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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 141)

Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Wow amazing update
Baat wahi hai ki aa bail aur mujhe mar ki situation hai
Poor rey kya karega
16 chapter
Update was fabullash

Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Amazing update
Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 March 2012
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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
Hey any
All update was mindblowing specially last two hwt and romantic
Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2013 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Chal abhi update ka time hai
Update now
a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Chapter 19

"Good Morning , Mom " Rey kissed his mom on her cheek and settled on his chair for breakfast ..

"Come Rey , we were waiting for you , Raj left early today .. " she smiled and then turned to talk to the maid ..

He looked at Kria who was sitting opposite to him .. He smiled at her .. "Good morning Kria " ..

Instead of responding to his greeting she looked at his mom who now was instructing the maid something ..

"Hi" she said and she immediately put her left cheek forward and tapped it with her index finger twice and raised her brow gesturing that she too was waiting for the kiss along with the greeting ..

Rey widened his eyes and simply shook his head in negative and mouthed a "No" and smirked at her  .. In response to him she narrowed her brows and gave a pout  which made him grin wider ..

"You seem to be very happy .. what's the matter .. " his mom teased passing him the plate of pancakes .. she had witnessed the silent tete-a-tete between them from the corner of her eyes ..

"Nothing Mom .. Its just a lovely morning .. and I had a great night's sleep yesterday  " he immediately replied avoiding his mom's gaze as he buttered his toast .. but still not able to wipe that smile off his face ..

But, due to his reply Kria chocked on her orange juice and his mom burst out laughing and in between her laughs she said "Yes .. today definitely is a great morning "..

He looked at a flustered Kria and then turned to see his mom who was still laughing ..

"What joke did I crack ?" he asked in a confused manner ..

"Kria said exactly the same words .. even she had a great night's sleep " his mom teased ..

Rey instantly realized what his mom was trying to gauge and he was not going to let his mom dwell further into teasing.. "Umm .. Kria .. "

She stammered " Ya "

"I wanted to talk to you about the guest list .. "

"What about that  " she recovered from her earlier tizzy state ..

"There is one name missing in that  .. "

She seemed a bit thoughtful " Oh " she paused  .. " I had thoroughly checked it .. but , now I will again have a look .. "

"Whose name Rey ?"  his mom asked ..

"Kria"  he smiled at the shocked expression of Kria ..

"No No " She immediately tried to reply back .. 

But his mom didn't let her complete .. "Yes Kria you are my guest ., you have to be there" ..

"Yes , Aunty .. I will be there  .. but, I would be managing everything  .. I will be in background "

"No, you will sit with us and have dinner too .. Your team can handle all that .. I know they are efficient enough , right Rey ?"

"Yes Mom .. " he again smiled at Kria .. 

"No actually .. I don't attend the events as a guest which I plan .. so " but she was cut in abruptly by his mom ..

"No more discussion on this .. You have to be part of the party .. That's it " his mom said in a tone of finality ..

Rey simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders gesturing to Kria that he is helpless as Kria reluctantly nodded ..

"Come I want to show you something" his mom looked at Kria as both the ladies had finished her breakfast ..

As they were leaving his mom turned to Rey "You can come after half an hour or so to pick her up for office"  ..  leaving a somewhat confused Rey thinking on breakfast table …


"Aunty this is amazing .. Wow" Kria looked in awe as she touched the beautiful soft silky fabric was a sky blue colour evening gown .. Kria just couldn't budge her eyes off it .. and her hands just wanted to feel it .. she sighed

"I know .. It's for you" his mom smiled ..

"What .. " She gasped ... "No I can't " she almost pulled her hand apart from it ..

"Please Kria .. I don't like this .. You keep saying no to everything ... You have to accept this .. it's a gift from me " Rey's mom said a bit strictly ..

"But Aunty this is so delicate  ... it almost feels so precious" she stated in a low voice .. even though the thought of being inside that dress was alluring her like no other ..

"Yes it is ..  It's hand embroidered and all the intricate designs are hand crafted .. I have a friend who is a dressmaker .. She designed and made it with her own hands .. " his mom informed ..

"I won't be able to carry it off .. I mean I might ruin it .. " she almost whispered more to herself than to his mom ..

"Only you will be able to carry it off  .. I believe in you .. " his mom said giving her a knowing smile .. and it surprised Kria ..

"Do one thing .. just wear it once and see .. please for my sake " his mom gently pushed the gown in her hand and ushered her to the walk-in closet to change ..


As Kria looked at herself in the mirror .. she couldn't recognize herself .. she indeed looked very pretty .. she smiled dreamily as she had this heavenly feeling looking at herself ..

The dress fit her perfectly .. It was a one-shoulder off gown ..which revealed her one slender shoulder blade .. the neckline was made of  sheer net . the net  was covered with sparkling and tiny blue beads and sequins .. the net covered her long  back as much as revealed it .. hugging her flawlessly on her curves and then going down into a full length skirt .. it settled down with lots of curls and frills on the ground truly giving her the look of a mermaid .. The entire gown had designs which was impeccable .. every little piece had its own story to speak of .. it was a gown meant for a queen and without the tiara on her head she indeed looked like one ..

At this very moment she felt a deep sense of longing.. a want which she couldn't herself understand .. she just wanted a pair of eyes .. just those mesmerizing eyes on her .. just once ..

She closed her eyes to feel them ..

"You are no doubt very beautiful and in this you look just stunning"  his mom came from behind said ..

Coming out her trance .. she looked away trying to compose herself .. she was not sure for how long she had been standing there admiring herself ..

"But, I can't take this" Kria again argued ..

She never took gifts from her Clients she never invited herself as a guest in any party or event she handled .. She would always remain at the venue to check for things but she never got involved .. and here she felt as if she was being totally absorbed into this event .. she almost felt as if this was her own event ..

"Ok just wear it for the party and then return it to me .. Ok ? " his mom relieved her of her distress ..

His mom came in front of her and cupped her cheeks .. "You know Kria .. some feelings are tender .. Precious.. but that doesn't mean that you have to run away from them due to the fear that they might shatter .. sometimes you need to take the risk and then let your mind rest for a while and your heart feel its way .. some things can only be experienced by heart .."

His mom looked in her eyes and spoke solemnly ..

At that instant Kria knew that the lady whom she had felt immense respect and admiration the very first time she had laid her eyes on .. could read her ..

She blinked at her smile and felt nervous at being so easily deciphered by someone .. She thought she was so good at masking her emotions ,her feelings .. and she also knew about what and whom Rey's mom was speaking .. She felt a bit scared because she didn't want to be close to her .. She didn't want anyone to have any expectations from her .. and she was hoping that his mom should have no such misunderstandings about her ..

She smiled at her hesitantly  and lowered her lashes ..

Just then his mom's cell rang and she moved away to pick it up ..

Kria glanced to just have one last look at herself before she changed .. but the instant she looked in the mirror she froze .. her eyes just glued to the other pair of eyes which were looking at her thru the mirror ..

Rey was standing at the ajar door and was gazing at her ..

He had come to call her to go to office and just stood rooted seeing the blissful sight in front of him ..

He couldn't imagine that he was looking at Kria ..she just looked out of the world .. she looked divine .. her lovely face glowing with the sharp twinge of crimson and her immaculate form covered in that exquisite gown .. and her eyes .. initially a bit nervous .. a bit anxious but as they met his .. he could just see that she had been waiting for him .. she wanted him to see her ..

And every emotion he had ever felt for her from the time he had seen her 5 years back .. from attraction to love .. from friendship to hate .. from anger to betrayal .. from desire to want ..from laughter to philandering .. from tranquility in her arms to the stirring desire in his heart ..everything re-played in front of him ..

"Rey .. " his mom's words brought both of them back to their senses .. and he blinked to guise his tears .. "Mom , I just came to call Kria .. I will be waiting in the car .." he spoke tersely and moved away straightaway closing the door without giving any chance to his mom to stop him..

His moist eyes hadn't gone unnoticed by Kria .. she couldn't comprehend what must be going thru his mind ..


It was late evening and neither Kria nor Rey had spoken much about the dress incident .. The journey to office was a quiet affair and in the office both were busy in their own work and discussed only event related details ...

There was no awkward feelings between them .. as they both now knew how to bury any topic which might lead to some  uncomfortable situations  deep down and never bring it up in front of the other ..

"Rey " Kria called him up as she had finished her work ..

"Hey ... "

"I thought we could go for dinner .. I am almost done .. " trying to sound casual ..

"Umm .. Actually I had my dinner as I had come out for a meeting  .. I still have around an hour to reach .. why don't you have your dinner and then we could go for coffee ?" he himself seemed much in control .. the morning incident totally at the back of his mind ..

"Sure .. "


"Rey am not gonna walk to the car " Kria spoke sluggishly as they both  walked out of the caf past midnight ..  Kria was very tired ..  she couldn't remember when she had ever laughed so much .. her jaw ached  .. her stomach ached .. Rey had been at his flirting best .. it reminded her of the days when he used to visit her in Mumbai …

"The car won't come on its own to you " He retorted ..

When they had come , there was hardly any parking space available .. so he had to park it almost 2 block away in an open parking lot ..

"Please carry me " She gave a cute pout to allure him ..

"Ha ha .. nice try .. but I am not your servant " he was ahead of her .. so he looked towards her and started walking backwards smirking all the while ..  

"I am not coming .. "she again spoke adamantly not moving from her place ..

"Ok .. then I am off .. tomorrow morning get a cab and come " he turned and walked away with a mischievous smile playing on his lips ..

She stood at the place for a moment and thought  ..

"You are not my servant .. I know that .. but you " and she paused ..  and ran with full speed towards him and hopped on his back , quickly wound her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist and purred huskily  in his ears "You are my slave"

He was so shocked by her action , he almost stumbled forward  .. but recovered soon .. he took a moment or two to get hold of himself and then put his hands under her knees to hold her .. and smiled wickedly hearing her words .. "In your dreams " and started rubbing his elbow on her curves as he moved towards their car ..

She was in a fix now .. she couldn't even move as he held her legs firmly and he very well knew her weakness … his elbow on her sensitive part …

Seeing her fidget , he started laughing and then did something which left Kria hell shocked .. he spanked her on her bottom .. "Serves you right " he said ..

"Oh Yeah " she said indignantly .. and then quickly slipped her hands inside his t-shirt and then started tickling him .. she let her fingers roam as much as possible .. all over his chest and then went to his stomach ..  and used her teeth to nibble on his earlobe and her tongue to flick in and out of his ear .. and then put some of her hair in his ears and started jiggling it ..

Rey's laughter grew louder  and louder with the tickling Kria was doing to him .. he almost felt breathless carrying her , laughing and twisting and turning to get her hands or mouth off him ..

"Hey .. Kria ..  .. Stop it .. " he screamed in between his laughs .. " Kria .. enough  " ..

"No Ways .. I love tickling you .. " enjoying the scene and joining with him in his  laughter ..

He almost ran to his car and put her down with a thud behind her and took a few gasps  of air and  then quickly opened the back door of the car and swung towards a still laughing Kria ..

"Now you will know what tickling is … " without wasting a second , he grabbed her by her waist and pushed  a shocked Kria  on the back seat of the car ..  her eyes shuddered with excitement and anticipation ..  he placed himself on top of her and closed the door with his leg .. his one hand seized her hands above her head and the other  frantically unbuttoning her top .. he moved her top with his chin and then looked in those bewildered eyes once and smirked ..  "Enjoy "

There was nothing which Kria could do except just squeal , shriek , scream and laugh in delight .. She kept trying to be out of his grip half-heartedly because she was just loving what he was doing ..

He started by rubbing his coarse stubble on her cheeks .. then moving towards her throat he blew air and then again rubbed his chin .. came to her curves and without touching his lips to them .. he just rubbed his cheeks from the side of one curve then to the tip , then his nose playing in her valley and then the same treatment to her other curve and then finally reaching her stomach , his nose and chin  played with her belly button  … his rough hair pricking her smooth skin .. giving her goose bumps all over the body .. her eyes tightly shut .. her toes squirming at his touch and her heart galloping wildly ..

He came up a bit and took a strand of her own hair and put it in her ear and twirled it ..  "This is called tickling , my dear " he whispered in the ears of a Kria who was desperately sucking air and at the same time giggling  ..

She wanted so much more and she opened her eyes only to blink at the sudden light flashed at her  ..

She was totally out of breath  .. " R .. R .. Rey  .. stop " she breathed out and stilled .. he stopped too as he realized a flashlight being focused inside the car and heard a knock at the window of the car ..

He turned slightly still shielding Kria beneath him , to see a police officer indicating him to come out ..

He pulled himself up a bit and covered Kria with her top .. "Wear it quickly .. " and opened the door slowly got out ..

"Hi .. Officer .. " he gave a casual smile ..

The officer simply scowled .. "Its past mid-night .. what were you doing here ?" glaring at the deshelved state of Rey ..

"Nothing ..  we were just leaving " Rey  said ..

"I need to see your license and car papers .. "

"Yeah sure " He took out his license and gave it to him .. and was going to get his car papers ..

"Before that I would like to see your id proof "  Rey heard Kria say to the officer ..

He turned to see the angry look on the police officer .. "Kria .. " he tried to intervene ..

But Kria cut him short .. "Nowadays anybody can get this uniform and cheat .. so I am just asking for precaution .. " she paused .." Moreover its past midnight .. "

The officer took out his badge and thrust it infront of Kria's face .. "Now can I see the car papers .. " he said a bit rudely ..

"This photo is not the latest .. " Kria remarked .. making the already angry officer more furious ..

He just put the badge inside his pocket ..  "I was on patrol .. and I saw this lonely car in the empty parking lot so just came to check .. " eyeing  Kria with disgust .. "We have to be alert  "

"We too " Kria smiled at him  sarcastically ..

"Sure Officer .. we know its your duty .. " Rey immediately came with the papers ..

He scanned the papers  and gave them back to Rey .. "Fine ..  Leave now .. " narrowed his eyes ..

"We are just leaving .. "  Rey spoke immediately ..

"And get a room for god sake .. " and walked away ..

Kria and Rey both looked at each other and then both burst out laughing ..

Kria sat on the ground laughing ..

 "You know how I felt today .. like a teenager sneaking out with her boyfriend and then getting caught red handed " she laughed out in glee ..

"You are crazy .. " Rey said .. amused at her imagination..

"I know .. "

"The way you were questioning him … it looked as if he was at fault and not us ..  He was just doing his duty .."

"Ya .. that is correct but ..  I don't trust anyone easily .. "

"Really ?"

"Hmm .. "

"So do you trust me ?" he asked smirking ..

"I trust you completely ..  " she spoke seriously and after a while she asked .. "And you ?"

"Come lets go .. its already very late .. " He held the car door open for her ..

 She was not sure what kind of response she was expecting from him ..  but his reply disappointed her and she masked it with a  fake smile and got into the car ..


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smileysmi Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Wonderful amy...
I was expecting this reaction from rey...
After all whatever kriya did in past, this is expected...
So well written update...
Specially rey's reactions in two situations...lovely..

Arre wah I am the first one... Wink Smile

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shalini_arsha IF-Rockerz

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loved it...!!!!
this part is full of fun...:-)
i didn't get rey's pov...
his confusn is
.is he really trust her..///?????
or he was taking a revange(hope it's nt true/...)...
only his mom knw him bttr thn he himself...
lovd her mom...
awsum part...
continue soon..
star94 Senior Member

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Awesome part. Loved it. Waiting eagerly for the next. Update soon.

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