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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 135)

Hidden_Emotions Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2013
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Posted: 05 May 2013 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
Amazing update!
Too hawt to handle.
Totally loved it.
Pls update soon.
Wanna read LOA in my PM inbox again...:)
Thnx fr d PM..:)

..Roop.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 August 2012
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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 1:14am | IP Logged
ohhh god lat me juast breathe first...

that was just too hwaaattt to handle  dear...

the way you described it

just super awsm...

i read this 2-3times...

really waiting to know wat wld be kriya's reaction...
khusbooluvarsha Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 1:47am | IP Logged
awesome n hawwwt update
a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 5:02pm | IP Logged

Chapter 18


Kria woke up after an hour with a glorious smile on her face and stretched herself .. Her smile vanished as she couldn't find the reason for her smile on the bed ..

There was just a note kept for her on the bed in his place ..

"I had to leave as I had an urgent meeting in office ..  Got some clothes of yours from the house ...Breakfast kept in the kitchen ..See you soon in office "

Signed by Rey ..

Kria read the note 2-3 times .. She wondered if Rey left because he really had some work or he didn't want an awkward conversation when she woke up ..

The note was simple and concise , to the point .. It didn't reveal anything to her about what could be Rey's after thoughts about what they shared ... Of course what they shared couldn't be described .. At least she would never be able to ..

She rolled in between the sheets .. inhaled and felt his scent .. she smiled dreamily and then snuggled once more tangling herself within the sheets and the pillow ... It felt so good .. It felt so right when Rey was with her ...

She could already feel the blood rise on  her cheeks ...

She wondered if this was gonna be just one time .. She had never believed on one night stands ... But she could imagine Rey thinking it as a mistake ... He might avoid her .. Ignore her and since only a week was left  for her to complete her work .. they would as well go their separate ways ..

She again looked at the note .. His note was formal in terms the way it was written but his concern was evident ..He had got her clothes .. He had kept breakfast for her ..

She was confused as to what Rey would be thinking about them ...As for herself .. She had never been so happy … Her moment with him was special for her .. She had given herself to him willingly and she was not regretting  it at all .. It was the best feeling she had ever had to be in his arms .. 

She hoped it was true for him too .. His actions had spoken that he had enjoyed too ..

The only regret she had was that she couldn't taste his lips .. they didn't kiss .. she realized and frowned .. she knew how his lips felt on almost every part of her skin except her face .. she wondered if it was deliberate approach by him to avoid being too close to her and convey to her that this one moment could not lead to anything further …

She herself  was scared of being getting too close to anyone .. she didn't know why .. but she felt she couldn't give anyone the right to break her ..

She couldn't help but feel that this could have been a casual s** for him .. maybe to satisfy his curiosity about the girl whom he had loved once upon a time  and she had rejected him .. 

She herself had a big fat ego and hadn't she satisfied it ? .. It was like she came , she saw and she took .. What more was she looking out for now ? ..


" Hey .. What's up .. We have to go for the presentation , right ? " Raj came and knocked Rey out of his trance ...

From morning he had done nothing but stare blankly and think of only Kria ... He kept thinking about them .. How she had been with him .. That thought itself was enough for him to get aroused .. He had never felt this way before .. 

He knew he had been totally spellbound by her beauty and by her moves .. He realized that they had been so blinded by the need of their bodies , they had not kissed each other on the face except when she wished him .. 

He knew Kria was not someone to be easily disconcerted or moved by feelings .. He wondered if Kria would dismiss it as a one of times and would ignore him .. He seriously hoped not .. 

He knew her aversion for relationships .. She felt she would become vulnerable if she kept her heart open .. She never took the risk in such matters .. Even though she had seen strong bonds, lifelong relationships around her but she was scared and would never let her defenses down .. Sometimes it amazed Rey how come she had opened up to him initially about all her thoughts .. . 

He knew what he would do .. and he just hoped everything turned out the way he wanted..

"Has Kria come ? " he asked Raj ..

"Ya, she came long  back .. Didn't she meet you  ?"

He sighed and shook his head in negative ...


Standing in her full sleeves cream blouse and crisp tapering formal trousers , Kria looked even more inviting .. She had even adorned a stole around her neck and that made Rey smile because he knew the reason behind that .. The same reason why he had worn a polo neck full sleeves t-shirt .. It was to hide the by-products of their sensational act ..

She explained to the whole group the details of their plan .. the entry of the guests .. the sitting arrangement .. the decorations .. the announcement .. the speech ..  the food .. the dance .. the music .. the timings .. Everything seemed  perfect ..

She went over the guest list and Rey frowned but didn't question her at that time ..

While he sat staring at her ,he casually took the pen and swirled it in between his two fingers .. She suddenly caught sight of it  ..  her cheeks colored and his eyes didn't fail to express to her that he had noticed it .. they both had the same thought running in their head .. His fingers and her body ..

She almost went blank for 2 seconds .. She forgot what she was talking .. She had to look at the screen to get herself back to the topic and henceforth she carefully avoided his gaze and he smirked at her ..

When she finished Rey stood up to address the group .. The room was still in darkness .. The only light was due to the projector .. He went and stood next to her and spoke about the event . 

She was fully concentrating on what he was speaking even though it was not  easy for her but she was making an effort and not letting her mind to wander ..

Suddenly she felt a hand caressing her bottom and before she realized she felt a pinch .. She let out a impulsive gasp and immediately covered it by a cough ..

"I think you could do with some water " .. Rey smiled sweetly at her as she scowled at him ...


After the meeting she flopped down on her chair in her cabin .. she was about to close her eyes when she noticed a dozen pink half bloomed roses arranged beautifully in a glass vase and kept near the window ..  Her anger turned into a smile  .. What is he upto  ?


As he entered his cabin after the meeting he found a small gift wrapped box on his table .. He opened it to find a very beautiful watch .. He smiled and kept it in his drawer .. What is she upto ..   he wondered .. 


"Dad ..Yes Kria is here .. " Rey informed his Dad making himself comfortable on the couch as Kria entered his cabin with her cold coffee ,settled on a chair next to him for the call which his Dad wanted to have with both of them .. he had seen the event plan details sent by Kria .. he had a few questions and changes in them ..

From the corner of her eyes , she looked at his hand , it  was empty , then she looked around casually on his work table .. the box was nowhere to be seen .. .  

He noticed her and understood what she was looking for .. but neither of them acknowledged nor spoke about what they had received , but both knew who had given them the gift ..

Without even looking once at Rey .. she started "  Hello Ajay uncle .. How are you ..?"

"I am find beta and I must say you are doing a great job .. "

"Thank you ..."

Rey was trying to catch her eye but she kept looking at the damn phone or her files .. He kept tapping his pen on the table to get her attention ..

"There are a few changes in the guest list ,Kria .. " his Dad spoke ..

"Yes .. I saw that .. I have already incorporated all that "

"And what about the likes and dislikes about the guests , you know there are some from the royal family too " his Dad questioned ..

" I have noted all those facts and also about any allergies with respect food .. everything is arranged as per that "

"Wow am impressed  .. Rey , you have anything to add "

"Huh .." Rey was totally frustrated with the way she was ignoring him .. "Nothing Dad .. " he scowled and she smiled ..

Her smile couldn't remain for more than a second on her lips because she felt the familiar hands creeping inside her blouse and his fingers running on her back ..

She twisted and tried to shrug  him off  .. but he used his other hand to good use by holding her firmly by the waist ..

She put the phone on mute .." Rey behave yourself ... " she spoke indignantly .. " It's your Dad " She pointed to the phone ..

"I will if you just look at me once" he spoke as a matter of fact and went about with his relishing treatments..

She glared at him ..

"Kria .. Kria ..are you there ? " his Dad called out .. since she was not responding ..

She immediately came to her senses .. "Yes .. Uncle .. " she spoke uncomfortably trying to poke Rey with her elbow ..

"I was asking about the security "

She let out a gasp as she felt Rey's hands treading downwards and his fingers gently teasing the beginning of her crack .. she almost stopped breathing when she felt his one finger trying to wiggle over her lingerie ..

"What happened Kria .. "

She caught hold of Rey's hand which was holding her waist .. This guy had no sense of place nor time ..nothing .. he would get started anywhere .. she seemed to yell at Rey with her enraged eyes .. he simply looked at her innocently and twitched his nose..

With her drawn out breath ..she managed to speak .. "Uncle just a minute .. " and the first thing she saw .. she picked it and threw it at Rey's center ..

He flew almost 10 inches from his seat would be an understatement .. he was so stunned .. his eyes popped out and he screamed ... his hands literally recoiled from Kria as if she was a hot pan and he caught hold of his manhood ..

F*** you

"How could you do this to me .. "  he spat angrily .. still holding himself unable to bear the sudden attack ..

She simply smiled  sarcastically " its my way of returning your sweet gesture .. " as he stumbled awkwardly and ran to his washroom ..

She sighed with relief .. she had put the phone on mute and now with her main distraction gone, she could concentrate on the call ..


She knocked on the washroom door after 10 minutes .. "Rey .. your Dad wants you to call him .. " she turned to leave when the door swung open and she was pulled inside ..

She had no time to breathe or register She was pushed roughly on the basin counter .. her hips bucked up for a second and down came her trousers along with her lingerie .. he nudged her thighs apart and positioned himself , letting her know that her action had caused such a strong reaction ..

She managed a small shocked shriek, like when a prey is being pounced upon by its predator .. Nerves danced wildly in her stomach .. was it due to the cold surface which came in sudden contact with her bare skin or the rage in Rey's eyes .. she was not sure ..

She  grabbed his shoulders for support .. but he just raised her hands above her head and in one swift movement her blouse was thrown away .. he held her waist firmly and didn't have any more  patience .. he just took her tight taut tip over the fabric and bit it hard .. and the other was being mercilessly rolled between his fingers ..

A mewling sound escaped her mouth and she again grabbed his shoulders and arched her back towards him ..

His intense hunger for her was playing havoc in her mind and body ..  she couldn't believe that he was capable of arousing her so quickly ..

Heat pierced through her whole body and it made its way down south and her legs automatically wound around his waist as he started brushing himself harshly against her dripping softness..  Her breath felt chocked up in her lungs as she dug her nails in his shoulders wanting him as never before ..

He kept tormenting her and she kept screaming his name as he kept sending her over the edge ..

But it would never be complete for Kria without hearing her name from his mouth ..

She gathered all her strength and met his pace matching her eagerness with his frenzied drive and drowning them in a sensation which took Rey's breath away and as he shuddered and buried his face in her bosom and his hot breath let out her name in a soft low whisper .. she let her head fall back on the mirror .. a slow appeased smile crept up her lips and her breathing started to return to normal  …


"What was that ?" She asked when Rey lifted his head up to meet her gaze ..

"Don't tell me I am losing my touch in such a short span of time " He shot back .. but not ready to move from his position ..

She managed a giggle "No .. I didn't mean it that way .. " 

He simply made a wry face at her ..

"I didn't know a cold coffee can give me this  " she again mused .. "Now I get it ,2 colds make one damn steamy hot Rey "

"You have no idea how angry I was "   he was amazed at her humor ..

"Really ?" she asked innocently ..

"Don't you ever do that again to me " he spoke furiously …

"I would do it again and again " she laughed as Rey's eyes widened .. " .. I liked it "  

He couldn't help but smile at her frank compliment ..

"So where do we go from here now ?" he asked ..

She arched her brow .. "Do we have to go anywhere ?" she asked , surprising him ..

Even though in her head she was herself surprised .. when he asked her .. she felt he was being a guy who wanted to be let off the hook .. and generally she was the one who did this .. it was her way of dispatching guys off .. she would keep them at limits .. When she heard him ,something twisted inside her .. she felt a bit weird .. but she was not a girl to let things go out of her hand .. she knew she would be able to handle this and she would ..

"I know one way where I can go " he winked ..

She understood what he meant .."And I would like that way to lead you to be inside me .." she laughed ..

Rey asked her because he felt obligated .. Kria didn't answer because currently she herself didn't have any answer as to what she wanted except him  ..

And so the topic met its end then and there itself ... as both of them geared themselves to be rolled in the waves of pleasure again ..


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malificient Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Yay I loved it!!!
Though without a pm I read it
But I truly loved it awesome work 
--RAINA-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
awsome update...
Luvd it...
-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Just loved it..

especially their quick rendezvous...

i loved how they were thinking on same terms... and then they send the gifts.. :)

the hangover of the intoxicating act is still there it seems... he he...

the way rey was teasing her when they were on call was so awesome...

amzaingly written... :D

i loved how kria retaliated and then rey retaliated... retaliations are so strng... ;)

Just loved the update...  :D
crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2013 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
its awesome n hot
wenever i see ur pm in my inbox 
it made my day
ur works are incredibly awesome amy
loved it

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