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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 25)

spicyrays Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
awsm... update... lastly kriya ko rey k paas jana hi pda

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a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 10:22pm | IP Logged

Chapter 7

Kria was ready and was waiting for her car to take her to the party location .. she had chosen casuals ..she wore a simple yellow sleeveless top ,three fourths , sneakers ,a small backpack and had tied her hair in a high ponytail ..   she had asked the driver while returning back how far the place was .. she was informed that it would be around 1 hr drive .. and the driver had also told her that she would have to do a lot of walking as the place was on the hill and an old place .. so very uneven terrain .. 

Instead of her car .. she saw Rey pull in his car before her .. Tina was already sitting in the passenger seat with him .. He pulled down the glass "Come .. we are going to the party venue .. you can have a look .."

Kria sat at the back seat .. she was confused looking at Tina's attire .. she was bearing a mini skirt .. almost 5 inch heels .. if the driver is to be believed then it would be difficult for Tina to walk .. then why was she wearing such an inappropriate attire .. she wondered ..

"Kria , I wanted to invite you for a party at my place tonite .. you have to come .. ok ?" Tina turned to her and said sweetly ..

"Tina .. I might not be able to " but before she could complete Tina cut her in " No .. Kria .. no excuses .. its my parents anniversary party .. you gotta come "

Kria was in no mood for party .. that too at Tina's place ..  but she gave in her confirmation … she had no other option .. she just wanted some time alone without any talking .. so she started looking outside the window ..


Kria didn't realise when she had fallen asleep during the drive .. she opened her eyes with a start when the car came to a halt .. she quickly got out of the car as the other two were already out ..

She looked around where she was  .. she was facing an old house .. no .. it was ancient .. she couldn't see anyone living there .. it was not in a good condition .. it was like a country house  where maybe years before somebody had stayed .. the garden around .. it couldn't be said it was a garden because there was nothing green and floral in that area .. it was because not much care was taken about it .. she wondered if Rey wanted this location to be for the party .. there must be a strong reason behind it .. she simply couldn't understand why would anyone want to have their 25th resort opening at such a place ..  It was not that .. she and her team could change the place if given a week's time .. she felt it was a good challenge to turn this place into a beautiful and classic place for the formal party ..

Now she was eager to see the inside of the house .. she walked in alone taking in the feel of the surroundings … she was happy she had worn sneakers because there were lot of pebbles .. stones .. at some place there was a lot of mud .. from the corner of the eye she could see Tina hanging on to Rey .. she was having trouble walking with those heels .. and she was continuously cursing the place .. Rey wanted to talk to Kria .. but because of Tina's continuous bantering .. he was not able to ..

"Who had asked you to wear such heels .. you knew we were going to my grandfather's place ?" Rey was really irked with Tina .. and her stupid antics ..

"You are the only one who wants to have a party here .. this place sucks .. so old .. so dreadful  " she burst out too …

"Watch out Tina .. this house has a special place in my heart .. I just can't hear anything against it .. "

"Rey .. come out of the past .. you can't live with it "

"I don't want to .. my grandfather started the hotel business from here .. and now when my Dad .. me .. we have built the 25th hotel .. I want my grandfather to be remembered on this occasion"

"Huf .. you are impossible ..  " she was literally clinging on him .. because of the heels she was just able to walk on the rough way till the house .. it was very sunny and the harsh sun rays were irritating Tina a lot ..  "Just drop me back to my house " she said angrily ..

"WHAT .. we have just come .. Kria hasn't even seen the place " Rey stopped ..

"I can't stand the heat .. and the house is full of dust ..  just take me back .. "

"I hadn't asked you to accompany me anyway .. . just stand here for a minute " he just left her went to the main door .. there was a servant waiting for him .. he gave him some instructions .. turned to Kria "Kria .. I am sorry about this .. I will be back in some time .. please have a look around .. we can talk later .. I hope its fine with you "

"Yeah .. Its fine .. you go ahead " Kria said and gave a short smile .. Kria had been watching and hearing them but she didn't want to interfere .. she had kept distance .. she was walking with a  safe distance behind them .. she was relieved when they left .. she could get sometime alone to study the house and the surroundings ..


Kria entered the house .. it was actually beautiful .. she wondered why Tina thought otherwise .. it was built with Portuguese architecture in mind .. the main hall was huge .. with a very high ceiling .. and a chandelier hanging from the top in the centre .. lot of work was done on the ceiling  .. the walls .. the pillars .. it was intricate work .. she loved it .. yes the house was not kept spic and span as nobody lived there .. there were lots of paintings .. she saw Rey's granddad's portrait .. seemed to be a very strong personality ..  she understood that he was her maternal granddad .. because Rey's mom 's personality was so much like her father .. also again this house was called on her mom's name .. Sanyogita ..

The hall had a huge rectangular table with lots of chairs .. it was made of wood with some Egyptian work on it .. there were a number of artefacts' in the room .. it must have been brought from different countries because each one of them seemed to be picked by some fine eye .. she really loved Rey's granddad for his choice ..

She could imagine how she would set the whole place for the formal party .. it was really good .. she admired that Rey had chosen this place instead of any hotel or something .. this place spoke history and that is what he wanted to be revealed at the launch party ..  if she was given a choice even she would have chosen this place .. she smiled at her thought .. what's wrong with her .. Kria .. you are here to work .. focus and complete that and just leave …

She heaved a sigh  ..

Kria decided to make notes so that if she had any questions .. she had to get it clear from Rey .. she made a note the repair work which would be required .. walls have to be re-painted ..  the outside garden landscaped to be revamped ..

It was almost 3 hours she had been moving around the whole house .. she thought she knew every inch of it now … She finished writing everything .. her ideas .. how she was going to plan .. what she was going to do .. she had to get her team as soon as possible so that the work could be started .. she had less than 3 weeks time now …

She was moving around at the backyard .. it was almost a jungle .. if the plants were kept well with proper cutting .. it would have been beautiful but even this also gave it a natural look .. she just loved it .. she removed her sneakers .. left her  backpack near them and walked on the uneven grown grass  .. she felt the soft  ..wet .. tickling .. feeling on her soles .. she hopped and ran around a little ..

Suddenly she saw a rabbit scurrying around .. it was real cute ball of white wool .. she started running behind it to catch .. but somehow it was very quick for her ..  it went inside its hole and Kria was left panting  ..

She kept moving .. touching the different flowers .. leaves .. inhaling their fragrance .. smiling at herself .. it had been  a long time since she had enjoyed  this time .. from the time she joined her father ..  she was always on move .. some event or the other .. she had not taken any vacation in the past 5 – 6 years .. she felt as if she was free here .. alone .. was she really alone ? .. she really wondered .. because she had this nagging feeling that Rey was around and she just couldn't shake that feeling off her .. she did look once or twice around to check if he was there .. but she couldn't see him ..

While she was walking she saw a delicate and exquisite wild flower .. she had never seen it before .. it was large almost  the size of her palm .. with 5 petals .. each petal was blood red colour inside and it had a border of white with pink dots on it .. the centre had a dark blue pollen .. she reached out her hand to pluck it .. but she couldn't make it as it was on a height .. she jumped to reach it but still couldn't even touch it ..  She looked around of there was a stone or something on which she could stand but couldn't find anything ..

She stood looking up at the flower .. again jumped up and raised her hand .. this time her hand reached the flower and she plucked it ..  but she forgot to breathe for the time she was in air because she was caught in air by two strong hands .. she felt the warm hands on her bare waist because when she yanked her hand up .. her top went up a bit ..  when she had the flower .. the hands kept her down gently … she didn't even have to think for a second to guess whose hands it were .. she was standing with her back to him with the flower in her hand .. not knowing what to do ..  his touch .. even though it was for just a few moments .. she could feel herself tremble .. she was holding her breath trying to hide her uneven breathing… but she couldn't help her heart which was throbbing inside her ..

She felt his hand on her shoulder .. he gently made her turn to face him .. she saw his eyes .. the twinkling eyes smiled at her .. what is there in those eyes .. why does she feel when she looks at them as if she just can't blink .. she just keeps staring at them .. Hell !!! .. my own eyes defy me .. I just hate them .. I just can't control them from revealing all my feelings .. Why ..

She felt him take the flower from her hand .. with his right hand he removed the clip which had her hair tied up .. her curls fell on her shoulders .. he gently tucked the hair behind her left ear and then placed the flower behind her ear ..

Kria was numb .. she didn't know why she was allowing Rey to do all that .. she just couldn't move an inch .. she just kept looking in his eyes ..

He was about to touch her cheek with his palm .. when his cell rang .. they both came out of their trance ..


While driving back Rey asked casually "So what do you think of the place ?"

"Hmm .. its really unusual  .. but will be extraordinary when transformed " Kria wondered how can Rey be so normal .. after what happened a sometime back .. she was breathless .. her thoughts were mixed up .. she was not able to think straight .. the phone call which Rey got .. that brought her back to reality .. she felt sad about being interrupted .. her thoughts were going back to his touch … she felt the heat from his body .. she was not sure if her eyes gave away her feelings .. her heart was longing for his touch on her cheeks .. on her face ..  but did he not feel anything .. he seems now as if nothing happened between them .. it was almost as if he was having a meeting with her .. she wondered how can he switch his mood so quickly .. she had seen that even he was lost in her .. he did want to touch her cheek as much as she .. but now the way their conversation was going on .. anyone would think that they had been in some god damn meeting for the past few hours ..

Hell !!! Kria .. nothing happened  .. and nothing can happen between you and Rey .. just get that straight in your head .. her mind was yelling and convincing her .. her heart was not ready to listen to his argument .. she kept looking out of the window to avoid eye contact with Rey .. so that this dilemma between her mind and heart is not known to him ..

"I hope now you understand why I rejected all your previous plans .. I want you to plan a formal party here .. for the informal one .. we can have it on the resort .. all the work is already done on that .. we can open it for public after the party .. " he was  serious ..

"Yes  .. that's a good idea .. "

"Just to inform you .. there will be a number of dignitaries .. government officials .. top businessmen .. even folks from royal families who would be attending the formal dinner "

"Yes .. I am aware of that "

"So I don't want anything to be overlooked .. "

"No .. I am going to personally supervise everything .. "

"Just let me know how you are going to go about it  .. also I am available for anything you need .. "

"Sure .. there will be a lot of repair work needed .. I will make sure I don't change any inherent design of the house ..  it's a very beautiful house .. so it must remain like that .. this is what I believe .. I will chalk out the detail plan with my team and after your approval only I will start .. "

There was silence from his end .. this made Kria turn to him .. he was deep in thoughts .. he looked at her as if searching for something .. as if trying to find if she was saying just for the sake of saying or she actually meant it .. she understood .. " I genuinely liked the house " she said ..

"Thanks .. Kria ..  I have lot of memories attached to this house .. I really want to re-live it .. I want this house again to be alive with life here .. with people .. " he was speaking almost to himself ..

"I will try to organise everything as per what you want " she said .. she seemed somehow more determined now not to modernise the house but to just try and bring the original form .. She was confident of her work .. but here somewhere she was seeking for his appreciation .. it was a strange feeling which she was experiencing for the first time ..

They drove for the rest of the way in silence .. the car stopped only when Rey's office came ..

Kria was getting out of the car .. Rey caught her hand .. "Don't you think the flower tucked behind your ear is a little out of place for the office ? .. " he left her hand ..and chuckled ..

Kria had turned beetroot red .. she felt so embarrassed .. she shut her eyes .. she had completely forgotten about the flower still tucked in behind her ear .. how could she .. what's going on with her ???


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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
so i just loved this chapter...

u know y...

it was so refreshing...

loved the feel kria was having abt the house and how she was enjoying and observing it...

i know rey was out there watching her or to say admiring her...

loved the natural way u brought it out...

especially last mein how kria reassured him abt her liking of the house...

initially tina snapping...

gfs har ff mein aise hi behave karti hai ... irritating...

so in all awesome update...

i have already read it many times and am gonna go do it again...Big smile

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21Neha21 Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
lovd d updates...
they were amazing..
plz update soon...

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--RAINA-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
awsome updates...
Luvd it...
Flashback was too gud...
Thankx 4 d pm
nd plz update soon

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Miss_wannabe Senior Member

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Thumbs Up nice update
raj is a fool yaar itna bada and imp event hai and he is just busy wiht other things kriya is so dam right he can flirt around with her but whne it coms to works he ignores it Angry 
n tina removing rey ki shirt i thought kuch aasia waisa kar rahe hai jab rey ne bola 
"Tina ..can't we do this at home .. am busy right now .. "
i thought that they r goig to ...
but in real tina was trying him to make wera a new top LOL 
n ohh old memeories that part was the best part of this part Heart  
and tina ka wo look made me rofl
tina un logo ka picha kyun nai choodati rey ke saath wo bhi chali gai jahan kriya baithai thi huh kaba mai haadi 
and plzz KRIYANSH ka kuhc to aage badahao cant see them like this Cry Broken Heart
waiting for next part do PM

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rubykriyansh Senior Member

Joined: 19 September 2012
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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Awsome updates ..!
Jst loved it ..!
D way raj is flurting nt lyking it ..!
Bt kriya is nw falling for rey ..!
Dats a gud news ..!
D kriya n rwy flower seen was very romantic n cute ..!
Hopefuuly will get 2 read more of kriyansh in ur upcuming updates ..!
Both d updates were jst beautifully written n big one ..!
Update soon n lets see wats cumi.g up next ..!
Thanx 4 d pm bt plz update seen waiting ..!

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GayatriJethani Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:40am | IP Logged
Double update...

I m loving it...

Raj ko kaam nahi karna par flirt karna hai.. Irritating Angry

par usne ek kaam acha kiya, kria ko bola ki woh rey se puch le..

Atlast kria ko rey ke pass jana hi para...

That tina ... How can she touch rey nd telling him to wear pink shirt.. LOL

Love the way u hav describe the house.. Even i liked the house every much...

I m sure rey was watching her or admiring his princess...

The flower scene was superb... Loved it

eagerly waiting to see them working together on the project...

Nd to see some kriyaansh moments alone..

I forget to mention the flashback scene..

It was funny nd loving too...

Update soon

thnx for pm

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