me up if they don't like it .. Come on Raj you are the one handling this for your Dad .. so why don't you take the decision .. I seriously don't understand you .. "

Kria was really fed up with him .. her time was getting wasted .. her team was getting frustrated .. they had not been shown the venue because once you see the venue many ideas which they must have worked on the paper might not practically work .. but Raj was least bit interested in all this .. One thing which was getting on Kria's nerves was that he had the time to flirt with her .. but he would avoid coming to meetings .. or would come late .. or make some excuse and be on phone .. she was seriously not getting this guy .. what is he upto .. his Dad was also not there .. so Kria couldn't go to him also .. Raj's mom had to leave for a week for some family emergency .. so no help from there too ..  and she had no intention of going to Rey ..

"Kria .. do whatever pleases you .. ok .. please I need to rush "

"Hey .. Hey .. Raj .. you can't leave us like this .. " she literally caught hold of his collar and took him to another room ..

"Raj what's this .. isn't it your hotel too .. I mean you are the owner too ..rite .. so why are you hesitant to take decisions .. why aren't you involved in it .. how can you be so reckless about it  "

"I don't have time for all that  .. I have other things on my mind too .. "

Kria was really annoyed now with his outlook .. she didn't want to jeopardise her Dad's company's reputation for this idiotic fellow .. She didn't know what to do ..

"I know you must be busy with other stuff too .. but you are our point of contact for this event  .. You haven't shown me the venue .. nor have you finalised anything .. what should I work on ." she literally pleaded him ..

"Ok ok .. do one thing .. its just 7 pm now .. you can go to the office .. Rey would definitely be there as he loves to work late .. so ask him what you want .. I will call him and let you know you are one your way .. " he gave her a quick peck on her cheeks and left ..

"Urgggh  .. " .. she hit the file which she was carrying on her head .. She didn't want to work with Rey .. but now there was no option if she really had to manage this event …


She got out of the car which was provided to her for commuting .. she collected all the files and started walking in the Singhannia office .. The guard informed her that Rey's cabin is on the 1st floor ..

Most of the lights were dim .. she thought all the office folks must have left by now .. she looked up from where the reception area was .. there was light in one of the cabins .. that must be Rey's cabin ..

She was  a bit nervous meeting Rey .. she didn't know why .. her heart was beating fast .. she tried to be normal ..Hmm .. she took a deep breath .. started climbing the stairs .. she always preferred the stairs to the elevator .. this helped her think before any important meeting ..

She was going to knock but she found the door of his cabin ajar .. she thought maybe Raj had informed him .. so he must be waiting for her .. so she opened the door to walk in ..she froze the minute she stepped in ..

Rey was sitting on the couch which was on one side of his work table .. Tina was removing Rey's shirt .. he was a bit miffed with her .. they both hadn't seen her as they were arguing on something .. Kria knew it was wrong to eavesdrop on somebody else's  conversation ..  but her feet were not ready to move .. her eyes were wide and were not ready to even blink ..

"Tina ..can't we do this at home .. am busy right now .. " Rey was shouting  …

"Darling .. you are always working .. and for tomorrow's party I have this colour attire and I want you to wear this shirt which I bought for you .. I want us to match " Tina was trying to convince him softly ..

"That is so kiddish .. I am not gonna wear that shirt .. ok " he said sarcastically ..

"Please .. for me "  she made a puppy face to coax him to wear it .. She gave him a peck on his cheeks to cool him down .. But ..

"No way .. " he was fuming ..

Kria's eyes were on Rey's body .. W*F am I doing here and staring at him .. her mind kept telling her to just turn and go out .. but there was something which was not letting her move ..  she saw the most perfect body she had ever seen .. well toned .. she could simply say that Rey was chiselled by a sculptor .. she kept gaping at him .. she had never ever in her wildest dreams imagined that he would possess such a hot body .. again her tongue went over her lips .. she could remember his kiss again .. Hell !!! .. he had been right about that .. she would never forget that in her lifetime .. she cursed herself .. why can't she just forget that .. she had been kissed by many guys .. but no one could match the intensity the passion with which Rey had kissed her . .even though a greater part of it was due to his anger and hurt ..

Tina was now forcing him to wear a fluorescent pink colour formal shirt .. seeing that Kria almost swallowed her laughter because she remembered something ..

"Rey .. you are late today .. " Kria was angry ..

"I am sorry .. I woke up late today .. " He said sheepishly ..

"No .. sorry " She folded her hands and looked at him crossly ..

"I am reaaally sorry " he stretched and gave a sweet smile so that she would melt .

But .. she didn't .. She looked away from him ..

"Ok tell me what should I do for you "

Kria looked at him for sometime .. then smiled .. "Ok .. nothing much .. just converse with that person for half an hour who is sitting on the table behind you .. "

"That's it .. I can sit for 1 hour also .. no problem .. here I go .. " Rey confidently said and got up and turned ..

The minute he turned to see the person .. he spun and looked a tKria .. "Please No.. Kria .. no .. I can't sit .. tell me something else to do .. please  "

Kria burst out laughing .. and pointed with her hand not to sit at their table but go ..

Rey was horrified .. he had made the blunder of agreeing to Kria without even seeing who the person was ..

Kria narrowed her eyes and told him  .. half an hour pointing to her watch ..

He meekly went and sat on the table ..

"Hi .. Can I share the table with you" he said .. he was nervous ..

"Oh my .. Oh my .. my pleasure .. " the person whom Rey had addressed was more than happy to give him company .. not only for sometime but if Rey wanted then forever .. The person was wearing fluorescent pink shirt .. it was tight like how girl's tops are .. and a tight blue jeans .. hair upto the neck with streaks of golden colour on it .. small stud in both the ears ..

"My name is Bobby" Bobby said with the sweetest smile and with his perfectly manicured fingers caressed Rey's hand .. Rey immediately pulled back his hand and kept it on his sides ..

"I am Rey .." he wanted to keep distance and was just waiting for the worst half an hour of his life to finish ..

"Rey .. what a s*xy name .. wow .. and what a handsome face .. and the body which I can see even thru the shirt .. are you a model by any chance ?" Bobby asked and shifted his chair to the side so that he can sit closer to Rey ..

Rey was really irritated with himself to have agreed to do this .. . but he tried to keep his calm  ..

"No .. I am not a model .. "

Rey was trying his best to keep some distance between them .. But Bobby was trying his level best either to touch him .. come close to him ..

He was just gaping at Rey and making him very conscious ..

"Your coffee mug is empty .. should I order more coffee for you " Rey quickly spoke .. he was getting itchy …

"Yes .. I would love more coffee .. Btw I am a fashion designer .. I would love if you could walk in my clothes " Again he tried to touch Rey ..

Rey was looking at Kria who was holding her mouth and laughing .. she was making faces at him .. teasing him .. winking at him .. sticking out her tongue at him .. he was getting so irritated with her .. he was going to stand up .. but she showed him her watch and said that still 10 min to go …

He hadn't heard what Bobby said .. he just heard that he wear his clothes .. Rey almost screamed … "WHAT .. PINK ?"

"Of course not Handsome .. the ones I will design for you ?"

"No thanks .. I am not interested in being a model .. "

"Still if you ever change your mind .. here's my card " he gave Rey his card .. a white business card with his name and other details written on it in pink ..

"ok .. Got to go " Rey literally ran from that table and pulled a laughing Kria by her hand outside the caf .. "Kria .. one day you will pay for this " he muttered under his breath ..


Kria was lost in her thoughts .. How much fun she had when she was with him ..they would pull each other's legs .. tease .. laugh and just fool around .. she chuckled thinking of the past times .. She didn't realise that it was heard by the other two also .. she felt embarrassed when they both looked at her ..

Kria was staring again at Rey .. Tina had somehow managed to put the shirt on him .. but all the buttons were open .. Kria's eyes met Rey's and she just couldn't move from her place .. she felt her foot were frozen at the spot .. She didn't know for how long she was just looking in those eyes .. She was brought back to reality when Rey asked "Kria .. you here .. at this hour ?" he was surprised ..

"Didn't Raj inform you that I was coming ?" she was confused …

"No , he didn't call me .. anyways .. if you can please sit in the adjacent cabin .. I will there with you in a few minutes " he said politely ..

"Sure" .. she heaved a sigh and left .. but she didn't miss the glare which Tina gave her .. Kria knew her expressions were explicit .. she herself didn't have the power to conceal them .. she had been gaping at someone' else's boyfriend and no girlfriend would fail to notice it ..


Rey came in with Tina ..

Kria opened her files and showed the themes and the planning which she and her team had done .. Rey had a look and immediately said "I don't think any of these are good enough "

Kria was shocked to hear that .. "But ..why ?"

"Hasn't Raj shown you the location?"

"No .. " she knew it was her mistake .. she should have seen the venue ..she shouldn't have taken it lightly and believed Raj completely .. he hadn't finalised a single plan and she had gone ahead and given him a lot of options thinking that he would be able to select what he wants .. she realised he was the wrong person to ask anything .. Raj somehow didn't know anything .. she saw the scowl on Rey's face ..

"Why didn't you ask me then ?" he asked narrowing his eyes .. eyes boring in hers ..

"I am sorry " .. she looked down ..  she had asked Raj so many times .. but this was not the time to discuss all that .. the most important thing now is to check the location and then plan and give Rey her ideas  .. he was not going to be an easy client .. she could feel it …  the customer is always right and is always the king .. this is what she had learnt as her first lesson from her Dad .. now she felt she would experience it ..

"Tomorrow I will ask someone to take you to the location where we want the launch to be held .. " he said ..

"Ok" .. she got up to leave and saw the smirk on Tina's face ..


Am back from my long hiatus ...Apologies for not updating ...

Hope you all like this chapter ...

Do hit the like button .. also let me know your love .. appreciation .. criticism thru comments .. Waiting for them ...


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Yay i'm the first one to comment Dancing...
This part was Superb Clap...
Raj ko koi aur kaam nahi hai kya , all the time flirting with Kria Ermm...
Tina was removing Rey's shirt Angry...
N making him wear a 'Pink' shirt Ouch...
Bobby's character was damn funny ROFL...
Bechara Rey kahan phas gaya LOL...
Arrgghh i so hate this Tina Ermm...
Waiting to know what happens next...
Continue soon Smile.

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loved it...

okay i know a small comment and u know the reason of this...

but i loved it especially how u r showing it...

u know the past springing up here and there...

waiting for THE talk b/w KR...

the flashback was fun...

i so want to read when KR start actually working together...

that wud be one hell thing to read...Big smile

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