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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 20)

Eyesfriendly Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
sorry for the late reply...
awesome updates...
loved it...
update soon...
and thanx 4 the pm... Smile

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Rupali_13 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 3:51am | IP Logged
awesm update...
and thanks for PM.
waiting for next updates...

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-.Nisha.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
awesome update di!! so finally bomb phod diya.. well u know it was kinda expected and a bit unexpected.. you know ,it was expected that kria wil deny ,as it wud ve been too earlier,but the bet thingy was realy unexpected... it was rude on kria's part to play wid rey's feeling...the rude behviour of rey was justified ,as he was u know the way u ve described rey as carefree,his behaviour showed how upset he was... for the first time saw this side of kriya..n i m seriously luving... the way he said that he wil make sure that kria wil nvr forget dis..luking forward for the next update... thanks for the pm and sory for the late comment.. so wen can we expect the next update? please do it soon..

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DEFOM IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
dii update na plzzz
puja_arsha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
OMG!!! Bomb phoda aapne?? Poor rey...kria did all this for a challenge...dats bad ... Rey ka to dil hi toot gya... N kiss . .full of anger n rage... Waiting for next part ...

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yogini64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Update needed ASAP Tongue
a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged

Finally here with the update ... 

I know in all the FF I am taking year's leap .. but was necessary .. 

Do read and let me know your comments ...

Enjoy !!!

Chapter 5

5 years later …

Past 6m Kria had been in London to complete a short course on management .. She had taken 2 years experience with a Mumbai based company and then joined her Dad's company .. It had been 3 eventful years with her Dad .. she had learnt so much .. she had experienced so much .. she had handled so many events independently for her Dad's company .. they were mainly fashion events .. she had just loved it to the core .. she had been enjoying her work like never before .. everyday there was something exciting to wait for ..  she just loved her life .. she felt there is nothing amiss in her life ..

Now she had this new event which she had to plan .. for the first time she was planning the launch party for a company whose 25th resort was being inaugurated .. she hadn't handled such events .. but she was sure she would make it a success .. she knew there would be 2 parties .. one a more formal one .. and the other just for fun kind of .. she had not planned or managed a formal event till now .. she knew her course would be very helpful in that sense .. now she was confident of handling it all ..

She had wanted to take a break after coming from the course .. but  the hotel opening had been pre-poned and now only some 3 weeks were left for that .. The owner's son had invited her to stay with them so that she could plan out everything for them .. 


Kria got out of the Goa airport and saw a driver holding her name's placard .. he took her to the waiting car and she got in to go to Sanyogita Mansion. She decided to call her Dad just to inform him that she would be reaching the place in an hour or so..

"Dad , do you really feel this is necessary .. do I have to go and stay with them for 3 weeks .. I can stay in a hotel and still do the arrangements " Kria asked this again for almost the 10th time in last 2 days  ..

"Kria  .. what's your problem .. you were so excited about this event .. its their 25th resort  opening .. the launch party .. you wanted to handle this on your own .. now if they want you to spend time at their own house .. it would be really great to know them so that you know exactly what they want for the party .. so I really don't see your point in staying  in any other hotel .. "

"Urrgh !! .. " Its so difficult to convince your own dad on something ..

"Come on Kria .. and you know I like that guy .. so you are not gonna give me any stupid excuse and run away this time "

"Please Dad ..  I have talked to him only twice .. that too on phone .. it was all formal meetings ok .. all related to their business etc.. he sounded sweet .. actually let me correct myself .. he was too sweet to me ..  I can't handle too much sweetness .. you know that Dad  "


 "Kria .. you have a problem if he is sweet to you .. what's wrong with you ?" her dad was confused ..

"You know Dad .. I don't want him to be totally smitten by me … that scares me  .. and  I have a feeling that is what is gonna happen .. "

"What the hell is wrong with you .. shouldn't the guy who likes you be smitten by you .. shouldn't he think of you the whole time ?" he shouted

"Ya .. " she was a bit confused .. "But .. Dad .. he sounds sometimes immature to me .. I mean if I ask him something .. he doesn't give me a direct answer .. he is always like .. will get back to you on that .. have to consult so and so .. etc .. I can't stand such people .. "

" I know this is also a big thing for him .. he is fine during our meetings .. I don't know why you feel that way .. "

"Dad .. are you by any chance trying to set me up with him ?" she asked him sternly ..

"Yes .. if I say " her dad smiling ..

"Please Dad .. you know I am not into all this .. ok " she knew it .. her Dad would do something like this ..  she should have met that guy and should have made things clear to him .. Hell  !!! 

"Come on Kria .. he is a great guy .. am sure you will like him .. "

"You know what Dad .. I feel as if you are sending me on a blind date with him and his whole family " she started laughing ..

"Kria .. am serious .. you are 27 .. I want you to settle down .. "

"Dad ..I will when the time is right "

"But .. promise me one thing " before he could complete .. Kria cut in "Nah .. Dad .. I am not promising you anything .. "

"Listen .. Listen .. just see that guy from a fresh mind ok .. am sure you will genuinely like him "

"Still whatever I have talked to him .. he doesn't sound to be my type guy "

"Stop that .. he not my types .. stop blabbering on what's your type kinds  "

"I don't know Dad .. but you know .. something should get evoked in me .. "

"Enough .. I have been hearing this from so many years .. I know this is just some sort of a faade you are hiding behind .. you don't want to come out and open up with your true feelings .. I seriously don't understand what are you scared of  ? Is it love ?"

"Dad .. know me .. I have never hidden from you and Mom anything ever .. When she passed away .. I have always let out my heart to you .. whether I like or dislike a guy .. anything and everything is known to you .. I have told you Dad .. I don't believe in love .. I really respect you .. your feelings for mom .. I am amazed by it .. but love ..and me .. no ways ..

You know Dad .. for your generation love was forever .. for eternity .. but for us .. eternity has a time limit .. 1 yr .. 2 yrs .. max 5 yrs .. I have nothing against those who fall in love and are together for ever and ever .. But .. I can't think of myself in their shoes ..  Maybe I am wrong .. but as of now I can't see myself falling in love with anyone .. "

"Kria .. Kria .. listen to me .. Please go with a blank mind .. with nothing from the past or nothing which you wish in future on it .. just plain blank .. see that guy from that angle .. I really feel he is good for you "

"Ok Dad .. I can't promise you that I will like him or fall in love with him .. I promise you that I will look at him with a fresh mind and yes genuinely try to like him .. "

"I really don't know what you really are looking for in a guy .. but I wish you get someone who loves you so deeply that you just can't resist him .. and you go and let your feelings out to him before he does .. Haven't you met anyone who was close to what you were looking in a guy .."

"Well .. there was a guy .. " she trailed off ..

"Hmm.. I know that guy .. you told me about .. you know what … you are a real monster .. you broke his heart .. and that too so bluntly .. you could have simply said that you don't love him that's it…"

"Ya I am sorry about that .. I didn't realise he was so serious …who believes in love at first sight " she was guilty for that

"I do .."

"Oh Dad .." she wailed .. not again ..

 "What I wish now you know .. if I meet that guy .. I would tell him to slap you for what you did "

Kria was silent ..  What he did was more than slapping me . ..She hadn't told anyone about the kiss .. not even her Dad .. that was the only part she had left out ..

Her father felt the silence .. "Hey .. I was just kidding .. but I really don't want you to be so blunt ok ..  "

"Ya I will take care ..  Ok Dad .. I am almost there .. call you back .. Bye "


The car entered the mansion .. yes .. no other word can describe it .. enigmatic .. that's what it was .. the huge iron gates thru which her car entered ..  for a moment she felt she would be imprisoned here for life .. but she shook her head at her own stupid thought ..

She saw the huge lawns .. far off she could see dense trees .. all along the path she could see the beautiful beds of roses .. she could hear a small trickle of water flowing .. there must be a small pond or a waterfall then .. she saw the landscape and was just in awe of it ..

She made up her mind .. when she is not working .. she will definitely explore this place .. she pulled the car window glass .. the evening cool breeze blew her hair .. the scent of the roses .. she was just enthralled by the whole surroundings .. she had still not seen the actual building .. she almost felt as if it would be a castle with a prince waiting for her ..

What's wrong with me ??? I shouldn't have talked to my Dad .. he has only put this thoughts in my head ..  Urggh !!!

Her car came to a stop .. the door opened and a hand was extended to her .. she held it and got out of the car ..

She was facing a guy who was .. tall .. good looking .. actually very good looking .. well built .. light brown eyes … wavy hair .. a sexy smile playing on the lips .. a mischievous twinkle in the eye ..

"Hi .. I am Rajveer "

"Kria " she shook hands with him .. she had talked to him on phone .. but seeing him face to face .. he was different ..  For a moment she thought she knew this guy .. he looked familiar .. but then dismissed the thought ..

" Welcome .. I had been waiting to see you ..  " he embraced her .. and gave a peck on her cheek .. 

She smiled ..

He put his arm around her .. and took her in ..


The house as she thought looked so gigantic from outside .. but was so homely and inviting from inside .. She felt at once at home .. she knew the touch must be of some lady .. some really enigmatic lady .. the lady on whose name all the hotels and resorts were named .. she was dying to meet her .. 

At the dinner table ..

 "Dad .. she is Kria …  Vijay Singhannia's daughter ..  we have always dealt with her Dad for our events .. but now she is going to handle our 25th resort opening … Kria .. my Dad Ajay Singhannia "

The minute she heard the surname Singhannia she was stunned .. her smiled vanished .. she had this uneasy feeling which sent her shivers down her spine .. She had not done her homework properly .. she had talked to Rajveer just twice and it was more on what was required for the event ..

But she hadn't bothered much on his surname .. she hadn't even asked him .. Her Dad had sent her all the information and papers about the business .. but she was planning to go over it all after she came back from London ..

Now she felt she should have gone thru all that before landing here .. She had this sudden urge to ask Raj if he has a brother .. but somehow she controlled herself .. Kria are you out of your mind .. there is nothing to feel guilty now .. its been ages now .. enough .. just gather yourself ..

She somehow got back from her thoughts .. smiled and shook hands with Rajveer's Dad ..

"Kria .. we are so happy to have you here .. We have heard so much about you from Raj "

This again left her bewildered .. what's happening .. she again had a queer feeling in her stomach .. as if it went hollow .. But somehow she managed to ignore it and say …

"It's a pleasure meeting you ,Sir .. I am really looking forward to working with you "

"First of all .. no Sir .. Call me Ajay .. and you won't be working with me .. you would be working with my son " he smiled broadly ..

"Kria .. she is my Mom .. Sanyogita Singhannia "

Kria felt immediately drawn to her .. she was the lady of the house ..  her face had that spark .. she was really elegant .. they may be filthy rich but they were folks with values ..Kria felt sure she would do her very best for one of their most important occasions of their lives …

Sanyogita hugged Kria .. "I am so happy to see you…"

Kria wondered why 2 chairs infront of her and Raj were empty .. but before she could question ..

"Hey Bro .. where were you .. " Raj got up from his chair and almost ran and hugged someone ..

Kria couldn't see the face immediately .. but when Raj moved .. she saw him .. he saw her .. her mouth  was dry.. she literally held her jaw from falling .. she gulped twice .. unknowingly she put her lips in her mouth as he walked towards her .. she realised what she did ..

All her perplexing feelings which she was having some moments back came true .. now she felt her stomach churning…

He was the same Reyaansh Singhannia whom she had met 5 years back .. But .. whoa .. what a difference .. she had never imagined him like this .. there was something about him she knew was different but she couldn't exactly tell .. was it his walk .. was it the smile on his lips .. his eyes .. his confidence .. what is it .. she saw the eyes.. there was determination in it ..  for a flicker of second she thought he showed recognition .. but after that he was eyeing her as if she was a complete stranger ..

He came up to her .. "Hi Kria .. I am Rey .. Nice meeting you " he smiled and nodded his head .. and calmly sat on the chair infront of her ..

Kria was so shocked to his reaction ..obviously he wasn't going to make a scene infront of everybody .. but .. he was acting as if he had never seen her before .. she blinked twice .. and then smiled hesitantly .. now she was a bit nervous .. she didn't know what to expect .. she was a bit edgy on what the whole family knew about her and Rey .. Hell !! what is she thinking .. she and Rey now .. Kria .. you are fretting too much .. just look at everyone except him .. that's it .. its just 3 weeks .. time will fly and so shall you from this .. Urrgh .. a few hours before she had thought the place to be a heaven .. not it was hell …

She was so pre-occupied in her own thoughts ..that she had not seen a girl come and stand next to her .. She smiled at her and extended her hand to Kria ..

Raj introduced her .. "She is Tina .. our very close family friend .. right Rey ?" and he winked at Rey .. in return Rey again gave his s*xy smile ..

Kria looked that she was wearing a gown .. a halter neck .. which was almost backless and was ankle length but the slit was almost till her thigh .. she almost looked as if she had come for some party .. she was looking so out of place ..

She took the chair next to Rey .. she looked at him and he again gave her the killer smile ..

Kria thought her eyes would pain now with seeing that sparkling smile so often .. she tried to gauge whether it was fake .. she was not sure .. but she didn't dare look at him more closely ..

Kria tried to focus all her attention on the dinner table talk .. finally she could feel at ease .. she enjoyed a lot .. the friendly banter .. the jokes .. she was definitely being made to feel at home by everyone .. except Rey and Tina .. they were busy with each other ..

Obviously he will ignore you .. but there was something which was itching her .. she felt as if his gaze was on her .. she felt that he was looking at her .. but the minute she saw him .. his eyes were on Tina .. and his expressions gave no indication whatsoever ..

Raj was being extra sweet to her.. this was something she was scared off .. she knew the whole family by now must be thinking the same by now .. she didn't want to be rude in front of everyone .. she made up her mind that she has to definitely talk to Raj ..


Everybody had retired to their rooms .. Raj's dad had to leave for some business work .. he was going to be out of town and would return only a few days before the grand party .. 

Rey had gone to drop Tina ..

Kria was in her room drinking her coffee .. she was sitting facing the French windows and was looking out .. she could see a table top a bit far off .. there were tall trees at one place and she strained to see and she could see a bench .. she felt this urge to go and just sit there in peace .. be with herself .. feel the breeze .. she quickly got up .. she was in her night dress .. a short tang top and shorts .. she was contemplating whether to change or no .. she decided just to cover herself with a shawl ..


She was sitting on the bench and staring at the scenery ahead of her .. the silhouettes of the trees .. tall trees waving a bit due to the wind .. slight sound of the breeze .. the moonlight .. it was so serene .. she felt she would find peace .. but no ..

She was very restless .. she had imagined these 3 weeks would be a holiday cum work .. but here she was nervous .. and she was not sure why ..

She thought about the last meeting with Rey .. she had walked home from the restaurant .. she had felt a bit guilty but after his kiss she had felt humiliated .. all thru her walk till her home .. she had been so angry .. she almost felt like breaking his head .. how dare he do that .. ..

Almost a week had passed and she had not been normal .. she just couldn't get over it ..

Humiliation was a part of what was making her twitchy .. the other part was something she was hating herself for .. it was not the guilt .. but it was the kiss itself .. she could even now feel his lips over hers .. she had not kissed him back .. but the way he had kissed her conveyed so many feelings ..which she never thought anyone could ever do that ..

Yes … it was anger .. hurt .. humiliation .. but along with that she had felt the passion .. his possessiveness ..  his intense feelings for her ..

And the worst part was that she had somewhere in her heart loved it .. she had never felt that way before ..  she knew if this guy could kiss when in anger this way ..what would he do when he was passionately in love with someone .. she shuddered at the thought of that kiss itself .. she had almost fantasised how it would be .. and these thoughts were making her really hate herself more .. how could she even think of that guy again .. after what she did to him and what he did in return  …

"Past memories haunting you .. not letting you sleep ?" a husky voice spoke …

She was so startled that she almost fell off the bench .. she caught the hand of the bench to steady herself .. she looked up to the gleaming eyes of the same guy she had been thinking all thru the evening ..

He was standing casually and looking straight in her eyes ..  his face didn't have any expression .. she might have thought maybe he would smirk at her .. but no .. he was plainly looking at  her ..

She was at loss of words ..she didn't know what to say .. how did he know I was here .. why has he come here ..

He hasn't forgotten anything .. he was not himself in front of his family .. even he didn't want to create a scene ..

For a moment she felt a chill run down her spine .. she was alone with him ..she gulped .. tried to make her voice normal ..

"I was just admiring the beauty "

He sat next to her .. this again shocked her .. She just wanted to yell at him .. Just out with what you have in your mind .. I can't take this agitation anymore .. but she just kept looking straight .. from the corner of her eye .. even she saw him looking straight ahead ..

Finally he spoke after what seemed like an eternity to her ..

"Kria .. I don't want another heart to be broken now " he turned and faced her .. his face grim .. he came close to her .. with his index and middle fingers he pointed to his eyes and then to hers ..  indicated that he would be watching her every move .. and just got up and left as quietly as he had come ..

Kria felt that her heart which was pounding inside would almost come out of her mouth .. she was really not sure what he exactly meant .. but she knew this was all about Raj ..

She just put her face in her palms and cried in her heart .. What a mess I have got myself in …



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yes,1st one to commentDancing

lovely update..

i just hope Kriya doesn't go with RajOuch

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