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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 120)

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Chapter 16

"What" Rey choked at his own saliva .. he was sure his voice had cracked .. till now whatever intimacy he and Kria had shared were well within 4 walls of the room .. but here the way she was behaving was freaking him out ..  What did she mean by that that he belongs to her ..

Kria kept her glass on the counter .. and then she pointed her index finger to herself "Me" then pointed to him "You" and then touched where his shirt's 2nd button was open ..  Wriggled on his chest with her finger .. "Together"

Then looked up into his eyes , tilting her head ..  still grazing  with her nail gently .. looking at him as if he had lost his mind and not the other way round .. "Am I not speaking English ?" she asked .. her eyes a bit squinted ..

Rey tipped his head a bit back .. blew a heavy breath .. gently held her hand so that he can control himself of the thoughts which were exploring his mind just by that mere nail touch of Kria .. he kept her hand on the table ..

He was amused as well as horrified and of course if he didn't do something about it .. then he would well , way beyond be aroused by those doleful innocent and confused  eyes ..

Before he could say anything .. she held his collar and brought his shocked face roughly close to her face "You don't believe me ..rite?" and as quickly as she had brought his face close , she thrust it back swiftly and got off her bar stool and within a blink of an eye sat on Rey's lap and put her hand around his neck tightly called out "Hey Dude " to the bartender ..

The young bartender gave his killer smile "Yes Maam"

"Tell me .. does he belong to me ?" she flicked Rey's nose with her left index finger and asked the bartender ..

"Of course he does .. how can anyone say no to a girl sitting in that position " he winked at Rey ..

Rey glared at the bartender .. who walked away immediately to another customer ..

She had sat on his lap before too .. but he could swear that he had handled very well .. but this was way beyond that .. he glanced at her dress ..

.. If he were to see it on a shop window , he wouldn't have bought it .. But seeing Kria in it, he couldn't imagine a more perfect dress for  her .. A simple dress enhancing her physical beauty and in such a way that it didn't reveal all nor did it cover her all .. 
It was a high collared sleeveless dress up till her knees.. The deep "v" neck and the tight cups on either side would make you want to peep in, so Kria had worn a long beads necklace to remove the attention from her deep valley but it was the necklace  which actually did the work of tantalizing Rey's eyes ...
The dress flawlessly covered her flat tummy and then surrounded her bottoms with ease and comfort and ended with a delicate border work above her knees ...

"Kria get off me .. " he  jeered in her ears .. only to be gripped tighter by an innocent looking Kria ..

 First of all the high bar stool and on top of that Kria sitting on his lap .. in the most awkward position and trying to make herself comfortable on him .. awkward obviously for him .. He could feel her soft cross buns nudging his center which was not good .. not good at all to him and to his mind racing with wild thoughts ..

As she gyrated to sit in a more comfortable position ... She had no idea what that was doing to him .. His head and lips were at a level where he could see some of the beads which were caressing her valley and between his lips and her swell there was hardly any distance remaining ... And her legs ..

What the hell !!!... She was trying to cross her legs but one of the leg was slipping off the other as she tried her best to do that '

Right now if somebody would have asked him how Hell is .. he knew he had the perfect answer ' because he was experiencing it ... When you have the woman whom you had fantasized almost every night .. here willingly flinging herself over you in an inebriated state .. and moreover that woman is none other than KRIA ...Looking as desirable and delicious and innocent at the same time .. And all he could do was to restrain himself from clutching on to those delectable curves of hers and then just flinging her over his shoulder and just take her somewhere so he could make love to her senselessly till he went blank with desire and she came back to her senses ..

He could even imagine them in the back seat of his car as he was sure if he didn't do anything now even going home would not be possible as he could feel his center getting hard ..

For the first time in his life he wanted to be the bad guy.. Hell !!! why can't he just take advantage of the woman who wants him to take it .. How he wished he could just take her to the corner and push her up the wall and just satisfy his and her burning need ..

But unfortunately because of his good natured conscience he could never do that her nor to any other woman ...

How he hated himself at this moment ..

He let out a whoosh ..  Before his  center became fully alive with the already raging desires and he would have no option but to release his agony right here , which he had been trying to keep it for a cold shower in the night  .. He held her leg by the upper thigh as she was still trying to cross them ...  Shutting his mind to the thoughts of how her uncrossed legs would be around his waist ...
His other hand gripping her waist .. "I want you to sit here ..." he literally growled as he lifted her off him and placed her on her bar stool ..

For a moment he looked in those shocked large eyes and wondered if she was really drunk or just flirting with him ...

" Kria , you are drunk ..."

And just to prove how every drunkard denies this fact .. She vehemently shook her head sideways " No, I am not" 

Holy s***  !!! how can she be s*** and cute at the same time .. He groaned inwardly ..

As she tried to take her glass back in her hand  .. " I am not letting you drink " he held her hand .. She looked beyond him " Tina" she shouted ... He turned to look only to realize her intention .. By the time he turned towards her she gulped the remaining champagne from her glass and stuck out her tongue to tease him ... She hiccupped and giggled ...

He let out a short laugh " How many toasts did you have ?"

" Hmm" she pondered rolling her eyes  .." Raj finished his drink before he left ... And your grr grr" he was amused at the way her speech slurred  .. " Tina " he helped her .. " Yes your grr whatever ... She too drank her glass .. So I finished mine then you had left your drink by just taking one sip .. how could I let that go waste " she asked her eyes wide ..

" How thoughtful of you " he said amused  ..

" Yes " she smiled thinking it was a compliment " And then the whole bottle " she giggled swaying a bit  ..

" Do you want to dance ? " she asked suddenly 

He immediately retorted " No" he hadn't meant to be harsh but it came out in that sense and he could see the hurt in her eyes immediately .. But he didn't apologize because he was not ready to handle more proximity than there was between them ..

" I think you need a strong coffee to clear your head " he said holding her hand and making her stand ...

" No " she jerked her hand away from him " Do you really know what I want ?"

"Yes .. tell me "

"I want you to run behind me " and before Rey even blinked to realize what happened she ran away giggling and swaying on her quavering feet ...

"Catch me if you can .. " she looked behind at him and teased ..

He ran behind her only to find her bump into a waitress .. " Oops .. Sorry " he came up to her and said ..

"Never mind " she waved her hand casually to him and then looked at Kria " You having a good time , Honey ? "  she asked with a knowing look as she was the same waitress with whom Kria had a talk a few minutes back ..

Kria smiled and slid her hands on her back and squeezed her and kissed her on the cheek .. She returned the favor too ..

Rey was stunned .. just gaping at both of them .. What crap !!! .. Has the alcohol gone so much in Kria's head that she has become a lesbian .. He violently shook his head and glared at Kria who was still smiling away dreamily .. " I am taking you home" he just picked up a howling Kria in his arms and walked .. Kria started shaking her legs in air and started punching him in the chest so that she could get out of his arms .

His hold over her suddenly tightened and he let go of Kria as if to drop her ... This action got him the a much awaited and  satisfied reaction from her .. 
For a moment she thought that he was going to drop her so  she wound her hands around his neck and held him close to her and remained perfectly still in the same position till he lowered her and made her sit in the car ... "Good Girl"


"Kria coffee " Rey gently shook her to wake her up .. She wrinkled her eyes and rubbed them and slowly opened them .. " Great .. I can't see anything .. I have gone blind now " she let her head fall back and closed her eyes again ... 
Rey chuckled and switched on the car light  " Here u go " 

He wondered how can someone be s*** to arouse him and at the same moment be cute and innocent  and also make him laugh .. it can only be done by Kria .. what a lethal combination .. he smiled at his thoughts ..

Now she screamed as harsh light literally blinded her eyes ..

"Where am I ?"

"I brought you to my house .. "

"Wow !!! .. from when did I start living in with you ?" she asked looking around in the dark at the huge mansion ahead ..

Her statements were already giving him ideas ..

To put a stop to all this nonsense .. he decided to ignore her ..

"Lets go in .. "

She took a sip of the coffee .. "Its yuck .. " she spat ..

"You are gonna finish it .. " he said sternly as he held her arms and gently pushed her towards the door ..

"Nooo " and she simply dropped the cup ..

He glared at her and just picked her up over his shoulder and took her up the stairs to his room .. this room was always kept ready for him because he came stayed at his Granddad's house when he wanted to be alone ..

He placed her on the bed .. "I guess you need to sleep .. " he spoke a bit angrily ..

As he turned to leave ..

She came behind him and caught hold of his shoulder to turn him to face her ..

"Won't you kiss me goodnight ?" She stood on her tip toes .. wound her hands around his neck gently  and tilted her head slightly to the right and closed her eyes and smiled ..

Rey stood rooted on his place.. he curled his fingers into his palm on his sides to form a tight fist .. He was being offered what he desperately wanted'

He could do this .. he could resist her .. of course he had not done that before .. but there is first time for everything .. because if he lost it now .. then he might regret it .. she might regret it ..  

He felt himself leaning in a bit .. F*** , he couldn't even think straight with the beauty waiting to get a response from him ..

She opened her eyes and looked at him straight .. and started walking towards him and he backed off and hit the wall ..

She traced on his chest with her index finger again at his first 2 open buttons .. and flicked open the 3rd one  "Don't you think you should keep this open too .. "  and laughed with her half open eyelids  ..

He blinked at her comment .. but immediately held himself ..

"Please, don't do this Kria .. right now ..  "  The pleading in his voice had her stepping back .. "Once you get some sleep'and the alcohol out of your system'you'll agree."

He took her holding her shoulders to the bed  .. and softly added "If anything happens between us right now , it would be a mistake ..and is that what you want ?"

He laid her on the bed .. put a blanket over her .. as he was leaving her .. she held his hand "What I want , Rey ..  is you .." her heavy voice encumbered with a profound sigh and then her hand dropped and she drifted off in deep slumber ..





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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
hey di!!! *hugs*
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kriyaanshurock Senior Member

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I can't describe it more than simply FLAWLESS!! 
Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Superb. .
Effacious IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
AAA... *screams loudly* ... F*** ..!!! I love this FF soo muchh... AAA... Amyyy... You killed it... Hats off hats off to u... *bows down*
Trust me.. This was Freaking awesome... Wohoww... Honestly i felt that somthing might happen b/w nothing did..haha..
The way Rey ws trying to control his aroused feelings... Kria sitting on his lap like that.. OMG... GODDD...
Kria cuddling in his arms...and Rey took her to his home.. Such a swthrt he is...
i just loved those last 2-3 lines when Rey ws making her understand that it myt be a which at d end Kria said.. "All i need is you Rey"
This update ws like... Gosh..i just couldnt take my eyes off this update... U killed it... U litrelly killed it...
Nw m just dying to read the upcoming updates...
GayatriJethani Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
i am finding difficult to explain was FLAWLESS
Everything... from starting to end... just PERFECT...
and the way u had written rey's feeling and how he is controlling himself to not touch her... Ghosh.. still thinking about it brings goosebumps to me... 
kriya sitting on rey's lap.. and what she was doing to him only he knew... while reading this update even i can say that rey surely had good CONTROL over himself... BlushingBlushing
and kriya is sooo cuuuttteee... and after drinking she had become more sexy and cute...Wink
and the last part was my fav one... rey was calmly telling her that if anything happen btw them would be Mistake but kriya answer was totally opposite to what he was thinking...
''What i want, rey.. is you..." OMG i just fell love with this line... Embarrassed
eagerly waiting to read next part desperately...
Update soon
thnx for pmSmile

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