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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19) (Page 10)

-Sanj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Hey This Was Awsome FF...Loved It...Smile

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star_2012 Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
nice update
mr and mrs singhaniaHeart

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Amazing update Clap

Loved ittt Embarrassed

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puja_arsha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Update pljjj...
a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Am back with my update .. 

Do read it and let me know your views ... 
Waiting for all your comments ...

Enjoy !!!

Also Happy Independence Day to All !!!

Chapter 3

Rey  got down from the train .. and looked at his watch .. it was 10:50 AM .. He had already messaged her from which train he would be arriving ..

Phew !! finally I am here .. I just hope she comes .. Rey .. chill .. its fine .. you are unnecessarily getting worked up .. He ran his fingers thru his hair .. God knows how many times he had done that ..

He was thinking whether to call her or no .. suddenly he saw her walking towards him .. she looked different today .. he had seen her in formals the other day ..

But , today she was wearing a simple pink top .. a Capri .. and hair tied in a ponytail .. she looked so cute .. she was smiling widely and coming .. and then she waved ..

His heart skipped a beat .. he hadn't expected such a welcoming reaction from her .. at that moment all his awkwardness , nervousness .. all just vanished in thin air .. but his heart was beating faster and faster as she was approaching him ..

They came almost very close to hugging each other .. but both of them realised the place where they were and so backed off a bit ..

"Hi .. " she was still grinning ear to ear …

Rey could feel that she was genuinely happy to see him .. the way he was ..

"Hi .. so "

"Hmm .. so .. " for a moment she lowered her lashes .. but again was smiling ..

"Is there a coffee shop near by ?"

"Yep .. lets go .. "


They sat at Caf Coffee Day which was near the station .. ordered their coffee and something eat .. and then settled down waiting for the other to start the conversation ..

Rey found again Kria fidgeting with her hair strand a bit .. he knew she was also feeling a bit awkward .. He himself was not sure how to start and what to talk .. in the train he had made so many plans .. he had numerous questions floating in his mind .. he had decided what he was going to talk .. how he will talk .. but now everything had flopped in his mind itself ..he was completely blank ..

"Nice coffee .. " he had to start something ..

"Hmm " again she smiled  ..

"Ok .. I can't do this " he gave a loud sigh ..

She raised her eyebrows in confusion .. "What" ..

"I mean .. I can't be so formal .. I don't know what's happened to me .. I can't even strike a conversation " .. he was a bit irritated with himself .. but he had to get this out ..

 "Me too .. " she again smiled ..

"Did you really think that I will find and call you ?" ..

"I was confident ,you would " .. she lowered her lashes .. she was trying not to smile but she just couldn't help her lips which were curving in the most beautiful way ..

They both looked in each other's eyes .. he was elated…he had never been so happy in his life ..

"Hey ..why didn't you come for the interview then ?"

"Actually , I got a call from a Mumbai based company for an interview .. so I opted for that and left pune .. After a few years of experience I am going to join my Dad in his Event Management company ..  "

"That's great !!!" 

"So how did you find me ?" she seemed so excited to know that .. Rey had to smile .. he narrated everything he did to find her number and address ..

She was laughing … "OMG .. I can't believe you did all that to meet me  .. I did make you go thru a lot of pain" .. she was amused at herself ..

"I don't know why .. but I went thru all that just to see you once" .. Rey was serious .. he was directly looking in her eyes ..

"I am happy we could meet" she blushed .. Hearing this Rey's heart was beating faster and faster .. seeing her blush .. he was just lost in that moment .. the most precious moment for him ..

She took out something from her purse and gave it to him.. he opened the small gift wrapped box .. it was a brooch for the jacket .. He was so touched .. he felt guilty , he hadn't even thought of picking up flowers for her ..

"Thanks .. Thanks so much for this " .. he was overwhelmed ..

"You are always welcome " .. she said sweetly ..  "So tell me about yourself " she started ..

He started .. "I am from Goa .. My Dad is in .. " Before he could continue .. she cut him short .. "I asked you to tell me about yourself .. not about your family.. I think that stuff is a bit boring .. you know .. no hard feelings though .. " she shrugged her shoulders and put forth her point ..

"Ok .. that's fair enough .. why don't you start  .. .. " He was amazed ..she seems to be a very frank girl ..

"Hmm .. ok .. I am a fiercely practical .. ambitious .. strong .. and independent girl .. I feel I am too thick skinned to be affected easily .. I believe I am not vulnerable .. but not sure because till now in my life I haven't come across any situation or incident that made me pity myself or feel sorry or be sad .. Even when my mom expired 5 years back .. I was strong and held my Dad together .. I am a go getter in life .. I know how to get what I want ..  I love challenges and am proud to say that I haven't lost any till now .. "

Rey was just staring at her .. how well she described herself .. He had genuinely liked this girl on first sight .. he had made some kind of an impression about her in his mind .. most of it were true as per what she said now .. he was really happy about his own insights ..

Somehow he felt there was more to this girl than what she said .. maybe .. yes as she said she hasn't experienced it .. when she will .. she would have more dimensions to her character ..

They instantly hit it off together ..

They were so involved in each other .. chatting .. laughing .. teasing each other .. but most of the time they were just lost into each other's eyes .. conversing thru them .. it was as if just only two of them existed in that place .. and no one around them mattered ..


They had been meeting continuously every weekend .. This was the 5th Saturday that he was heading towards Mumbai ..

It had become a routine for them  .. Almost every hour they would message or call each other .. They had suddenly become inseparable .. they were continuously in each other's thoughts ..

He found it weird .. he was never this kind of a guy .. he was someone who was never serious about life .. he was never required to be .. everything was easy and cool for him .. but he was surprised at his own behaviour .. why is it important for him to see her .. meet her .. talk to her .. and that heavenly smile of hers .. that was just enough for his heart to skip a beat .. on seeing her he felt positive vibes emanating from her .. he was sure that even she would be waiting for him every Saturday .. he could feel that she had also feelings for him .. he wondered whether her feelings were deep like his ..  when has his feelings become so deep for her .. he was not sure of anything .. just sure about her .. she was very special for him ..

He didn't know when and how she became so special for him .. Yes .. he had head over heels fallen for her when he saw her for the first time .. but now after talking to her .. he knew her ..  he just felt as if he has no control over his heart or mind .. she has all the controls .. she just pulls him towards her ..

He was in the train when his mom called up ..

"Mom .. I am busy right now " he knew he was gonna get a huge firing from his mom .. he had been avoiding her calls from past 1 month .. he knew she would be able to guess he is upto something and he didn't want to lie to her ..

But .. Alas .. Moms are mom ..

"Don't you dare give me that excuse .. if you cut this call now .. I will come there .. so its better you talk to me right now " .. she said sternly ..

Rey knew there was not running away now ..

"Sorry .. was very busy with office .. " he tried to sweetly coax his mom so that she doesn't ask too many details …

"You will say that and I will blindly believe you" her tone was rising ..

Rey ran his fingers thru his hair .. he was thinking of some good reason ..

"Seriously I was busy .. ok .. fine .. now I am all ears to you .. " he had to be sugary sweet to her .. he knew she would melt …

She started smiling .. he knew it .. this always works ..

"You forgot such an important day " his mom spoke seriously ..

Rey eyes widened .. "WHICH DAY MOM ?" he literally screamed in the phone .. he was scratching his head ..

People around him gave him weird stares when he screamed .. this made him a bit uncomfortable ..

"Sorry for screaming , Mom" he let out softly ..

His mom was laughing at the other end .. he was confused ..

"Isn't there something special today?"

"Please Mom .. let it out .. I can't wait .. I am in a hurry .. "

"Oh .. is she waiting ?"

"Ya" .. he bit his lip .. how can he be so careless .. he had decided not to let anyone know .. and his mom was always one person who could guess his feelings by just listening to his voice .. he immediately "No .. no one is waiting .. what kind of a question is this ?" he was a bit agitated ..

"I thought you were meeting someone special .. because today is Raj's B'day and you didn't come home " she said slowly …

Rey felt like hitting his phone on his head .. how could he forget his brother's B'day .. Hell .. every year he planned for the party and this year .. Oh Gosh !!! ..

"I am sorry Mom .. I was pre-occupied with somethings here .. This just slipped out of my mind  .. I will call him up right now "

"Its fine .. but I know its about that girl .. isn't it ?" she lovingly said ..

"No .. umm .. actually yes .. " he didn't want to stall his mom on this topic .. he bit his lip again and twitched his nose .. "I .. kind of .. you know .. like her very much .. I mean I really can't think of anything other than her .. "

"Hmm " .. his mom teasing  him ..  "So have you told her that ?"

He was shocked "Of course not .. Mom .. its too early "

"So , it means she doesn't show any signs that she likes you too "

"No .. I mean .. I guess she likes me .. I am not sure " .. but his heart always told him that she reciprocated his feelings ..

"But , I am sure , you have developed feelings for her .. I have never seen you in such dilemma before " she started laughing again ..

"Come on Mom .. stop it "

"Seriously .. if you like her you should tell her .. its always better .. "

"You think ,she will accept "

"See .. I don't know her .. but I know you .. for the first time I have seen you so involved in any girl .. I can vouch for your feelings .. am sure you are very serious about her "

"Yeah .. I am"

"Sometimes you never know .. life may throw a surprise at you "

"I will think about it , Mom.. Thanks !!!" .. he smiled ..



This Saturday they met again at the same coffee house .. it had become a routine .. even the waiters and the owner now knew them .. they would get the corner table without even asking .. and cups of coffee and snacks would be placed on their table at intermittent times .. The others also knew that they didn't want to be disturbed ..


Today Kria was looking stunning .. she was wearing a short frock .. it was just above her knees .. the thin straps on her shoulders .. the bead work near the neck .. simple but elegant  .. she had left her hair open today .. the lovely curls were bouncing on her shoulders ..

He couldn't take his eyes off her .. From morning he lost count as to how many times he complimented her .. She in turn was blushing to the core ..

She was avoiding his eyes as much as she could .. It was as if , if she saw in his eyes .. then she would not be able to control herself .. it was as if .. he would read  everything in her eyes ..

Today they had hardly said a few words to each other .. it was the silence between them which was speaking ..


He checked his watch .. there was just 1 hour left for him to catch his return train .. from the time he had seen Kria today .. his mom's words were ringing in his ears .. he knew this was not just friendship for him.. it was more than that .. he kept on saying that he liked her .. but there was more than like .. what he actually felt for her .. he had never felt for anyone before .. he knew it in his heart that this was love .. he was amazed at himself .. his own feelings .. he .. Rey .. who had never ever thought would  ever have such feelings for any girl .. here was sitting in front of her .. mesmerised by her whole being .. his own being craved for her .. he had always thought that he could never have any intense feelings for anybody .. but here deep down in his heart .. it was already on fire .. he knew this was the girl .. people may call him foolish .. he was young and nave .. people may call this infatuation or something  .. but he knew this was much deeper for him ..

He suddenly  took her hand .. "Kria .. "

"Hmm " she was looking deeply in his eyes ..

"I want to tell you something "

"Yes" .. still she didn't blink .. she held his hand tightly ..

He felt the sparks coming from her .. he felt the assurance with that squeeze that what he was gonna say .. was already expected  …

"Kria ,you might find it strange .. maybe you might think I am pulling a fast one on you .. but seriously .. I am not able to think of anyone  other  than you since the day I have seen you .. I am myself surprised at my own emotions .. my actions .. but what I feel for you is from the bottom of my heart ..  I really ..  love you"

For a moment he thought Kria froze .. she didn't have any reaction .. but the very next moment .. her eyes lowered … she smiled ..  she didn't take her hand back .. she held his hand .. she looked up to meet his eyes ..

"Really ?" she asked softly ..

"More than anything "

"Rey .. I have been waiting for this .." ..  her voice almost a whisper .. she put her head back and gave a sigh ..


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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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mindblowing updateClapClap

loved it to d coreSmile

woww rey has fallen n luv wit her and confessedClap

wat s she gna saySmile

hope she acceptsEmbarrassed

waiting for d next partEmbarrassed

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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so awesome update...

loved it...

now don't throw  bomb... pljjhhh... *puppy face*

loved how u showed everything especially them meeting and this becoming their habit...

the inseparables they became...

mummy-rey bond is too good... love it...

how she jusdges everything...

awesome chapter Big smile

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