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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 113)

-vaishnavimural IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 8:37am | IP Logged
loved d update.. awesome.. it was intense... rey had more affect on her that she felt wonders.. she spoke it loud wat she wanted to speak in her mind n rey smirked seeing d reasons he had on kriaEvil Smile.. kria danced wit stranger to c rey's reaction but d cool way he was behaving mad her even more angry.. she vn kissed d stranger to c rey angry but nothing worked.. rey wore d jacket presented by kria nice.. that tina kissed reyAngry.. kria went away seeing it.. waiting for d next update...

-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
NICE CONCEPT..  SmileSmile
REALLY NICE COUPLE  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

rey - mom bonding FABULOUS Big smileBig smile
LOVED KRIYAANSH'S FIRST MEET.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  kria singhania.. Big smileBig smile

rey was searching for kria so desperatly.. ClapClap
kriya made a joke out of rey's confession.. Cry
omg it was so bad... n rey's anger my god...

kria @ rey's house for 3 weeks.. Big smileBig smile [ i knew it was rey's house ] 
who is this tina???
the bobby and rey convo was hilarious... ClapClap LOLLOL  "PINK" OuchOuch

Really Loved The House Description...ClapClap
Loved Rey's Attachment Towards The House...
Loved The Game like anyhing it was so amazing ... BICHARA HOST...
OMG kriyaansh romance is like... way too hot...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

loved how kriya replied toh tina.. Big smile WAY TO GO KRIA..
kriya ne aacha wala sabak sikhaya..
KRIA Is Really Good @ Making Stories.. ( just to make rey wear the jacket ) 

suddenly rey ka character change... WinkWinkWink
rey wearing same jacket in party.. bichari tina..CryCry
itna intense updates handle nhi hote yaar... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i was happy seeing rey's reaction.. 
but the damage was already done...


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a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 3:01pm | IP Logged

Chapter 15


An enraged Kria entered the washroom ..

She looked at herself… breathing unevenly .. almost her whole body shivering ..  her sniffing nose was all red  .. her mascara running down with the tears .. tears of anger .. yes she admitted to herself its just tears of anger and nothing else ..  she caught hold of the counter for support and just stared at her image ..

What the bloody hell is wrong with me .. what was I thinking while doing all what I did .. am such a fool .. all I wanted to elicit from him was  nothing  but a f*****g reaction .. but why did it matter so much to her that he be affected by what she did .. why ..why ..why ..

Has she become so vulnerable .. has her feelings totally overcome her strong mind ?

No she would never show that she is weak .. not to him .. not to any man ..

But somewhere in her heart she knew that she was helpless against the raging desire which  rose  in her heart every time she thought of him .. she just didn't know what she would do of it .. how long she could bear that all herself .. how long it was till she succumbed and gave up ..

She took in gulps of air to calm herself down .. she remembered all the encounters with him from the time she stepped in Goa .. every time he was near her .. her heart  galloping at a speed she had no control over it .. but she knew that he did feel the same about her ... she had felt his whole body responding to hers whenever he touched her .. But .. that jerk still had so much control in him and that audacity .. he almost made her feel like jelly which he could mould in hands .. she hated it like hell ..

She frantically looked around for something which she could just smash it to vent out her anger .. she found a poor flower vase .. she just threw the flowers which were inside it crudely and then smashed it on the basin counter ..

She immediately felt much better .. yes .. how she wished it was Rey's head or that Tina's head instead of that vase .. she couldn't help smiling at her thoughts .. She could feel her  breathing coming to normalcy seeing the shattered pieces of the vase ..

Suddenly she realised that he was wearing the jacket she gave him .. and all the time when she was trying to make him angry or jealous .. he was smiling .. it dawned to her that he was also up to his own game .. he was actually provoking her to act and she like a silly pawn was acting as how he wanted ..

She splashed cold water on her face and then touched up her makeup ..  Damn him and his reactions  !!! Now the tables will turn .. for once Reyaansh Singhannia would be at the receiving end of the sweet torture ..

A sly smile crept her lips ..

As she was just re-applying her lipstick ..

"You can't prove anything Kria .. .. "

Kria heard Tina's creepy voice behind ..  Kria was a bit perplexed what was Tina talking about .. but she chose to ignore her .. and went about her makeup and spoke nonchalantly "I am not trying to prove anything" ..

"Oh yeah .. your little cheap tricks about staying in Rey's house ..gifting him a jacket which  you as well as me know he hates .. but he still wears it for his B'day .. I know your silly game .. "

Seeing Kria ignoring her and nothing was affecting her .. Tina got more irked ..

"You won't get what you are looking for … " and then she moved her tongue over her lips .. and Kria noticed that her lipstick was smudged .. Tina knew she was successful in getting Kria's attention exactly where she wanted it ..

"Hmm .. it feels good .. " and then she gave a What-a-pity look to Kria ..

"I don't need a stupid jacket to get this " She pointed to her lips .. and then wiped it slowly with a tissue and then applied the lipstick again ..

 "If I want I can get anything from him " Kria said it coolly with an air .. Only she knew how she was controlling her anger .. because she didn't want  to let Tina know that what had happened between her and Rey had affected her so much ..

Immediately she saw a doubt in Tina's eyes ..but it was replaced by pride ..

"My one kiss made you run to the washroom .. I can very well imagine what you can get .. " she gave a short wicked laugh ..

Kria looked at her evenly and then gave Tina her best smile .. she could see the shock in Tina's eyes ..  .. "If I want .. I can get him to kiss me on my lips as well as my a**  " 

Kria saw the horror in Tina's eyes which turned to disgust and she left  ..

Kria felt really good .. she had just spoken the first thing that came to her mind .. she didn't even think about it twice .. Then who cares about this teeny little b**** .. the game is to be played with equals ..


Rey was sitting at their table .. he knew Kria hadn't left the restaurant as her purse was still on the table .. For a moment when he had seen her gone from the dance floor .. he had imagined her leaving with that moron stranger .. but couldn't help smiling when he saw the confused guy standing alone .. he had already understood that if provoked she could go to any extent .. and in a way he was just doing that ..  he knew this little irking-the-other game was going a bit out of the hand ..

But .. he was sure .. if she wanted to play .. then he would do so too ..


Tina and Kria came and occupied the chairs on the table and behaved as if nothing happened ..

Infact Rey even got a shock .. Kria smiled at him ..

There were just a few seconds to go as the clock was going to strike 12 .. Raj came to the table with a huge bottle of champagne ..

Suddenly the lights went out and there was only a spotlight on Rey ..

"Happy Birthday Rey .. I really hope and wish that you get whatever is in your heart ..  " He shook the bottle and then opened the cork .. "Its my brother's b'day today " he called out to the other customers in the club loudly ..

As the clear liquid propelled in air .. there was a huge cheer from the other folks sitting in the club .. which made  an embarrassed Rey twitch his nose a bit at his brother ..  He was surprised by the arrangements .. but nevertheless very happy .. he stood to hug Raj ..

Kria poured the champagne in the glasses for the 4 of them  ..

"To Rey .. "  Raj , Tina and Kria raised their glasses and  toasted for him ..

"Happy Birthday Rey .. " Tina came close to Rey and looked at Kria from the side and gave him a sloppy kiss on both his cheeks .. then she drank from her glass .. .

Raj left to play the drums with his band ..

Kria genuinely extended her hand towards Rey .. "Hope this is the best b'day you have ever had " she spoke warmly ..

Rey held  her hand a bit longer than needed .. and slowly as if he was going to leave her hand he tickled with his fingers on her palm "Thanks" and grinned  at the sudden widening of her eyes in shock ..

She jerked and pulled her hand back as they both heard Tina coughing and holding her head and sitting on the chair ..

"Tina , what's wrong .. " asks Rey holding her shoulders ..

"I don't know .. " she tries to say in between her coughs ..

"Relax … do you want water or something ?" He asks her again with concern …

"No .. my head is spinning .. please take me home .. " she manages to say still clutching her head ..

"Ya sure .. lets go .. I will help you .. " He holds her by the shoulders and takes her out ..


"Rey .. " Raj calls Rey on his cell .. as he was just leaving from Tina's house ..

"Ya .. What's up ?"

"Please can you come to the club now .. "

"Now ?" he asked a bit tired ..

"Well .. Kria .. "

"What happened .. " he immediately snapped in the phone .. he was now worried .. first Tina and now Kria .. what's wrong today ..

"No .. she is behaving a bit weird .. "

"What .. " a shocked Rey asked …

"Please take her home .. I can't leave as there is still time for the restaurant to close and its filled with customers .. " he pleaded ..

"Ya sure .. I am on my way .. "


Kria was sitting at the table alone and reminiscing about Rey and her  .. she hadn't even realised when she had almost finished the whole bottle of champagne ..

As she sipped from her glass and then shut her eyes and gave a soft moan .. "Hmm .. Champagne was the best-tasting, most fabulous drink ever"

She swayed her head a bit and again sighed "Its even much better than Rey" she murmured to herself and smiled ..

She took another sip and decided she is never going to drink anything else ..

She suddenly hiccupped loudly, the force of it causing her to bounce in her seat.

She slapped her hand over her head a bit .. and laughed to herself .. and then again looked at the bottle .. poured the remaining of the beautiful liquid into her glass ..

Then took the bottle to her mouth and tried to suck if there was any last drop left in it and then slurped as a drop fell on her tongue ..

She looked at the glass in front of her "You know .. you don't gaze at me like him .. when he looks it feels that he is gonna tear me down with his eyes .. "

She kissed the glass .. "His eyes .. " she smiled dreamily .. "Hmm "  "I really like them .. " she said again shutting her eyes …

Then suddenly she snapped open her eyes and said "No .. he can't make me feel like you .. "

She took the glass in her quivering hands .. "you make me feel light .. light as a feather .. See I can fly " she roamed her free hand here and there ..

As she scanned the room moving her hand  .. her eyes fell on him as he entered the club .. her hand stopped in mid-air ..  "Why does he make my heart skip a beat ? she asked no one in particular in a childish manner with sadness looming in her eyes ..

Her sadness was only for a moment when suddenly she was filled with rage ..

She saw a girl approach Rey .. instead of coming towards her table , he stopped near the bar stool and started conversing with her ..

Her rage again turned into a wistful longing as she looked at him from top to toe .. his dark hair .. some of it falling on his forehead .. made him look so s*** .. his soft brown eyes .. that lopsided grin making him so appealing .. standing tall and leaning and then she suddenly narrowed her eyes .. what the hell .. is he flirting with that girl .. suddenly she blinked .. and then blinked twice ..

She shook her head to see his clear image and then in her confusion she tried to get up from the chair and stumbled .. "Maam .. careful " the waitress helped her stand ..

She smiled in gratitude towards her ..

"Do you want anything , Maam?" she asked .. still holding her ..

Kria pointed towards Rey .. "Him" and pouted ..

The waitress looked in the direction she pointed and then she understood .. "All men are jackass .. "

Kria nodded vigorously  like a kid when her mom agrees to what she says .. "Should I kick him where it hurts the most ?" Kria asked innocently

The waitress laughed "Yes .. even I do that to my boyfriend when he looks at another girl .. "

Suddenly Kria again looked at Rey sadly and said "But .. I can't hurt him"

"That's what is the problem with us women   .. But .. you don't leave him with that B**** ..  he is your man .. go  and get him "  she slapped motivationally on her shoulders ..


"Excuse me "

Rey turned to the deep husky female voice which immediately caught his attention and of course the female herself too .. As he turned to look , he found the petite figure immediately occupy the stool next to him and then without even glancing at him she looked at the girl with whom he was chatting ..

"I hate to interrupt .. but " she paused .. "Your time is over"

Rey's eyes almost popped out with the words which popped out from Kria's mouth ..

"What" the girl was stunned least to say ..

"I think you have wished him enough for the next 10 B'days .. so you may leave .. " she finally turned to Rey .. Rey frowned .. Kria was talking definitely weirdly ..

The girl sauntered away without a word ..

"You are welcome " Kria said .. struggling to put the strand of hair which had come over her face with the left hand and balancing the glass in her right ..

Rey couldn't help being amused at the pretty sight in front of him .. Then he realised what she said .. so frowned "Should I be thankful for something ?"

His mind only saying thanks to her for wearing the dress .. wherein he could enjoy her assets with his eyes ..

"I rescued you from the clutches of that b**** " she said as a matter of fact ..  

"Did I give the impression I wanted her gone?" he asked with a smirk ..

"No," she admitted, waving the glass in her hand wildly. He leaned back to avoid being knocked upside the head with the damn thing.

"But I know you. I know what you want .."

"Oh really .. and how do you know that ?" he asked arching an eyebrow ..

Kria leaned forward, affording him a view of her valley which had just begun and then it deepened to reveal a bit of her lush curves ..  His stomach tightened…  

She gestured with her hand to come closer to her ..

He didn't know what she exactly wanted so he didn't react ..

She leaned in more .. "Stop" he almost shouted showing her his palm…

He could remember Kria being the uptight .. the straight ups kind of girl .. her leaning in started giving him wild ideas .. and this was not the time for all that ..

Rather awkwardly he came a bit forward .. She looked right and then left as if no one was hearing them and  lowered her voice and spoke slowly, almost whispering..

"Because you belong to me"


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Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Res res res


Woah ! Wat an update di !
D way u showed kriya's inner turmoil was simply fab !
N dat tina !
Urgh !
Hate her !
Bt kriya handled her in a BANG ON way !
I just loved that !
Poor rey !
Na idhar ka na udhar ka !
Hehehe !
N nw kriya drunk !
Hayeee !
Me toh already imagined wat all might happen nw !
Rey ku isse acha bday gift mil hi nai sakta !

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
Res..Big smile

Thank u so much Amy fr updatingHugBig smile


Kria shattered to see Tina n Rey's kiss..

Her emotions in turmoil but nevertheless she didn't lose her confidence on self..

Loved d way she answered 2 Tina...

I can make him do anything, added esteem to itBig smile

N back to the game, well, now its an ON from her side too...

Reyaansh was lost n was confused abt her smile..

They were drunk :P Tina out...

"You belong to me" sounded perfect...

Excited to know how Rey handles this weirdly behaving KriaTongue

Fantabulous Update Amy..

U rock!

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really superb update i enjoyed the drunken kria and kria tina word world war
-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2013 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
bt really liked that kriya didnt loose her confidence Big smileBig smile
i alway love the way she nsweres back to tina EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ClapClap
want to knw how rey will handle kriya WinkWink
amazing update
thnx for the pm SmileSmile
thnx for such a jaldi wala update. Big smileBig smile
plz pm me whn u update the next chappy.. ClapClap
fabulous chapter.. ClapClap

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